Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday, Where did yesterday go?

     How can time move so fast?  Yesterday was a blur.  Mom was not her best, I was achy and off my feed.  Hub's and I got some disastrous insurance news.  We spent some time at the SS office this morning getting him signed up as of today.  We have to meet again with someone in December.  Our meeting yesterday left us with worst case scenario of my insurance costing upwards to 1000.00 out of pocket until I am 65.  But now we are looking at other possible options.  It is all so confusing and scary.  You work and save all your life and then have 1/3 of your income taken for medical.

     I got no sewing done yesterday.  We did get mom 's room spider sprayed.  I also was able to get her a ticket to get to my younger  sister's for Thanksgiving and when she gets back I will get her one to go to my twin's house for Christmas. I am taking her on Sunday about 4 hours round trip to meet a friend from Missoula where she will spend the week and then I will drive another 4 hour round trip to bring her back.  She is excited.  Getting her ready to go is an adventure in and of itself.  I want her to feel that I am willing to get her places and let her visit so she does not feel cramped here all the time.  It also gives Hub's and I some time to connect and do things.

     I simply have to get bills paid today and get some sewing done.  I am due at the studio at 4. 

I will get something done today, I swear.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Yeah, this has been the headache I've been working costs and paying for it with Hubs retiring before Medicare kicks in(5 years early) and then me for another 9 months past that.
    Even just living on withdrawals from our retirement funds we'll "make' too much for a subsidy buying a plan on the exchange. We're looking at $1K mo. premiums + a high deductible even higher than what we pay now. ugh.

  2. So far so good here for productivity! I've gotten my work inbox whittled from 65 to 43. WOOHOO!!! And the clients aren't hounding me today like they were badly earlier in the week. whew! It's a get it done kind of day! Or getting out from under type of day.