Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday, Happy Holloween

     The dancers have an event in downtown Lewiston today.  It is rainy and awful so don't know how successful we will be.  I hate spending yet another day down there, but I love how excited the kids are when they get their makeup and costumes on.  The city will close off the streets and kids will trick or treat the businesses including mine.

     I did get sewing done yesterday finally.  Mom will be gone for a week starting tomorrow so I will be able to see how things go while she is gone.  She is ironing my pillow cases right now.  He He, this is where I got the ironing bug.

     I am starting to make lists of  house projects.  Even hub's admitted that we have neglected this place for the last several years.  We worked really hard on fixing it up the first few years we were in it and then everything kind of froze.  Medical bills, my health, braces on teeth( hold it sissie paid for those)  okay surgery on teeth.  School expenses for the kids Weddings :).  You name it something always was there to take the money. Other than have to improvements like the sewer collapse, we have not painted a wall or replaced a rug upstairs in  the living are or kitchen in over 15 years and I am afraid it really shows.

     You just don't look at those things or at least I don't.  We have 6 doors that need replacing and we need new handicap handles installed.  The house is just dated and old.  This does not bother me.  I am dated and old.  I have never insisted on everything new and perfect.  Well let's be realistic I have never been able to insist on new and I actually like old things.  This is why I love Sluggy.

     With hubs retiring soon I am making a list of the things I feel that he can do with out hurting himself.  If he can't conquer them we will pay for them.  A couple of items at a time until these things are all done.  That way when we go to sell the house it is ready.

     I could be several years or maybe never, at least I will have doors that have not been chewed on by a dog.  How about floors without holes.  Or better yet furniture that is not worn through to the cushions.  A kitchen with more than 3 drawers.  A dishwasher built into the wall, or a dishwasher period.  Maybe counter tops that are not worn through and disintegrating.

     The house was built in 1952 I think and it still has the original kitchen and most of the fixtures.  Let's see I was built in 1958 and still have most of mine, they are just bigger and a little softer maybe drooping.  I was talking about my eyelids you guys.  Disgusting and I call you my friends......

Well I am off to the races!  Say a prayer.

Have a great and productive day!  Mine will be wet but productive.



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