Sunday, February 28, 2021

Monday, New month, new goals


I am happy to see February behind me.  Spring will be here before the end of the month and I really don't like the cold weather that much.  I think winter is beautiful, but I could do with a two week winter.:)

February was a bust of a month for finances with me not coming even close to my goals.  We will make no extra on the house in February.  I did get my Aunt paid, and I paid off my debt for the month, but that is all I can handle.  Plus I did the grocery challenge and that helped a little. 

I am going to extend the challenge until March 7th because we were gone for a week in February. I also think that I really need to get to the bottom of the freezer.  As I don't want things freezer burned. Although I can see that we are making a dent in our freezers, so that is good.  I still have to make jam with all the frozen fruit in fact I will go pull it out now and that will force me to get to it.  I mean really I can put things off better than anyone I know. Just pulled fruit, that should get me doing something with it!

February has always been a tough month for me, and I have always made it through by the skin of my teeth, even last year, but covid had not gone into affect yet.  This year even though I put off the accountant and taxes I still could not make it.  I am not used to that and it was disheartening.  I just have to remind myself of all the things I did do that were good.

1.I completed three weeks of a pantry/grocery challenge 

2. I was able to gift my Aunt her $500.00

3. I was able to pay off a debt of over $1000.00

4. I was able to do all my saving strategies for the month of February.

5. I was able to go an see my daughter and family and Hubs parents  

All in all other than not paying a $1000.00 extra on the mortgage I did okay.  I will work hard this month to try and achieve my goals.

I have to pay the bills today for the month and I have  a new debt to be paid off this month along with all of my other saving strategies.

I have plenty of sewing to do today,and I really need to start getting the taxes whipped into shape.  I do not want to do my taxes.*&^%$#@ Don't want to, don't want to.

I swear the chicks have doubled in size since yesterday.  I know they grow fast, but they already are starting to get pin feathers.  Too cute.  Schmills is coming down to see them after school. Well I am off to set the world on fire, or at least a fire under my butt.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, February 27, 2021

Sunday, We got our baby chicks!

  Yeah we got our chicks! Twelve of them.  As we are actually making a chicken run on this property we are able to get more chickens.  They are so cute and right now they are in a large cage in the garage with a heat lamp so they can stay warm.  They will stay in that coup until they develop pin feathers.  They should start laying in July or August. They grow very fast.

Schmills will be so excited when he comes down.  He loves to play with the new baby chicks.  If we handle them as they are growing they are much tamer and will come when I call and allow me to pick them up and catch them when I need to.

Kelsa slept with us last night as her mom had to teach makeup classes this morning, and after her mom picked her up we went and got our chicks.  Hubs had to work at the school this afternoon into evening.  I just pulled the last frozen pizza we bought from a school fundraiser, for an easy late lunch/dinner. Also had a salad we made yesterday.

I will title this picture, "What the Hell?" The  reaction of the dog and cat when I put the box of baby chicks on the counter in the kitchen.  We have not had chickens for about 3 months now and they were not enthused. Especially the cat as her litter box and food are in the garage and she now has to share her room. Roscoe does not like to share attention with anyone or anything.  Baby chicks are in the thing category for him. For our cat Shim they are toys we won't let her play with. I beleive total disgust is their attitude. 

I forgot to mention I finally completed my second chart on Friday and I am onto my 3rd.  It is slow going, as money is very tight and my business was very slow for the last year.  Scary, but I will persevere, because that is what I do.

After hubs left for the school I took a long nap and it was so nice. 

We will have church online today and I have pulled out chicken legs for dinner, along with a salad, asparagus, and potatoes. I will probably make a batch of popovers, as Hubs and I are trying to only eat breads on the weekends.  Or we are really limiting our refined carbs.  Not fun but necessary.

I hope the weather is good today as I would really like to take a long walk.

Do any of the rest of you raise chickens?  Have a you ever wanted to?  Did you do it as a kid?

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Saturday, Silly things I do (or did)regularly to save money

  I do many things to save money and these are habits I developed long ago when I was trying to raise the girls.  Hubby never even made it to $40,000 a year before he retired and we always had to pay into state retirement which was more than SS.  So trying to live on less than $2000.00 a month was impossible without me working.  I must say I am very thankful for the State retirement benefits, that we paid into all those years.  They forced us to save. Here is a list of many of the things I did to save money over the years.  Some are pretty weird.

I breast fed each of my girls for more than a year,and made all their baby food.  Never bought baby food.

I was very good at wallpaper so I remember wallpapering for my dentist in exchange for some expensive dental work.

I taught dance in exchange for all my girls lessons.

I made costumes in exchange for expensive summer dance workshops for my girls.

We have always used cloth napkins.

Did not buy paper towels for years, it drove my family ( sisters and mother) crazy.  I still use then very sparingly.

I make wax wraps to cover things in the fridge. reusable

I use bowl covers I made out of plastic to cover things in the fridge. reusable

Cut my makeup remover pads in 1/2 or 4ths to save money.

I have cut panty hose in 1/2 when I ran the left leg and then the right leg.  I used the two good legs and basically wore two pairs.

Spray painted shoes to match formal dresses.  Painted one pair 4 times

Made all my girls prom dresses and many other nice dresses for special occasions.

Sewed all the bridesmaid dresses for a photographer's wedding in exchange for photographs of D#2's wedding

Sewed bridesmaid dresses for a new kitchen floor.

Sewed bridesmaid dresses for a plumber in exchange for needed plumbing 

Save all my grocery store plastic bags for small garbage can liners

Go to the dry cleaners for free used hangers for the shop so I do not have to buy

Grow a large garden and eat out of it as much as possible

can all my own jam with berries we pick, and also can all of my tomato products except ketchup.

Make most of my own bone broths

make all my own piecrusts, biscuits, cookies and things

grind my own wheat for bread from wheat berries

We used to have bees that were placed by farmers on our property  in exchange for free honey.

Exchanged alterations for sewing supplies and notions.

exchanged sewing for car repairs

reuse most plastic bags unless used for meat

Try to never buy anything in the clothing or shoes department that is not an sale 

Peruse second hand stores for needs before buying new

regularly get the oil changed on my car.  Maintenance is important always use a coupon and bring in cookies or cupcakes for the men.  $2.00 worth of baked goods goes a long way on car maintenance.

exchanged work hours in a nursery for free plants 

borrowed a tractor(front end loader) from work to  bull dose a driveway into my backyard.

gave dance lessons in exchange for haircuts and color

gave dance lessons for free photography 

exchanged alterations for a tune up on our rototiller 

Spray paint is my friend and I will spray paint anything to get what I want as far as decor goes.

never had cable TV.

Helped any contractor that was working on my house in exchange for part off labor.  I do step and fetch well.

We went to buy a car  and a flash flood came up during the sale, we slogged through water up to our knees, hurrying as it started to come into the dealership to quickly unplug all of the computers and raise everything up on desks.  Saving the dealership 1000's in computer hardware and software.  They gave us an additional $3000.00 off our car.

Made almost everything for all of our daughters weddings. dress, bridesmaid, flowers,food,linens, decorations, set up, clean up, invitations.

Did choreography for summer stock in exchange for a wedding cake and a grooms cake

Did yard work for a large apartment complex we lived in, in exchange for rent.

Did repairs on a house we lived in in exchange for part of the rent

sold 10-20 dozen night crawlers a day for several summers.  Earned about $300.00 a month. We picked them at night.

