Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, hello again

 NOTE:  I have made a change to my blog status that only blog authors can read my posts as when I got back from vacation I had Porn on my referring sites.  I cannot have this and I will shut down if this continues.  How can I get rid of a referring site, this is awful and gross!  I mean I am listed on these sites, it is so alarming.

     Pulled into town yesterday about 11 in the morning.  Wiped out in every way, but I am going to re coop.  I need to unpack and do laundry.  I just straightened the kitchen. Hubby is off fire as of Monday evening.  He is tired and emotionally wasted.  It was a very hard fire with a death of a comrade so he is having a hard time and I don't blame him.  I have had several new calls for the studio and it seems that shop is picking up!  Hallelujah.

     I would really like to get more deep cleaning and decluttering done all before the end of August.  I have three days left this week and then all of next.  Right now at least today I have to just get my self organized and back to where I was before I left.

     I had  several nice visits with my mom and my sister can be very funny.  My brother behaved himself as much as he was able and we were able to get much of the paper work done for mom that she needed.  Her health is very sketchy.  We ate at way too many gourmet restaurants and I gained back 6 of the lbs I had lost.  Sorry Mysti, I will start again. I didn't mean to have Murphy come to your house but I did ask him very firmly to leave mine!

     My husband put in 77 hours of over time last week not counting his regular hours.  He really needs to get out of dodge.  I think we will run to D#1's this weekend.  Then I can also get rid of about 6-7 large boxes in the garage!  Hubby and I plan to clean the garage over the labor day weekend.

     Baby Elephant started school and loves it so far, but as this is the third day?  We will hope it lasts.  I did send her in Monday to get a meningitis shot at the health department.  $135.00 not covered by insurance but it puts my mind at ease.

     On the financial front we do get 3 paydays this month and I did get a reimbursement check from the insurance for my eyes.  That will knock out about $2500.00 that is on the CC and then with Hubbies overtime I think we can pay off the rest of that debt.  Enrollment fees will cover another bill that I have and I am hoping by the end of September to just have the two cars and the sewer loan.  This has been an expensive summer, I will carry on.  I feel so blessed that Hubby has gotten this overtime.  No it does not pay off the new bills but it helps keep everything else on even keel.

     How is every one?  I missed all of you.  Are most of us still trying to get rid of junk and have a better organized life before school starts?  I hope so because it sure makes me feel better.

Out My window:  Hot and it has obviously been hot here while I was gone.  Weeds are out of control in the garden and yard, but I am going to ignore them until the heat abates.  I think my chickens missed me.

     I need to go get some things done and I am so glad I am back!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I just recently started following your blog. Glad to see you made it back from your trip safely. I have missed your blog posts every day. I have also been struggling with debt and I am working on getting everything paid off. We had a little setback this Summer but nothing big. Ours was poor spending. I just keep telling myself One day at a time.
    Welcome back!

  2. It is so sad that we live in a world where porn sites can get your info without your approval. Glad you are back though! I would miss your blog if you took it down completely! :)

    Sounds like you had a good productive visit with your mom. That is always good!
    As for me, I have been crazy busy getting Rebecca ready for kindergarten, heading back to work, and just trying to keep up with the craziness that is life and not really succeeding very well. But like you I just keep moving forward and hoping for the best!

    Have a great day!:)

  3. I was wondering what was up with your blog yesterday, I couldnt make it out why I couldn't access it. When you say referral sites, you mean people posting in your comments? Or are they modifying something in your blog?

    Either way, welcome back! That's a LOT of overtime hours! That will definitely be very helpful, but make sure hubby gets something too! Maybe a little quiet dinner or something? Working that many hours was no easy task, I am sure.

  4. Having a referral site as a porn site is horrible! What utter nonsense!

    Glad you made it back from your trip.

    Still cleaning out here as well. It's a lengthy process for sure. Yard Sale this weekend will help!