Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday, Christmas will find you...

     We are trying to get Christmas put away in this house, well every where but in our hearts.  ( I am so eloquent, Sluggy get back here)  It just keeps popping up.  It finds me in every room I swear.  There are piles of Christmas still to be boxed.  Mom's rooms are especially hard as I think she hides stuff and brings it out when I am not looking.

     Sissie continues to cook gourmet meals.  Last night was prime rib soup with pop overs the size of my head.  I ate two :).

     Today we are going to work in and on my shop.  I am at the point in this business that I need to be more organized.  Organization is not one of my strong suits.  The shop is always a mess.  Now sewing is messy but I have no place to put things coming in and no place to keep things in order.  I just have piles and it is aggravating.  I do have a system but my mother thinks it is nuts and my Sissie well I won't tell you what she thinks.  It works for me but with tons of stress.  So they are going to organize me I guess.  I am very hard to organize. ( that was for you Dave)

     Hub's and Sis are out right now looking for things to help with the project.  I am a skinflint and Sissie just buys what is needed.  She is right in the fact that you should not be in business unless you are serious.  It does not present a good face to the customer.

     Sissie and mom had a plumber come last night and put in a new garbage disposal and fix the plumbing under the sink.  It has been leaking for over a year.  Now it is flooding and you can't use 1/2 the sink.  I have not had a working disposal for a while.  I did not want to do this as I am going to remodel the kitchen (someday) and I do not want to waste the money.  So I just clean the mess up every time with towels.  Okay, okay I know that is crazy.  Sometimes I have to have someone come in  and point out my crazy.

     Well I have a ton of people coming in so I had better go and fix my witchy poo hair and paint on a face that does not look like a pie.

Out My Window:  We have had a light dusting of snow.  Huge flakes fall so pretty but they melt.

 Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday, seriously I am back...

      I had a wonderful Christmas and hope all of you had the same.  Our grandson came down with a high fever and a bad flu/cold the day we arrived.  It was down hill from there.  Although I was able to get many things done it was hard with a cranky 4 year old.  He was so miserable.  Daughter had so much court that I tried to get up with him at night.  So my sleep was off. 

      Hub's went 2 hours back to get his folks and bring then in for Christmas.  I sewed 3 maternity suits for daughter.  But I only was able to compete one blouse and I had material for three.  I will get them done this month at home.  My old, old, old sewing machine (or one of them) was at her house and I always sew on that.  I sewed her wedding dress and her husbands weddings on that old machine, but it was really acting up and finally died.  So I bought a new machine and a new  serger both I desperately needed for the shop.  I was able to get a really good deal on them at Christmas so I was thrilled.  Made sewing a breeze.

     I got a Janome like Carla's.  It sews beautifully.  I will keep my old machine for mom.

     We ate like kings over Christmas and I have to lose some weight as all my clothes are tight.  Blah I hate that, but I will not buy new clothes.

     I came home to my mom and my Sissie!  We have been having such fun.  I also brought home my grandson's plague.  I have been quite sick with a bad cold.  Sissie is a gourmet cook and she has been force feeding me  because I am heavier than her and she loves that (bit%^).  She is a fireball and I am having trouble keeping up with her, but than I am not feeling well. 

     We have Christmas down and almost packed.  She rearranged the front room and I love the way it is done.  Sissie has an eye for design.   Today we are working on the shop which has needed love for a long while.  Hub's has all his books from his office in there and it is a cramped mess.  But Sissie to the rescue she will fix it and I will love it.  The problem is she can out work me 7 days to Sunday, plus I have this awful cold and I just drip, drip, drip behind her skinny a$$. By the way "too much info" but I wish I just dripped from my nose......

     Well I need to go make my bed Sissie insists on a clean house and she will check on me and I will be in trouble.

     So proud and happy for Sarah.  I was really worried that the car wreck would derail her, but no she is back on top and now I must really work to get back in the game.  I have idea's.  I have skills don't you worry.

