Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday, Happy Holloween

     The dancers have an event in downtown Lewiston today.  It is rainy and awful so don't know how successful we will be.  I hate spending yet another day down there, but I love how excited the kids are when they get their makeup and costumes on.  The city will close off the streets and kids will trick or treat the businesses including mine.

     I did get sewing done yesterday finally.  Mom will be gone for a week starting tomorrow so I will be able to see how things go while she is gone.  She is ironing my pillow cases right now.  He He, this is where I got the ironing bug.

     I am starting to make lists of  house projects.  Even hub's admitted that we have neglected this place for the last several years.  We worked really hard on fixing it up the first few years we were in it and then everything kind of froze.  Medical bills, my health, braces on teeth( hold it sissie paid for those)  okay surgery on teeth.  School expenses for the kids Weddings :).  You name it something always was there to take the money. Other than have to improvements like the sewer collapse, we have not painted a wall or replaced a rug upstairs in  the living are or kitchen in over 15 years and I am afraid it really shows.

     You just don't look at those things or at least I don't.  We have 6 doors that need replacing and we need new handicap handles installed.  The house is just dated and old.  This does not bother me.  I am dated and old.  I have never insisted on everything new and perfect.  Well let's be realistic I have never been able to insist on new and I actually like old things.  This is why I love Sluggy.

     With hubs retiring soon I am making a list of the things I feel that he can do with out hurting himself.  If he can't conquer them we will pay for them.  A couple of items at a time until these things are all done.  That way when we go to sell the house it is ready.

     I could be several years or maybe never, at least I will have doors that have not been chewed on by a dog.  How about floors without holes.  Or better yet furniture that is not worn through to the cushions.  A kitchen with more than 3 drawers.  A dishwasher built into the wall, or a dishwasher period.  Maybe counter tops that are not worn through and disintegrating.

     The house was built in 1952 I think and it still has the original kitchen and most of the fixtures.  Let's see I was built in 1958 and still have most of mine, they are just bigger and a little softer maybe drooping.  I was talking about my eyelids you guys.  Disgusting and I call you my friends......

Well I am off to the races!  Say a prayer.

Have a great and productive day!  Mine will be wet but productive.



Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday, Where did yesterday go?

     How can time move so fast?  Yesterday was a blur.  Mom was not her best, I was achy and off my feed.  Hub's and I got some disastrous insurance news.  We spent some time at the SS office this morning getting him signed up as of today.  We have to meet again with someone in December.  Our meeting yesterday left us with worst case scenario of my insurance costing upwards to 1000.00 out of pocket until I am 65.  But now we are looking at other possible options.  It is all so confusing and scary.  You work and save all your life and then have 1/3 of your income taken for medical.

     I got no sewing done yesterday.  We did get mom 's room spider sprayed.  I also was able to get her a ticket to get to my younger  sister's for Thanksgiving and when she gets back I will get her one to go to my twin's house for Christmas. I am taking her on Sunday about 4 hours round trip to meet a friend from Missoula where she will spend the week and then I will drive another 4 hour round trip to bring her back.  She is excited.  Getting her ready to go is an adventure in and of itself.  I want her to feel that I am willing to get her places and let her visit so she does not feel cramped here all the time.  It also gives Hub's and I some time to connect and do things.

     I simply have to get bills paid today and get some sewing done.  I am due at the studio at 4. 

I will get something done today, I swear.

Have a great and productive day!



Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday, headache, mom sick, behind already:(

     I cannot work in the yard this morning as it is rainy and cold.  I am cold.  I was feverish last night and this morning I have a headache.  I hope it goes away with Excedrin.  Mom is throwing up again and has not done that for weeks.  I have a meeting with Hub's insurance coordinator at 2:30 I forgot about, so I have cancelled a meeting with booster Pres and ballet mistress so I can attend to a few more things here before I tie up my whole day without a break until 7:30.  Just too much on the plate today.

