Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday,What a surprise!

     I was up and attem today, as we had so mush to do in order to get out to Orophino by noon.  I had to take mom's car into the garage for a myriad of things.  The shattered mirror, her gas cap was not engaging, the plastic engine pan was dragging, her driver side visor was not staying up she also needed to have her license plates changed.  There were a couple of lights on in the dash (warning lights).

     I had to rush to the theater for a meeting and then onto Hub's party.   It was very nice.  Hub's rec'd a beautiful plack from the Governor.  They also took a large piece of basalt rock off of one of his rock pits that he has had charge of for 17 years and put a section corner cap on the rock.  Very nice door stop.  They made a huge floor lamp out of the bumper of his brand new truck he received right before he retired.  He took it out on a fire mop up and hit an unexposed stump that flipped up and totally ruined the bumper.  It was a gag gift and quite the item.  The bumper is obviously new except for the huge dent that wraps around the lamp.

     They also gave him a huge smoker.  I mean like you can live in it smoker.  I don't know where we are going to put it.  Many funny stories were told about him.  My favorite was the easement that the State could not obtain to get across a piece of land.  Timber belonging to the state was land locked for over 50 years but the two ranchers that owned the adjacent land would not give easement permission.  This went on for 2 generations and up to the Governor and the land board.  Hub's goes out to fix a fence and runs into the landowners wife who was not very nice to him, but he continued to fix his fence and eventually got to know her.  Fencing goes on for months at a time and he got acquainted with both the wives on the state land boundaries.  They were on the hospital board and were having a fund raiser for the nursery.  Hub's agreed to play as a roving violinist for their Italian night.  After this event the landowners came in and signed the easement that the state had been wanting for over 50 years. The qualifying factor was you had to play the violin.

     We did not get home until 4 p.m. picked up mom's car and it is now in great shape.  I need to get come sewing done.

Have a great evening.



  1. You had me for a sec. I thought maybe a brownie had come and cleaned your house. Then I was going to ask if you could send it my way. ;)

    The party sounds like a hoot! Amazing what a little neighborly ways can move people. Niceness goes a long way!

  2. Thoughtful and entertaining gifts for hubs. I wonder what he'll smoke first?