Have a great and productive day.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday, Fun with Danny.

     Friday was a busy day.  Trying to get out of Dodge is hard.  The last minute sewing and banking and all the packing.  Making sure everything left at home for Sissie was up to snuff. Hub's even decorated the back porch for her so she could sit and enjoy.  Complete with lights,red chairs and a red and green polka dot table cloth.  I can't wait to see my sissie.  Daughter the just graduated was offered a full time job at the University in the Chemistry lab.  She will work for both the Micro department and the Chemistry department.  She is so lucky more money than she has ever made before and she can then decide does she truly want to go into research or medicine.  She is also studying for the MCATS.

     Hubs had his interview with Social Security and then we went and cleaned the church a day early.  Did you know if you save money in  401K or special account that the state and feds encourage you to save in for retirement they take it off you benefits?  Yes we just learned that.  Hubs benefits were based on his SS wages not his gross wages that we paid taxes and tithing on so we were shorted about 300.00 a month in SS because we had saved too or so much money.  We would have been better off taking the money and buying land.  Oh well we will be fine just frustrating that the government is always going to find a way to take.

     We left  for Twin Falls early and the roads were horrible the first 4 hours and then they were fine for the last three.  We stopped at Hub's mom and dad and agreed to go back and get them on Wednesday.

     Last night when we got in kids took us to new star wars movie.  It was good but predictable.  Too close to old script.  But then history does repeat it self, right?  We came home to homemade German Chocolate Cake.  Hub's favorite.

     Oldest daughter sang Jesu Bambino in church.  It was beautiful she did her Auntie Kay proud.  So well done.  Last year Daughter #2 sang in French with Bub's playing  the violin.  Also lovely.  All the girls sing well.  I am blessed.

     I have a bad headache this afternoon.  Oldest is taking a nap.  I will make homemade fried chicken for dinner with biscuits as it is son-in-laws favorite.  I have watched the video Sluggy placed on her blog about the Hippo for Christmas with my grandson several times.  He loves the song and the cartoon.  I just have a few thing s to buy here.  I am making daughter two maternity suits and blouses for Christmas.  She has to wear a suit into court.  I found a great pattern from the 50's with a perfect maternity car coat.  I will make one with long sleeves and the other with three quarter sleeves.  Can't wait to start.

     A nap sounds nice.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday,What a surprise!

     I was up and attem today, as we had so mush to do in order to get out to Orophino by noon.  I had to take mom's car into the garage for a myriad of things.  The shattered mirror, her gas cap was not engaging, the plastic engine pan was dragging, her driver side visor was not staying up she also needed to have her license plates changed.  There were a couple of lights on in the dash (warning lights).

     I had to rush to the theater for a meeting and then onto Hub's party.   It was very nice.  Hub's rec'd a beautiful plack from the Governor.  They also took a large piece of basalt rock off of one of his rock pits that he has had charge of for 17 years and put a section corner cap on the rock.  Very nice door stop.  They made a huge floor lamp out of the bumper of his brand new truck he received right before he retired.  He took it out on a fire mop up and hit an unexposed stump that flipped up and totally ruined the bumper.  It was a gag gift and quite the item.  The bumper is obviously new except for the huge dent that wraps around the lamp.

     They also gave him a huge smoker.  I mean like you can live in it smoker.  I don't know where we are going to put it.  Many funny stories were told about him.  My favorite was the easement that the State could not obtain to get across a piece of land.  Timber belonging to the state was land locked for over 50 years but the two ranchers that owned the adjacent land would not give easement permission.  This went on for 2 generations and up to the Governor and the land board.  Hub's goes out to fix a fence and runs into the landowners wife who was not very nice to him, but he continued to fix his fence and eventually got to know her.  Fencing goes on for months at a time and he got acquainted with both the wives on the state land boundaries.  They were on the hospital board and were having a fund raiser for the nursery.  Hub's agreed to play as a roving violinist for their Italian night.  After this event the landowners came in and signed the easement that the state had been wanting for over 50 years. The qualifying factor was you had to play the violin.