     I still have not paid bills although I did get the desk cleaned off and that was no easy chore.  I need to take mom out to get Spider spray for her room.  The little critters are every where.  The house needs love.  It is funny when I spend an hour or two out in the yard I don't do my regular house stuff and then in a few days it is obvious.  Why can't garbage cans reline themselves?  Why can't baskets of clothes put themselves away?  Why is there still Wedding crap all over my shop?  Why? Why?  I really have to put this stuff away myself?  I was just hoping if I left it there it would disappear on its own.  I am such a dreamer.

     There is a pile of sewing to do and I need to make a few phone calls for sewing.  blah!

     Okay I am just sitting here in a daze and I need to be productive, but I am waiting for Excedrin to take affect.

     On my mark, get set, go!  Splat!  still sitting aghkrahgoip head hitting keyboard.  Okay this is ridiculous someone needs to come here and kick my butt, don't worry my mother will be on my case in few moments.  Nothing like living with a slave driver to make you get motivated. 

Do you guys suppose that my mom is taking up more of my time than I thought she would because I feel a little behind and fractured?  I guess I just thought I would be caught up in a few days and it is not happening.

Frustrates me.


Have a great and productive day.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday, Special kind of Stupid!

  Go read Sluggy's blog because I laughed out loud all the way through it.  I forget to eat all the time.  Now I don't look like I forgot to eat, but I am a night eater.  Sounds like some kind of a monster.

     I bounced out of bed yesterday and went out in the sunshine to the very messy garden.  I really let it go way too far out there.  I pulled and bagged 5 large bags of weeds and then I stopped and went inside.  I helped mom get ready for her lunch date and while she was gone tried to catch up on the laundry.  She has been doing a few pieces of ironing everyday to work through my massive pile.

     I also cleaned out my closet and pulled two garbage bags of clothes and things out of our closet and I will take these to good will today when I do errands.  I moved all of my summer clothes into another closet and actually straightened my shoes.  The straightened shoes will last about 2 days I think.

     I started to help mom get all her things transferred downstairs.  I still have a ways to go.  I did a little sewing but did nothing with the bills and I have to get there before I go to bed tonight.

     Today I was out in the garden and the weeds are just beyond, beyond.  I don't know how long it will take me to clean that mess up.  I am just going to try to do a little every day.  It was cold and wetter today making it more difficult.  I spent a good hour cutting back the wisteria and pulling a kind of weed I have not seen before.  It has running roots so it was awful.  I am going to have to go out there with a spade and dig  up many roots.  Why did I let it get so bad?  Because I was doing Weddings, not weedings.  Sorry I am just not as funny as Sluggy.

     Mom said my yard was shameful and she is right.  I just only have so many hours of the day and I need my harlequin romance time and my bon bon eating time.  So what is a girl to do?

     Hub's and I went out last night to get new wiper blades for the car and also bought fruit and soda.  I stumbled upon a meat sale.  Albertsons was cleaning out the meat case and their most expensive ground beef was marked down in large packages to 2.49 a lb.  So of course I bought it all.  They also had chicken breasts without bones, 2 large packages for .99,  Stocked up on the cheap.  I love that.

     Well I am going to transfer the laundry and try to make sense of my desk.  Pray for me.

 Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday, the sun is shining on me

     I was a lazy daisy yesterday, I just taught dance and ran a few errands.  I really did nothing important, it was great.  Woke up this morning full of energy to burn.  There are so many places to burn it around here I have to choose.

     I think getting the wedding things put away and catching up on the laundry and bills should be the first things I do.  My desk is a disaster and bills are stacked up to pay, I just paid the important ones where I would get a late charge.

     Mom has a lunch date today with a new friend, so that is exciting for her.  I need to call the photographer for a new picture for the Nutcracker poster.  Also get the commercial revamped.  So there are things to do.  There is a huge pile of alterations waiting for me.  Waiting patiently I might add.

     Mom started to boil a chicken for chicken salad yesterday and forgot about it and the whole house smells like burned chicken.  Thank goodness for smoke detectors.  She was mortified, but Hub's is famous for boiling dry pans.  Anyone that can turn out the beautiful desserts she did for the wedding is to be trusted in the kitchen.  She is afraid we will think she is balmy.  Well I told her I have thought she was balmy for years so not to worry.

