Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday so much to do!

Okay,  I have a lot to do today!  Fittings all day and I do not like my shop opened on Saturday, but I have no choice.

Out My Window:

COLD!  Are you surprised?  This horrible cold front is meeting the air down south and causing the terrible storms.  All we have is cold so I will try not to complain.  I have to remember that Spring is a factor of light not warm air.

I found a violin lesson check upstairs!  It was for $57.00.  I love finding extra money.  I will squirrel this away for a snowflake!  Husband is an excellent violinist (also viola).  He usually has one or two students.  He also plays in many pit orchestras.  Even though he is very deaf, he can still hear music.  The violin is right up by his ear.  I need to get to work and I don't want to.  Blah! Send me energy!

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday " I am Blessed with Work"

Oh my, the shop was bombed yesterday.  I have so much work I may never catch up.  Youngest daughter picked out a pattern for her prom dress.  It is a picture from Sex in the City.  Quite modest for them. We were able to get the makings for about $25.00.  But I am so busy now it will be hard to get it made.  So my goal today is to get what I have to done and then have the shell ready to try on when she gets home from school.

This means I have 7 pairs of pants to hem, 2 to peg, a blouse to fix, a zipper to replace before I can cut out this dress.  AGHHHHHH! Splat!

Out My Window:

Beautiful, blue sky.  Colder than ice.  I will never get the garden planted.  But we have planted late and still had tremendous crops.  I need to calm down here.  Take care all of you out in tornado country, the storms are just awful.

Well I have a sick chick, so I need to get to the feed store for some medicated feed.  I hate it when they get sick as they are so pathetic.  Breaks my heart.  My husband says, "Kim they are just chickens", but to me they are just a helpless little creature.

"I am blessed with work", something my grandmother used to say constantly.  I understand it better now.  I am blessed with work.  Every time another dress comes into the shop I am closer to paying off my debt!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yes,  Finally a large debt is paid off!  I started with 7 debts and now I have 6!  I made the last payment last night.  Oh Happy Dance!  The scary part is that I am driving a 16 year old car that I cannot take out of town.  So I must borrow a car to go anywhere.  We live in rural Idaho.  I totaled my perfectly good paid for automobile last September.  Of course I was only given a fraction of what it was worth.  Needless to say my husband has a truck payment and we cannot afford two car payments.  So with 32 more months to pay on the truck we decided to pay it off first and then approach a car for me.  This has led to all kinds of problems.  But I was not going to go further into debt.  Last September our friends and family thought we were nuts to not replace my car, but I was serious about our debt.  It was none of their business.  Now we have no car payments.  May it stay that way for a while.  We paid the truck off with the $5000.00 settlement from my car and a $2400.00 check I thought was a write off on an old contract.  The rest was just regular payments, snowflakes and perseverance.
So 32 months became 8 and it is gone.  I am so proud of me!

Out My Window:
Apples, cherry, pear trees are in bloom.  They come down a fence line and are planted pink, white, pink, white.  No not on purpose, this was a accident. I can only choreograph dancers.  Still cold!

This is my big teaching day, I hope to get a lot done.  I also have a dentist appointment this morning and more sewing to do.  Life never ends.  I am excited to get to work on my next big debt.  It is $4000.00. Let's see how long this will take me.

Can you believe that I just wrote that I am excited to pay off debt?  What happened to the old me?

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday, Do I need to use this?

   I had a client in the shop yesterday who asked if I rec'd my  coupon in the mail from Penney's.  The mail had not come so I said "no".  She told me she was on her way to purchase something anything so she could take advantage of that coupon.  Well I don't shop at Penney's often,  maybe for socks, or towels. But I have to confess I too used to be lured in by a coupon.  A couple of years ago I would have found any reason to go and use said coupon.  Even today I can think of reasons to go.  Hmmmmm... let me see that Bridal Shower and upcoming Wedding, towels in the guest bath a little frayed.   Any, I mean any excuse would do.  But now I can ignore this temptation because I want to be out of debt more!

Have any of you been lured to go spend by a coupon?

