Thursday, April 25, 2024

Thursday, I don't want to sew addition!!!!!

 Yes it has walked off and it does not want to come back.  It needs to but boy am I having a hard time convincing it that it is just for today.

I have two if not three wedding dresses I can complete.  Or 7 prom dresses.  I can't do both but really need to stick to wedding dresses to get quota done by the time I leave,  It is just that Prom dresses are due out next week.  So eenie, meenie .....

Okay still do not want to sew.  Now what do I do!

I can make a list and ignore it.  Or I can make a list and do it.

Decisions, decisions.  So hard.

Okay dresses won, as in less hand work.  


1. purple hem

2. rust hem

3. pink hem and make a slit

4. navy blue darts

5. peach/hem

6. purple sleeves and godet

7. grey hem

I think that is doable.  But really need to finish a couple of wedding dresses.



Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Wednesday, I am doing it

 Thaks for the lift up I so needed it. Life is just hard and I have a bad case of the I don't want too.

My neighbor just text and she is sick, so I ran over saltines and cold 7up, as she is not keeping much down. Poor darling. 

It is all about watching out for each other, isn't it?

 What a great group we have here. 

I got everything done yesterday I wanted to in the shop.  Realize that I can only sew for about 4 hours before my joints give up and start screaming.  They love to scream.  Little buggers.

I worked for about 2 hours in the rock and then went in search or cardboard to put under ground cover I am laying.  I got a huge pile at Home Depot.

But my shoulders and wrists were so sore, and I keep thinking I will eventually get stronger, and things will not hurt as bad, but so far other than really improved arm muscles, I am still so sore at night.  AGE.....?

SO today I will do wedding dresses and then if I can get two of them done before 2 I will do three more prom dresses.

I still have wedding dresses coming in for June and I am telling them I will not get them done until I get home from Sissie's as I have 9 that I want to get done before I leave.  That is a lot of pressure, but at least the prom will be over.

Back to the Salt Mines


Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tuesday, Keeping on

 Do you ever feel like just getting up and getting dressed is an accomplishment?  I know I do. 

I was proud to me because I stuck to my guns and got my piles done yesterday and it was a busy day.

After Kelsa fell asleep last night, I cleaned up the house not that you would know it right now.

We also went to Walmart for a few supplies for the yard.  I do not get to use them until I have my quota done for today.  Because I would just spend all my time outside and not get any sewing done. 

So today it is prom dresses, and I will do hand work on a wedding dress this evening after it gets dark.

I think I had better make a list as I am just not very motivated today.  Need me some motivation.  How about this?  You need to pay your bills.  Ah who cares it is only money. My regard for money right now is very low. I need to have an attitude change.

Anyway, I digress.

1. purple dress back and lining

2. teal dress hem and darts sew up slit

3. red dress hand work

4.brides maid dress shoulders and hem

5. black dress hem and shoulders

I am missing Joel terribly and it is making my life very hard. You would think I would be in my first year and I am not. I just want to run and escape, and I don't even know where I would run.  Silly I know. If Sissie was not coming I think I would sell this house and move away.  Where ?  I don't know.  I want away from the pain, but I know it would follow me. Every day is a struggle and I just have to make myself keep going. 

I need to go change the thread on my serger.  I don't like doing that but here I go.

Have a good day while I try to.


Monday, April 22, 2024

Monday, Home again!

 Had a lovely weekend with family.  James was baptized and we all celebrated his 8th birthday.  I was able to see my sister-in-law who has cancer, and she looks great but is not through for a long while with treatments.

We flew down and rented a car and then flew home.  It was lovely.  No 18-hour drive.  Plus, we were able to pick up Joel's mom and bring her with and it was so nice to see her.  She is pretty darn amazing and will be 96 on her next birthday.

Now I have to face the music of getting all the wedding dresses done for June before I leave for Sissie's house in May.   It will come fast.

I need to straighten the shop today and also hem about 12 pairs of pants.  I have prom dresses coming in like crazy as the prom for both local schools is May 4th.

I have a wedding dress to finish from last week and I need to start on another two.  It is doable if I concentrate and don't go have fun in the yard.  The yard is a work in progress with the rock work about 1/2 done.  Once that is finished, I can get the sprinklers turned on and figure out what to do about the law as it is 1/2 dead. It is always something isn't it?

Kelsa is here today and tomorrow, but I am really working with her on allowing me to sew and not interrupting me constantly. She is very good.  She plays and sings and is a joy most of the time.