     We did not get home until 4 p.m. picked up mom's car and it is now in great shape.  I need to get come sewing done.

Have a great evening.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday, Computer issues:(

     My computer is having issues.  It took me all day to fight with it.  Well off and on I fought with it.  Actually I spent the morning helping a bride and getting mom's packages ready.  We left about 1 and I slogged packages, and then we went down and licensed the car which was a pain, she will not be able to drive it much longer.  I think I will send it to Sarah.  Anyway everyone needs to say a prayer for Mysti.  Sarah needs a few good wishes sent her way.  Remember when my sewer line collapsed and put us $18,000 more in debt?  So discouraging when you are working so hard and making progress.  But I know we will all persevere.

     Mom and I baked cookies last night and made caramels and 2 batches of almond roca.  I have had no time to sew today.  Mom has taken all my time and it is crazy here.  I need to get into the shop tonight.

     Hub's official State retirement party is tomorrow at noon in Orophino.  I think I have most of my shopping done except for hubby, and one son-in-law.  We can take care of a few things in Twin Falls.

I need to get to work after all it is only 5:30  yikes.

Have a productive evening.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday, Lazy me

     I have slept later than usual the last two mornings.  Yeah!  I also paid bills yesterday, Boo... sniff...

But at least it is done.  Holding checks until payday Thursday.  I did no sewing.  I ate way too much crap.  I did not even make the beds.   

     I was able to help mom get her packaged ready to mail out.  Hub's actually took a load to the dump by himself.  I am still in a state of shock.  There is too much stuff in my house for my comfort.  I go into mom's bathroom and bedroom and put stuff away constantly.  If two things on the counter are good 15 must be better.

     I was able to get a little Christmas shopping done via Amazon last night.  Will do a little more this week and then finish in Twin Falls.  I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas.

     Mom and I worked up two batches of Christmas cookies last night and they are in the fridge ready to bake today.  I need to do some caramels and toffee.  Blah, Blah.

Meeting the students at the studio tonight at 4 to watch the video of the show.  That will be fun.

     I also need to go pay the water bill today.  I cannot forget.  Don't want a 15.00 late fee.
  Because I was lazy yesterday I need to get on the ball today.  i am going to get dressed and head for the shop.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday, Woo Hoo!

Here is a poor cell phone image of the three girls after B's graduation.  Both older girls are pregnant.facebook
   The weekend was too much.  But it is over and I am so happy.

     Friday afternoon I about killed hub's as it took him 2.5 days to partially hang Christmas light and clean up the yard.  Well the yard is not cleaned up, the truck has not been taken to the dump.  The lights he did hang looked awful like a kindergarten kid did them.  I of course was frustrated all week and finally blew up was told to do them myself so I did.  In 45 minutes the lights were hung PERFECTLY and the front porch was cleaned off.  Still don't know how I am going to live full time with the lazy piece of work.  That is another story.

     Show went well Friday and Saturday was a rushed and busy day.  Up and dressed and up to the University and then Graduation.  By the way you have to pay 10.00 to get a program that has your child's name on it, as I don't know what the $14,000 a year in tuition pays.  B was the 6th to the last person called across the stand and one of two to graduate in Micro-biology and chemistry.  There were 792 graduating as Christmas so all schools and disciplines were involved.  D#1 was able to see a few of her professors from Music and the Law school.  B took us to the three labs she will be working in this next semester.

     We arrived home about 5 p.m. and one of my dance mom's had brought us dinner.  Then off to the theater.  Both the older girls were very impressed with the Nut Cracker and my grandson loved the show.  He was enthralled with Drosselmeyer and every time he shot fire out of his hands he would say ,"How did he do that?"  Our grandson is 4 he will be 5 in February.  He had to sit in dress clothes through a long concert, a long graduation and the Nut cracker and then church and he was an angel.  Now try to get him to put his shoes on or take a bath a different story.

