Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Wednesday, Sewing


I am trying to be happy as I will be in Hawaii in just a few days.  I will not be grouchy because I have a cold.

I will not be grouchy because my model added a last minute outfit.

I will not be grouchy because I have three more suits to alter and one dress.

I will not be grouchy because I have had to change pants twice today . (sneeze....  *&^%$#)


1. finish skirt

2. finish top

3. alter mens coat

4. patch suit and alter coat

5. alter military uniform

6. hem first communion dress.

Then I am done!  I have turned down a ton of work this week.  Asked three brides to call me back when I get home and sent many others over to another seamstress.

No new work this week,......well except the unexpected 4 outfit from the model.

Here Kim goes, she is going not quickly but going none the less.


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tuesday, Busy have a Cold!


How I feel.  What I am doing.... Going to Joanns for lining.  I will wear a mask.

Kelsa giveth but does not taketh away unless it is your sanity.

Aunty and I both have cold, but at least we will be over the worst by the time we leave.

I have way too much to do. But I will plug along, with my kleenex in hand. 

I had a wonderful birthday and thank you to all who wished me happy birthday.

The kids made it special and Kelsa was so funny. Love that kid.

Well I am off. I wish my nose would quit running.


Thursday, March 21, 2024

Thursday, Enjoying Life

 Okay this is mean toward men, but I thought it was so funny. I am bad I know. But I just could not help it and had to share.

This afternoon I am taking Aunty in for a pedicure and me for my nails.  Next week I am going in for a pedicure and dragging my girlfriend with to also have her toes painted for our trip to Hawaii!  You know who you are as I know you read this blog so get ready, I already made the appointment.

Look threats by blog who knew?

Aunty and I are going up to daughter's house in Colton to stay with kids overnight as she is doing a ride along with her husband. We will come home in the morning early as I have a bridal at 10.00.

It is overcast today and looks like we are going to get some cooler weather.  But my weekend will be so busy it won't matter.

Lil Sis bought Aunty and I tickets to the show Menopause at the opera house in Spokane, for my birthday so we are driving up and back on Saturday.

Then Sunday the kids will be down as it is my birthday.  Nate is supposed to power wash the deck and furniture, but I don't know if the weather will cooperate. Oh well I will still have a rainbow cake and balloons, as that is what Kelsa told me I needed.

Party planning by Kelsa.

I have been working and not hard enough on these bustier's. They are only 4 pieces, but those are cut out 4 times and assembled plus all the boning (not bondage) silly people. I need to really track myself and see how long it takes me to do one and quit messing around.  Kim's inner evil twin voice: (but, me likes to mess around). 

Okay I am off to get some fun.  I will work tomorrow.  By the way I owe about $1500.00 to taxes and $350.00 to accountant.  Then last week I paid $1400.00 for a new machine at the rate I am bleeding money I might have to get a job.  

I think Cheryl just fainted, quick someone from the community check on her. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Wednesday, First Day of Spring


It is beautiful outside!  I have the first of the bulbs I planted blooming.  Kelsa and I went out and picked a few daffodils. It got up to 70 yesterday afternoon and I worked in the yard for about an hour.

The shop was busy all day and the day just kind of got away from me. 

My model came by, and I have a couple of designs to get done for her, so I will work on those today and then take Kelsa to Dance later this afternoon.

I don't know how that kid does it but the minute she hits the house it looks like an explosion takes place. I just ignore it until she leaves, then pick up otherwise it is a lesson in frustration.

I have been so aghast by the cost of sewing items.  We only have a JOanns here and it is small.  Plus, you all who sew know how expensive they are. I usually get most of my major supplies from a wholesale catalog. But sometimes I have to go to the store here to get ripped off.  Boning for a corset I was making was 3.99 a yard.  I needed it immediately and I bought 2 yards and needed a little more.  So, aggravating. Then I remembered I had a roll of cream twill tape that I keep on hand for costuming, and when Signe' dropped off Kelsa and said she was going to Home Depot, I asked her to find me a package of the longest zip ties they sold. I swear boning is just a zip tie encased in cloth. Walla I can make my own, for pennies on the dollar. 