Took hand me downs when I could for my girls

My Sissie bought almost and still does buy almost all of my clothes

My Sissie bought almost all of my girls clothes

My Sissie put braces on my girls teeth

Cleaned apartments for a real estate company in exchange for rent on an apartment

Rode a bike when we only had one car and Hubs worked out of town

babysat for others when I was pregnant and too sick too work outside my home

took in foreign college students for a stipend

took in renters for unused bedrooms after girls left home.

upholstered many, many pieces of old furniture for my home.

refinished furniture for my home bought at second hand stores or given to me.

made my own sausage and hard salami with venison

made curtains and quilts for our house. OR remade things I bought second hand.

Taught piano lessons

Made many beautiful home made gifts for presents.

Made all my daughter's doll clothes when they were little

Make my own wreaths at Christmas

Sewed almost all my husbands outdoor/waterproof work gear, cruising vests, rain gear while he was working.

Patched many pairs of work pants over and over again, and turned the collars on work shirts for Hubs.

Hubs and I cleaned a government building 5 nights a week for over 20 years while the girls were in college.  2 hours every night.

Did sewing and mending for people in exchange for the use of their sewing machine.  Did not own my own machine until we had been married 12 years.

Borrowed a vacuum for the first 12  years we were married, just swept up the carpet and then borrowed.

NOW I need to make a list of all the stupid things I did with money over the years.  It will be much longer than this list.

What are some things you have done to save money over the years?  Anything strange or unusual?  Have you used any of your skills to save money or to exchange for services? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive awhile you are in the negative.


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Friday, House work suffers when I get busy

 You know when the shop gets busier Kim gets lazier with the housework.  I have dust bunnies all over the floors, under chairs and tables.  Carpets need a good vacuum.  The laundry needs a couple of loads done.  The ironing basket is getting full. Toilets need love.

I am happy to say that the kitchen is still nice and clean.  Now I just have to face the rest. The shop being the worst part of the house right now.

So today other than fittings of wedding dresses and many pick ups, I am going to devote a good portion of my day to housework.  In between clients, I can get this place whipped into shape.

I am definitely going to clean the shop, as I just feel so much better sewing in a clean area. I had two wedding dresses go out yesterday afternoon, and hope two more go out today as more are coming in.  With the shop being so much smaller it is hard to maneuver.I have 5 more dresses hanging in thee to complete.

I made shrimp tacos for dinner and I have never done that before.  They were very good.  It is a keeper of an idea. I just used home made taco seasoning on some raw shrimp and cooked it down with water.  Then I made a sauce with sour cream, salsa and lime juice.  We did not use any cheese.  Next time I would like to add a little fresh cilantro.  Hubs really liked them. It was also easy, I love that.

Hubs has to work at the high school this evening and I have no idea what to cook for dinner.  I think I will take out a package of chicken legs and bake them with homemade shake and bake and make a large salad.  I will need to have dinner done by 4 so he can eat before he leaves.  Then I have the evening to myself.  How nice, I get to control the remote!

There is a new wholesale grocery store opening up next to Wal mart.  I am hoping it will bring in some better prices on things.  There is also a new thrift store opening this weekend, so I am going to check that out also. I lead such an exciting life.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Thursday, Anne was right!

      Anne in the Kitchen was right, I would get busy soon enough and have more to do than I could handle.  How did she know?  Because it happens every year at this time?  Because she has listened to me whine way too long? Because she is an old smarty pants that's why.  I got bombed today.

     I have 9 wedding dresses in the shop and at least 3 more coming in the next week that I know of.  So I spent the day hand sewing and I have 2 wedding dresses done and due for pick up today, possibly three for today, but I have to finish pressing one and I need to add a bustling hook.

     Plus I had a client from India that brought in a huge bag of alterations, then another pile came in and another.  I have enough to keep me going for awhile.  This is so nice and I hope Anne continues to be right.  She has just worked so hard moving things out of her cabin she can't stand, that I am not busy.  Bless her heart. (Sluggy that was for you)

I gave the old fridge a deep clean and cleaned the whole kitchen nicely.  I mean I Kim cleaned. It has been hubby cleaned for a while.  What I found out cleaning the fridge is that, we are out of food.  Well not meat, spuds, or canned goods and storage items, but almost all fresh foods.  If we were unable to get to a store we could still eat well for quite a while, but I did go grocery shopping and got fresh things.  What I tried to do was empty the crispers.  SO I was down to 5 bulbs of garlic,a few stalks of wilted celery,one head of romaine lettuce, two wilted green peppers, about 4 carrots. That is it.  I could have whipped up a salad with the romaine and a shredded carrot.  The fridge was very empty.

    So, it was a large haul of veggies.  we bought, carrots,tomatoes, avocados,asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli,three colored peppers,celery,radishes, green onions, More romaine, and some broccoli slaw.  The cauliflower, broccoli peppers,and asparagus were at really good prices.  We still spent close to $60.00 groceries are getting so expensive. Our dogs food also went up over $4.00 last month.  Crazy prices.

Then we were out of tortillas, and sliced cheese, sour creme, cottage cheese, salsa, and we were low on eggs.  Also bought hubs some pickled herring, and myself a box of crackers.  But no meat or other food stuffs. This should last us the next couple of weeks.  I am going to continue my grocery challenge until the 8th of March as I was gone for 8 days this month.  Since I only try to spend less than $60.00 a week on our groceries, I think with the food prices going up it is going to be hard to stock up in the future without going over my budget.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. put all my change in my pig bank

2. saved all my $5.00 bills now at $420.00

3. saved my $1,$5,$10,$20  challenge

4. filled two more envelopes in my 100 envelope challenge

5. Used a coupon at Jo anns

6. Found money this week, $20.00 and a penny

7. made all meals from scratch out of the freezer and what we had on hand

8. got a refund from over payment at the clinic. $10.00

9. uploaded all my receipts to fetch

10. Stayed within my grocer budget and spent what I would have spent for one week, when we have not bought groceries for three weeks. SO the challenge is working, but it is a challenge.

What have you done to save money this last week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Wednesday, Finding money!

 By the way I would not be caught dead in these ugly shoes and if you own a pair like this throw them away now!

      I am kind of on a roll, finding things of value.  I almost feel guilty.   Heck I do feel guilty! I found those very expensive sunglasses on our trip.  Then I was at Wal mart a couple of days ago, someone left their change in the checkout machine.  It was only .67 but they were long gone.  Tonight Hubs and I went to get dog food and he told me to look down and there was a $20.00 bill on the floor.  Of course we looked around for whoever might have lost it, but know one.  So then we had a pretend argument over who's money it was.  The one who spotted it or the one who bent over and picked it up.  Anyway, my luck has been good lately.  I just feel sorry for who ever lost it.  May this trend last.

I was able to get a wedding dress in for a try on and it fit perfectly.  So I will be doing the finish work on that and the bustle.  I also need to bustle another dress and replace a zipper in a pair of jeans.  That should be about all I can get done as  all of the work left on the wedding dresses is hand work.

I am going to thoroughly clean out the fridge today, as it is quite empty and in need of a good scrub.  We are doing fine with the grocery challenge, and we still have quite a bit of meat.  But we are very low on fresh veggies, and we have no sliced cheese, crackers, we are down on cheeses, no cottage cheese, no sour cream, no bread unless I make it.

