Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday, trying to catch up!

     Sorry for the long absence.  Very sore and slow.  Harry Potter workshop a bust with only 11 signed up so I have to teach and then the shop is extra busy which is good but I have to sew from 3:30 until late at night to stay NOT caught up and I am very tired.  Trying to catch as much sleep as possible.  I won't be able to get back to blogging until next week.  Miss it but must put my time into things that make money.

Have a great Day!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

What made me happy yesterday?  Shopping with my daughter, we laughed a lot.
What makes me happy today? Going to church.  The freedom to worship.

     I had a lazy day yesterday.  Sewed a little, cleaned a little, went to a  movie, made pies for Father's Day for the church and for us.  Two big apple crunch, and two pumpkin.  Went and visited an older couple I know and will take a pie into them this afternoon.

     I have chicken in the fridge in brine.  I am making fried chicken, mashed and sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, gravy and biscuits for dinner.  This is Hubbies favorite.  It is like a carb feast.  He gets this twice a year, but on his birthday it is German Chocolate cake.

     The Harry Potter workshop starts tomorrow I hope we get at least 15 signed up, as that is a good number to work with and manage.  I love the story of Harry Potter.  I love the characters. 

    Out My Window:  Still have a little planting to do but almost done!  Yippee!  Hubby mowed and trimmed the yard yesterday.

     I have a very busy week ahead of me.  But today I am going to rest and cook.

Have a peaceful Sabbath


Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, I made it I think...

What makes me happy today?  I cleaned the kitchen last night, I love to wake up to a clean kitchen.

     Sewed hard yesterday, It looks like I should make my goal of $400.00 by this weekend.  Great I can pay a bill and hopefully have a little left over for gas.

     I did not get my planting done, but I will do that tonight.  Very stiff and sore this morning and I actually slept in.  I am going to force myself to get the master bedroom and bath cleaned and some laundry done.  I must go to the studio at noon today and I have a couple of bridal fittings this afternoon.  I am hoping that doing a little manual cleaning will loosen me up so I can get more sewing done.

     It has been such a nice week.  I don't think I am getting caught up but I sure have tried.  I think daughter #2 will be down for Father's Day and I have to think about something for Hubby.  I wonder what he wants?  I will make him a nice dinner Sunday and I have to make a pie for church so I will make an apple crunch pie his favorite.

     Daughter #3 was home yesterday and her phone was giving her fits.  I told her I could not replace it I had no money and that if she could limp along until she saved up enough money to replace it $85.00 to go ahead.  I also reminded her that she would have $267.00 worth of rent and an car payment of $100.00 due on the 1st of July so she needed to save a % of her tips.  She has been expensive this last month and I have had it with her!  Such a mean mom.

     Out my Window:  Cool and beautiful, Hubby planted the rest of the garden last night although I do want to put in some bush beans.  So maybe tonight......

I am slowly very slowly off to the races.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday, sewing, sewing...

     What makes me happy? Many, many Bridal calls!  as long as we don't repeat Bridzilla...

     I am inundated with Bridal calls and it is great.  I was able to get two bridesmaids dresses done yesterday and hope to get two others and a huge pile of alterations done today.  My first bride was here at 8:30 this morning with 2 more calls before she came!  Nuts I tell you.  I feel so blessed.

     I received the credit card bill for the studio and it looks like I may have to for the first time all year break my goal of no added debt.  I do have enough in savings to cover the card but that would empty my account for the summer and I would just go into debt to get through.  I will be diligent and see what I can do.  One day at a time.  Might have to play catch up in August.  I am not going to let myself get discouraged as I have so much work coming in and I am just going to have to stand on faith that I can do this.

     I still need $200.00  before this weekend so I had better get busy.

     Out My Window:  Very nice outside, not too hot.  Still have some planting to do, but I swear I will finish that tonight!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday,will this work again?

     What makes me happy today?  Misty's comment on yesterdays post.  I actually laughed out loud!