I thought this was funny.  Yes, they are all in the room with me, even the sparkly unicorn named Tess.

I bought this new suit this year and had never worn it.  So, I decided St. Patrick's Day was perfect.  But I hated the way it felt at the neck.  I am surprised I did not notice this when I bought it.  It has a stand-up collar that is very itchy and uncomfortable.  So, I went into my shop and tailor tacked it back so it would stay down.  I am going to remove the collar when I get time. Also shorten the sleeves a little even though it is a petite.

Well, I am off to sew, and rip a bustier apart that I don't like the fit of. Fun. Fun...


Monday, March 18, 2024

Monday, Crazy weekend


For someone who worked most of the weekend, this is really how I felt.

Thursday, I spent all day and I mean all day doing hand work.  I had to finish up a wedding dress that needed so much hand work.  Like hours of it and I sat in front of the TV and did this until evening when I finally finished.  Well that meant that I had not really moved my right shoulder but had used the muscles around it causing it to flair and stiffen. So, I was in pain and frustrated, as I knew better but did it anyway. The damn dress is done!

Friday, I spent a good amount of time in my yard, working on my rock project.  Actually, too much time as I really over did it.  Can you imagine me overdoing anything?

I have been having some problems with my left foot as in severe heel pain.  It is Planter fasciitis, which is common for those who have RA.  But Friday morning it attacked my right foot, and I was limping pretty badly.

It will usually abate if you keep moving but if you stop and take a break it comes raring back. So, the whole day as I was working my butt off in the yard I was also dealing with a painful set of feet.

When I came in for the day I could hardly move.  Kelsa was spending the night, and we went and got Pizza. I was worried that I was going to be very sore on Saturday, but other than my feet I was fine. I started to cut back the grape vine that was over taking the back part of the fence and I just created another mess in the yard.  But I was taking a break on the rock work, as I had broken the screen I was working with, and I just wanted to give my shoulders and arms a break. 

I came in about 2:30 and started to get ready for company.  I had the corn beef to start, and I made a dessert, and some soda bread.  I also really cleaned house. Nate and Signe" came and picked up Kelsa and Nate fixed my screen and did a couple of other honeydo jobs for me.  But as the afternoon wore on and company was expected, I became really weary and sore.  Like arthritis flaring through my whole-body sore. It was pretty terrifying.

We had a good dinner, and I think I fed everyone too well as we all went into food comas and got through just one game, and then all retired early. Auntie was ready to drop, and I did the dishes as quickly as possible and took two kinds of pain killers and went to bed!

Got up Sunday and did not feel too bad.  Woke at 10:30 and went to church then back home to take a three-hour nap. Then we went to Lil sis's for dinner and then back home to bed early.  I did play the piano for about an hour. I just felt that I needed sleep, and my feet are fine today, and I feel good. So, what was all the pain about this weekend?  I mean it was scary bad.

I can get emotional when I am in severe pain and kind of doomsday like. This is it!  It is the end! I am not going to make it! Now I am thinking... I don't know what I am thinking.

What do you think I should be thinking?


Thursday, March 14, 2024

Thursday, Getting warmer

 I know a one hour time difference should not be so hard but for some reason it is for me.  Or I am just using it as an excuse to stress myself out about not sleeping.  More likely the later.

It is a beautiful day here and I am so hoping it will stay that way and not overcast.

Most of the day will be spent on hand work, pants to hem, Wedding dress I should have worked on yesterday to finish.  I also want to pull the last wedding dress for May and get that done before I leave for Hawaii.

I really want to do some yardwork tomorrow if it is nice.

I am pretty proud of myself with the shop.  There is still lots to do considering I have to do a major amount of work next week for my model person.  Isn't that a great title?  Model person.