Now I can still do meat, frozen or canned veg, potatoes, and we have enough for a small salad.  But I will have to go to the store tomorrow.  I want the fridge nice and clean, so I know what we really have. I have plenty of food to make meals, In fact could probably go another month on this challenge as far as evening meals go.  But I do need some other things we have run out of and I am craving bacon and avocados.

How have you guys been doing with your challenge?  Are you running out of anything yet?

 Tuesday for dinner I made a large meatloaf and I put in green pepper, as someone had suggested that and I had never tried it before.  It was good.  I also made a salad and used up the rest of the broccoli.  I have two more green peppers in the crisper that need to be used.  So tomorrow when I go to the store I am going to get a yellow and red pepper to fry up with an onion as a side for the meat loaf. Trying really hard not to have any food waste and so far we have been doing great.

Lil sis left for a ten day vacation in Mexico and I will miss her.  I hope she has a good time and has no troubles getting down and back. Our eldest daughter called and needs one or both of us to come down the last three days of March and the first couple of days in April to watch the boys, as her live in sitter will be gone.  We had planned on going down the first week in April to check on hubs folks so this will work out fine. I just have to make sure I have all my wedding dresses out that will be needed.

We also have been called to work at the food bank tonight.  Last time we went they about killed all of us.  We were sore for a couple of days after.  So this may be my last post.

Well I  am managing to stay busy.  How about you guys?  Are you finding things to do?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, February 22, 2021

Tuesday, Making better now works!


  I think, in fact I know that covid has really cut into my productivity.Not that being productive is everything, but it is certainly important when you have bills to pay and goals to reach.  

This strange time has affected all of us in so many ways. The isolation we have all felt at many times has been hard to endure.  I know for me it has lulled me into a kind of passive slumber.  My business is down, we can't see people, we don't go out, we don't have friends over.  It is so easy to look at all the negative things this crisis has brought on all of us.

However for me is has also brought some good things.  I have learned to really appreciate my children.  In my loneliness, I have come to understand my in laws better.  As you age and your life becomes slower you can become more lonely and isolated.  This is how many of the elderly feel all the time.  This has caused me to reach out more, to do more. 

I have learned to really like living a little slower life.  Yes, I do miss hectic, but not as much as I did at the beginning. I like getting up late and reading the paper and playing on my phone for a while.  I like going to get a soda with my husband and taking the long way home.

Even though I have just arrived home from a trip to see my girls, I was depressed and blue and ungrateful.  But today was so much better. I did what I could.  I enjoyed doing the things I did.  I was grateful that I had things to do.  I felt productive.  By doing, I fought off the anxiety I have been feeling, which has been some what over whelming at times.

I had 4 phone calls this morning before I even was up.  I returned all of those calls and they all came by today with work.  They were simple things, except for one wedding dress and even that was just a bustle so nothing extravagant. I did not fuss about the work I was just grateful. I talked to my twin sister, I went a visited my Lil sister.  I am grateful for them.  Schmills and Kelsa were over while Daughter taught and I was grateful.

I filled my money envelopes with less then I wanted, but again I was happy I had that and not sitting around wising for more. I did today what I could do.  What I did made my life better.  People will pick up my work and I will make progress.  Every little thing we do to move forward makes our life better.  

Tomorrow I will continue to do what I have available.  There is work in the shop, I have another wedding dress fitting and another wedding dress to finish up.  There are many little projects to finish.  I have shirts to hem.  I have a pillow to fix.  I have a quilt to put a hanger on, and a small bag of alterations.  Will these things pay the bills I had set up to pay for the month?  No but it will help. I can do what I can now, I can do better.  It is so easy for me to dwell on the times and not move forward.

We can always do something.  Why did I forget this?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, February 21, 2021

Monday, Make better now!

      Here it is another Monday. Another week for us to get things done. They sure do come around fast.  Probably not fast enough for many people, but fast for me.  Seven more days of the pantry challenge and I should get through okay except for some fresh veggies.  We do have enough lettuce for salads until Wednesday. 

My goal this week is to get at least three wedding dresses done.  I have 8 in the shop right now.  What I really want is stacks of pants to hem and simple alterations, that bring in fast small amounts of money.  Wedding dresses are time consuming but bring in larger amounts. Then I had an epiphany.  Why do you worry so about what kind of work comes in, when both provide?  

It is so easy to sit and stew and stress when we think that things are not perfect.  What do you or we have that we can do right now to help our situation?  Sure it is always easier to think of how things could be better, but it gets nothing done.  Make better now!

How can I make better now? I can do the work the lord has provided, instead of wishing for something easier.  I can cook good nutritious meals with what I have on hand.  I can clean my house and make it beautiful with what I already have, instead of dreaming of other things. I can eat less crap..... I can exercise and make myself feel better. I can stop by and check on a woman who was recently widowed. I can feed the birds, they are so funny out my window.

Things to do today:

1.fill my savings envelopes

2. go get prescriptions refilled.

3. work in my shop

4. put Valentine Tote away in garage

5. get some exercise

6.find something for dinner in my stash of food

7. I can go see Lil sis as she leaves Tues. for ten days and see if there is anything I can do to help her.

What are you going to do today to Make better Now?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, February 20, 2021

Sunday, Dismal February outlook

Well there are only eight more days left in the month and I have nothing to put toward my goal, let alone any extra on the house.  Even with keeping the no spend grocery challenge, this month is a challenge.  I really hate not keeping my goals, but it could be worse.  We are not behind on anything and we will be okay. Maybe I can play catch up next month.

In order to catch up things will have to pen up as far as schools and proms, and weddings and I just don't see that happening for a while.  So it looks like I will just strive to pay off my bill for the month and put a small amount on the mortgage.

I am afraid we are going to owe taxes this year, so I must be prepared for that.  I think this is why I am slow to get the tax crap pulled.  I don't want to know.

We went and looked at baby chicks today but they were delayed until next week as  the winter storms were too bad across the country to ship them via US Post Office.  They would have lost 1/2 to freezing, so no new chicks until the 28th.  I did pick up onion sets for a good price.  I got yellow, red and white.  I just used the last of the onions from the garden.  Now we must buy all of them.  When we were down in southern Idaho I looked for dropped onions but it was not that time of year.  Dang!

I have been really, really tired today.  I slept until 10, then took a nap at 2 and I am am going to bed about 10.  Just so sleepy.  That is okay, as nothing is pressing.

Hubs works at the high school today.  Someone is doing something at the auditorium. So I will probably go over to lil sis's and visit as I have not seen her in almost two weeks.  She is going on another trip leaving this coming Wednesday and will be gone for 10 days.  Need to get my time in.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath


Friday, February 19, 2021

Saturday, Sore arm and a headache

      Well my only side affects so far from the Covid shot are a sore arm and a headache.  I will take it.  I really feel for Chef Owings, with her hip surgery.  What a week to have an operation!  Just getting to the hospital with all the snow was enough to do most people in. But I think she will be back to her old sassy self soon.

I did get my short notice wedding dress done today, the bride was thrilled. I also had another one come in.  Next week I will be pumping out wedding dresses.  I think I have 8 in the shop right now, but not much else. I really hope the shop picks up soon, or I will be looking for a different line of work.

I pulled a package of pork rib-lets out of the freezer and made a new recipe.  It was a Asian pork marinade and then roasting. I did not like it at all.  Hubs seem to like it, but I will not cook them this way again.  They smelled good but yuck.

