Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday, I want to stay home for a while.

     I am so tired of being gone.  I feel like I am never home (and I am not).  The studio opens next week. I do feel like I have had a nice summer break.  The summer was very expensive and we still have not had the cement work done in the driveway.  I am just waiting to take stock of the new debt and start fresh.

     We were able to get to D#1 with only spending 2 tanks of gas and some snacks.  We did not go out to eat at all and did no shopping. Daughter had a bad flu/cold and we really watched her sleep most of the weekend.  Grandson was cute and funny.  I was able to go watch daughter in court, she was just promoted and it was interesting to see her interact with other attorneys.  I think she is well liked, but I never realized how young she was compared to her colleagues.  She just looks like a little girl with a pony tail in a suit playing court room.  Never the less, she has a tough streak or they never would have given her a job in felony prosecution.

     I would really like to go on a no spend for the month of September, but I am afraid as I was going to go on one in July after our vacation and look what happened.  We are still facing bills from that and it is not over yet.  But I guess I should not be such a doomsdayist. Once the studio is open again I will have less time to spend money.  But I also don't see myself as a wastrel.  Our garden has not done well this year mostly from neglect.

    3 surgeries and poor vision plus the number of times I have been gone have really taken their tole.  I had not planned to can this year so I am not worried.  Plus we still have plenty of veggies to eat.  I am going to make a cucumber, tomato and onion salad for dinner.  We will also have eggplant and bacon Parmesan.  Quite good!

    I have plenty to do in the shop, but I would sure like to see it be a little busier.  I really want 100-150 a day worth of product to come in and it has not done that for a while.  But I am trying to look a this as a blessing, as much as I have been gone and unable to see well, I would probably be bonkers right now.  I just don't like not having any money.

     Out My Window:  It is getting cooler here.  Only 90 when we drove into town.  So nice.  When it gets so hot everyone here just shuts down. Our lawn desperately needs to be mowed.  I told hubby to get with it or I would have to buy a goat.

     Every room in the house is in a state of neglect.  Even though I have been gone both younger girls were here.  There are kid droppings everywhere.  They did not leave any terrible messes but the dust is thick and heavy.  I have been going from room to room and playing games with myself.  Like you cannot leave this room without starting in one corner and putting everything away.  By the time I get out the door I have an arm full of stuff to put away and then it is on to the next room.  I think I will be able to whip the house into shape in a couple of hours and then I must do some grocery shopping and take stock of the freezers.  Since I start teaching next week I will need to really menue plan and use what I have.  Also have to get the old crock pot going.  Crap now I miss Judy.  

     Do any of you play cleaning games with yourself?  Like do you set a timer and make yourself work until it goes off, just to see how much you have accomplished?  Or am I the only goober in the universe?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You're definitely not the only goober in this universe. I play plenty of games to make myself clean... such as no dinner until something is done (like organize my paperwork), or no computer until the laundry is put away. I also like the time game (30min to do as much as you can fit) when I'm waiting on something, like for a call and such. Last, I just put the things that need to be organized up and front, right near my computers. It is sometimes enough encouragement to organize and clean so it just gets out of my face. I miss Judy a lot too. Hope she's doing well...

  2. You sound like you get more done in a day than I could do in a week!!! Don't beat yourself up so much!! You have been my inspiration to get moving and try to do more this summer!! Keep up the good work!!

    And Judy, yes, I miss you bunches and bunches! {hugsss} and {{{more hugsss}}} Hope you are coming back soon!