Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday, August 31st, last day of denial

          Can you beleive the summer is over and tomorrow I will have to start facing all the summer bills and trying to figure out a way to pay them off?  I have just been shoving aside all the new debt because I could do nothing about it.  I have a few things in my favor, that will help. 

     1. Hubby gets a 3rd paycheck today so that will pay off the overdraft loan that we used on some of the sewer disaster. $765.03 paid!

     2. We still have over $3000.00 in a savings account part of it being the emergency fund left to pay sewer bills.

     3. Will get overtime checks that are huge!  I will apply these to CC balance to help with surgery bills,and sewer supplies. 

     I have four bills to pay that were incurred this summer in addition to the old debt.  I have paid one off and hope to be able to pay two others before the end of September.   This will leave us with the house, the car, the truck and the major sewer bill.  So we will be $10,000 deeper, but I have already made my first payment on that loan.  I will concentrate on the sewer loan before the car and truck as the interest is about 5 points higher.  My plan is to try to have it paid off by Christmas.  Remember how I was going to have the Truck (studio debt) paid off by Christmas?  Well the well laid plans......

     I tried so hard to have the studio savings up to $6000.00 by summer, and I only was able to save $3500.00.  I have to remember that I had paid off all the cc debt by June so I had really made progress.  Studio bills are a minimum of $6000.00 with out the new street and parking lot assessment. (Something I have not even discussed as it was so upsetting and I could do nothing about it) So I now owe about $4212.00 to a studio account.
     This will really be one of the things that I strive to do in this new school year.  Every month for the next 9 month I will put $500.00 a month in savings at the studio, then with the summer workshop I should  be able to pay the bills.

     Just feel like I have gone so backward, but I also have to remember that I am in a whole lot better shape to attack this problem than I was a few years ago.

Out My Window:  Very cool this morning almost like Fall.  It is nice.  We will probably do a lot of yard work this weekend.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday, Good bills, bad bills

     I realize we all have to pay our way to live.  Utilities, rent, taxes, water, sewer, garbage are all part of urban life for most of us.  I realize you can own your home outright but you would still have taxes.  You could be off the grid and have solar power, but the cost of that is not feasible for most Americans.  You could have your own well but electricity would run the pump.  It is going to be really hard to get away from any or all living expenses.

     Actually I am grateful for a safe community (fire, police).  I am thrilled that I have good streets and lighting.  I have clean water and access to natural gas and electricity.  But running a home even when you are frugal is expensive.  Just your monthly bills can run into the thousands.  We are lucky that there is just the two of us and our taxes and insurance only run about $200.00 a month.  We have friends up the street in another neighborhood whose taxes are $500.00 a month and their house is not that much different then ours.  It is newer, the kitchen is gorgeous, but square footage, bathroom space and yard are smaller.  They do have a three car garage, we have a one.  But is that worth and extra $300.00 a month for ever?  I don't think so, but perhaps for them that is okay.

     I have been trying to scrutinize my utility bills since the kids moved out a year ago.  What I have noticed is a considerable drop in the electric and gas bill.  About $50.00 a month.  Less washing, showers,cooking, lights are all adding up.  Our water bill is still very high, but we did have the flood problem last Sept that we still appears on our yearly bill.  Our last power bill was only $86.00 as apposed to $126.00 a year ago.  The studio power has gone down by over $70.00 a month when I changed all the bulbs to low energy.  I also insisted and paid for a furnace man to come in and set the thermostat, (not the landlord who doesn't know what he is doing).  All of these things are making a difference.  Now if I could just get the kids off the insurance and the cell phone.   Yeah like that is going to happen.

    D#2 will be forced off our insurance in October of 2013.  She will be 26 and we will only be insuring the 2 of us and our youngest which will drop us into the Spouse and 1 child plan.  She will also be the only one on our car insurance.  D#2's car will be paid for we will be off the title and she will insure herself.  Right now the studio phone# is daughters phone.  Even though she does not live here we are trying to make sure that all parents and our web and mailings have my number.  But alas the phone directories went out for a year in advance and we cannot change directory until next September 2013.  So I pay for the line.

     I was inspired by "The Quest to be Financially Abundant" to see where I would stand 365 days from now.  So I looked back and saw how my standard bills have fallen by about $200.00 a month.  Next year at this time they could be another $200.00 less. Six years form now we will have no dependents.  But that is counting chickens.  Six years from now hubby will be retired and we should be debt free, hopefully on a mission somewhere. 

     Look back, where were your bills a year ago?  Where do you want your bills to be in a year?   What are you going to concentrate on to reach those goals?

     Out My Window: Beautiful and much cooler.  Lots of tomatoes in the garden.  I am not going to can, so hubby took a box to work.

     Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday, I want to stay home for a while.

     I am so tired of being gone.  I feel like I am never home (and I am not).  The studio opens next week. I do feel like I have had a nice summer break.  The summer was very expensive and we still have not had the cement work done in the driveway.  I am just waiting to take stock of the new debt and start fresh.