Out My Window:

It is beautiful and cold.  The Wisteria is sprouting and will soon send out enough growth to cover the yard.  We will be hacking it back with machetes. It was planted over a bench and arbor to shade the pond and prevent certain molds from growing, what we didn't expect was how much the Wisteria would grow!

Costume letters are going out to students.  Commercial is done for Sleeping Beauty, also the poster, radio spots and rehearsal schedule.  This is my last week before I go into show mode.  Don't like show mode.  I rec'd a large check yesterday late.  So I will sit down this morning for a few minutes and do the books, maybe tomorrow I will have some great news!  Stay tuned.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday and my house is a wreck!

I wake up in the morning and the animals follow me until they are all fed.  I wander bleary eyed from scoop to scoop just leaving happiness in my wake,  Changed all the bedding under the chick and ducks.  There is a reason they call them fowl.  Who ever termed the word it's just chicken feed did not feed chickens. I have to go get a bag of feed today.  Put that on my to do list.

Out My Window:

It will be a beautiful day.  The yard needs to be mowed.  Poor H will have to decide if he will do that or finish up work on the coop.  It has been so wet the lawn grows like crazy but also too wet to mow.

My house is a wreck.  I really just need to spend an hour running through it.  But I am some what unmotivated.  Maybe it was the late night trying to story board Sleeping Beauty.  Take two artistic people and 120 students and try to get a story line that everyone can agree on.  Oh my aching head.  It is done but will have to be tweaked I am sure.

My husband and I have a side job that we have had since graduate school, so a long time.  We clean highly secured government buildings.  Our contract was finished with a city and switched to a county about 8  months ago.  Our pay seemed to be so much less with more work.  We argued and eventually got the pay resolved but were still making less money than we should.  I finally called not my immediate supervisor but the actual contract admin. office.  Some how our deductions had been changed.  We don't need to pay the feds and the state $250.00 a month.  We get back a big enough tax refund a it is.  Well that was fixed and here our check came and it is $110.00 higher than it has been.  Hooray!  that is $220.00 more a month to out toward debt! 

I am ready to post my debt totals but I am not sure how?  Any tutorials out there?

Have a great and productive day!  ( will now go and clean for an hour): )


Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday a brand new week!

I ate so much yesterday I was sick!  We have so many left overs I won't cook till Thursday.  But I have a busy week ahead. It was warm and beautiful all day, by evening the rains came. 

Out My Window:

It is cloudy and cold again.  We still have not planted the garden.  This must be done next week, as I go into rehearsals for a May show and I won't be able to do it until the end of May. Just wish the weather would co-operate!

When I went to turn in bill for last show to sponsor, I realized that I had put out over $1000.00 in expenses!   No wonder I am behind.  This really adds up.  I am looking forward to the check so I can get things back to square -1. We don't ever go to square one in the house always in the negative!  I need to meet with the TV station today to set the commercial for Sleeping Beauty.  The poster is done and it is perfect.  I have the best artist and web man available.  I am so lucky and he is so talented.  Most of our costumes are in and we will start to send bills home today.  I have at least two dresses and a suit to finish so I must get started.  B starts her new job today so we are excited.

I hope to have the Truck paid off by the end of the week! 

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen! Easter Sunday

What a wonderful day!  I will have a big dinner with my family.  The girls liked their Easter baskets.  I had B deliver an Easter basket to the older man across the way that fixes our cars.  He was so cute with her.  I also delivered a basket to a  pseudo foster son who is now living on his own.  We worked hard on the new Chicken coop yesterday and H might take tomorrow off to finish it.

Out My Window:

It is beautiful outside,  Still unseasonably cold but clear and blue.  Almost everything is in full bloom.  We still have some trees, and shrubs that are struggling but the crab apple over the pond is gorgeous.  We had the ducks outside this morning to run and they were so cute.  They are about 8 inches high with a big bright yellow tuft on their heads.  Their wings are about 1.5 inches long they are so funny to watch.  I know they are going to love the pond, but we have to watch them so closely when they are little.

