Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, Posting at night

Day 5 what made me happy?  Having my mom with me and laughing with her.
Day 6 :  Fresh strawberries for $1.29 a lb.

     I was up early to get to the studio to set the floor and put all of the recital crap away.  I should have put it away last week but I was too busy trying to get caught up around the house.  Anyway to make a long story short I worked way too hard on Saturday and really paid for it Saturday night and Sunday.  Now before you all get up in arms, I have no help, nor can I afford to hire any of this done.  I desperately love my mom and I actually would prefer that she live with us but she is a great distraction and a great deal of work.

     My Mother hates my husband.  She is civil to him but she really can't stand him.  He is on the other end of the work spectrum from me.  I am a certified workaholic, he is well to put it nicely quite lazy.  (that is putting is nicely)  When my mother is around he is worse.  I mean he has gotten better over 34 years but the minute she shows up he just does nothing.  I am trying frantically to get the yard done and the weeds pulled and the garden planted, laundry caught up etc. sewing  and bringing in enough money to pay all the bills.  He laid around and slept all weekend except to go to church.  He is perfect in his religion.  I however did not go to church,  I was just too worn out and did not sleep a wink all Saturday night and was in pain.

     He was chastising me for working too hard on Saturday so I was worn out on Sunday and I said then you needed to work harder.  I mean I was so embarrassed and mortified.  Why does he have to be so lazy around my mom, she already has ammunition enough to kill him why give her more?  I don't get it?  Or is he always this lazy and I just choose to ignore it and when she comes after a few days I realize I am doing all the hard manual work and I become embarrassed.  Anyway, I just worked too hard.

     Now the studio is so much hard physical work especially after a show.  The cleaning alone is a killer.  No help from the bumble.  So this morning one of the professionals helped me move the floor into place and then older students came in early and taped it down.  Bless them.  I put away all set pieces and took everything upstairs.  I did get many many bags of trash taken out and cleaned all the mirrors.  I am going to spend from 9-10 in the morning there all week and work on the costume closet.  I think I should be able to get it cleaned up in 4 hours.  I will then go home and work in the shop.  I really cleaned the costume closet last January so it is not going to be nearly the job it was before.  I will divide and conquer.  I also gave a mother with three dancers the job of keeping the studio clean for next year.  It is just too much work.

     I need to clean my desk and pay bills.  I was really disappointed with the turn out for this Celtic workshop.  Usually I can clear about $12-1500 on a work shop and I will be lucky to break even.  So I will just really favor the students that know the workshop choreography.  They will move up.  Parents want these opportunities and then think swim lessons need to take precedence.  They can take swim lessons all summer camp is for one week.  Okay I am getting B&^%*y..........

My mom went home today and she made it but she really should not be traveling anymore with out help, she is just too ill.  But she absolutely will not give up her independence.  I can't blame her but it puts such a strain on me.

    Out My Window:  The weather is beautiful and I am trying to  get ahead in the yard.

Have a great evening



  1. I am in no position to give advice on marriage or the like....but remember, in the end, you need to take care of YOU.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit with Mom. Does she have ANY help? Even if it is just someone who looks in on her weekly?

  2. We should get all up in arms... you need to stop doing so much by yourself! It would not be worth it at all if you get injured or sick. I've never been that far west, but I may just fly there to help out!

  3. Like my hubby keeps reminding me - I am our family's income - I can't afford to get sick or overdo it and he's pretty good at reminding me to take care of myself. Take care of yourself - you always sound like you are running yourself into the ground with all you do!