     I am getting very tired by this point and I need a nap so badly.  Church was at 9 and we left after Sacrament and then. had to hurry home to clean up and get ready for the last Nut cracker performance and B's party.  I took a short rest and went to the theater.  The show sold out and was very good.  Parent really helped tear down and put away I was home by 5:30 to continue preparations.  B's open house was from 6-9.  I had to wash every cup and glass in the house twice to get everyone served.  It was a nice party.  Hub' and I did dishes and cleaned up until midnight.  I slept until 10:30 this morning.

     The studio is full of dirty costumes and there is so much work to do down there but that can be taken care of later.  I have to pay bills today. Yuck and then I have sewing to do.  Life never changes even when it really changes.

Anyway, I have so much to be grateful for, three kids and they are all through college.  That was my goal.  Now B has to go on, but that is her domain.  We will help with incidentals, but it is up to her to pay for her life and school.

     Have a great and productive day!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday, Was there a Thursday?

     Mom insisted on going to Costco on Wednesday afternoon to get a few things.  Mostly rotisserie chickens.  I bought some pecans.  We had chicken and salad for dinner.  I don't know what it was some kind of seasoning but it did not agree with me.

     When I went to bed I groaned all night with nightmares about my stomach hurting.  Hub's woke me up and I went to sleep in the spare room.  About 5:30 he came into the room to check on me and I about knocked him over with well I am too much of a lady to say.  He brought me a glass of ice water and I drained it and went back to sleep then finally went into a deep sleep and I did not get up until 11:00!

     I was a so shocked.  First of all because the phone starts to ring constantly about 9:30 or the door bell rings, mom needs something Hub's cannot stand it if I sleep when he is not sleeping.  What the ?  They wanted me to sleep so I would feel better.  I was much better but will stay away from Costco chicken, it has the same affect on me as Curly fries from Wendy's.  Must be some spice they use.  The rest of the day was a blur.  I got in the tub and did my roots realized that oldest daughter and grandson were due at the airport at 7 that evening.

     Hubs had brought up all the boxes of Christmas decorations the night before , which I had emptied in a big pile on the floor of the front room.  So it was like Christmas had vomited.  That is so descriptive.  Mom has a hair appointment at 1:30 so Hub's and I dropped her off and went to get Christmas lights for the out side of the house. Then back to the house to start putting things away.

     Hub's picked up d#1 and grandson.  She is looking pregnant now.  Last time I saw her she did not look pregnant at all.  By the way she is having a BOY!  So I will have two new grandsons in March and April.  So excited.

     I have another show tonight and tomorrow d#3 graduates from college.  It will be busy, busy here.  Hub's is having a melt down, I am not sure about what.  Probably that company is coming and I mean a lot of company and he is about 1/3 of the way done with several things that need to be done this afternoon.  This is what you get when you move slowly and do everything the hardest way possible.

Well I am off when I post next I will be the mother of three college graduates, now if they would just support themselves.......

Have a great and productive day


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday,Time flies when you are...

     Time flies when you are not getting anything done.  I was able to sew yesterday until Mom had to go to her appointment and then life took over as usual.  Mom is slow and always has a list of her own to do's.  I am trying to humor her while my humor takes a beating.

     Hub's actually cleaned almost all of the windows in the house outside and inside.  He also cut down the ivy outside the spare bedroom window that was ready to take over the house.  So he did accomplish something.  He also grilled a salmon fillet for our dinner.

     When I finally got mom home from her appointment, I made a salad and fried some leftover potatoes from Sunday dinner. Then mom continued cooking.  She made three almond cakes and two batches of fudge one with nuts and one without.  Then she started on my favorite Swedish cookie.  A lemon flavored melt in your mouth pressed cookie.

