Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday, Fun with Danny.

     Friday was a busy day.  Trying to get out of Dodge is hard.  The last minute sewing and banking and all the packing.  Making sure everything left at home for Sissie was up to snuff. Hub's even decorated the back porch for her so she could sit and enjoy.  Complete with lights,red chairs and a red and green polka dot table cloth.  I can't wait to see my sissie.  Daughter the just graduated was offered a full time job at the University in the Chemistry lab.  She will work for both the Micro department and the Chemistry department.  She is so lucky more money than she has ever made before and she can then decide does she truly want to go into research or medicine.  She is also studying for the MCATS.

     Hubs had his interview with Social Security and then we went and cleaned the church a day early.  Did you know if you save money in  401K or special account that the state and feds encourage you to save in for retirement they take it off you benefits?  Yes we just learned that.  Hubs benefits were based on his SS wages not his gross wages that we paid taxes and tithing on so we were shorted about 300.00 a month in SS because we had saved too or so much money.  We would have been better off taking the money and buying land.  Oh well we will be fine just frustrating that the government is always going to find a way to take.

     We left  for Twin Falls early and the roads were horrible the first 4 hours and then they were fine for the last three.  We stopped at Hub's mom and dad and agreed to go back and get them on Wednesday.

     Last night when we got in kids took us to new star wars movie.  It was good but predictable.  Too close to old script.  But then history does repeat it self, right?  We came home to homemade German Chocolate Cake.  Hub's favorite.

     Oldest daughter sang Jesu Bambino in church.  It was beautiful she did her Auntie Kay proud.  So well done.  Last year Daughter #2 sang in French with Bub's playing  the violin.  Also lovely.  All the girls sing well.  I am blessed.

     I have a bad headache this afternoon.  Oldest is taking a nap.  I will make homemade fried chicken for dinner with biscuits as it is son-in-laws favorite.  I have watched the video Sluggy placed on her blog about the Hippo for Christmas with my grandson several times.  He loves the song and the cartoon.  I just have a few thing s to buy here.  I am making daughter two maternity suits and blouses for Christmas.  She has to wear a suit into court.  I found a great pattern from the 50's with a perfect maternity car coat.  I will make one with long sleeves and the other with three quarter sleeves.  Can't wait to start.

     A nap sounds nice.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath.



  1. Your daughter is so lucky to have a seamstress mama with access to old patterns!

  2. it a car right leg all really close up by a hit the one train get it get your foot as close to your bomb if possible then what we're going to do is reached this right arm through on the inside pressing our need to our Perfect Biotics shoulder to reach behind left arm comes behind the back for class this is called a buying then I'm going to fit up as much as possible while squeezing that lake in and looking over to my left again .

  3. I just got up an hour ago and I think a nap sounds nice too :) I was at a get together yesterday and ate too much - now I feel like a slug (no offence Sluggy!)

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