     So what should I do first today?  Hmmmm.... get dressed?   I know I will call my Sissie!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, back to abbynormal:)

     The Wedding went off without a hitch except for the couple who by the way were already hitched by a judge in July.  It was beautiful and everything the bride and groom wanted.  They were thrilled so I was thrilled.  Now we get to recover.

     I will have pictures in a couple of weeks and will post them.  In the mean time I am going to recover from Weddingitis.  I have been on a Wedding roll since last June.  Non stop weddings and I am thoroughly sick of them.

     We arrived home last night about 5:30 and it took 2 hours to unload and put some things away and unpack.  I still have plenty to do in that line of work.  My shop and the kitchen are full of things that need to find homes.

     I slept until 9:15 this morning which is late for me but I needed it.  The hotel we stayed in the last two nights was very accommodating and very comfortable.  I was in low heels for about 7 hours on Saturday and the bones in my right foot which have screws in them was very sore.  In fact it kept me up much of Saturday night throbbing and I limped most of yesterday.  Today it is somewhat better.

      I am pretty sure my cell phone is in Hub's car.  I had phone calls all the time I was driving home but cannot find it here.  So frustrating as I am sure many people are trying to get a hold of me.  Oh well maybe this is gods way of saying I need another day off.  Not that I won't be working, I just won't be answering the phone and adding to my work.

     Had to break and take Mom to the doctor.  Three hours later after the wait and the blood work she has met her new physician.  Hub's was complaining about how slow she moves and I told him that I have felt that way about him my whole life. Watching him get out of a car is an aggravation for me as he moves so slow, so he needed to buck up. I am freezing to death that clinic was so cold.  The weather is also changing so I have to get used to colder weather again.

    Mom slept downstairs for the first time last night and I think she will be moving down permanently.  She is such a stasher and junker.  No surface can be clean.  She just has to have 25 things on the counters. But I will slowly wean her of she will retain me. 

     I can't wait to get started on yard work and some household reorganization.  I really need to go through my summer clothes and get them culled and moved to another closet.  Need to go through shoes and give away a few pair.  But I just plan on getting a few things done everyday.

     I just wish I could have my Sissie here for a few weeks.  She would whip me into shape.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday evening....

     Well we have done what we can and I am taking a deep breath.  We load up tomorrow and off we go.  That is how I start of my Irish dancers.  "And off we go!"  I haven't been able to get to class all week and I miss the little buggers.

     Mom's piano is finally fixed so we can send in the claim to the moving company next week.  I need to buy a new iron and a new sewing machine.  Mom needs to go to the doctor and we both have to go to the dentist.  I think I am going to have to call and exterminator, the spiders are out of control again.   I can't wait to get into my yard it is such a mess.

     I have been paying for this wedding as I go.  I will have a few more things to buy when we get up to the venue.  Hotel will have to go on a charge card as they will not take a check or cash.  I will pay the pianist and believe it or not a seamstress if anything else needs altered.  I have one lined up.  Sister-in -laws are coming with Wedding things from the business and decorators.

     I am very tired, but hope with lot's of help to be some what refreshed for the Wedding.  One of my dancer's that went on professionally retired and became a hairdresser.  He is coming in from Seattle with his partner hope he can make me look human.

     I am at that point that I just want this over.  I get this way when I do a major show or production, I just want it over.

     Let's see,  Hmmm........

One wedding dress
one under slip
one veil
one ring bearer pillow
one garter
2 pairs of little boy short pants with suspenders
5 fur flower girl capes and french berets
altered my dress
altered mom's outfit
hemmed 5 pairs of suit pants
altered sleeves on one jacket
made two little boy bow ties.
altered waist in two pairs of trousers.
pressed and steamed I don't know how many dresses and articles
We made all of our own food.

two large smoked salmon (Hubs did the brining and smoking)
veggie trays with dip
cheese and cracker trays
lefsa with fillings
The above will be served with beverages in a tent outside immediately after the ceremony. 