     We were able to get to D#1 with only spending 2 tanks of gas and some snacks.  We did not go out to eat at all and did no shopping. Daughter had a bad flu/cold and we really watched her sleep most of the weekend.  Grandson was cute and funny.  I was able to go watch daughter in court, she was just promoted and it was interesting to see her interact with other attorneys.  I think she is well liked, but I never realized how young she was compared to her colleagues.  She just looks like a little girl with a pony tail in a suit playing court room.  Never the less, she has a tough streak or they never would have given her a job in felony prosecution.

     I would really like to go on a no spend for the month of September, but I am afraid as I was going to go on one in July after our vacation and look what happened.  We are still facing bills from that and it is not over yet.  But I guess I should not be such a doomsdayist. Once the studio is open again I will have less time to spend money.  But I also don't see myself as a wastrel.  Our garden has not done well this year mostly from neglect.

    3 surgeries and poor vision plus the number of times I have been gone have really taken their tole.  I had not planned to can this year so I am not worried.  Plus we still have plenty of veggies to eat.  I am going to make a cucumber, tomato and onion salad for dinner.  We will also have eggplant and bacon Parmesan.  Quite good!

    I have plenty to do in the shop, but I would sure like to see it be a little busier.  I really want 100-150 a day worth of product to come in and it has not done that for a while.  But I am trying to look a this as a blessing, as much as I have been gone and unable to see well, I would probably be bonkers right now.  I just don't like not having any money.

     Out My Window:  It is getting cooler here.  Only 90 when we drove into town.  So nice.  When it gets so hot everyone here just shuts down. Our lawn desperately needs to be mowed.  I told hubby to get with it or I would have to buy a goat.

     Every room in the house is in a state of neglect.  Even though I have been gone both younger girls were here.  There are kid droppings everywhere.  They did not leave any terrible messes but the dust is thick and heavy.  I have been going from room to room and playing games with myself.  Like you cannot leave this room without starting in one corner and putting everything away.  By the time I get out the door I have an arm full of stuff to put away and then it is on to the next room.  I think I will be able to whip the house into shape in a couple of hours and then I must do some grocery shopping and take stock of the freezers.  Since I start teaching next week I will need to really menue plan and use what I have.  Also have to get the old crock pot going.  Crap now I miss Judy.  

     Do any of you play cleaning games with yourself?  Like do you set a timer and make yourself work until it goes off, just to see how much you have accomplished?  Or am I the only goober in the universe?

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday, on the road again....

     Hubby called early this morning to say I had left my cell phone in his car. Rats!  This is my only phone and customers cannot get a hold of me and neither can parents calling to sign up for dance lessons.  See when you don't put your phone next to your bed this is what happens.  One moment of laziness and you are screwed.  I need to do this every once in a while to remind me to be organized.

     I have many errands to run today as we are leaving town tonight for three days.  Insurance office, cancel paper which I tried for a month. They keep throwing it in the sprinkler. I need to cash checks and get my crap packed up.

     On a financial note we did get a call back from B's apartment and they will be sending a check.  Yoohoo!  No fighting that works for me.

     This is our last little road trip until we go to Gettysburg some time in October.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday, My Pig runneth over!

                                                      My Pig runneth over almost!

And I want you to know that my pig now weighs in at 29 lbs.  You can see change when you look in the money slot, I cannot wait until December to see how much she holds.  Maybe I will fill it up!
   Okay I have had my day to mess around and now I need to get back to work.  Over $100.00 worth of work came into the shop yesterday and I hope the trend continues.  Right now I am doing laundry and I plan to spend the day sewing.

     I came home to $40.00 worth of sewing checks and I just received a check from the city for uniforms that I had done.  So total of $75.00 and I haven't lifted a finger.  I love that.  I also received an e-mail from the College and it looks like the back pay I was shorted is supposed to be mailed August 31st.  I am just trying to get all these new bills paid.  I have not even started to save for next months house payment and I will need at least $500.00 by the 5th of September.  I can do this.  I am also going to call B's apartment to see where the deposit money is as we left that place spotless, they will charge us to clean the carpets. By dribs and drabs this will be done, but boy do I wish I had a money fairy.

     I will sit down and pay the rest of Augusts bills and balance accounts.  Just a few left and I want to see where I stand going into September.  September, yikes the studio will open and the stress will start.  I love my students and I love teaching, don't love the stress. 

     Went to the eye doctor yesterday and the left eye is not focusing correctly.  Like 20/50 versus 20/20.  So I am probably looking at more surgery. My depth perception is bad and I am getting severe headaches.  Are you tired of this yet because I am?

     Out My Window:  I have 4 dozen eggs upstairs and I need to make some banana bread so if it isn't too hot today I will do that. Chickens have been busy while I have been gone.

     Thought I would show you pictures of the disaster master bath, where all the tile work was done, but it is finished and I am just waiting on the shelves for the bedroom.

 Master Jacuzzi I think we use it once every other year!  We had to fix grout in several places on this even though it was never used.
Wraps around to makeup desk, this is also the window that inspired Out My Window.  I closed curtains to take picture.  See all those magnifying mirrors, STILL CAN"T SEE PROPERLY.

Wraps to Master shower.  The tiles were replaced up to about three rows above gold strip.  They are about 1/4 inch smaller but contractor lined up and I am sorry but I really cannot tell and I was not going to spend $8000.00 to re do the whole room.  Can you tell?

 Wraps to toilet and then to first sink, Hubbies sink and shoe shine kit.  See the two cans of grout spray.  This is to remind us to reseal  the first of September!