Schmills and Kelsa were down this afternoon and they stayed until about 8 p.m. while their parents went out to dinner and to get new cell phones.  I swear getting a new phone takes a bank loan and takes almost as long as a car purchase.  I think I would rather have my eyes plucked out than sit through buying a new phone or a car.

Put away all the Valentines things and pulled out the St. Patrick's day things.  Things that were mom's, or things dance students gave me, many of them I have had for years and years.  Not stuff I would ever spend money on, but things I love to get and keep.

Have no idea what we are going to do this weekend.  It is really too snowy to go for a long walk. I do
think we should go see when the baby chicks will be coming in and perhaps place an order. I also need to water the 4 large containers of geraniums I am wintering over in the garage.  I could start seedlings, but I really have no where in this house that they can get good sunlight.  Maybe the spare bedroom but that is carpeted and what if the water and dirt make a mess?  I could be really careful, But I always make a mess.  Our other house much easier to start seedlings in I am afraid.  I will have to put on my thinking cap.

I can say this, it is nice to have a weekend that is not already planned and full of things we have to do.  How many of those do you get very often?

I also need to get the taxes pulled together and I just don't want to. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, February 18, 2021

Friday, I got my first Covid Shot!

 I was able to get my first shot this morning. (Thursday)  When Hubs and I got home we were catching u on all the local newspaper reading and the paper had listed 5 different places where one could try and obtain and appointment for the vaccine. I was on waiting lists at all of them, but decided to spend an hour calling again. And this time 4 of the calls all referred me to one of the places.  So the paper had all these places to call and actually there was only two places.

All were very nice, but I got conflicting info at every call. So I called my local GP which was not listed and insisted on speaking to his nurse.  I asked her when the shots would be available and told her about all the conflicting info I was getting.  I also told her I felt that my doctor who deals with geriatric patients should be advocating for people like me.  She did indicate that all his older than 65 patients did have access, but I was an anomaly.   I requested this doctor about 13 years ago as my specialist in Spokane said he dealt with many RA patients and it was a geriatric kind of RA.  He knew more about the treatments and really stayed up on them.  I was turned down by the clinic because I was too young when I requested my records be sent to him..  But I had both of his daughters as students and when he came to pick up his youngest one day, I told him I was seeking his care and what my specialist had told me and he pulled strings.    SO here I am stuck in the cracks of this mess.  His nurse was frustrated with the info I had been given and said she was going to check on some things and would have someone call me.  Well within 15 minutes I had an appointment for a shot!

I was so surprised!  It did not hurt at all, but I was warned with my autoimmunity system, I would likely not feel well and the second shot could kick my butt for a day or so.  they were right, as I came home and within an hour I started to get a bad headache and my arm is pretty sore.  I did not get many of the things done that I wanted to today, but I do not care I got a shot! My youngest who works with sewage is getting hers tomorrow.

I have to do a lace up on a wedding dress today, as the bride just got the dress and it is too small.  When is the wedding?  Saturday!  Nothing like last minute. 

Things I need to do today:

1. get wedding dress done and steamed

2. finish laundry from trip

4. deep clean the kitchen 

5. put away Valentines and put out St Patrick things.

6. work on two other wedding dresses

7. finish enlarging a shirt for a client.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Thursday, Home again!


Here is a five generation picture of Hubs with his mom and D#2 and the kids.  This was taken right before we put them on the plane to fly home.  We had a wonderful time with family and I am happy to be home.  Even though we came home to 8-9 inches of snow and Hubs could not get the snowblower to start.  Although it started right up earlier this year.  Knowing him he probably left something on or did not do something right like he did with our other lawn things.  He just can't remember how to operate things and breaks them.  I was told by our repair man that the last two repair jobs on lawn things were hubs fault.   I will be really irritated is we take this in and it is because he left gas or something in it that should have been drained.  Ugh!

Hubs dad was worse than ever and I really worry about his mom.  When we got there I started immediately making  prime rib vegetable soup.  She will usually fuss and come into the kitchen to see what you are doing and get involved and she did not ask me a word.  I went in and out to get things out of the storage in the basement.  I made a large pot of this soup/stew and it was delicious.  Then after supper I cleaned the kitchen, which she usually will not let you do. She said it was so nice not to have to clean up and to be waited on.  This has never happened.  She also admitted to me that she sometimes does not cook as taking care of dad, is just to exhausting.  We had long suspended this.  By evening she is just too tired to cook.

She loves the meals Hub's sister and I prepared at Christmas and has been using about one every other week.  They last her about three days.  I left enough soup for them to eat this evening and she froze another portion. Plus the good bone broth will give her some energy. When our dog Roscoe came into the room dad asked if dogs were now being allowed in the Temple.  We told him he was at home.  He thought he was at Temple. He had mom up again last night and I got up and got him back to bed. Hubs is useless at this as he is deaf and with out hearing aids he hears nothing.  Heck with hearing aids he hears what he wants to.

I was hoping the shop would be picking up, and I do have clients lined up for tomorrow.  But with the snow most people just stay put.  In fact one of the roads to our house is closed down for snow.  Oh well I will have time to unpack and get things caught up around here.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change while we were gone and put it in my bank when we got home.

2. Saved my 5's from the trip  now have $380.00

3. saved the $1,$5,$10,$20 last week for this week

4. uploaded all receipts from travel to Fetch.

5. used an app to find the cheapest gas, by the way it went up over 20 cents a gallon over the last week.

6. Found a pair of brand new Coach sunglasses at a rest stop on top of the toilet paper holder.  They were this years model and not a scratch on then.  Both daughter and I went through the parking lot trying to find the owner, but they were long gone.  I gifted them to my Eldest and she was thrilled.

7. Found .26 at the same rest stop on the ground

8. found another quarter on the floor of daughters car. Sorry mine now!

9. packed hard boiled eggs and cold pizza and chicken for drive down so no eating out.

10. Ate a good breakfast at mom's and split a salted nut roll with hubs and that was it for our way home, no stopping to eat.

11. took left over prime rib that I knew daughter would not use and made soup for Hub's folks.

12.Filled one of my 100 envelop challenge when I got home with left over trip money.

13. Picked up 4 loss leaders at Albertsons, butter limit 2, frozen veg limit 2, romaine salad limit 2,one doz eggs .76 limit one.  that should do it for groceries until next week. 

I want to get so many things done today.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Monday, Valentines Day and Birthdays

      Death by chocolate will be on my tombstone I am afraid.  It was a nice day that started out with people going from room to room passing out chocolate boxes. I got a MCd's gift card for each of the three oldest boys.  We had a lovely dinner, with prime rib cooked to perfection. All we did today besides listening to church, was eat and watch TV and nap.  It was lovely. Actually a perfect Valentine day.

     Today is Daniel's birthday and he is 10.  I can't believe he is that old. I actually started reading blogs when I was at my daughters house when she was having Danny. I The first blog I read was Rhitter's,she and I have been on this debt journey for a long time. It is fun to go back and read how I was trying to pay off the truck we are now thinking of getting rid of soon. SO much has happened in 12 years.  B was in Jr. High when I started blogging.

 Hubs went out with daughter and bought me a few things for Valentines day and they were thoughtful and cute.  He is a horrible gift selector and must have help. I received two candles and I had asked for candles rather than chocolates, as they have less calories.  He also bought me a soft pink blanket throw, which I have been eyeing. Very nice and useful things.

We will celebrate Danny today, and I have no idea other than McDonalds and Dairy queen cake and presents.  Another day of over eating.  Just what we all need !

