Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday, Lazy me

     I have slept later than usual the last two mornings.  Yeah!  I also paid bills yesterday, Boo... sniff...

But at least it is done.  Holding checks until payday Thursday.  I did no sewing.  I ate way too much crap.  I did not even make the beds.   

     I was able to help mom get her packaged ready to mail out.  Hub's actually took a load to the dump by himself.  I am still in a state of shock.  There is too much stuff in my house for my comfort.  I go into mom's bathroom and bedroom and put stuff away constantly.  If two things on the counter are good 15 must be better.

     I was able to get a little Christmas shopping done via Amazon last night.  Will do a little more this week and then finish in Twin Falls.  I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas.

     Mom and I worked up two batches of Christmas cookies last night and they are in the fridge ready to bake today.  I need to do some caramels and toffee.  Blah, Blah.

Meeting the students at the studio tonight at 4 to watch the video of the show.  That will be fun.

     I also need to go pay the water bill today.  I cannot forget.  Don't want a 15.00 late fee.
  Because I was lazy yesterday I need to get on the ball today.  i am going to get dressed and head for the shop.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Lazy is not a word I would use to describe you.

  2. I agree with Mysti. I tried commenting yesterday but couldn't. Your girls are beautiful and congrats to B!!

  3. Just reading your blog generally makes me tired. I think you are probably one of those balls of energy!

  4. Good for you getting a little extra sleep! I know it seems like you pay for it, but obviously you needed it. Your daughters are very beautiful!