Wraps to second sink (mine) and view into master bedroom with no shelves so books every where.  This master bath is bigger than the master bedroom.  Stupid waste of space if you ask me, but we bid on the house as it would not take a bank loan and we did not buy it for this feature.
     I think it turned out well for the mess that we found when we got home.  I am just glad that it is finished.  I know that Sharon is going through the same thing with her kitchen but it will be worth it!  Trust me.

     I am off to the salt mines!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, hello again

 NOTE:  I have made a change to my blog status that only blog authors can read my posts as when I got back from vacation I had Porn on my referring sites.  I cannot have this and I will shut down if this continues.  How can I get rid of a referring site, this is awful and gross!  I mean I am listed on these sites, it is so alarming.

     Pulled into town yesterday about 11 in the morning.  Wiped out in every way, but I am going to re coop.  I need to unpack and do laundry.  I just straightened the kitchen. Hubby is off fire as of Monday evening.  He is tired and emotionally wasted.  It was a very hard fire with a death of a comrade so he is having a hard time and I don't blame him.  I have had several new calls for the studio and it seems that shop is picking up!  Hallelujah.

     I would really like to get more deep cleaning and decluttering done all before the end of August.  I have three days left this week and then all of next.  Right now at least today I have to just get my self organized and back to where I was before I left.

     I had  several nice visits with my mom and my sister can be very funny.  My brother behaved himself as much as he was able and we were able to get much of the paper work done for mom that she needed.  Her health is very sketchy.  We ate at way too many gourmet restaurants and I gained back 6 of the lbs I had lost.  Sorry Mysti, I will start again. I didn't mean to have Murphy come to your house but I did ask him very firmly to leave mine!

     My husband put in 77 hours of over time last week not counting his regular hours.  He really needs to get out of dodge.  I think we will run to D#1's this weekend.  Then I can also get rid of about 6-7 large boxes in the garage!  Hubby and I plan to clean the garage over the labor day weekend.

     Baby Elephant started school and loves it so far, but as this is the third day?  We will hope it lasts.  I did send her in Monday to get a meningitis shot at the health department.  $135.00 not covered by insurance but it puts my mind at ease.

     On the financial front we do get 3 paydays this month and I did get a reimbursement check from the insurance for my eyes.  That will knock out about $2500.00 that is on the CC and then with Hubbies overtime I think we can pay off the rest of that debt.  Enrollment fees will cover another bill that I have and I am hoping by the end of September to just have the two cars and the sewer loan.  This has been an expensive summer, I will carry on.  I feel so blessed that Hubby has gotten this overtime.  No it does not pay off the new bills but it helps keep everything else on even keel.

     How is every one?  I missed all of you.  Are most of us still trying to get rid of junk and have a better organized life before school starts?  I hope so because it sure makes me feel better.

Out My window:  Hot and it has obviously been hot here while I was gone.  Weeds are out of control in the garden and yard, but I am going to ignore them until the heat abates.  I think my chickens missed me.

     I need to go get some things done and I am so glad I am back!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday, Can I come up for air now?

     Came home from running errands last night and Hubby was home.  Wash machine was running so I knew he was not here to stay long.  Spent the evening talking to him and did not get the things done that I needed to get done last night.

     I told myself that I could not blog until I got most of the sewing done.  I still have 3 army uniforms and a pair of tux pants to do.  I really need to do a run through of the upstairs.  I did empty the fridge and I need to empty all the trash cans. Nothing is ironed for me to wear to Missoula  and I have to gas the car and pack.  I just went next door to get neighbor girl to watch the animals.  I feel like I can't get anything done without 10 more things cropping up.  So frustrating.  But I am  sure everyone has those days.  At least I have no one here to really interrupt me and that helps.

     I purchased a new vacuum last night and I really like it.  I did not want to spend the money right now but as we have all hardwood and animals and asthma not having a vacuum was not an option.  $156.00 at Wal-Mart.  It has a 3 year warranty and picks up dog and cat hair like crazy.  I told Hubby I was using some fire money and putting the rest away for our Trip.

     I will pick my sister up tomorrow and then we will have lunch with daughter #2 and then drive on to Missoula.   I hate to be away from the shop when it is finally getting busier, I will carry my cell phone and put a note on the door. People are usually really understanding and will come in when I get home.

     Out My Window:  Still very hot, I need to clean the chicken coop this afternoon.  FUN!

     It is so weird to have all the bills paid.  I feel like I am forgetting something and I need to check dates and then I realize that I am done until the 25th.  It is a nice feeling but it takes some getting used to.  My dream is to have $3000.00 in a house account that all the bills automatically draw from and put everything on auto pilot.  But I have never been out of debt enough to justify having more than a $1000.00 emergency fund.  Someday.  Can you imagine how nice it would be to just fund one account once a month and then set back?  I mean enough money to pay the house, car, gas, utilities, insurance, monthly CC bill.  Oh to dream.  That dream is getting closer.

     Have a great and productive day.



Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, cleaning frenzy still going!