Menu for sit down dinner
Swedish meatballs
new potatoes in butter sauce( from our garden)
Green beans almondine
green salad
croissants (purchased)
Lefsa ( we made this three weeks ago and froze)
Sugar maple leaves
Kranskakke with marzipan fruit
The small wedding cake and grooms cake are to be made by one of my professional dancers at no charge.
The video man is free  ( he is reading this now and hopefully smiling)
The flowers are being done by me.(I picked many from our yard and stole a lot from the neighborhood purchased the rest wholesale)
The photographer is free as I did her Wedding in July.
Our good friend is doing the Ceremony
Most decorations will come from sister-in-laws Wedding business.
All displays of pumpkins and flowers came from our garden.
We borrowed the bridal runner, and lights from the last wedding I did in September
We are using the tables and chairs at the grange hall
women from the church are coming to serve
the caterer that I put in charge of the food I did a trade with so no charge.
Dj is free as I did his Wedding in July.

We had to pay for the hall and of course the music is again the most expensive thing just like it was for daughter #1's Wedding.  But music is important to us and we will pay for the best professionals we can get in the area.

I have to do all the centerpieces, 5 corsages, 6 bouquets, 3 small baskets, one bridal arch, 9 boutonnieres, and any fill in's at the hall for display. when I get to the venue.  I think it will be great!

I am going to bed.



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday, what happened to yesterday's post?

What happened to yesterday's post?  Well I started and then the clock repair man came with the final pane of glass and mom woke up and grandson needed me, and I had 4 baskets of laundry to put away.  The wedding caught my attention and the rest is history.
     I am making progress however I have now torn the two very thick large calluses off my right hand pointer and middle fingers.  These are the ones I use to bead and embroider. I know, I know wear a thimble.  I can't breathe when I wear a thimble.  Both my mother and grandmother thought I was nuts but it is true.  I just start to hold my breathe the minute you put a thimble on me.  Daughter will have to finish bead work.

     Swedish cookies are done, we have mints to make and a Kranskakke  (Wedding Cake), but daughter will also do those.  I have one bridesmaid dress to  finish making.  It is cut out and started.  The maid is coming down this afternoon so I need to have it done before she gets here.

    Daughter reading over my shoulder and says, " I want you to write Thank God for daughter."  Okay Thank you God for daughter.

     Yes Misty I will post pictures.  I did run get my nails done yesterday afternoon.  I have to run in and teach tonight for a couple of hours, other than that I have not taught this week.

     So it is off to the shop I go to finish a few projects, we are all getting our hair done this afternoon.  It is getting closer and I am in a state of dread, but more relatives that have each had 6 daughters and yes I have done every single one of their weddings are coming tomorrow as reinforcements.  I can delegate out the troops.

Pray for me.

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday, I am neglecting all of you...

     Sorry it is Wedding week and that means things are even more crazy here than usual.  Eldest daughter is here along with her husband and my grandson who keeps us hopping.  Mom and I ran up to Spokane on Saturday to do the final wedding dress fitting.  Today will be sewing and cooking and sewing and cooking.  There is much to do and I am a little fractured but I am trying to delegate as much as I can. 

     The house is full and my daughter has thrown away the area rugs that I have had for 15 years.  She and her husband are famous for coming into the house and dismantling an item, such as a 25 year old stove and then replacing said stove.  Hub's and I are terrible about replacing things.  We always have a reason why, our reason on the rugs is we were waiting for the animals to die.  It is easy for them as they started out in married life making over 6 figures and always have.  They also pay cash for cars so they are smart financially that is why when they say something is going we don't argue.  Hub's will say but we just got those 17 years ago why do we need new?

     Well grandson wants to go collect eggs, and the men are here to blow out the sprinklers.  Gotta run sorry.

Have a great and productive day!

Weddings are expensive.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday, already? Thursday? ALREADY?