Did you do anything fun for Valentines day ? Did you get any chocolates, or flowers?  Did you cook a special meal?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.  



Saturday, February 13, 2021

Sunday, Crap, I think I broke my spender...

  Well we had a great birthday celebration for the eldest.  The stuffed shells and salad made by her Italian mother in law were scrumptious, follow by a fruit tart.  After the celebration we girls went to a few stores and I discovered something. I THINK I BROKE MY SPENDER!

  I saw so many cute things I would have normally been tempted to buy, but they were not cheap enough.  I think by this time KOHLS, your last years Thanksgiving things should be pennies on the dollar.   No I will not pay $4.99 for a dish towel in season let alone out of season.  I don't think this discount store knows what a discount is.

They had pj pants for men and I usually buy each of the guys a new pair at Christmas, well that season is long gone so why are they still $9.99?  They should be a couple of bucks.  $9.99 is not a sale. In other words all the next Christmas deals I expected are not happening. 

Covid has really tightened the market on mark downs.  I heard from D#1's, MIL that Michaeals will no longer have 40% off coupons weekly because of covid, but 30%.  And personally 30% does not tempt me to buy, even 50% isn't enough in most cases.  I want a deal.  Are deals a thing of the past?

I know the grocery deals have been really lame for along while now.  There were a few good loss leaders at Christmas but not nearly as many as there used to be. I guess when I earn less money I expect others to also? I know that is not a realistic way to think, but boy it would be nice.

We are having prime rib, mashed potatoes, biscuits asparagus, salad,  and chocolates for Valentines dinner. There are enough stuffed shells for lunch.  We are really well fed here. Prime rib was on sale, and the asparagus was really marked down, potatoes are always dirt cheap here, salad left over from yesterday.  I was also able to buy a 1/2 pint of buttermilk here.  I have never been able to buy that little in Lewiston.  You always have to buy a quart.  It was so nice not to have this extra buttermilk that you are wondering what you are going to do with, of course if I was home, I just would have made something with it.

Have any of you noticed that sales are not what they used to be?  Have you noticed mark downs are so much less?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Friday, February 12, 2021

Saturday, Happy Birthday to my oldest!

 My Eldest daughter made her appearance  Friday, February the 13th, 1981 at 4:13 a.m. weighing 8lb 13oz. and my life changed forever.  So did my body.  I was 5'3" weighing 101 when I got pregnant with her and she really was way to big a baby to have. But this was back in the days of natural childbirth, no drugs no epidurals.  There was no surgeon available and after three days they pulled her out with a high forceps delivery.  She had moon shaped blood blisters on her cheeks and she still in the sunlight has slight scars from this. I remember the poor family doc that delivered her had those little green booties over his cowboy boots and as he was pulling her out, he was pulling me off the table.  Don't worry I was praying to die at the time.  So hubs and a nurse held under each of my arms. He put his wrapped cowboy boot out on the end of the table and pulled.   It was quite the experience let me tell you.  You were supposed to be in recovery for 2 hours and I was there for over 24.  I kept having grand mall seizures. I made no connection with her and the nurses did not want me to take her home I think they saw that look in my eye.

But after being home about 3 days I finally bonded with her.  The delivery was just too much.  I should have had a C section.  Oh well we both survived. However with the next three  I was a whole lot bossier and meaner.  Hubs would try to keep the nurses away from me because he was afraid for them.  I always asked for as much pain medication as I could get and I never got anything. Just never had regular contractions, and would go from 5 to 10 in one contraction.  Then one or two pushes and you have a baby.  This is what having an almost 9 lb baby first will do for you.  Okay TMI. The gods of delivery hated me I am convinced.

James a Schmills have played all day and everyone just had a bath and all needed a bath let me tell you. Kelsa has been a sweet pill all day refusing nap for more than 20 minutes at a time.  I hope she sleeps tonight. D#1 has a beautiful voice and sang Kelsa to sleep last night.  In fact when daughter was 15 she was the lead in the musical, The Boyfriend and a Music professor from WSU came down to see the show and she was offered a  4 year  vocal scholarship on the spot.  Her senior year in high school she decided to go to the U of Idaho also on a full ride, but she was determined to go to law school.  She knew she was good, and we knew she was good, but good sopranos are a dime a dozen, and her theatrics she can use in the courtroom and does.

D#1 wanted to go out tonight, but I talked her into making leek and potato soup, son in law brought home bread to go with it.  See I even try to save money at her house. I have been to a few stores here and found more picture frames to match my collage.  All were on sale so that was nice.  D#1's mother in law is making stuffed shells tomorrow and we will have a fruit tart for her cake.  Which will be a nice change before we go into our death by chocolate on the 14th.

Both the girls taught dance here as D#2 who did dance professionally for three years went into the Eldest's class and team taught with her and they will do the same thing at a point class this morning. D#1's students brought her very funny gifts for her birthday.  They made a cake out of stacked diet coke cans it was so cute.  She is loved by her students, and she teaches about 4 hours a week as it is a break from prosecution. I wish our youngest could have come down. But as it is we have a houseful.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Friday, In Twin Falls

      Well we made it with no incident, other than trying to figure out how to drive our daughters car. It is so much fancier than anything we have ever had.But we needed to take it so we could fit in car seats and pick her up at the Boise airport.

   Mom and dad did not realize we were coming.  Well dad would not even have noticed if we were there if we didn't make  him notice.  He still knew who hubs was and he recognized me.  He does not know who his real daughters are anymore, but I think he was able to link me to hubs and then knew who I was.  Mom had not slept all night as Dad had kept her up looking for an old space heater she had thrown away.  She was so tired she forgot we were coming.  I really worry about her.  She is very spry, but he has a tendency to sleep all day and then wander and keep her up at night.  Last night he got her up again with the space heater, and hubs slept throng it as he is well...deaf.  I got up and told dad he could either go back to bed or I would sit with him and put him under an electric blanket if he was cold. He chose to go back to bed.

     Mom was grateful for the good nights sleep.  But I worry.  That is so much for a woman her age to take care of.  Hubs younger sister is coming this afternoon and will stay for the next 3 nights and then we will be back on Tuesday for another checkin.

     We picked up daughter and Schmills and Kelsa at the airport and then proceeded to go onto Twin Falls.Daughter was already home from the courthouse to greet us and we had a Korean stew for dinner.  Good but spicy. 

     Schmills and James immediately started to play and Danny was with Roscoe, so everyone is happy.  Kelsa gets held through all naps, because why wouldn't you hold a sleeping princess.Today is Franka's 36 birthday and Aunt Anne's birthday.  Eldest has her 40th on Saturday, and then Dannies is on Monday he will be 10.  He is getting so tall and his hair is turning so much darker.  So that blonde baby boy is disappearing.  Breaks this grandmas heart.

  Other than eating cakes and Valentines chocolates like 15 boxes between all of us, I am  not sure what we are going to do?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Thursday, getting ready and Thrifty Thursday!


I just couldn't help but show this picture of Kelsa and her mom.  Grandma bought these beanies for them at Christmas.  I love the look.

It was a day of running and doing all day.. We went up to D#3's at about 11:00 to see our Oliver.  He is 6 months old now and growing so fast.  He is starting to eat some solid food and it was fun to watch him eat.  Then I got to snuggle him to sleep before we had to leave to continue our busy day.

