Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday, where does this crap come from?

Day 22 without added CC debt.

     I swear someone comes in my house and leaves extra dishes, clothes and fills every garbage can.  I don't get it.  Where does the crap come from?  Now I realize I could set a timer and run through this house like a white tornado and have it cleaned up in about 45 minutes, beds, laundry started, all cans emptied, dishes done and family room straightened, but it will just be back again.  Okay so I will do it, I don't want the mess to have sex and double.

     I keep forgetting to call in for jury duty.  So far I have not been on the docket but I keep expecting to be arrested. It is day 22 and I only have 6 more days of possibilities, so chances are unlikely.  My duty will be served for another 3-4 years.

     I was out of work in the shop, but yesterday I got a slew of work in and hopefully today I will have the same thing happen.  I needs the money, I needs the money.  I have had a hard time getting any money to pile up in the shop.  I was hoping for about $500.00 to put toward anything I wanted,  it looks like at this rate I will have just enough for the house payment next month. Ugh!

     Hubby and B (D#3) spent yesterday morning running around trying to get last minute car things worked out.  They had to take street tires (Slicks) out of shed  and to the dealer where we had done the trade.  Then they went up to the original owners house on the new car and purchased his already mounted snow tires with studs.  They then had these put on at the dealer where he had purchased them.  So it was a morning of hauling tires around.  They both came home cold and filthy.

     I had my last customer in at 1:30 and had to be at the studio at 2:45 so I asked B if she wanted to go have her nails done with me, mine were long over due and I had a certificate for a manicure and a pedicure.  I don't like pedicures and I knew they would switch it to two nails appointments.  She was just about done and her nails were still tacky and her phone rang.  She told me it was the tire dealership.  We waited until we were out in the car before she called them back.  They had forgot to set a sensor on her car could she come back in?  Well yes and she was sorry that she had not answered but her nails were wet.  I looked at her and told her that she was the girl I hated when I was in college.

    Driving a new (new to her) car
    Having daddy make sure she had on her studded snow tires
    As she talked on her Smart phone
    and listened to her generation 5 Ipod
    getting her nails done with mom
    but having to hurry up to her sorority
    Puke, gag,

     We both started to laugh and she said she knew it was due to our hard work and ethics that had made these things in her life possible.  It is nice to be appreciated.  But give her a week she will turn into a cat again I am sure.

     Well I am off to do a run through of the house , pull all the tax files and pay all of the rest of the months bills before I go to the studio.  I don't want to because I like to feel rich and I like having a lot of money in the studio account, tomorrow I won't be so smug.

     Out My Window:  Cold, and we are getting rain tomorrow, so our typical winter weather, Rain.

I love you sissie, I told Joel and he said he was sorry for you loss, and that nature abhors a vacuum, you will soon be greeted by one if not two surprises as there is a secret hobo sign in front of your house that says the stupids live here.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Ha-ha. Sometimes we do become or see someone close to us become those who we thought we hated in school/college... my older brother is the "young parent" with zero time to breathe... even though the babies do not add that much time. ((shrugs))

  2. So happy you're finally getting work back into the shop! I'm sure that's a huge relief.