     Took Excedrin when I got up yesterday and before I left for the studio.  The headache abated some but never went away.   Just this dull throb like my eyes would pop out.  I ate nothing until after 7 just too nauseated.  I was able to get another bridesmaid cut out and another done.  So three done 2 to go.  All the flower girl crap is pressed and hanging.  I also cut out wedding dress and all the lace motives that will go on the dress.  Mom made all the rest of the rosettes.

     Today I have to shorten pants, let pants out, shorten sleeves for grooms men and continue on wedding dress.  I am going to run out and order flowers this morning and pay house and sewer bill.  A few other bills, then back too the grind stone.

     I can do this.  Say a prayer.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, yesterday was a bust and a confession.

     I did not get done anything I wanted on my list and the panic is setting in.  Mom however was  able to get 1/2 of the rosettes done, make dinner, and get a delicious Kristin apple cake made for the booster meeting.

     Mom will finish the rosettes today.  She is like a woman on fire.  I will twiddle my thumbs in my shop I think.

     Meeting went well last night.  Now if we just get some action it will have gone great.  I have terrific parents and I love them to death.

     I did get the last of the measurements for dresses and the flower girl dresses tried on for alterations.  Other than that I just got shop sewing done.  I need to finish so I can just concentrate on the Wedding.  It is so frustrating.

     I went to my specialist appointment on Friday and I must say that this medication I am on now is the best I have ever felt.  I can truly say I have been in remission for about a year.  However, there is always a however,  I have been very tired this last 2 months or so.  But then again look at my schedule and what I have been through with mom.  I should be tired.  The doctor ordered blood work.  He asked me about night sweats and they have been really bad lately also about bloody noses and yes I have had a couple for no reason and I never have nose bleeds. He feels that the disease is active again.  I am very good at ignoring and explaining  away symptoms.  I always have been, but I have to be honest and say that I know things are changing.  It is scary.

     So we have doubled the meds I am on to see if this will drop the SED rates.  The only problem is that the meds have side affects and those are frustrating at any time let alone when I am so busy.  Say a prayer for me.  I really don't feel too bad.  I did wake up soaking wet with a horrible headache this morning, but have taken some Excedrin and drank a diet coke so feeling a little better.

I have a girlfriend coming today to help me. I wish my Sissie were here.

I am heading for the shop to get something done, even if it kills me and it just might:)

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday, things off the list!

     I or I should say we just keep plugging along ticking things off the list. I was able to get another bridesmaid dress done yesterday, but then had to rip one apart again to alter.  So my goal today is to put the one I ripped out back together and finish.  I will also cut out another and get it to finish point before I leave for the studio.  I need to finish altering 2 more bridesmaid dresses for another wedding they are due out at about 1:30 today.  I am refusing all work except for easy pant hemming.  13 pairs came in yesterday, okay I said easy but did I have to get 13 pair?  Fate I tell you is laughing at me.

     Mom finished the meatballs and they are in the freezer. She is going to start the rosettes today.  I also told her to make a treat for my booster meeting tonight.  That should keep her busy.

     Last night after dance I took d#2 up to Moscow to pick up d#3's car so she could take herself back to Spokane.  Daughter #3 can walk to campus for a few days and it solved logistic problems of getting the bodies down here for dress fittings.  Then grandma and I went to Winco to by college girl or d#3 some groceries.  She will graduate in December and I can hardly wait.  Just the thought that I have all three through college is a dream come true.  Then mom and I came home and planned our day today.  Of course we have over planned but what is life for anyway?

     Now dam*&t I have to get to work.  Yesterday I called my Sissie just because I needed to hear her voice.  Sometimes when things get totally out of control or I am feeling very overwhelmed just the sound of her voice can calm me down.  Is it a twin thing?  She will say," just breath Sissie".  I will feel better.  She is with me in spirit.

     Well I am off to the races again, let's see which horse I can pass today......

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday, the board is in play....