     I expected Hubby home last night, but got a call from him about 12:30 yesterday.  He was still on the supply line and would not be home for a few days. But he needed clean underwear and socks.  He goes out with a few extra pair,  as he is too old to actually fight fire he is usually dispatched and can pack for a few days.  Not the case this time.  They do issue fire clothes and do take them and wash them but  underwear and socks well.....  So D#2 and I drove 40 miles and back to drop off his ditty bag and some diet soda.

     D#2 and I also took a long 5 mile walk of the bridges, but we did not really look at the temperature gauge.  It was really hot.  Now we both love the heat, but on the first bridge we really noticed that we were miserable.  We had brought a water bottle each.  We had no choice but to continue when we realized that the car was 2.5 miles away.  On the trail I spotted a receipt and then money.  A trail of money!  Three 20 dollar bills and 2 receipts.  It was close to a river drop off with many swimmers. So D hiked down and asked if any one had purchased cat food at Albertson's today.  We did not ask if any one had lost $60.00.  We knew that answer to that.  No one could claim the money, so we continued our walk.  D found a code on the receipt that would identify the owner, so we ran to Albertson's and had the manager look up the persons phone #.  The money was claimed by a very grateful stranger!

     However we were out in 102 degree heat for about 2.5 hours.  Both of us were sick, sick, sick.  One of the worst headaches I have had in a long time.  We will check the temperature gauge before we do that again!

     I was able to dust and wipe down the entire family room and it is clean,Clean, CLEAN!

See this little end table it was full of junk now it only holds photo albums.
 Book case cleaned out. We cannot have a bookcase in the house and not have it Full. Family of readers.
Corner shelf with games cleaned, the baskets are now empty.

 This was an amazing undertaking. See those clean cupboards, I mean bags of trash! Shocking!

 Another full cupboard, mostly computer crap that no longer worked, It is empty! Yeah!
This was the worst every cupboard  and drawer filled to the brim.

But now look,  I even found the TOM TOM and the directions.

See those clean organized cupboards.  Hubby and my reading glasses in little holders!

What do you mean only paper in the paper drawer?   

     It is so nice to know that is is really clean.  I think I can get one more small project done in the Mater bedroom this week and then I will not be able to deep clean any more until next week.  I am going to pick up my younger sister at the airport in Spokane Wednesday and take her on to Missoula to visit my mom.  I will stay for a few days.  They are still running test after test on her and we are going to see if we can talk to her doctor.
    I have plenty of work to do in the shop in the next two days.  So I had better get busy.  I also get to take back a $26.00 light cover to Home Depot that does not fit, but I killed the vacuum cleaner.  It has been slowly dieing and I have been putting it off,  it is finished ,so after I get done with my sewing I am going to get a few errands done and a new vacuum.

     Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

     I worked like a dog yesterday, all by my self with no one to whine at me or nag me or tell me to stop.  It was great!  I was able  to touch up some paint upstairs before it got too hot and then went downstairs and deep cleaned and de cluttered like a fool.  It is amazing that I (we) keep this crap.  Daughter #2 went through the baby elephants things and took a whole basket of stuff that was hers.   She kept saying I was looking for that!  She also took the tennis racket and boxing gloves.  I had that huge box of games and Nintendo crap and we sorted and cleaned it out and threw away the old and the useless and she took all of that also!  Yeah!  So here are the results!

Clean bed! Made!  sheets changed, polished with the help of our cat Rucifee.  I swear he was always in the way. I will do an entire post on Rucifee one of these days.
 View of closet, you can walk into it now!
 You can shut the door.  Papa bear watches from the corner on a rocking chair I received for my 1st birthday.  Papa bear is a well love member of the family, he could have his own blog, with all the adventures he had with the baby elephant.

 View of bathroom from shop, every cupboard and drawer are cleaned out and organized!
Winter clothes and scarfs and boot all stored.  Also all bed linens in big bag in corner.  Books we are not ready to give up yet.  Actually only 2 drawers of this dresser are full, so we have really pared down.  If this stuff is not taken and used by this time next year..... It goes!

 See these drawers!  This is the only one that has anything in it as it is a spare bathroom.

 View of same bath from downstairs bedroom!

Shelves that now only hold spare towels, beach towels, extra pillows and Christmas gifts, that I have purchased early.

 This is the container full of video game crap Daughter #2 is taking, trunk will go to oldest daughter in two weeks.

Basket, 4 trash bags full of garbage from family room cupboards, desk, files, end tables.  I mean I had parts to old computers, calenders from 2010 which shows you the last time I did a major purge 2009.  Why......?
See that dumpster it was empty Friday!

     Dumpster full, I could hardly beleive it.  I have not dusted or actually wiped down anything in the family room so I will do that tomorrow and then I will take pictures of my organized sparkling clean family room.

   It is so nice to just get rid of clutter and the dirt it brings with it.  Because of the heat I might be in the basement for a while longer.  I can really go through the shop and all of it's drawers and it's big closets.  Ugh!

     I could also clean out the garage.  But the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms which are really not so bad I will leave until it is cooler.  But I promise I will get to the Kitchen and front room and that hall closet I have been dreading.  Almost as bad as the linen closet (remember)?

I slept until 9:45 today!  Now I am off to make omelets and get ready for church, then Daughter #2 and I will walk the 5 mile loop around the bridges.

     Did you know when you are busy cleaning you do not spend money!
     Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sauturday, Yesterday was so busy!

