Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, cleaning frenzy still going!

     I expected Hubby home last night, but got a call from him about 12:30 yesterday.  He was still on the supply line and would not be home for a few days. But he needed clean underwear and socks.  He goes out with a few extra pair,  as he is too old to actually fight fire he is usually dispatched and can pack for a few days.  Not the case this time.  They do issue fire clothes and do take them and wash them but  underwear and socks well.....  So D#2 and I drove 40 miles and back to drop off his ditty bag and some diet soda.

     D#2 and I also took a long 5 mile walk of the bridges, but we did not really look at the temperature gauge.  It was really hot.  Now we both love the heat, but on the first bridge we really noticed that we were miserable.  We had brought a water bottle each.  We had no choice but to continue when we realized that the car was 2.5 miles away.  On the trail I spotted a receipt and then money.  A trail of money!  Three 20 dollar bills and 2 receipts.  It was close to a river drop off with many swimmers. So D hiked down and asked if any one had purchased cat food at Albertson's today.  We did not ask if any one had lost $60.00.  We knew that answer to that.  No one could claim the money, so we continued our walk.  D found a code on the receipt that would identify the owner, so we ran to Albertson's and had the manager look up the persons phone #.  The money was claimed by a very grateful stranger!

     However we were out in 102 degree heat for about 2.5 hours.  Both of us were sick, sick, sick.  One of the worst headaches I have had in a long time.  We will check the temperature gauge before we do that again!

     I was able to dust and wipe down the entire family room and it is clean,Clean, CLEAN!

See this little end table it was full of junk now it only holds photo albums.
 Book case cleaned out. We cannot have a bookcase in the house and not have it Full. Family of readers.
Corner shelf with games cleaned, the baskets are now empty.

 This was an amazing undertaking. See those clean cupboards, I mean bags of trash! Shocking!

 Another full cupboard, mostly computer crap that no longer worked, It is empty! Yeah!
This was the worst every cupboard  and drawer filled to the brim.

But now look,  I even found the TOM TOM and the directions.

See those clean organized cupboards.  Hubby and my reading glasses in little holders!

What do you mean only paper in the paper drawer?   

     It is so nice to know that is is really clean.  I think I can get one more small project done in the Mater bedroom this week and then I will not be able to deep clean any more until next week.  I am going to pick up my younger sister at the airport in Spokane Wednesday and take her on to Missoula to visit my mom.  I will stay for a few days.  They are still running test after test on her and we are going to see if we can talk to her doctor.
    I have plenty of work to do in the shop in the next two days.  So I had better get busy.  I also get to take back a $26.00 light cover to Home Depot that does not fit, but I killed the vacuum cleaner.  It has been slowly dieing and I have been putting it off,  it is finished ,so after I get done with my sewing I am going to get a few errands done and a new vacuum.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Karma will surely find a way to repay your kindness! I am sure that stranger was extremely surprised and extremely thankful. I can only imagine losing $60... that's my 2-week food budget right there and over 1/3 of my disposable bi-weekly budget! Good luck new-vaccum shopping. Hope they have some good sales going on.

    1. Completely agree with Tanner regarding the karma and repaying you! (Had a little trouble with my computer showing the comments, thus I'm replying) You're cleaning bug seems to be producing a calmer environment in your house. It looks great! I'm thinking that you are also feel better - like moving the stale energy out and being open to new, positive, dynamic energy!

      Pictures of my items for sale are coming to blog soon =) I have a ways to go with my cleaning, more because I also have to box and transport the items to the location. I"ll be posting everything on blog in a few days.

      Keep up the great job you are doing!!

  2. Do you have any news on Judy at Just Making My Way Back. I had asked before but you did not respond previously.

    1. As you are insisting on asking and you will not divulge your name, I would not give you any information. I can only assume that you are the person that may have caused all her trouble. She has been bothered by a hacker and someone close to her so I will never give you any information even if I had it to give. Please do not leave any more messages on my blog without first identifying yourself.

    2. I agree with OMW! She said it PERFECTLY!!

      Judy, if you are around... {{{HUGS}}}

  3. I really need to catch your cleaning bug!! It's too hot and I'm too lazy :( Good for you for returning the money. I bet the owner was very appreciative!

  4. I miss u too Judy please come back

  5. I could use a frenzy around my place!!! I would like a dose of your get up and go Kim!! I have been running my own little pie shop! My apple tree ripened 2 weeks early with all of our heat and so now I am up to my eyeballs in apples!!
    Luckily the messy rooms will wait for me :)

  6. You did a wonderful job on cleaning up. I finally broke down and turned on the a/c, as the fans were not helping with this 102+ temps. I need to get the cleaning done! Everything is now in its permanent spot(hopefully) and now to put things away. Some will be going out the door.

    A very nice thing you did with the money.

    blessings, jill