     I was cleaning the kitchen when mom started the cookies and she kept asking for things and as I was finding them I was pulling crap out of the cupboards and then the mouse took over and I ended up cleaning the cupboard above the stove and the food cupboard.  What a mess duplicates of everything.  By the way who needs 15 small bottles of blue food coloring?  I am sure much of this stuff came from Mom's. I also spilled a box of corn starch upside down and it was so hard to clean up.  It went every where.  Finally at 9 I was exhausted.  I am still exhausted.  4 large bags of throw away.  It is gone.  Cupboards look bare but clean. I still have one more cupboard I dread since the mouse issue.  I might tackle that late this afternoon.

     Mom will not be flying to Sissie's for the holiday's as the doctor does not want her flying until she sees a heart specialist.  I think she is relieved as she does not have to make the decision. Now I have to get Sissie here.

     Well I have so much to get done since I feel like yesterday was a bust.  I worked like a dog and I am still behind.  How did that happen?

     Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday, Survived first day of Hub's retirement.

     I think I was grabbed from the side, the front and behind about 5 times by ten in the morning.  I put a stop to that in a hurry.  This is not what we will be doing in his retirement.  Were we not taught to keep our hands to ourselves in kindergarten?  I don't think Hub's went to kindergarten.

 I did get the shop really cleaned and then messed it up again.  Hub's cleaned some windows. That was appreciated.  Today I am going to send him for a printer ribbon and to the dump if I do nothing else.

     I was able to do a Sluggy and get mom and I some hair color for about .36 cents a box!  Go me.  Really if you read and watch her posts you will learn so much about saving money. 

     Mom is upstairs baking Almond cakes and I am going to run through the house and get laundry done.  Mom wants her bedroom and bath room decorated for Christmas, and I don't even know if she is going to be here.  Oh well what ever makes her happy.

     I did not get as much done in the shop yesterday as I wanted, too many interruptions mostly from my inner brat.

     Mom has a doctor appointment at 1:30.  This means I need to get my butt in gear.

Wish me luck!

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday, First day of retirement with hubs....

     So far I haven't killed him but I am thinking......  It is raining hard so all his outdoor plans have failed and he is inside driving my crazy.  Love that man.  LOVE THAT MAN.  ( just a little reminder to self as this problem is not going away:))

     I forgot to pick mom up at the airport last Friday.   I thought she was coming in in the afternoon and she got here at 11:28 as I was sewing a costume frantically.  She was not happy.  Luckily it is only a 5 minute drive to the airport from our house.  I got her home dropped her off and left for the theater.  I still had to set up the treat table for the party scene and steam the mother ginger dress.  We also had to tape the floor which is a big job.  I delegated much of this and we were off.

     Hub's brought mom to the theater to watch the first show.  It went well except for some tech boo boos and it is almost always tech.  Kids were great.   Hub's took mom to grocery store after show while I stayed to clean up.  He said she is so slow.  Hee, Hee.

     Every show has gotten better and it grows.  It is so fun to see the kids get into the parts.  Hub's confluence string group played for 1/2 an hour before we opened on Sat. and Sunday and is was so nice.  They played Christmas carols and it added such elegance to the program.

     Still don't know what mom is going to do for Christmas but I will let her decide.  My shop is a wreck, I am behind on laundry, plans are to clean up shop and get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday, show opens, mom comes home!

     So as usual running with scissors.  Lot's of little things to do to get ready.  I can't remember what time mom comes in but sometime after noon.  So I have about 2 hours to get my ducks in a row.  Assuming I have ducks.

     I need to get dressed and clean myself up so I don't forget and get to the theater in a frazzle.  Only have one dress to finish and 4 pairs of pants to hem for customers then a few items for studio.  I want all to be done by noon.  I need to straighten the down stairs a little before mom comes.  That may not get done.

