Thursday, February 29, 2024

Thursday, LEAP day!


So fun.  Once every 4 years, we get to leap into March. 

I was so busy yesterday with kids and grandkids, both Auntie and I were exhausted after everyone left. We both went down for naps. We needed them badly.

Auntie had a headache yesterday most of the day but today we are going out to dinner with my bestest buddy.  That will be fun.

Signe' and Nate are trying to get settled at their new place.  They have an 8-month-old female calico kitten, that seems to love her new home.

She keeps bringing in voles from across the street where there is farmland. She is quite the huntress. Nathan could smell something dead in the house and knew it was a vole she had brought in, and they did not catch her.  He has looked all over for where she hid it. Then he caught her two more times coming in with them and chased her out.  The day before yesterday he heard a thumping sound in the front room and went to investigate and found her tossing dead vole around.  So, he bought a belled collar for her so he would know when she came in the house. 
Now he is in the computer room and again hears thumping and goes out, cat with another dead vole, and no collar.  I told him to give up.  She was only trying to feed the family.  She had talked the vole into helping her take off the collar in exchange for freedom and then changed her mind.

So, Nate buys a fancy electric heavy dog door. But I am pretty sure I saw her reading the installation directions, with a drill in her paws.  Well that lasted one day, because she just waits for the dogs to go through and then comes in between his legs with the vole. 

Nate spends $700.00 on a timed dog door so nothing can go out or in at certain times.  This morning, he asks Signe as he lets the dogs out, where is the cat? Well, she comes prancing through the door with a dead vole immediately on the tail of the dog that just went out. How did she get out? 

Last evening she was throwing a dead vole against the front door so they would let her in. Nate opens door she runs in between his legs with a vole.

I will keep you informed of this contest of wills.  SO far Cat 7  Nate 0.

Really, she is just trying to feed you Nate you ignorant primate.

I am sewing today with no interruptions it will be so nice. I see a couple of wedding dresses biting the dust.


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tuesday, I did it!

 I think this has worked for me in the past.  But believe it or not I have 4 going on 5 wedding dresses that will be ready for pick up by 4 this afternoon.

Now to be fair a couple of them were really easy, but I did get them done so they count.  I am very proud to me, and I have to say I almost feel normal.

I have not felt normal for a long, long time. I don't know how long it will last but I will take it.

B is down here with Oliver visiting Aunt Anne and I think she will spend the night, so that will be fun.

Nate will drop Kelsa off after her gymnastics so they can play and drive grandma crazy.  But don't worry it is a short drive.

I just pulled meat out of the freezer so I can make dinner, which will include mashed potatoes because the babies love those.

Stay tuned for more grandma drama...


Monday, February 26, 2024

Monday, I am on a roll of wedding dresses

 That was last week, I am hoping for a better week this week. Auntie and I are having fun, probably too much fun.  She could live here forever, and I would love it.  We are so much alike.  She is a joy.

We helped my middle daughter Signe' move all weekend. SO much to do.  I think I worked harder last Friday than I physically have in a long time. I was very tired. I kept Kelsa Saturday night into Sunday so they could sleep better and then back up to help unpack the kitchen.  I feel like I worked and worked, and I got nowhere.  But that is how it is moving.

They did get the house they left cleaned so that is done, now to just concentrate on the new home.  I so want to help more but I have to be here to get things done.

This week it will be a couple of piles and then wedding dresses. I want to get at least 4 done today. We will see. I have already turned down two other jobs today.  I just have to, I need to concentrate, on what I have in the shop already.  See Kim is learning, slowly.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to report that I have 4 wedding dresses ready to go.

Don't hold your breath, but I am seriously going to try.


Thursday, February 22, 2024

Thursday, the piles!

 Or it could be your sister. (Kay)  as in Good Grief. She is getting ready for her big move and every day she emails me all the things she has gotten done. I am proud to her.

Last night I took Kelsa to dance and had two clients waiting for me when I got home.  One was a bride and the other a police officer that works with my son in law.  He had 3 pairs of pants and a zipper replacement, and a formal dress for his daughter all are due out next Tues.  But he brought me a MC Donald's gift card, so he was forgiven.  Feed the Kim diet coke money and she will do almost anything. 

Today I have 4 pairs of pants to hem, a zipper on a dress to replace, darts to put into a dress and then a mother of the bride two-piece ensemble to resize. This woman wore it to her daughter's wedding and now she is wearing the same thing to her granddaughters. Isn't that sweet?  But she has lost over 100 lbs. so big alteration.  Shoulders, sides, arms, hem.  I have to take the arms out of the jacket. I ripped it yesterday so that is the first thing on the pile today.

Tomorrow I am helping daughter move into her new house.


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Wednesday, The rack is done!

 Have you ever had this problem?  I suffer from it terribly and it gets me into trouble.

Finally got that rack done for model.  Love that kind of creative sewing but it takes so much out of me.  I was exhausted and headachey after she picked up.

I am working on piles today and then onto wedding dresses. I also turned away two jobs yesterday, I just don't have the time for things that aggravate me, like putting zippers in sweaters.....

Kelsa is due in later today.  I have to take her to dance and then she will stay the night.  She just loves her Great Aunt Anne.  They are so cute together.

I am watching my friend's little dog, and she is so cute. Like a little black and white furball. Roscoe just ignores her.  Unless I am petting her and then he is jealous, so he is right there.