Kelsa was down about 2:30 with her mom and Hubs watched her while I ran daughter to the car dealership to have her oil changed, then we ran and got cash for our trip and then to the nail salon.  She had also dropped her dog off at the groomers so we had many errands to complete before we got back to the house.  Hubs had to work at the school tonight, so I fed him every leftover we had in the fridge in order to clean it out and not waste any food.

I am packed and about ready, just have to grab my phone charge and make sure and get the garage door opener over to the neighbor that will take care of the cat.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. Saved all my change for the week in my pig bank

2. saved all $5.00 bills now up to $320.00

3. saved this week and next week's $1,$5,$10,$20 envelopes

4. cooked all meals from scratch using things from pantry and freezers

5. Will not buy any groceries this week as we are out of town

6. Made cookies for others with what I had on hand and delivered to several people

7. Used coupons for hair touch up kits.  Rite aid had $4.00 off two and then the paper had $5.00 off two so $9.00 total on $18.00 with my discount at riteaid and points I paid nothing 

8. Sent all my receipts to fetch

9. Used up every leftover in fridge and packed up all veggies to take with us that may go bad.

10.  We were going to get some lunch at a fast food place today on our way to see our Oliver, but I had so many salad fixings, that I took things up and made a huge Shrimp salad for all of us and left enough for daughter and her husband to have for dinner.  Saving the cost of the meal out.

11. fixed and apron strap that had broken

12. Pulled valentine cards out of mom's old stock for my grand kids.  So as long as moms card stash lasts I don't have to buy any gift cards. I will put a MCd's gift card in their cards, as we will have enough sugar.

13.Found money this week.  Although it was my money, as I pulled out a pair of jeans I had not worn in several weeks and there was $4.00 in the pocket and then wore a down vest that my Lil sis was going to throw out.  I had not worn it in several months and it had $3.00 in the pocket.  Woo Hoo!  found money even if it yours is always nice.

Here is a picture of the yummy salad and my Oliver having his lunch of pears.  He is getting so big.  He will be sitting up by himself soon and then starting to crawl.  It is so fun to be able to see both babies in the same day.

What did you do this week to save money?  Did you use any coupons? Are you joining us on our grocery challenge? What did you use up in your pantry?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, February 8, 2021

Tuesday, I gave it the old college try


Well I was only able to raise $370.00 toward my Aunt's $500.00 so I had to withdraw the remainder from my checking account.  I have to remember that February is a really slow month. I did get two more wedding dress calls today so they will be coming in when I get home. 

Any money I spend while on our trip will also come out of the checking account, so that will keep me from doing anything crazy.

I did get all the rest of the bills paid and Aunties card in the mail.  Also ran and paid the computer doctor for our virus protection which is due this month. Then ran the gift cards over to my girlfriend who is having surgery on the 12th.

I also got in a long talk with my Sis today and that was nice.  I fill my 1,5,10,20, envelopes for the next two weeks, but put nothing in my 100 envelopes for this week, just don't have the cash flow. 

So far the pantry challenge has been going well.  I used leftovers from Sunday dinner for lunch and dinner on Monday, and I cooked up 8 chicken legs enough for last night and lunch today. We should also finish up the applesauce and salad today.

I noticed that there is quite a bit of produce left in the fridge that will not last until we get back, so I will do some kind of salad for dinner today and take what ever is left with me to mom and dads.  I am sure she will have no fresh ingredients and that way I will not waste. But the nice thing is I will not have to buy any groceries this week.  I am sure I will buy some things for a couple of meals at my daughters.

We are running up to B's (D#3) and having lunch there so we can see Oliver.  We have not seen him in almost a month and I just want to see him before we go.  B was supposed to fly down with D#2 but she has taken so much time off with the baby and then the covid quarantine she did not want to stress her co-workers any more. There are only a certain # of essential workers to run that plant.

I also have to get my act together and get things organized for our trip.  What am I going to pack?  Get the dogs stuff ready.  WHO will feed the cat. (I just thought about that) Get some cash make sure the smelly trash is emptied.

D#2 and I are getting our nails done today at 4, so I need to remember that.  Boy I do have a busy day ahead of me. Also have a bridal fitting at 10a.m. I should probably make a list so I don't forget something.

I was over at Lil sis's late this afternoon and when I looked at my watch I realized it was 5:10.  I told her I had to go as I did not realize it was so late and I needed to get Hubs dinner.  He really wants to eat by 6 as he gets very hungry with his fasting diet and I want to support him.  I also save a great deal of money on groceries when I have a dinner cooked and he is not roaming and hoovering through the fridge and cupboards. Lil sis just  does not understand how I can or do make dinner almost every evening.  I just do.  I think I always have when I have the time.  I mean there are days when I tell him he is on his own but them I have to deal with whatever mess he makes. I just always plan and make dinner and I usually make up his plate.  Is that weird? Do you usually make a meal every night? Do you plan it? Will you make up a plate for your husband if you are say eating in front of the TV?  DO you find it odd that I do this?

It is going to get cold here while we re gone, as in the 20's.  The weather should return to the high 40's by the time we get back, so we might miss winter all together.

Are any of you going to be affected by the cold snap moving across the country? I know Slug's is up to her neck in now, but then again her neck isn't very high....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Monday, So tired

 This is me.  Too tired to care very much.  I don't know if it is the weather?  Or maybe having the kids here last night? I am just wiped out I tell you.

Hubs came in at 9 and woke me up with church on his phone.  I kept my eyes closed through the whole service, but I don't think I was asleep....

I got up and snuggled Kelsa and then she went to sleep.  It was a beautiful warm February day, so daughter and I were going to take a long walk, but hubs also wanted to go out and walk the dog, so we let him go first.  By the time he was back it was sleeting and raining really hard.  So no walk for us.

As I had missionaries coming over for dinner I needed to start cooking at 3 so I could serve at 4.  They came hungry and left full and happy.  Hubs had the super bowl on and I watched until the underwear segment (the half time show) and then went in and laid down.  Secretly hoping hubs would do the dishes and he did not disappoint. 

I am just very, very tired.  I will go to bed early tonight. 


I have to mail bills and a letter today.  I also need to go down to the computer place and pay for our virus protection for the year.  I want to mop the floors, and get a little laundry done.  I just have a little sewing.  There are left overs from Sunday dinner I just need to come up with a protein, probably chicken legs. 

The shop is very, very slow right now and I am hoping it picks up after we get back. I have to remind myself that last year at this time Aunty was here teaching me to do the lone star quilts.  It was very slow then also.  I don't think I sewed for a client for about 3 weeks.  It is like this every year. Then covid hit.  I sure hope there can be proms this year.  I missed all that business last year.

The hardware stores are getting in their pallets of lawn product and I need to get at least a pallet of heat treated dirt for the new garden bed.  Also we are getting 10 new baby chicks.  So that is something to look forward to.  We will have them in the garage until their pin feathers come in and then to the coop.  It will be warm enough for them by that time, if not we will put out a warming light.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Saturday, February 6, 2021

Sunday,cookies, babies, work


Here is a shot of the cookie containers and my bifocals that were in my hand.  Everyone went home with trays of cookies and we still have so many left over. I will make up more plates and take them around this afternoon, and anything left will be taken down to Nampa for mom and dad.  We will be leaving on Wednesday morning.

