Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday,Time flies when you are...

     Time flies when you are not getting anything done.  I was able to sew yesterday until Mom had to go to her appointment and then life took over as usual.  Mom is slow and always has a list of her own to do's.  I am trying to humor her while my humor takes a beating.

     Hub's actually cleaned almost all of the windows in the house outside and inside.  He also cut down the ivy outside the spare bedroom window that was ready to take over the house.  So he did accomplish something.  He also grilled a salmon fillet for our dinner.

     When I finally got mom home from her appointment, I made a salad and fried some leftover potatoes from Sunday dinner. Then mom continued cooking.  She made three almond cakes and two batches of fudge one with nuts and one without.  Then she started on my favorite Swedish cookie.  A lemon flavored melt in your mouth pressed cookie.

     I was cleaning the kitchen when mom started the cookies and she kept asking for things and as I was finding them I was pulling crap out of the cupboards and then the mouse took over and I ended up cleaning the cupboard above the stove and the food cupboard.  What a mess duplicates of everything.  By the way who needs 15 small bottles of blue food coloring?  I am sure much of this stuff came from Mom's. I also spilled a box of corn starch upside down and it was so hard to clean up.  It went every where.  Finally at 9 I was exhausted.  I am still exhausted.  4 large bags of throw away.  It is gone.  Cupboards look bare but clean. I still have one more cupboard I dread since the mouse issue.  I might tackle that late this afternoon.

     Mom will not be flying to Sissie's for the holiday's as the doctor does not want her flying until she sees a heart specialist.  I think she is relieved as she does not have to make the decision. Now I have to get Sissie here.

     Well I have so much to get done since I feel like yesterday was a bust.  I worked like a dog and I am still behind.  How did that happen?

     Have a great and productive day!


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