     I forgot a bill in my long list of small unusual bills that have cropped up this month.  My business license was also due for the shop.  Now it is only $79.00, but with 7 other smaller unexpected bills it was a killer.  I should not say unexpected because I know these bills are coming, but do they have to come at all at once?  Yes, yes they do. (I mean due:))

     I paid everything except 4 larger bills in the studio and I will pray that I make enough to pay some of that and then go to savings. On the personal front we are okay, I will make it.  I do need  about $250.00 by the end of this week to pay a bill but I think I can do that.  With the shop as busy as it is I see no problems with personal bills.

     Look at my totals on my pages, I have not posted my car payment for last month or this month and I do believe that I am under $135,000 in debt including the house.  This is the lowest I have ever been.  It is frustrating not being able to pay something off but the steady progress is great.

     Still very stiff and hanging in there, I just try to loosen up as the day goes on.  The next door neighbor is a Nurse practitioner, and also into holistic medicine.  He came over last night and asked me to try not eating any plants from the night shade family for the next 6 weeks.  Now an allergy to these does not cause arthritis but there is real evidence that night shade plants can cause flares and inflammation.  I am willing to try this.  However I just planted eggplant, peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes in the garden.  I also love these foods but it would be worse if it was chocolate!

     Out My window:  Hubby actually did a little weeding last night don't die of shock.  It was even in a flower bed...........  I think major quilt is setting in.  As it should.  I did get my wave petunias planted in front and I hope to get the rest of the flower boxes planted tonight.

     I also have to teach the Virginia reel tonight at the church, I have not done it for several years so I had better go revue!

Swing your partner, ladies to the right, gents to the left.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday, paid the bills, Yikes!

Day 7:  What makes me happy? Unexpected money, even $25.00 left by a client brings me a little joy.  I see it as a small blessing.

     Finally tackled the desk and paid the house payment and all the bills due for the first part of the month.  Thank goodness for Hubbies small bonus or I would have been sunk.  As it is I have so many small bills due right now that are not normally due.  Water, car license, sprinkler company, garage door company, college lab fee of $52.00 some how not paid?  These total about $800.00.

     I am thinking about just doing what I did last month and paying everything and then waiting to see how things come out by the end of the month.  It did force me to really make money in the shop.  I certainly have the work.  I am heading in to sew after I get done with this post.

     We have decided not to go on our annual coast trip this year.  I just do not feel good enough to get all the work done that it entails.  We will go up to our daughters in Northern Idaho instead.  It will be far cheaper and I hope to have an infusion either before or after the 4th.  We had also planned a trip with Hubbies folks and that may be on the back burner due to my health but we will see how I feel after I get back on my meds.

     I am just trying to stay positive.  Right now I am blessed with work in the shop, so I have to be grateful.

     Out My Window:  Need to finish planting and do a little weeding tonight if I feel like it.

Have a great evening!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, Posting at night

Day 5 what made me happy?  Having my mom with me and laughing with her.
Day 6 :  Fresh strawberries for $1.29 a lb.

     I was up early to get to the studio to set the floor and put all of the recital crap away.  I should have put it away last week but I was too busy trying to get caught up around the house.  Anyway to make a long story short I worked way too hard on Saturday and really paid for it Saturday night and Sunday.  Now before you all get up in arms, I have no help, nor can I afford to hire any of this done.  I desperately love my mom and I actually would prefer that she live with us but she is a great distraction and a great deal of work.

     My Mother hates my husband.  She is civil to him but she really can't stand him.  He is on the other end of the work spectrum from me.  I am a certified workaholic, he is well to put it nicely quite lazy.  (that is putting is nicely)  When my mother is around he is worse.  I mean he has gotten better over 34 years but the minute she shows up he just does nothing.  I am trying frantically to get the yard done and the weeds pulled and the garden planted, laundry caught up etc. sewing  and bringing in enough money to pay all the bills.  He laid around and slept all weekend except to go to church.  He is perfect in his religion.  I however did not go to church,  I was just too worn out and did not sleep a wink all Saturday night and was in pain.