     I ran like a raped ape yesterday!  This is my twin sister's favorite phrase.  Shop was a steady stream of customers when I got home from having my hair done.  I think maybe business is going to pick up. Also Hubby got called out on a fire.  He will be gone until at least Sunday night.  That will mean 24 hours of over time.  Fire is the only time her gets extra money extra.  But with his age, bad knees and inability to hear he cannot go out on the line anymore.  He can however run supplies and boss a camp. I can use that extra money. I will put it in the going to Gettysburg fund.

     D#2 and I went to that new movie with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones.  It was hysterical and sad and so realistic. I hated her wardrobe nasty cheap clothes all from Coldwater Creek.  I mean did they pick the worst ones on purpose?  Dumpy, Frumpy, bad color choices.  I thought their line was better.  Can' t wear the stuff myself I am too short and small.  This did nothing for the store.  If you go tell me what you think.

    Daughter #2 went through all the clothes in the bedroom and took a whole pile that are hers.  Yippee!  Getting rid of crap right and left here. Right now I am in my paint clothes, as I am going to touch up some paint up stairs.

     I love weekends where Hubby is gone and I can just do what I want.  I get so little time to just be.  It is always work, work, work.  So I feel like I have a free weekend!

Have a great and productive day.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday, cleaning, okay maybe not...

          Too much going on here.    We have a had a local boy killed  in the WAR, and I don't care if we are supposedly pulling out when boys get killed over seas it is still WAR.  So I have a had a flurry of last minute Military uniforms.  These are so hard but I am almost done.  One more to go.  Also police uniforms are changing so I will be seeing a lot of blue in the next few weeks.

    Daughter #2 is down to teach a workshop for the next two days.  I love it when she is home by herself.
I went upstairs yesterday to clean and sort the front room and it was 94 degrees up there.  Sorry too hot and I won't run the air conditioner. So back downstairs I went where it is about 75 and I had three uniforms come in, so money over cleaning.

     After my marathon bill paying I still received 2 more bills yesterday.  Another doctor bills for $28.76 and an internet bill for $22.50.  I sat down and paid them.  I was not going to have a due bill in the house! I was also not going to have a mess on my desk!  See this cleaning bug is making me OCD.

     I am going to get my hair cut and colored today it is a little sooner than I normally do it but I touched up the roots with the  wrong color and I just can't fix it.  With classes starting I don't want to look like a Babba Yagga (wicked witch).

     Hubby and I went to get chicken feed last night and a few things at Wal-mart.  I paid in cash and he said it is nice to see you paying in cash again.  This last month or 6 weeks it has been checks or the CC.  I always deal in cash.  When my cash is gone I quit spending.  But we do use a CC on vacation and I pay it back when I get home.  I don't like carrying several hundred dollars in cash.  I also put all expenses due to the remodel on the CC.  I wrote checks out of savings for groceries and necessities.  It has just been so slow this last two months I have not had a cash flow.  But I think things are looking up! 

     So my goal today is to get the sewing done and clean family room, and the down stairs bedroom.  Ugh!  They are so messy!  But it will be so nice when they are done.
Here is the mess left from sending out mailers and look at that end table, what a mess!
Still have not put beanies away and I have a box of x-box cords and crap that need to find a home!
Here is the home for the crap but first it needs to be cleaned and organized! See the dust you can write your name in it!
Are you tired of the baby elephants mess? I am, this is the aftermath of the packing for college.  I told her I would put it away and any thing that she had not used by next year at this time it was going to go!
It goes on and on.
And on.......The blue doll trunk you can sort of see in there goes to oldest daughter in two weeks.  Yeah I am getting rid of crap!
Okay I will take paint cans to garage and fill dresser remove trunk hang clothes, it will be so nice!

     Out My Window:  Hot, and a cooling trend is in the forecast!

     I'm off to the races, I hope I win.

Have a great and productive day!



Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday, okay I paid the bills!

See Kim's shop it is clean and organized!  Yeah Kim.

 Yes clean!

 Here is my clean desk!  Pile of bills belongs to daughter #2 who will pick them up tonight.

  I was afraid to post until I got the bills paid and books balanced.  Sluggy has power you know!  She can throw guilt from thousands of miles don't under estimate the power of the Slugster.  So from about 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  I have done the bills.  It was bad, but I am not gong to dwell on it.  I will let you know the gory details when the studio opens in September.  I can't do any thing about it now.

     I had many little doctor bills to pay this month.  But the total was over $300.00 not including the $1175.00 I paid out for cataract surgery.  So between, sewer, plumbers and medical we are down a lot.

     But three nice things happened  I sold B's furniture on Craigslist and I got what I asked for it!  Hooray!  It is also out of the garage. B called this morning from her Sorority and she has a job interview at Safeway in the deli.  This is on the Washington side wear minimum wage is $9.05 an hour.  She is 7 miles from the store so she will not have to commute down to Penney's if she gets the job.  I am sure she will as she has deli experience.  Also I found $20.00 while cleaning my desk.  It was under the desk.  I am sure I dropped it but hey $20.00 bucks is $20.00 bucks.  Small blessing but made me smile anyway.

     Now I can concentrate on cleaning!  I feel so much better just getting that done.  It is so nice to kow where you stand even if it is on a higher mountain of debt!