My house really needs love.  Like the cupboards and my closet.  But I will wait for Sissie to come and scream at me.  It helps a lot. I say a lot, a lot.

I am getting together Saturday night with friends and Auntie to celebrate St. Patrick's day.   Having corned beef and cabbage and I will make soda bread.  Then a nummy pistachio dessert.  We are going to play games and cards after dinner.  We must wear our funny hats as it is tradition. Then out come the Easter decorations!

There is only two weeks between St. Paddies and Easter this year so I am afraid the Easter will stay out longer. I guess spring can be bunnies and things, right?

The bulbs I planted last year are all coming up and I can hardly wait until they bloom. But we just need a little warmer days.


Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Wednesday, Plodding along

 I bought a lemon last night at the store.  No particular reason other than to be aware that I had a lemon in the fridge.  Just in case.....

Today I have a set of Military dress blues to alter.  They are ripped and ready.  Then I have a formal to hem and a wedding dress to finish.

If I can get through all of those I will be happy.

I have to pick the kids up this afternoon about 2:30 as Nathan goes to work and then take Kelsa to Ballet.

So I will plod through the uniform and then on with the show.


Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Tuesday, Yesterday was plain awful!!!!!!

 I'm telling you I do not want to relive yesterday. Now on a scale of 1 to 10 it really was not that bad, just so aggravating. 

I had 10 pairs of pants to remodel for my little person, which is not an easy job. But doable. When I started out my machine decided it did not like the knit fabric of the first pair.  So, I switched to a knit needle, still hated them. I don't like to use a knit stich as it is so tiny and a double stitch at that.  Very slow.  (Linda, I know you are with me here).  But nevertheless, this was the only thing I could do. SO, I crawled through three pairs of pants, frustrated the whole entire time.

As I broke one of my sergers last week, I had to run it to the shop and see if it was worth fixing.  After three painstakingly slow pairs of pants, I needed a break.  Well of course it was not worth fixing compared to buying a new one.  Prices have really jumped as I knew they would. I ordered and paid for a new serger that thread automatically!!!!!  They had a good sale, and it was worth the price difference. Should be here in about a week.

In the meantime, William got the pukes at school and Nathan was called into work, so the kids were delivered just as I arrived home from the sewing machine store. Too much red dye at a birthday party and he was down. I went into shop and turned on my machine and it had cast out it's evil spirit and sewed fine!!!!!  Now what was that all about.  However, when you are down to one serger you have to keep rethreading back and forth which is a pain.

Nothing is more frustrating than equipment that won't work.  Whether it is a nail gun, or a computer. I was about to tear my hair out. Sissie called in the middle of it, and she could tell by my voice I was ready to blow. The kids were angels and that helped a lot..

Aunty finished her quilt top, and she was happy to be done with that project. She was over tired also.  We both quit about 5 and went into slug mode.  (No offence my dear Slugs)

By the way anyone who thinks Slugs and Dan should move here please vote!  My girls love them, and they are deniably plausible, so will be well cared for out west.  Airplanes can get you back east in about 5 hours. It is less expensive out here in many ways, plus just think of the trouble Slugs and Sissie and I could get into.  Anne comes out to Portland and that is only 6 hours away by car.  Oh, the fun that can be had.  Plus, the Dan's could fish, and mess around together.  I think it is a wonderful plan. 

Well, I had better get to work, the piles are a waiting, and the shop is a mess.


Thursday, March 7, 2024

Thursday, making headway


I had an appointment this morning to get my soon to expire driver's license renewed. Then home to deal with Kelsa. She was so cranky last night.  E-GADS.  SHE PLAYED HARD ALL DAY WOULD NOT NAP AND THEN HAD DANCE LESSONS. Talk about a grouch.  I put her to bed early and she fell asleep thank goodness.  She is usually such a happy little thing. But now we know what lurks beneath that smile. 

Ran to the store last night to get milk and juice and raisin toast for Aunty.  My goodness raisin bread is pricy.  I am going to try and make some.