     He was chastising me for working too hard on Saturday so I was worn out on Sunday and I said then you needed to work harder.  I mean I was so embarrassed and mortified.  Why does he have to be so lazy around my mom, she already has ammunition enough to kill him why give her more?  I don't get it?  Or is he always this lazy and I just choose to ignore it and when she comes after a few days I realize I am doing all the hard manual work and I become embarrassed.  Anyway, I just worked too hard.

     Now the studio is so much hard physical work especially after a show.  The cleaning alone is a killer.  No help from the bumble.  So this morning one of the professionals helped me move the floor into place and then older students came in early and taped it down.  Bless them.  I put away all set pieces and took everything upstairs.  I did get many many bags of trash taken out and cleaned all the mirrors.  I am going to spend from 9-10 in the morning there all week and work on the costume closet.  I think I should be able to get it cleaned up in 4 hours.  I will then go home and work in the shop.  I really cleaned the costume closet last January so it is not going to be nearly the job it was before.  I will divide and conquer.  I also gave a mother with three dancers the job of keeping the studio clean for next year.  It is just too much work.

     I need to clean my desk and pay bills.  I was really disappointed with the turn out for this Celtic workshop.  Usually I can clear about $12-1500 on a work shop and I will be lucky to break even.  So I will just really favor the students that know the workshop choreography.  They will move up.  Parents want these opportunities and then think swim lessons need to take precedence.  They can take swim lessons all summer camp is for one week.  Okay I am getting B&^%*y..........

My mom went home today and she made it but she really should not be traveling anymore with out help, she is just too ill.  But she absolutely will not give up her independence.  I can't blame her but it puts such a strain on me.

    Out My Window:  The weather is beautiful and I am trying to  get ahead in the yard.

Have a great evening


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday, planting the garden...

What I am grateful for day 4:  That I made my mom get her caterpillars trimmed... (her eyebrows waxed)
Day 5: I get to plant my garden

     Hands are terrible but they will loosen up soon.  I have messes every where in my house and yard and I must pick up the professional dancers tomorrow to stay here so I had better get busy and get things cleaned up.  I am having too much fun with my Mom.  Hubby just went to grab some milk as we are out.  I have not been superorganized this week as I have been just doing what ever comes to me and it has been swell.

     My goals for today are to get the garden done and the back porch and yard cleaned up.  I also want to clean the house and I have to clean the studio.  It will be a busy day!

     Out My Window:  Beautiful and hot!  Summer is here.

I am off to put on my overalls and get to work in the dirt.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday, to the dentist

Day 3: I am happy for free time to choose what I want to do and not what I have to do!

     I am off to the dentist this morning.  I believe after this appointment I can get back on my meds in a few weeks!  Very stiff this morning.  The more medication I take the less I eat.  Not good.

     I was able to sew yesterday and clean out the garden.  Hubby tilled it again last night.  Mom did quite a bit of ironing for me.  We took about 20 large bags of yard waste to dump and then went and got a prescription filled for her.  I took her to Ross and she found many cute things.  She has lost about 15 lbs and all her clothes are too big.  We got tacos with a gift card and went home.  I was able to plant all my plants out back and many out front.  But boy are there a lot of weeds.  Hours of weeding left.  I still have 2 flats of 4 inch perennials to plant.

     I need to get a few more flowers to fill out boxes and pots and then things for the garden.  I also have to take a meal into a family that just had their 7th baby!  So I think I will run upstairs and make the salad and cake before I leave for the dentist.

     Our youngest got a good summer job up in the same town as her older sister so we are grateful.  So much to be happy about.

     Anyway got to run have less than an hour to get ready and get a few things done.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday, still moving:)

     Day 2: Just spending the day with my Mom puttering around made me Happy!

