Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday, the sun is shining on me

     I was a lazy daisy yesterday, I just taught dance and ran a few errands.  I really did nothing important, it was great.  Woke up this morning full of energy to burn.  There are so many places to burn it around here I have to choose.

     I think getting the wedding things put away and catching up on the laundry and bills should be the first things I do.  My desk is a disaster and bills are stacked up to pay, I just paid the important ones where I would get a late charge.

     Mom has a lunch date today with a new friend, so that is exciting for her.  I need to call the photographer for a new picture for the Nutcracker poster.  Also get the commercial revamped.  So there are things to do.  There is a huge pile of alterations waiting for me.  Waiting patiently I might add.

     Mom started to boil a chicken for chicken salad yesterday and forgot about it and the whole house smells like burned chicken.  Thank goodness for smoke detectors.  She was mortified, but Hub's is famous for boiling dry pans.  Anyone that can turn out the beautiful desserts she did for the wedding is to be trusted in the kitchen.  She is afraid we will think she is balmy.  Well I told her I have thought she was balmy for years so not to worry.

     So what should I do first today?  Hmmmm.... get dressed?   I know I will call my Sissie!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I can't believe you are making us wait for pictures......you don't have a cell phone picture or something????

  2. "Balmy"...lol! Never heard that expression before, except to describe the weather in Florida!

  3. So glad you had a down day, but I am guessing you filled it to the max!

  4. Burning the pan dry...sigh...I'm pretty good (bad?) at that myself! I hope she doesn't dwell on it. So glad she is making new friends already!