Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, back to abbynormal:)

     The Wedding went off without a hitch except for the couple who by the way were already hitched by a judge in July.  It was beautiful and everything the bride and groom wanted.  They were thrilled so I was thrilled.  Now we get to recover.

     I will have pictures in a couple of weeks and will post them.  In the mean time I am going to recover from Weddingitis.  I have been on a Wedding roll since last June.  Non stop weddings and I am thoroughly sick of them.

     We arrived home last night about 5:30 and it took 2 hours to unload and put some things away and unpack.  I still have plenty to do in that line of work.  My shop and the kitchen are full of things that need to find homes.

     I slept until 9:15 this morning which is late for me but I needed it.  The hotel we stayed in the last two nights was very accommodating and very comfortable.  I was in low heels for about 7 hours on Saturday and the bones in my right foot which have screws in them was very sore.  In fact it kept me up much of Saturday night throbbing and I limped most of yesterday.  Today it is somewhat better.

      I am pretty sure my cell phone is in Hub's car.  I had phone calls all the time I was driving home but cannot find it here.  So frustrating as I am sure many people are trying to get a hold of me.  Oh well maybe this is gods way of saying I need another day off.  Not that I won't be working, I just won't be answering the phone and adding to my work.

     Had to break and take Mom to the doctor.  Three hours later after the wait and the blood work she has met her new physician.  Hub's was complaining about how slow she moves and I told him that I have felt that way about him my whole life. Watching him get out of a car is an aggravation for me as he moves so slow, so he needed to buck up. I am freezing to death that clinic was so cold.  The weather is also changing so I have to get used to colder weather again.

    Mom slept downstairs for the first time last night and I think she will be moving down permanently.  She is such a stasher and junker.  No surface can be clean.  She just has to have 25 things on the counters. But I will slowly wean her of she will retain me. 

     I can't wait to get started on yard work and some household reorganization.  I really need to go through my summer clothes and get them culled and moved to another closet.  Need to go through shoes and give away a few pair.  But I just plan on getting a few things done everyday.

     I just wish I could have my Sissie here for a few weeks.  She would whip me into shape.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I am glad to was beautiful and you all survived!!!
    Me getting out of the car would aggravate you to no end as I am slow too.

    I still need to put the Summer wear away here. ugh. I am so far behind I am lapping myself. lolz

  2. So happy things went well and without any unexpected snafu. Wedding are wonderful but they do take on a life of their own.

    It is still warm enough here to be wearing shorts and flip flops but I am at least thinking about changing over my clothes. The temps are supposed to drop this weekend so I might as well go ahead and do it, but I am sure if I concentrate hard enough I can think of some reason to procrastinate.

  3. I say don't look for the phone for a few more days and give yourself a nice break! Your mom sounds like my sister - she has oodles and oodles of counter space but only about 6 square inches to work in because of all the stuff that keeps creeping in! Glad your weddingitis has come to an end finally!

  4. I get in and out of the car slowly as I can no longer bound out. I must hold to things and get my balance. Hurry with the wedding pictures. I don't care who is getting married, I will be in flats from now on.

  5. I think not finding the phone is a blessing and the excuse you needed to ease back into life! One more day to recover from weddingitis... Happy all went well!

  6. OK, you can't find your phone, so I won't take it personally that you didn't reply to any of my funny text messages. : )