     Mom is feeling better so she was a help yesterday, although she was sick again late last night.  I am stiff but did sleep well last night due to some great drugs.  I feel like my life is controlled by rounds of medication, but soon I will be able to start up on the Orencia again and I will get better.

     Worked too hard yesterday, but enjoyed every minute of it!

Garden is weeded, not picked up but pulled!
Shop closet is clean and I have several bags to go to dump, and Sr. Citizens sewing guild.
My closet is clean and winter clothes moved.
The laundry is done!
Ironing started but what a pile!

     Mom and I went to Hastings and picked through their $1.99 books and found several, then I took her to get a hair cut.  We went to the canned food outlet and stocked up on things.  We watched the video of the show last night.  Just a fun day.

     Today, I am going out to pick up in the garden and then take a hot bath.  I would like to make a dump run but I don't know if I have the strength to carry my weed bags around from back the back to the pickup out front:) Mom is going to try to help me with the ironing and I will spend most of the day in the shop as I have not sewed much this week and I will have customers howling if I don't!

Out My window:  One of the baby chicks was killed.  Pecking order.  We were worried about that.  He was aggressive.  But sad.  Beautiful weather!

I am off to get to work, and I had better go check on Mom.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday, stiff as a board and loving it!

     What made me happy today?  Lena's  attitude and picture! 

     Had a pretty bad night up form 3-7 then slept like a rock until 9:15!  Yikes!  My day is not starting out as planned.  I don't even care!

     Yesterday, I was able to do a bank deposit, get payroll done, clean out my sewing machine drawers, put away all bed linens from company, rearrange Mom's room and bath so it is easier for her to get around, start the mountain of laundry.  Iron 10 pillowcases, and a few other pieces, weed about 1/3 of the huge garden, started to clean my shop closet.   So today although I am behind I will continue to whittle at my list of bothers.

     Good news, Hubby got a bonus of $1200.00.  I am trying to be grateful as we were promised a raise by the legislature.  It will come in lump sums of about $300.00 starting next weeks paycheck.  I am not even going to try to put it somewhere as we are so behind in vacation savings and personal savings in general because of our dental bills. 
     Also I have not saved a dime for my house payment!  I mean it is the first of the month.  Now I am thinking thank goodness Hubby's paycheck will be $300.00 more as I only have to come up with $300.00 in stead of $500.00.  I was so concerned about paying the dentist that I have not really thought about the house payment.

     See what these shows do to me?  I am in a blur, time passes and I don't even know what month it is.  I have to start paying attention.  But right now I am too HAPPY!

  So today I hope to be able to:

Clean the shop closet
clean my closet and move all winter suits to spare room
clean junk drawer
finish laundry
Continue weeding.....

     Ack!  It is almost 10 a.m. and I am still in my night clothes.  The shop opens in 1 minute.....

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday, I am over the moon...

     The show is over and I am so happy.  My mommy is here and I am so happy.  My shoulders and right knee, hands and wrists are awful, but I refuse to not be happy!  I have already had a customer here that I met in my night gown.  But I am still HAPPY!

     I have so much catching up to do.  I really need to make a list.  I just don't feel like looking at a list right now.  Because I am too HAPPY!

     Although I only have one week until workshops start I am going to use this week to get many things done which will only add to my happiness.  Like weed the yard and plant the garden and fix the pond, and really clean the house, clean out the shop, catch up on the financial reports, pay the bills, plant the flower boxes, clean the studio, Get the costume closet organized.  Okay that is enough.  I don't want to lose my happiness ratio.

     Out My Window:  It is sunny but cool.  Perfect for weeding. I discovered one of my new chickens is a Rooster, so he will have to go.  We cannot have a rooster in the city limits.

I am going to get my mom to clean out my fridge and bake some cookies as the kids are going to view the video of the show at 4 p.m. today!

     Have to go get cleaned up I have customers coming at 10 and I am so lovely.  I defy anyone to rival me in fairness.  Mirror, Mirror on the wall.......

Have a great and productive day!