     My oh my will I survive this wedding/ceremony thingy?  We have been a hard working household I tell you.  The house is about back to what will be called normal.  Mom still has her stuff strewn all over the house and the formal front room is a mess, but I can live with it for now.  Last week I took 3 loads to the dump and recycling and 1.5 loads back to her storage unit.  Hub's had not seen the storage unit and when he did he just shook his head and laughed.  We can park in the garage and we can move about the house now with out too much effort.  The things that are not taken care of will be after the Wedding.

     I still need a plumber to come out and he will be here sometime this week.  We still have a piano man coming to fix more on the piano this week.  Mom needs doctor appointments set up and dentist and eye surgeon.  One of these will require leaving town.   She seems to be adjusting nicely so far.  She has the whole house torn up so that makes her happy.

     I need to sit down and pay bills tonight or tomorrow.  Right now I need to get my head above water on my shop.  I have 4 bridesmaid dresses to get out this week and I am taking in no additional hard sewing.  So far for the wedding I have completed the fallowing

1. ordered white French cuff shirts for men  ( not in yet)
2 ordered grey trousers for men  ( not in yet)
3. ordered bow ties and suspenders for men  (two sets are in) ( have to trace the others)
4. ordered ties for fathers and groom( not in yet)
5. ordered 2 flower girl dresses (they are in and one must be altered)
6. bought 3 little baby dresses for goslings( cheap at K-mart these can be worn again and my time is worth money)
7. Made 5 small fur capes for goslings with berets, for outdoor pictures.
8. purchased off white tights for all little girls.
9. Made two of the 5 dresses, have another cut out
10.  Have lining done for Brides dress.  Had to make up pattern from a designer picture.  Now that the limning fits perfectly I will take it apart and cut out actual satin.
11. Purchased, Hub's an new suit and groom a new suit and shirts.  These must be altered.
12.  Made all the lefsa and froze it for the reception.
13. Mom has all the krumkake done and put away for the reception
14. Mom is currently working on the meat balls which will be frozen, she has them 1/2 done.

There is still so much to do.  We are doing everything ourselves or calling in favors. Or trading out as much as we can. I am cheap or very frugal when it comes to this kind of thing.  I want people to be able to wear thing again, so I will not rent tuxes.  Dresses are beautiful but can be worn to church or special occasion.  I am making everything I can unless it can be purchased less expensive than my time.

Mom is making all the Swedish treats, and she is busy, busy working herself to death.  She is loving every minute of it let me tell you. Many more posts about this crazy woman's work ethic.  I know what you are thinking.

Have a great and productive day.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday, ??????

     Well trying to make progress and maybe I am.  I have friends trying to direct me and that is so nice.  They give me the push I need to get going and get things done.  Hub's can park in the garage and I am slowly getting things put where they belong.  Actually I am working myself to death but toward an end so that is nice.  I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel but I know it is there.

     Mom's clock is up and fixed and new glass ordered.  A plumber is coming next week to finish shower.  I will have her TV set up and working this evening.  We bought her a box to stream NET FLIX and a new universal remote.  She seems to be adapting.

     There are still boxes all over and things that need to be transferred to the storage, but it is getting better.  My last Wedding dress went out last night and I am taking in no new work.  I have actually turned down 3 jobs already.  You all should be proud of me.

     I can do hard things.

Have a great and productive day.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wedneesday, where did yesterday go?

     I was so frustrated with Monday I did not post Tuesday.  Chaos is reigning and I cannot get ahead of myself.  Too many changes too quickly and I have to say I am overwhelmed.  Mom seems to be fine so far I am the one breaking down.  Of course she does not have 2 businesses to run. 

     So far mom has made dinner for Hub's as long as I tell her what to make so that will be a nice routine if it continues.  There are constant calls for help, once she learns the layout of the kitchen it will be better.

     Right now her things are all over the house.  She has the upstairs guest room and bath and the downstairs guest room and bath and she is using both just as I thought she would.  Hub's asked here where she was staying and she said all over. 

     I think I have tweaked the front room enough to keep her table and clock in there.  The piano man was here for 3 hours yesterday and will come back today.  I found the weights for the Grandfather clock but will have to call and clock repair man to get it fixed.  That is a job for another day.