On the way down to Boise I put my hand in my purse looking for a pen and pulled out a dead angle worm.  It was hard.  I think it crawled in there to escape Oliver.  Proof that I am a boy Grandma.  The clerk laughed so hard when I showed her.  I did not search for rollie poly carcasses because I did not want to know.  All I can tell you is do not accept chewing gum from the bottom of my purse.

Okay, off to the salt mines I go. 


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tuesday, What happened to Monday? edition

 How is it I can miss a whole day?  I mean I knew yesterday was Monday, I mean I mailed my tax checks in, and I ran around all day. 

The shop was crazy busy as in a non stop stream of brides and prom dresses. 

I was so pleased as I had a dress that I had to make bigger by putting gussets in the sides and it fit perfectly!  Now that does not happen every time.

I have a wedding dress to hem today and then get to work on my Bunnie outfits.  I have I think 8 pieces. 

Oliver is here today, and Kelsa comes later.  We have already been outside and dug up rollie polies. Because I need to have those crawling all over the house.  But when you have a three year old boy you have priorities. 

I am turning down work and also telling people I cannot do it until next week.  I have enough with this wedding dress and the 8 custom pieces I have to do.  See I am getting better.

Well I am off to get some fun or NOT!


Friday, April 12, 2024

Friday, No day off here

  Remember the Friday was my day off thing.... Well, it ain't happening this Friday. And it is so beautiful out and I want to be outside all day!!!!!  So, I am a little cranky.

I really should not be as I had a specialist appt. this morning and all my blood work was great! That does not happen too often.  So, I don't have to see Rheumatologist for another 6 months. 

I have so much to do in shop and I can't let myself not get a few things done.  I did really well yesterday, so I hope I have the same determination today.

Wednesday got away from me as I had both kids, and I just took my house back. I cleaned my closet and switched out summer and winter shoes.  I also culled all the kids toys and sent home bags and bags of things that belonged to the babies. The closet was a nightmare with all their stuff that was left here.

I also put away Easter which was sad as I hardly got to enjoy it, but the house does look fresh and clean. SO that is a plus.

Today it is two prom dresses and two wedding dresses.  After that I can play.  Oh, I also have to make a slew of phone calls which I hate to do. Can't wait to get Sissie here, she does much better phone than I.

Okay, okay I will get to work but I don't want to.


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Tuesday, Playing with worms

 This picture was taken years ago, and just sent to me by my sister-in-law.  We were out moving sprinkler pipe in potatoes up by West Yellowstone. 

This is Cindy (Joel's little sister and her son Bo and me in the middle). We headed out really early to get this done so TY (brother-in-law could go with us to get some fun as we say. I think those muck boots were way too big for me, but I sloshed along.

Oliver is here today and last night I worked for about 2 hours in the rock.  We found many worms and Oliver was thrilled. I made him leave them outside.  So, this morning we had to go find more worms.  Who knew this would be so fascinating?

Finishing up a wedding dress today and continuing to sew on prom dresses.  Just so much to do.  But I am determined to get a little rock work done every day. 

Took Auntie to the airport this morning and I will sure miss her.  She has been here just short of two months. I hope she can come again next year. She gets around amazingly well for someone her age.

Oliver just dropped his worms on the shop floor. Yikes!


Monday, April 8, 2024

Monday, My forehead is peeling

 My oh my took the red eye home from Hawaii.  I was so tired driving the two hours home from the airport, but we made it.  Had a lovely time, so many good memories.

I sunburned my forehead more than once, even though I tried to keep a hat on. 

I am home now, and I have to concentrate on all the June wedding dresses as I want to get them out before I leave for Sissies on May 9th. 

Auntie flies out tomorrow.  I am sending her to Denver as my oldest cousin (her daughter is having surgery). She was supposed to fly home Tuesday, but I switched the ticket to Denver.  That saves me a 4 hour round trip back to Spokane. 

Kelsa is here and she missed me and I will pick Oliver up tonight so things should be rocking around here for a while. 

Did anything happen in blog land as I have no time to go back and read?  Hopefully all are well. 

The yard is a wreck and I really have to figure out a schedule to work on it. I worked for an hour this morning and hope to work again this evening for an hour.  Pulled tons of weeds.  It is just an ongoing project. Nate mowed yesterday but I want him to teach me how to use the mower so I can do it.

Today it is about Prom dresses and a few wedding dresses.

Here I go.  No rest for the wicked.