Monday, February 22, 2021

Tuesday, Making better now works!


  I think, in fact I know that covid has really cut into my productivity.Not that being productive is everything, but it is certainly important when you have bills to pay and goals to reach.  

This strange time has affected all of us in so many ways. The isolation we have all felt at many times has been hard to endure.  I know for me it has lulled me into a kind of passive slumber.  My business is down, we can't see people, we don't go out, we don't have friends over.  It is so easy to look at all the negative things this crisis has brought on all of us.

However for me is has also brought some good things.  I have learned to really appreciate my children.  In my loneliness, I have come to understand my in laws better.  As you age and your life becomes slower you can become more lonely and isolated.  This is how many of the elderly feel all the time.  This has caused me to reach out more, to do more. 

I have learned to really like living a little slower life.  Yes, I do miss hectic, but not as much as I did at the beginning. I like getting up late and reading the paper and playing on my phone for a while.  I like going to get a soda with my husband and taking the long way home.

Even though I have just arrived home from a trip to see my girls, I was depressed and blue and ungrateful.  But today was so much better. I did what I could.  I enjoyed doing the things I did.  I was grateful that I had things to do.  I felt productive.  By doing, I fought off the anxiety I have been feeling, which has been some what over whelming at times.

I had 4 phone calls this morning before I even was up.  I returned all of those calls and they all came by today with work.  They were simple things, except for one wedding dress and even that was just a bustle so nothing extravagant. I did not fuss about the work I was just grateful. I talked to my twin sister, I went a visited my Lil sister.  I am grateful for them.  Schmills and Kelsa were over while Daughter taught and I was grateful.

I filled my money envelopes with less then I wanted, but again I was happy I had that and not sitting around wising for more. I did today what I could do.  What I did made my life better.  People will pick up my work and I will make progress.  Every little thing we do to move forward makes our life better.  

Tomorrow I will continue to do what I have available.  There is work in the shop, I have another wedding dress fitting and another wedding dress to finish up.  There are many little projects to finish.  I have shirts to hem.  I have a pillow to fix.  I have a quilt to put a hanger on, and a small bag of alterations.  Will these things pay the bills I had set up to pay for the month?  No but it will help. I can do what I can now, I can do better.  It is so easy for me to dwell on the times and not move forward.

We can always do something.  Why did I forget this?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. You are doing great. We all need to be more grateful for what we have. Sometimes our GOALS have to wait a little longer, but that is OK. Not forgotten, just delayed.
    Have a beautiful day.

  2. I've made a list of daily tasks (calls to make, things to chase) & daily chores. Every day, I try to choose one thing from each list. It helps me feel like I'm using this strange time in our lives to make progress. Those are things I couldn't do if I was in the office, so I make the most of the time. I do get down on things (two weeks ago was really hard), but for me, like you, just moving forward & thinking of things I can do to control some aspect of my own life is helpful

    1. I know, sometimes it just feels like this is never going to end. I know it will but in the mean time....

  3. Making a list of things to do helps me keep things done. Like you said there is always something to do. I know that is true for me as well.

  4. A list helps me know where I am going and where I have been.

    1. Some times I go back on my list and write brush teeth just so I have something to cross off!

  5. I don’t know much about it but I wonder have you checked into the PPU government program? I think you can still apply for the the first round. I think self employed people can apply and use the previous years income as showing income loss due to Covid. Some money then a grant/not have to pay back as you’re probably not able to collect unemployment (or are you? It’s how your business is set up or taxed ...). I would think your lawyer daughter would know.