Kelsa has been very down with her shots.  She just is not her cheerful, smiling self.  She did not let her poor daddy sleep all last night and he has to get up so early for work so she is with us tonight and squawking loudly.  But we love it, hopefully I can get her to calm down and go put her in bed with her grandpa.  I wish you could hear her.  She is so loud and irritated with life right now.

After we made cookies, I collapsed for a nap with Kelsa and she actually slept for a few hours.  Then up to do the massive clean up of trays, and cookie making supplies. Then wiping down all the sticky counters, and getting all the flour and sprinkles off the surfaces and floor.  Schmills had a ball and made a terrific mess and loved every minute of it.

We will do church on line and I have 5 brother missionaries coming for dinner.  It is fast Sunday, which means we fast for two meals and don't eat until dinner time.  We usually try and feed them on fast Sunday as they are starving.  I am doing pork chops at their request.  Then will serve homemade applesauce, garlic mash potatoes with gravy, vegetables, a broccoli salad, and we will have ice cream and cookies for dessert.  I was happy to have all the ingredients in the fridge and freezer  and did not have to go to the store.  We will be gone a week so I am trying not to add anything to the fridge.

I ran out of milk and only have 1/2 pound of butter.  I can use canned milk for the potatoes, just have to get through three more days.  Then I can buy the things we need when we get back, like milk and eggs, butter.  I need to find a good butter sale.

Here is all the food out defrosting. I need to empty the dishwasher and put away all the cookie sheets and racks and then mop the floors. I do love to cook, but clean up not so much.  Kelsa is being a pill so I think I will go rescue my daughter. 

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath


Saturday, Making cookies!

upcoming Saturday:
I have six sister missionaries coming over to make cookies this afternoon. It is great as we can knock out so many in just a couple of hours.  We will be making these Kinzer cookies that are some of my favorite. I also make these at Christmas.

I also did up a batch of Swedish sour cream sugar cookies, that we will frost.  I will have two rolling, and once we get going, it goes by pretty fast.

I am happy to say that I have everything here so did not have to go to the store. I even had valentine napkins,and doily's (good old mom).  She had so much of this kind of thing and I will eventually get it used up.

Daughter took Kelsa into the doc this morning for a check up and she weighed 11.8 at her 5 month mark.  She had three shots and by the end she took a couple of swings at the nurse and clocked her.  I guess she will be able to take care of herself when she gets older. Daughter said it was pretty funny.

D#2 is bringing the kids over tomorrow as she is having her dog groomed by the lady down the street that did Rosco.  Schmills is excited to make cookies with grandma.  I want to have a few cookies ready to frost when the girls get here. Schmills can make his own mess. 

Late Friday:

Thanks for all the ideas on meatloaf.  Which I did not make by the way.  Good intentions, but I really putzed around and cleaned house all day.  I even got my shop really cleaned up and it looks so nice.  I made up both batches of cookie dough and they are in the fridge.  Then I pulled out all the deco supplies and made sure I have sprinkles, food coloring, etc.

I am anxiuos to try meatloaf with horseradish in it, and another with green pepper, another way I have never tried it.  Got some great ideas for variety. But by the time dinner rolled around I went and got a pizza with a coupon which surprised hubs.  But I was just very tired.  So meatloaf another day.

I am really beat and seem to tire easily.  I am sure it is the weather and the lockdown just making me blah.  But I get to make cookies and then take them to people.  I also ran a diet coke over to a lady in our church who lost her husband about a month ago.  This is the second time I have gone and purchased two large diets at MC d's and ran over there and we just sat and visited.  She is lonely and trying to down size her husbands things. I also picked up two gift cards to local eateries for a woman in our church who is having a double mastectomy due to carrying the brac 2 gene.  She is in her late 30's and has three kids at home.  

I was able to line up two weeks of meals for her.  It was a little tricky as we can't take in homemade food as part of compassionate service right now in the state of Washington, where 1/2 our congregation lives.  So it had to be gift cards or store bought meals.  I have never purchased bags of chicken nuggets or things of that nature. So asking people to provide those things was just weird. But all said I was able to get meals provided for her the 12th- 25th of this month and then we will see how she is doing.

No more money came in today😟 but I have a few pending for tomorrow.

Do you make Valentine cookies?  If you do what kind?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, February 5, 2021

Friday, Trying to reach a goal


I had an appointment with my specialist today and my blood work was good.  No changes in meds.  I asked him about a COVID shot and as he has been out of the country for 6 weeks he was behind on all that had been going down.  But he did say he was meeting with the powers that be to advocate for shots for his patients.  I told him I expected to come in today and get a shot. He was discouraged with the political atmosphere around the virus and the vaccine role out.  He said it had caused so many problems for the health care system. I made it very clear to him I was counting on him to advocate for all of us.  That was his job.  He needed to get on his boxing gloves and get into the fight.  He laughed at me but I think I scared him a little.

I am pretty darn proud of myself, as I now have $380.00 toward the $500.00 I need for Auntie.  I have sold many small things through facebook market place.  However on the downside much of the money that has come in has been in $5 dollar bills and then I have to save them.  Drat!  Hopefully more sewing will be picked up tomorrow and I will sell a few more items to reach my goal.  The less I have to take out of the checking account, leaves more money for my big bill payoff.

I am going to really clean my house today including the shop. Sissie will be so proud of me. Then I have a few piles of sewing and I will start on another wedding dress. The shop is a real mess right now and needs love. I also need to bay the monthly bills. Water, utilities, internet,phone, the rest are already paid or come out automatically.  Our heat bill and electric was $144.00 which is almost 1/2 of our old house and that is so nice.  Even the water bill was lower than it has ever been.  I will take it!

We ate the rest of the enchiladas for dinner and I think there is a little left for lunch tomorrow for hubs..  Now I have to go scare up something for dinner tomorrow.  I have lots of food so I just have to figure out what to cook. I know the missionaries requested pork chops again this Sunday, so I will avoid pork and we just had chicken..... so beef what? I might make a meat loaf.  I love meat loaf. Do any of you have a special recipe for meatloaf, or do you put in any unusual ingredients that make it extra tasty?

While I was at the specialists today, I saw two other ladies that were so crippled with arthritis.  One was in a wheel chair and could barely stand to be weighed.  I feel so  blessed that I have medications that work for me.  This is a rough disease that can really sap the life out of you if you let it get the upper hand.  I was older than both the women I saw and it shocked me. I often ask myself why I am so lucky?

Have a great and productive day saying positive while you are in the negative.




Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Thursday, freezer meal, Thrift Thursday

 I  made chicken enchiladas and this is one of the freezer meals I make on a regular basis. I was asked by and couple of you to show how I do freezer meals.  I really don't measure many of my ingredients, especially the cheese.

you will need for one 9by12 pan of enchiladas 

10 tortillas small size

6 chicken thighs or two breasts or a mixture

1 can of cream soup

1 small can of green chilies

one onion and oil to fry it in

1 cup of milk divided

                                                                Mild cheddar  and Mozzarella cheese shredded

Dice and cook onion in a small amount of oil

while this is cooking bone your chicken and cut into small cubes.

Mix 1/2 cup of milk one can of soup and one can of chilies, add your translucent onions.  I also added a little bit of sour cream just to use it up but don't normally do this.


 layer your cut up chicken, then a sprinkling of your cheeses, then a couple of tablespoons of your sauce mixture.

Roll and place seam side down in a greased pan, continue until all ten tortillas are squeezed into pan.

Now add a 1/2 cup milk to what is left of mixture and add a hand full of your two cheeses, stir and pour over your enchiladas and sprinkle with more cheese.