     Out My Window:  Hot, Hot, Hot!

     Well I am off to mail bills and get the banking done!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday, time to get moving on what really matters!

     Well here it is Wednesday and I still have not balanced books, paid bills, or  deep cleaned the front room.  I did get new inhalers yesterday!  We will see if these work.   But dress is done and college crap is out of shop.  I also think I may have the furniture sold  in the garage.  I am only asking $130.00 total so I believe someone is coming tomorrow morning.  I can then add that to daughter's college fund.

 Here is dress finished and it fits like a glove.  Too cute, one red satin cocktail dress cost $16.00. (and time)

     I had a terrible experience yesterday in my shop.  I usually separate all sewing due for the day into piles or in the closet.  Because I had the yard sale my large cutting table was outside.  This kind of threw my general organization. If things need to go out say Wednesday afternoon, they are put in the Wednesday pile.  I will usually do the daily things in the morning.  Well yesterday I had to teach that ballet class at the last minute, so I did not sew in the morning.  About 12:30 a gentleman that was not a regular customer came to pick up his pants.  I am running a 3 pair hemmed for the price of 2 special.  I had done  one pair and  had mended a small tear under the arm of a jacket, I do not charge for simple mending but throw it in with the deal.  I could not find 2 pair of his pants.  Now I am pretty darn organized and have never lost anything in 25 years.  We did have two doctors who were at the shop at the same time get their pants mixed up, but that was was easily solved and then Hubby threw away a bag of hunting coats.  But He asked me if this was sewing or garbage and I said garbage so my fault.  I paid the woman for the coats.  It was awful but I knew I did it and I took full responsibility.  That is it in 25 years. Now here NO PANTS.

     I started to panic and tore the shop up.   Had I done with the pants?  I always do everything in a pile when I sew.  I do not split things up because it causes confusion.   The man just acted strange and weird. Well how should he act?  I guess what is normal when someone loses your things?  But in my defense and there is non, he had showed up at the house in the morning and I was not here as I was teaching and he was upset about that.  He also would not leave a phone # as he does not like telephones.  He would not wait last Thursday for me to do the pants as he had an appointment.  I asked him again for a phone # as I knew these pants had to be some where and I would find them.  I mean never, ever have I lost anything.  He said no he would check back.  I felt so, stupid, bad, foolish, unprofessional,I mean really.....

     Anyway, I calmed down and really thought about it and I realized that either someone picked them up by accident or one of my family moved them.  I really do not allow family to be in the shop unless there is a specific reason,like ironing.  It is a place of business and not a playground.  So I talked to baby elephant, no she had gone through all of her things and put them away at college.  I waited until Hubby came home and asked him and he said no he had not seen them but there were two pairs of pants matching that description up at Daughter #2's apt. that we visited this weekend.  I smelled a rat.  I asked him , "When you came downstairs with your clothes and suit did you accidentally pick up two pairs of pants thinking they were yours?"   No he did not do that. But he did. Daughter #2 found them and they are being shipped here.

     Now my question to you is if you put your things into an empty closet and noticed two pairs of pants that were not yours wouldn't you be curious?  When you went to leave wouldn't you think are those mine?  This closet was empty before I got here now there are two additional pairs of old men pants in here.  My daughter lives alone and her boyfriend would not wear these.  Or if he did what in hell were they doing in her apartment?  No didn't think any of these things.  But we all know he put the pants in the closet.  I am upset as the bumble strikes once again.  At least I found the pants they can be returned to the owner.  I am ashamed.
      I try to keep hubby out of the shop as he spills, drops, steps on, knocks things over, generally destroys things on a regular basis.  He just does not see detail unless he sees too much detail.  If he is concentrating on something the detail is beyond what any human would ever think, but the rest of the world is a fog.  He does not see normal everyday detail.  Shutting cupboards, turning off water, flushing toilets, matching his clothes, putting his belt through all the loops.  You get it.  Boy do I get weary trying to do detail for both of us.

     Out My Window:  It was 107 at the airport yesterday which means it was 112 at our house and 116 at the dance studio.  Very hot!  I need to go water the flowers.

     So this morning I am going to pay bills,  I mean it!  I promise and then sew,sew,sew.  It is too hot upstairs to do much cleaning, I will concentrate downstairs.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday, over planning? Not me!

     So I way over planned yesterday.  Can you beleive that?  I did not get to the bills or the cleaning up stairs.  I get a big failure, but I did get all but two things done on the list so I feel that at least I made an attempt.  I have a tendency to over plan how much I can get done in a day.  I bet you have not noticed that.

     I woke up this morning and got a phone call from my advanced ballet teacher asking me to teach her class this morning.  I ran down and taught from 9-11.  Was not planning this, so it put a crimp in my day.  Oh well that is what you get when you are the boss.

     I also have to go to my general GP this afternoon, I have been having really bad asthma attacks this last month.  I am sure it is the wheat smut from harvest and driving through the grain fields, back and forth.  It has not been this bad for years, so before I expire I thought I would go get an inhaler.

     I need to finish B's dress and I will take a picture and get bills paid today also a dress army uniform.  I hate uniforms they are very hard, but I am one of the few that does them.  So today I will make my list easier.

