Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday evening....

     Well we have done what we can and I am taking a deep breath.  We load up tomorrow and off we go.  That is how I start of my Irish dancers.  "And off we go!"  I haven't been able to get to class all week and I miss the little buggers.

     Mom's piano is finally fixed so we can send in the claim to the moving company next week.  I need to buy a new iron and a new sewing machine.  Mom needs to go to the doctor and we both have to go to the dentist.  I think I am going to have to call and exterminator, the spiders are out of control again.   I can't wait to get into my yard it is such a mess.

     I have been paying for this wedding as I go.  I will have a few more things to buy when we get up to the venue.  Hotel will have to go on a charge card as they will not take a check or cash.  I will pay the pianist and believe it or not a seamstress if anything else needs altered.  I have one lined up.  Sister-in -laws are coming with Wedding things from the business and decorators.

     I am very tired, but hope with lot's of help to be some what refreshed for the Wedding.  One of my dancer's that went on professionally retired and became a hairdresser.  He is coming in from Seattle with his partner hope he can make me look human.

     I am at that point that I just want this over.  I get this way when I do a major show or production, I just want it over.

     Let's see,  Hmmm........

One wedding dress
one under slip
one veil
one ring bearer pillow
one garter
2 pairs of little boy short pants with suspenders
5 fur flower girl capes and french berets
altered my dress
altered mom's outfit
hemmed 5 pairs of suit pants
altered sleeves on one jacket
made two little boy bow ties.
altered waist in two pairs of trousers.
pressed and steamed I don't know how many dresses and articles
We made all of our own food.

two large smoked salmon (Hubs did the brining and smoking)
veggie trays with dip
cheese and cracker trays
lefsa with fillings
The above will be served with beverages in a tent outside immediately after the ceremony. 

Menu for sit down dinner
Swedish meatballs
new potatoes in butter sauce( from our garden)
Green beans almondine
green salad
croissants (purchased)
Lefsa ( we made this three weeks ago and froze)
Sugar maple leaves
Kranskakke with marzipan fruit
The small wedding cake and grooms cake are to be made by one of my professional dancers at no charge.
The video man is free  ( he is reading this now and hopefully smiling)
The flowers are being done by me.(I picked many from our yard and stole a lot from the neighborhood purchased the rest wholesale)
The photographer is free as I did her Wedding in July.
Our good friend is doing the Ceremony
Most decorations will come from sister-in-laws Wedding business.
All displays of pumpkins and flowers came from our garden.
We borrowed the bridal runner, and lights from the last wedding I did in September
We are using the tables and chairs at the grange hall
women from the church are coming to serve
the caterer that I put in charge of the food I did a trade with so no charge.
Dj is free as I did his Wedding in July.

We had to pay for the hall and of course the music is again the most expensive thing just like it was for daughter #1's Wedding.  But music is important to us and we will pay for the best professionals we can get in the area.

I have to do all the centerpieces, 5 corsages, 6 bouquets, 3 small baskets, one bridal arch, 9 boutonnieres, and any fill in's at the hall for display. when I get to the venue.  I think it will be great!

I am going to bed.




  1. Whew! I know it will be a wonderful day! Get some sleep and enjoy the affair!

  2. I would take off the next week and put my feet up or nap.