     Dress rehearsal was as usual a technical nightmare.  But I have a faith that it will pull through. Mostly leads not thinking things through and using the music to fill the time on stage.  Nerves will make them do better tonight.  I am way too critical and see every little mistake, for others it is magical.  I hope I can see the magic.  I love the kids, they inspire me.

     This is hub's last day of work.  He has been bringing home all sorts of crap from his office.  There are piles everywhere.  I cannot deal with them right now so am ignoring the mess.  I am good at that.  I feel bad as I have not really had time to pay attention to this huge transition in his life.  Emotionally it has to be hard.  We went to Wal-mart last night and then out for a taco.  We were able to talk a little.  I told him my biggest worry.  It was a good heart to heart conversation.

     Well I had better get ready to get something done.

have a great and productive day!


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday, Mom not coming?

     I was due to pick mom up at the airport this afternoon and her flight was cancelled.  I am somewhat relieved as my house is a mess and I really don't have time to give her any attention.  I miss her and want her back but I can wait until tomorrow.

     Rehearsal last night was good, only one blow up with Ballet mistress.  She was over here last night uninvited having a break down, crying, what a mess.  I know she is just nervous about things I have asked her to change and she has unwilling to work with me.  So stubborn now she is seeing the results of her wishes.  But we can fix everything she just has to listen.

     I have a few costumes to fix today and I have to put together a treat table and a hair and sewing kit.  Just  so much to do, but it will get done.

     I was able to get all the military jackets done last night and I have one pair of pants to do for dress blues.  This is tearing apart the pants and putting the gold stripe down the side. Really a tough job.  Still have one set of BDU's and 4 pairs of mortician pants and then one ball gown to alter, everything else will have to wait.

     I am going to steam every thing so I can take the steamer down to the theater.  Dress rehearsals are always such a mess.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday, I love my country, but?

     Why does the big Military ball have to occur every year the same weekend the Nutcracker open?  Why do Military men wait until the last minute to get their uniforms updated?  I only had 7 come in yesterday.  Everyone knows how much I love these uniforms.  Complain, whine, sniff.

     Rehearsal last night was okay.  It actually went quite well.  I only had to squash my ballet Mistress about 10 times.  I would not let her come over after rehearsal last night to work on costumes.  Then she tried the I will work on the program which would have to be done here and my Board Pres stopped that, thank goodness.  Things have been a little rough but at least she is not living here.  I did not need her bothering me and badgering me until late in the evening.  I need down time and sleep.  She has such control issues and needs to let go and realize that things will get done and it will be fine.  Yes there will be problems and mistakes but the average age of our dancers is 9.  They are little kids and young people doing a great job!

     I have several alterations plus one costume to make today before I start on my military stuff.  I have most of it ripped.  I just want it over.

     It is the same old argument with Ballet Mistress.  I will get my work done in the shop first and then costumes.  I make no money with the studio.  Extra money goes to debt and taxes.  I have to concentrate my efforts where it pays my bills.  She wants me exclusively to work on Nutcracker things and I will not.  It will get done. It will get done in time but at my time schedule. Last night I ripped military uniforms I did not need her over here nagging me.

     So much is happening right now, Hub's last day of work is Friday.  Yikes!

It snowed last night a little and it has been very cold, but is supposed to warm up this weekend.

Sluggy has another give away so go post a comment or I am going to win a gain and you all know how I like to win!.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday, here we go again!

     Well rehearsal went well with the adults last night.  Everyone is costumed.  I have a heck of a lot of sewing to do today for the show so I am going to keep this post short.  I can't believe it is December already other than I am up to my ears in Nutcracker.

     We moved the floor over to the theater last night and it will need to be taped today.  I realized I was down to one roll of gaff tape and a new order should be in this afternoon.  It is always something.

     The title for mom's car came in yesterday so we can get that taken care of when she returns. One more item ticked off the lists of things to get done concerning mother.
     Well I am off to sew.

Have a great and productive day!