     The carpet cleaners will be here this morning to clean the down stairs carpets and then we will have the wet dog smell for about three days.There is just lists and lists of things to do.  I can do really well in chaos for a time like a few days during a show.  But this has gone on too long.  When everything is so torn up I melt down and become very ADD.  So the faster this process gets cleaned up the better I will be able to concentrate. 

     Monday I did take a huge load of garbage and packing and things to the dump.  I also took a load to good will.  Yesterday I made d#2 take some things with her and I loaded the truck with things to return to the storage.  Now the garage is full of broken down boxes which I hope to be able to get to the dump today.  I am going to finish steaming a bride dress and then I will concentrate on the garage.  Hub's would like to be able to park a car in there.  What a dream.

     Last night I had a cousin of hub's come over and hang moms TV.  She can now watch it from her bed or her easy chair.  He fixed her easy chair as it would not recline correctly.  He also put a spray shower head into her shower.  He replaced the shower head in the upstairs guest bath with a hand held shower and also fixed the toilet that has been running. He was not able to replace the handle on the downstairs shower and we are going to have to call a plumber for that, but I am grateful he was able to do all the other job's Hub's either can't or won't do.

     There is just so much to get done and the wedding is a few weeks away.  D#2 and I were able to get the grooms men's things ordered, with great coupon savings.  We also ordered the flower girl things and I usually make them but time in money for me right now.  I am also no longer accepting any hard work into the shop.  I will hem a pair of pants but that is it until this wedding is over.  The problem is I have many harder things that need to be done and it is Wednesday.  We will spend Friday in Spokane with appointments so that is another day lost.  Okay must stop thinking or I will start to panic.

     I will just be thankful that I am making progress.  I think....

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday, home to rest, what a joke!

     Well mom and I pulled into town last night about 8, we had dropped the girls off at the airport in the early morning.  We stayed at a hotel right  across from the airport that had a shuttle, but they each had so much luggage as they were taking mementos from moms that I took them over at 5 in the morning rather than pack and unpack the car 4 times.  I went back to the hotel and went back to bed.  Mom and D#2 were still asleep.  We slept until 9 and then went back to D#2's house about 45 minutes away.  I was able to complete a bridesmaid dress for her room mate.  I have to put a hook and eye on it and finish the hem. Then mom and I set off for Lewiston.

     The house is a disaster again and there is so much stuff to put away.  I need to do 2 dump runs.  The truck right now is full of garbage. I will run it out tomorrow morning.  Then I must break down I don't know how many boxes and take to the recycling.  We have several boxes of things that need to go back up to the storage unit, and I cannot find the box with dad's top hat in it.  In Sweden you are given a silk top hat with a solid gold emblem of your science on the front instead of a mortar board.  I have found his white leather gloves his wire bifocals and his white silk scarf, but the hat remains elusive, it was all together in a display case.  So mom is frustrated about that.  I know I will find it.  Just not Today!

     Our formal front room is so full of furniture you can hardly move and I need to do a major rearrange, but no time now.  I will just have to do a little every day.  Today mom and I went to two grocery stores one to shop and one to pick up prescriptions. Staples for a new computer mouse and we mailed a package to my sister of things she did not pack.  So those have to's are off the very long list of things we have to do.

    Mom's piano was damaged in the move and so was the grandfather clock.  I really do not believe in taking out 0 deductible insurance unless it is for a move.  We can now call and have these items fixed at no cost to us and it was well worth the premium.  Now just to get that done.  Ugh!  The piano cannot be played.  So frustrating for all of us.  Joel and I usually play at least a couple of hours a week and mom every day.
     I am so behind on this wedding. I am very upset about it.  But will plug along as I have no other choice.

Have to run just wanted every one to know I was alive and I will read and comment later to all of you.

Have a great and productive day.

By the way as this is a personal finance blog, note that I paid off the car.  Drum roll please! I am very close to passing Sarah, so she had better get busy.  If I know Sarah she will be out selling something on the street to stay ahead of me.  Sarah just don't get arrested......


Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday, trying to stay on top:()()

     So grateful for a patient husband and two great sisters.  This has frankly been a hell of a lot of work and it isn't' going to get any easier today or for the next few weeks.  Today the mover come about noon.  I have someone coming to install handicap bath things and a toilet.  I have someone coming to install a flat screen TV to wall .  We have to meet movers and make trips to storage and to the house with baby grand piano and grandfather clock, and antique table, and mom's china hutches and secretary unit.  We still have boxes all over the place and everything 1/2 finished.  What a mess.  This is our last day here and tomorrow we drive to Spokane to attend daughter's shower and then I put my sisters on a plane to their respective homes. 

     We have to get as much as possible done today, because then it is up to me!  Say a prayer.  I know I can do this but I am so very tired and some what overwhelmed.

     I have the song "I will survive "playing around in my head.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday, I am home, for a couple days.

     We pulled into town laden with a truck full of who knows what?   The back seat of the truck is full to the brim and mom's car was stuffed full.  Twin sis and I drove my truck and my younger sister drove mom in the car.  It was a hell of a week let me tell you.  Lot's of laughs, some tears.  Mom is trying hard but I know this is killing her.  I am dreading my sister's leaving for fear that I will have to deal alone.  But this is what I wanted, I think.
     I left my house a complete sty on Friday morning last.  I was to meet my bride at 1 p.m. at Lutherhaven camp outside of Spokane which is a 2 hour drive.  When I got home from teaching I had a message to meet her at noon.  So I had to race around trying to get all the things done that needed to be done and I am sorry to say as busy as I was everything else I left things in quite a state.  Plus having Hubby on his own for 5 days is always interesting.

     I was able to get to Lutherhaven  by 12:30 , and when I got there I was greeted by the director and she said that the bridal party had not left Lewiston yet they were running behind by 2.5 hours.  So my stress was worth nothing.  I am used to this with brides, I was not the least upset.  I was able to meet the brides dad who is also my doctor.  He had a U-Haul full of decorations,  So I set up my sewing and helped him unload the trailer.  I was supposed to meet daughter in Spokane that afternoon to get her wedding organized, but when I realized it would take 1.1/4 hour to get to her and then have to come back I was wasting time, plus she had a call beep in while we were on o the phone, it was surgical team from a neighboring town that need her for an emergency dental surgery on a bike wreck victim.  She would not be able to meet me until her patient had come out from under anesthesia.

    So our day was blown in that respect.  I was able to get the two dresses finished in about 20 minutes as I just had to sew in zippers and I had  already basted them.  Dresses fit perfectly.  Helped set up chapel and took off for daughters.  We spent the night together I was able to get more planning done and get her wedding dress pattern ready.  Then I went to the wedding the next day and it was lovely.  Hub's met me and he also gave one of my dancers a ride up.  Lot's of food, treats and dancing.  D#2 and I drove home to her house, and Hub's and student went back to Lewiston.

     The next morning I was to spend the day with daughter and wedding things, but younger sister was melting down.  My twin sister had her flight cancelled so was late getting in and I was not coming until  late that night, but I dropped everything and drove the 3 hours to mom's.  Mom had created such a mess in her kitchen that young sis was horrified, by 8 that night all three of us knew we could get it done.

     Monday we boxed and taped and cleaned and by late Monday night were ready for the movers who were to arrive at 9 the next morning.  Sis and I stayed at a girlfriends house as my crazy brother knew we were in town.  We were also late getting to mom's because of exhaustion and we are inconsiderate wenches. Little sis very angry with us but that is normal family dynamics.  We showed up and started to give directions.
Little sis and Mom went to closing.  Mom was not gracious.  She had to pay back the $75,000 crazy brother had embezzled from estate, plus all the other closing costs.  Now she keeps saying she is homeless.

     We stayed the night in a hotel and had a great time laughing even got mom to join in the fun.  We are in the throws of unpacking and I am very tired.  I have so much to do and will just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Sister's are working like demons and it is shocking how much those two can get done in a short time.

     I have to go, will catch up with everyone later.

Have a great and productive day!