I bought chicken legs for .69 a pound limit one and I have them in the crockpot to make broth and some chicken salad. I am making a big pot of navy bean soup tomorrow with the ham bone I cooked last Sunday. 

The wedding dress I had to take the zipper out of fit perfectly and I was so happy.  I have so much hand work left on it, but I will wait until next week, as I have to get to the piles.  They are quickly taking over. I would really like to work in the yard tomorrow if it is nice.  There is so much to do on the rock project. 

I have a funeral on Saturday, and I really need to get up the hill to Signe's to help her with the house!

Always something.


Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Wednesday, Sunny and Cold


" As the days get longer the cold gets stronger." That is what is going on here.  We finally get sun, but it is frosty and cold outside. Which really is okay as I would want to be outside if it was warm and I have no problem staying in the warm shop.

Aunty is busy quilting and having a ball.  I hope... She is using a satin material, and it is harder to work with. But the quilt is beautiful!

I have two more wedding dresses done and ready for pickup and I have another that will have a fitting this afternoon.   It is very hard.  I had to take it up in shoulders.  This meant removing the cap sleeve and putting it back in.  I also had to remove and take in a zipper which I almost always refuse to do but there was no other way. Don't worry Anne I am charging.!!!

I have one more dress due out for May and then I will start on June dresses. There are 30 pairs of pants in here to shorten and I have 6 pairs for my little person and those always take much longer as they have to be tapered.

Kelsa is here today, tonight and tomorrow.  Spring breaks are coming up for schools so I will have the kids more this month.  I want to get somewhat caught up in shop, ha-ha so I can do some fun things with them.


Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Tuesday, Keeping it all straight

 I think the hardest part of my life is my confusion.  I get confused easily.  It is hard for me to keep things straight, with so much going on all the time.  I really think it would be for anybody, so I don't beat myself up too much.

I have three wedding dresses out and I have to keep track of what bags they go in, it is easy to lose track.  I have piles of pants and I have to keep tickets pinned to them that tell me what to do.

I have to get all the correct info on a bridal tag so I know what and where.  This is what Sissie will do for me.

I love to sew and create but I hate all the paperwork and organization that goes with it. 

I did get all the things the accountant needed delivered yesterday.  I had to wait for the State of Idaho to send paperwork.  So that is one thing off my mind.

I just contacted and made my last payment for our Hawaii trip this morning.

Doing book work or being in charge makes me nervous.  That is why traveling with Slug is so nice as she keeps me straight and in line.

Yikes do not put me in charge!!!


Monday, March 4, 2024

Monday, Paying bills!


Ran all over town this morning with Signe' paying bills and going to different banks. The phone I swear has not stopped ringing all day.  Of course, three clients came while I was out running around.  Poor Auntie had to deal with that. But I feel like I get no time to do the things that I really need to do until everything is closing. So, I just went out and did what needed to be done and now I don't have to worry for the rest of the month. 

Don't worry the clientele will return as there is no, one else. I would like to work on wedding dresses today, but the piles are starting to stack up again. My little person has 8 pairs of pants that need to be done before this weekend, and I have a military uniform and a business suit that are also due out Friday.  Plus, I think there are at least 12 pairs of pants and a coat to shorten, before I can get to dresses.

I have found making appointments for brides to return forces me to get things done faster.  As in they are coming you had better get your butt in there and finish that dress!

Anything to motivate me. I have continued to turn away work that I just don't want like zippers in coats. Or odd things that would be an irritation. 

Just had a client bring me 11 yards of 60 inch wide Pendelton wool, in three different patterns.  It is beautiful and she no longer sews.  What a gift.  Then another client gave me 15 completed quilt blocks that are hand embroidered.  They are enough for a queen size quilt.  Her hands are too arthritic to put them together.  Such lovely gifts, and someday I will have the time to use them. I have to make myself believe that.

I need Sissie so bad.

By the way Kittie 9, Nate 0, the war goes on.