    Credit card bills are coming in for the remodel and they are much worse that I thought.  But I will do a reckoning when everything is in.  I decided not to stress right now.  We did what we did, I did not go overboard, it was not a planned expense and it had to be fixed.  I will get the totals and start to pay it off.  It is all I can do.  We did borrow a fixed amount of $10,000 for sewer and I still have not used it all.  When I get my reimbursement check from my eye surgery, I think we can pay off the card. 

     I plan on running back to the college this evening with B's dress and a load of her stuff.  I was supposed to take up a load last night but was lucky to get up with the dress.

 Tulip skirt, three layers and strapless boned bodice.
 Side view, will snap a picture of it when it is done.
 All of her crap in the middle of the shop.  This is the stuff she could not get into her car!

     However I must pay bills today.  I know I am in avoidance mode because we are so broke and are way over budget because of the house.  I did get all the mail opened and it was not pretty.  really I am trying not to despair.  Deep breath, (that is it, I have figured it out!, I can't take a deep breath)  Now I feel better this has all been caused by asthma.  Yeah like I wish.
 The desk covered with bills .  Sluggy, could you come and make me face this?

     Out My Window: garden is really starting to produce, but I wish the tomatoes would hurry up!   Giving eggs to the neighbors left and right.

     I am off to work,

1.  Finish dress
2. Uniform
3. Clean shop
4. general sewing
5. go to doctor
6. bills, bills, bills!
7. Take baby elephant's dress and crap to her
8. clean bank
9. collapse!

     Have a great and productive day!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday, August 6th, back to work!

      First of all go check out Mysti's blog "Digging Out of our Mess" and wish her a happy 3rd blogiversary!  I love her blog because she is like the Velveteen rabbit, she is real!

       So those of you that have joined me on the get rid of clutter/clean challenge for August, how are you doing?  I am beginning in earnest this week and I already feel like I have been de cluttering because of all the construction in the house.  When I put something back in it's place I make sure it is a clean place.  But I am going to do all the living room drawers, cupboards and closets today, I will take a picture of all the junk I find .and a picture of all my clean spaces.

    We went to visit daughter #2, it was a nice weekend.  We stayed under budget.  Went to a Brazilian Bistro there that was very good, but expensive.  I thought it was a nice experience but I would not do it again.  We got home last night and I have a boat load of things to get done today.

     I have at least 5 big bags of donation and resell items in the garage and I and going to drop those off this morning.  I also have to get 2 rolls of stamps and envelopes, get printing done and finish mailers.  I ran out of envelopes and wanted to run some changes in paperwork by D#2 so I am mass mailing today.  I used to have her do all the secretarial stuff, I did the grunt work.  I am not really familiar with files and all the computer work that goes with this business.  It is not that I couldn't do it.  I just felt it was easier to let her do these things and I'd other things.  But every time I get something done I feel so proud of myself.  Please do not forget that I graduated in 1985 with a B.S. in Software Engineering.  But this was before PC'S had come out and I just never slowed down enough to learn anything!!!!!!

     We made about $150.00 at the yard sale.  I feel it was a bust, but I am listing all of the large furniture items on craigslist.  If they have not sold before the college starts they are going to donation.  So we will see.

     Well I had better get going as I have a long list today!

1. Get printing done
2. Buy envelopes
3.Get stamps
4. Take 2 large bags to Laura's re-sell.
5. Take 3 bags to Good will
6. Put together mass mailer
7.Mail mass mailer
8. Cut out cocktail dress for baby elephant
9. Take a load up to baby elephant's sorority and fit dress
10.  Set up August budget and pay bills( I did open the mail does that count?)
11. Clean out drawers, cupboards, closet in formal living room.
12. try to get shop in order to see what I need to do next.

     Out My Window: came home last night to 11 eggs in coop.  I have to go haunt the neigbors.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Okay so it is Friday again!

     I need help with some blogger questions!  How do I link to people?  I try to follow their directions and I get....NOTHING
    I would like to link to every one that has or will join me on our decluttering/cleaning challenge.
I also cannot figure out how to add to my reading list.  It asks for an address but what ever I type in is wrong.  When I first started my blog I would just press add and then those blogs would pop up.  I have not been able to add any for months and it takes so long to keep up.  So again how do I easily add a blog to my reading list?  Frustration Grrr!

  So far yard sale is a big pain in the butt.  Hardly any money made and we have a lot of great stuff.  I mean people come and they don't even look at the furniture, I would come down if they offered.  So much work, so frustrating, and I have other things to do.

     I did get all of the ironing done yesterday waiting for yard salers that did not show.   I probably made $50.00.  But I will put all the furniture on Craigslist tonight if it does not sell today.  I opened at 7 and it is now 7:40 and not one even look see.  I will never do this again.  I said that last year.  Obviously I have a short memory.  I just went to check the paper and we are right at the top and listed.  This is crap......

     I did get a schedule and letter to parents done last night.  Now I have to get that done.  I will get envelopes ready while I waste my time at this sale.

     Hubby and I are driving up to daughter #2's this evening and are staying the night.  We will visit her tomorrow and then come home Sunday morning.

     Still plugging around on the house, slow but sure.  Today I may only get the videos and gaming things put away that B brought home from college.