Anne in the Kitchen, was on me to raise my prices and I have on wedding dresses, and no one has batted an eye. This is why need our bloggers friends.  They look out for us.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Tuesday, Sewing, sewing

 You know even though I am very busy sewing and I have way too much to do, I still enjoy sewing.  It actually is relaxing to me.  I don't like the stress, but each time I finish a project whether it be a simple hem or a large order of custom things I get a shot of adrenaline.

I keep waiting for the day that I just hate it but so far that has not happened.  I think it is the creative process and of course the money.😁

I am almost done with the rack just one more skirt to go, but I do need to hem a couple of pairs of pants before I start on the skirt.  Then I want to clean up the shop a little as it looks like a bomb went off. 

Then I will do piles today and when they are done, I will get to wedding dresses.

I have no excuses not to get things done as I have no kids to interrupt me. 

Auntie is enjoying her time here, she just got done vacuuming, so I think she wants to help me. I have not started her on quilting yet as I want her to have some rest.  She is kind of like me busy all the time.

I went to make scrambled eggs this morning and I am out of eggs.  I see a trip to the store this evening.


Monday, February 19, 2024

Monday, Back and busy


Does this remind you of someone? 

We had fun in McCall.  Caught up with old friends and stayed at their cabin. William scored two goals at the tournament, so he was happy.

We ate good food and enjoyed each other's company.

I am going to sew hard today to get this rack done and then onto the piles and the wedding dresses.

Also, carb dieting which I hate but I can't be seen in a swimsuit like this, too scary.

Trying to exercise but just too busy and tired at night, need to figure out another solution.  Like any solution. 

Anything exciting happening in blog land?


Friday, February 16, 2024

Friday, Off to Mc Call


My life right now.  But I am hanging in there. Sissie is furious with me as I can't email or blog and she wants the old me schedule before Joel's death and I can't seem to get there.

I try but the new me just screws it up. I am very busy in shop.  Auntie is here.  I should have had her come in next weekend as we are going up to McCall for a hockey tournament and staying at a friend's cabin. But oh well we make do.  Thanks goodness she is used to cold weather.

I am frantically trying to get this month's rack done for my client and then onto bride dresses.  There are 18 in the shop right now.  

I have decided that when Sissie gets here I will probably only do brides and let her do all the mending and hemming and pressing.  That way I can keep up.  She is a very good seamstress just has not done it for a while.

There are 7 women going to Hawaii now and I am sure we will have a ball.  Auntie is so looking forward to it.  

I need to schedule her for a pedicure next week as her poor feet have now been done since Sisi had them done last fall. 

Kelsa remembered Aunty and went right up to her and is so happy she is here.  IT was just so cute.  I took Aunty into her ballet class and Kelsa just ran to her.  So precious.

I had both Kelsa and Oliver the last couple of days and nights as Braunwyn's father in law has covid.  So, the house has been a jungle, but I am able to get a lot more sewing done when both are here as they entertain one another.

Alsa having another adult around helps. Hopefully that will rectify itself soon.

So many changes happening around here.  I am really anxious to get Sissie out here also.

But I am alive and hope to soon be able to keep up with all of you.  I miss you all and the interaction.  I think and pray for you every night.


Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Wednesday, Still sewing

 Went to book club last night and they all enjoyed the book I chose.  Imagine that?  As all the other choices since this mess started have been should I say not fun.

I had them read A Tree grows in Brooklyn.  I was surprised none had read it.  Next month's choice I have already read so one last thing to have to do.  Book club is more about social for me than reading as I read all the time anyway.

Wedding dresses keep pouring in and I find myself turning down many zippers and things of that nature.  Because I just cannot do everything.

Kelsa and Will are both here today.  Will is not feeling well and you can tell by looking at his eyes that he is sick.  Poor little guy. So, lots of handwashing and disinfecting going on.

This is my lists for the day, I so hope I can get these things done.

1. finish black coat

2. finish blue coat

3. put sleeves in wedding dress and call client

4. fix sleeves in two white dresses

5. take sleeves out of a wedding dress for refit tomorrow

6. clean my desk

7. get all tax things in a box (not do them, just corral them)

8. Call Slug

9. call Anne

Can I do this? I have my doubts....


Monday, February 5, 2024

Monday, I am going to do this

 I am so behind.  I am a behind. I need to get the behind busy.  

I think this belongs on a pillow.  Where is my embroider kit?

Anyway, I am determined to get things done this week, and I doubt I can catch up, but I am certainly going to try.

I did get tickets booked for Hawaii and paid way more than I wanted to for them, so I have to work hard and get the money together before the CC bill is due.

Now that is a motivation. Our middle daughter Signe' is closing on another house today, so it will be crazy this next couple of weeks dealing with that.  

Plus, Will has tournaments. I have wedding dresses that are due out this week.  No chance of getting a lazy day here.

Braunwyn just called and needs a sitter for Oliver on Saturday, so I will have to bring him down to spend the night as I have a weekend bride.  Which is unusual? But good friend of mine from church and her daughter will be in town just for the weekend.  Kim to the rescue.

I was able to take 3 mile walk on the levy with the dog yesterday it was sunny and beautiful.  But I noticed he was limping this morning.  Those short little legs of his. 

Well, I am off to set a timer and see what I can get done. What are you guys doing this week. Please do not list anything fun as I get jealous, and my unicorn quits working and just sits in front of the mirror combing his mane.