Bake at 350 for one hour.  If you want to freeze this cover with tinfoil and then wrap in plastic (all the way around) cook at 350 for 1.5 hours when taken out of freezer.  I also  will put these in disposable foil pans.

I always buy by cheese shredded when it is on sale for $4.99 a two pound bag.  Then I stock up and buy 6 bags of cheese and this will last until it comes on sale again.  I buy 2 of mild cheddar, two mozzarella, two of a Mexican mix. 

Cream soups are purchased at Christmas when it is about .79 a can and the chilies I pick up at Winco.  I do not salt as cheese is salty and so is the soup.

This freezes great, serve with a salad, salsa.

Thrifty Thursday

1. put $13.34 for the month of February in my save a penny can

2. saved all my change all week

3. saved all my $5.00 bills now have $265

4. saved my $1,$5,$10,$20 bill challenge

5. saved money in two of the envelopes in my 100 envelope challenge

6. started a grocery challenge for the month of February only bought fresh things at store total for week is $12.01

7. Found some chicken legs on sale at Winco for .48 could not pass that up even though I did not need chicken.  Bought two large packages and came home and froze with my seal a meal into 4 bags 10 legs each.

8. cooked all meals from scratch using what we had on hand

9. used up several bits and bobs from fridge so no waste

10. posted and sold several things on facebook market place.  Get rid of clutter and make a little money.

11.asked neighbor for Sunday coupon inserts to take advantage of sales at Riteaid and stock up on shampoos and rinses we are good for about a year now and I earned points!

12. took pictures of all my receipts for fetch

13. used a coupon at Joanns for a zipper and a yard of bridal fabric to do a lace up back on a Wedding dress.

 We had enchiladas for dinner and Hubs took the two left over brats for his lunch.  He also caught some fish today so we will have that for lunch tomorrow with a salad.

How are you doing on the no spend grocery challenge? As most grocer fliers come out on Wednesday's, did any of you go shopping?  I was pleased to only spend a little over $12.00 for the week and we have plenty of fresh things to get us through next Wednesday.

I now have $160.00 towards Aunties money and I will get more in tomorrow! 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Wednesday, Sewing and selling stuff!


Oliver is 6 months old and getting so big.  He has on a pair of his daddy's shoes that grandma saved.  Too cute. He has the chubbiest feet with a really high instep and you can't get his feet in shoes let alone tied. Our oldest was like that and we had to order buckle shoes from England until she was 5 to get dress shoes for her.

Kelsa is 5 months old but Schmills wanted to be part of the action.  She is giving him the "But this is my moment look." He is wearing the flower that is supposed to surround the month of the year as a hat.  What a nut.

I was able to get my sewing quota done today so I was happy about that. Dinner was brats with fried cabbage.  So good. I also cooked 6 chicken thighs and I am going to make enchiladas with them tomorrow.

Grocer adds come out today, but we will only buy fresh produce.  I will have to glue hubs arms to his side if he goes with me to the store.  But we need lettuce,carrots, celery,mushrooms,radishes, cucumbers. Hubs is feeling housebound and it is making him cranky.  He needs more to do. I have been reprieved, he is going fishing with a buddy today!

I listed several more things on facebook market place and I have sold a few items.  Tomorrow I have a few more people coming for things and one on Thursday.  SO far I have $50.00 toward my Aunt's $500.00 and with what I have sold so far (if people pick up) it will be another $55.00 to add and at this point every penny counts. Hopefully a few more items will sell and I do have a client or two picking up things tomorrow. I want to send my Aunts card out on Saturday the 7th. I don't want to use any money in the checking account, but we will see.

I was glad to hear from a lot more cheap faces out there, welcome to my club.  We should have t-shirts made.  Or we could all embroider pillows....hmmm

Another way people save money is by making their own cleaning products.  I know there are several recipe's out there for window washing solution and laundry soap.  SO far I have just stuck to the old tried and true I grew up with and the dollar store.  I find that for a dollar I can't beat that and my time is worth something.  I love pinesol and dilute that in a bottle for most of my cleaning. I do not make laundry detergent because the girls and hubs were allergic to almost everyone.  We use Tide, it is cheaper than the salve and meds we needs to clean up rashes.  But I do most washing in cold and hang a lot to dry. I find scouring powders at the dollar store also.  I just think they work better.  Although I know you can use salt,soda, vinegar.  But have you priced those lately?

Do you make you own cleaners?  IF you do what are they?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, February 1, 2021

Tuesday, Groundhog day

I could really use an early spring, how about you guys? 
I am sure I have told you this before, but as a little girl living in ND I truly believed in this old legend and it would make me quite sad when the prediction was not for an early spring.  It wasn't as bad when we moved to Montana , but I would still get a little blue.  I was a weird
I wanted to take a picture of the delicious salads I made with leftover shrimp from Sunday's dinner and guess what?  I ate mine before I took a picture so you get the scrap mess.  Kind of me...why thank you,thank you very much.

Here is the making of dinner, there is enough ground beef and beans for lunch tomorrow.  I wanted to use up these corn tortillas that were in the fridge.  There are  many odds and ends in the fridge that need to be used up.

I pulled out some frozen chicken and brats from the freezer.  Have no idea how I am going to cook them up or which I will do tomorrow.  I will get creative.

D#2 and I took a long walk and my hips are barking, we did not realize it, but we went 6.5 miles, a little longer than we thought.

After getting up and bathing and attending to clients, I filled my saving envelopes.  Scary, but I have $16.00 in cash right now and I don't want to use any money in the checking account.  This is my start of Aunties money $16.00 wow I need magic.

I have a few piles of sewing to get done and a wedding dress to finish today.  I am praying more piles come into the shop, that I can turn around quickly.  Just saving money on the groceries is not going to do it.  Maybe listing a few more things on the market place?  I must get creative.  

I heard a really good tip today on a vlog.  This woman got on her mortgage carrier web sight every night and added something to the principle.  Most nights it was just a dollar, but it was a dollar she would never have to pay interest on again.  Isn't that clever?  If you have debt that is such a great way to look at the money you are paying toward it. Loved that tip it really struck a note with me.

I am surprised by the vloggers I listen to who admit they have wasted major money on make-up.  That is not something I have ever spent money on.  I mean I would always buy inexpensive makeup.  Never at the beauty counter, always at the drug store. Now most of it comes form (Sluggy) or my girls.  They buy stuff and don't want it so I use it up.  I always felt that no matter how much makeup I used or how much I spent it would not really make that big of a difference.

I know that at my age I need to use a good moisturizer on my face, but daughter took care of that at Christmas. I have enough lotions that I have received as gifts to not have to buy any for at least a year and then I will receive more gifts. Works for me.

DO any of you find yourself wasting money on lotions and potions?  OR have you been guilty in the past?  Just curious, as it seems to be a common problem, just not one I have had.  We have whole stores just devoted to lotions and makeup and very expensive makeup, someone has to keep these things open.  Am I missing something?  My sister in law told me once that I had a cheap face after I chided her for spending so much money on an eye shadow. Do you have a cheap face? Just asking for a friend.

I do know there was something called the lipstick paradox.  That during really lean times in the American economy the sales of lipsticks went way up.  When women could not afford to buy new clothes, shoes and things they would shop and then buy a lipstick.  It was something they could afford. I would shop and then buy a cinnamon roll to heck with the lip stick.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.