     Out My Window: Beautiful and cool, but supposed to get really hot again.

     It is now 8:00 and not one customer, what a bomb, I mean this is an all time bomb.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday, up early at the yard sale!

     Well it has not been super busy, sold a few books and clothes, but no furniture and I need to sell furniture.  I did get quite a bit done yesterday as far as putting things away, but still have mountains to do.  I took Sluggy's advice and I am just concentrating on the yard sale.  I am closing sale up at noon so I can sew.   I also want to get mailers out tomorrow so I will get those ready tonight.  I can address and stuff while watching the sale.

     I am anxious to see how well the adds in the paper work for the sewing shop.  I advertize in the daily paper, but never in this weekly free paper.  So we will see.  You probably think I am crazy to want more business, but this is what pays for gas and groceries and anything extra and there seems to be a lot of extra!
     We did get all those beanie babies re bagged and stored and then ran to Albertson's foods for a prescription and hubby found a big display of beanies for $4.99 a piece.  He said he didn't think I had this particular beanie and I knew he was being sarcastic.  I did not buy these my mom did and I mean she had to have bought several thousand.  Where was her brain?  So each grand child has boxes and boxes.  What a scam.  I used to just shake my head when she would come with more of them.  But now I bag and save them so am I any better?

     Out My Window: Beautiful ,clear, warm, perfect weather.

     While I am waiting for yard salers I am going to do the ironing.  Yuck.  It is better than sitting around doing nothing.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday, August 1st let's deep clean!

      Okay champions of dirt and debt!  This is the official month of getting rid of junk and reselling or giving away.  School is starting, the rat race will start up again and who doesn't want a clean organized clutter free space?  Also a yard sale at the end of the month may add a few dollars to the back to school woes.  I remember trying to get three kids started for school.  I think the hardest was the year the oldest was a Senior in High School, the next on was in 5th grade and the last one was in Kindergarten.  The school supplies about put me over the edge.

    I was never really cramped for back to school clothes as my sweet Sissie would send me gift certificates or money for a first day of school outfit of their choice and then money for the basic socks, underwear, jeans, t-shirts, shoes.  Remember those years Sissie?  Thank you, my kids were always well dressed and I did not have to stress over that.

     As every room in my house is still in disaster mode, I am starting the month with just putting things back in place from all the remodeling work due to the plumbing problems.  The contractor left yesterday!  Baby Elephant helped me organize her stuff and the yard sale starts tomorrow.  I sent her off to daughter #2's house 100 miles away.  I did not want her input on the sale!  I want it gone! Mean mom.....
 Beanies that were individually bagged and stored in another container where the sewer collapsed.  They did not get wet or damaged but just smelled stale and awful, they have been febreezed and will be re bagged.
College nintendo crap I now have to find a place for, also I did go get a large coke as Mcdonalds, sorry I just was feeling sorry for myself.
 More crap for yard sale!

 Organized yard sale stuff!
 More yard sale!
 My ironing, don't tell Judy it is taking over the basement.
 Yea this is the bedroom I though I would have done, it is worse, these are yard sale books and clothes of baby elephant.
 Every trash can in the house looks like this and today is trash day, which is why I am making a dump run.
 Yes, I know this is the closet that I am supposed to organize, but I did get the dresser and bookcase in there.....


     It will take me a few days to get the house back to even keel, then I will start really cleaning.  I had hoped to do the front room this week, but that is not going to work.  I am going to do a run through of the drawers and closets for yard sale stuff and that is it.  If I can get the Master bedroom curtains up today I will be thrilled.  When I cleaned the linen closet (who could forget that Jane?)  I found a lovely cream batten berg lace duvet cover and a bed ruffle and shams.  They had been purchased at one of those 80% off sales and then another 15%, so the total spent was under $20.00  I used to fall for those sales and load up on crap I did not need, but I don't any more.  Anyway I segue, the bed ruffle is moot as I have this lovely filigree work on the bed frame I do not want to cover up. So I have enough lace left on the  ruffle to make new valances for the bedroom.  I wanted to continue this into Master bath, but do not have enough skirting.  My sister who is the Queen of taste said I did not need a curtain in the bathroom.  I have shades up and you do have to turn a corner to be in the bath.  In fact I have had people who have known me for years never go into this bathroom and are shocked that is is there.  So I am going with her advice.

     On the financial front, I did get a schedule made out for studio yesterday, I have to input it and get photo copies and do a mass mailing also contact website designer to update schedule on the web.  I went to the paper and put an add in for the next month for new enrollment. $550.00 Yikes, then onto the Moneysaver, which is a add paper that goes to every one free.  I put a new add for the month for both the studio and the shop, $336.00.  Did I have this money?  No I will put it back to the Credit card in September when all the new enrollment money comes in.  I can take this out of savings but I think I can squeak by with the fees that will come in with registrations.

     I am going to the dump, just way to much garbage with all the construction and moving B's stuff back and forth.  Then I will sweep the garage and driveway as best I can so I have a clean area for the sale.  Crap, can't forget to make a cash box.

     Out My Window: ate yellow squash and cucumbers form the garden yesterday.  It is also cooler like 87 which is perfect for me!

     So any one who wants to start the front room of the their house, let's go!  We can report back and send pictures.

     Have a great and productive day!