I was busy yesterday with cleaning, baking, shopping for Easter dinner and helping H with coop.We dyed eggs last night with daughters and boyfriends.  Had a lot of laughs.  The girls brought me my traditional Easter lily.  I always plant them after they die off.  They come up every June.  I now have 12 out front in a cluster.  This tells us how long we have lived in this house.  I do believe the eldest daughter had to call and prompt the youngest two about the lily,  But that is okay she has always set a great example.

I had a thought about debt this morning and I am sure it has occurred to many of you before, but much of our debt or our habits with debt come from our lack of gratitude for what we already have.  I am going to strive to be more grateful.  Now please remind me of this next week when I am whining about my poor life!

Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Saturday!

Yeah!  I love Saturdays, I always have.  Well sometimes I have all day rehearsals and then they aren't so fun, but typically Saturday is a day to do projects and I love a project.

Out My Window: 
It is beautiful today!  The sun is shining every tree is ready to burst.  The tulips are up and the pond looks like a picture.  I have a cast iron frog prince that sits on the waterfall under a hanging pine. He looks like a sentinel.  But it will be a little cold.  I don't believe I will get any work done outside, as I will help my husband with the chicken coop.  My husband has gone profoundly deaf and will not be able to wear his hearing aids while we work so this should be interesting.  Charades with power tools?

I need to get a few more Easter things today and plan tomorrow.  I can't decide between ham or Rib roast.  Should I have strawberry shortcake or Hummingbird cake? Do you realize how blessed we are to live in a country where we have such abundance?  I was able to pay back my emergency fund $200.00 yesterday.  I will try to pay back the other $100.00 this week.  I have a large bill due Monday however and paychecks do not come in until next Friday.  I might have to rob myself again.  It will be so nice to have debt paid off and a larger emergency fund.  Because I would just like to automate my bills and not worry about checks bouncing.  I have a real paranoia about this.  Not that I have had more than say 2 bounce in the last 10 years but so much emotional scarring from living in debt and on the edge.

When did you or I make the decision to get out of debt and why?  What makes us say I have had enough of this turmoil and I won't live this way any more?  I keep trying to find this answer but it alludes me.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Literally good.  It has been a busy tough week in the shop.  I still am not caught up and my house is a wreck.  So I will need to get my butt in gear.  I was up late sewing as I had forgotten to hem a white formal and I had a  Wedding dress come in late yesterday that needed to be bustled and they are going to pick up early this morning as the wedding is tomorrow. Husband is busy on a new chicken coop.  It will be on two large wheels so it can be moved. This way we can move it easily and clean/rake the mess, compost it and start over.  I am excited.

Out My Window:

Well is is finally sunny, but cold.  Husband just called from the woods and said it snowed about a foot on his roads.  Now we by law had to take our studded tires off yesterday.  But it is so blue and pretty out.  I wish you could see it.  I might even get out for a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine.

Daughter # 2 is in Lapwai ( Indian Reservation) today to do dental clinic so I will have to teach her early classes.  She also left a ton of laundry in my basement last night!  It never ends. Daughter # 3 starts her new job on Monday. I am so excited for her and me.  Maybe I can cut back on the amount of gas money I give her.  I finally got the bill from the theater for the last Celtic Show we did in March.  So I can be reimbursed for the expenses by the sponsor who promoted us.  I can pay the truck off with this money, maybe.  I am still playing catch up in the checking account and who can forget I owe the emergency fund $300.00.  So off I go to get ready to face the day and earn money.  Have to get out of debt!

Have a great and productive day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday can I live through this?

I stayed up late editing a paper for my youngest daughter.  It was printed out and left on the computer key board,  I always get home from my side job about 10:30 or 11:00 and she is in bed.  I realized that other than college papers this is the last one I will probably do.  I have been editing papers for 16 years, life happens.  Wow!

Out My Window:

It is COLD and windy and overcast.  Flowers are still trying, but I feel sorry for them.  The Dog Wood Festival is this weekend.  Our town if famous for its beautiful Dogwood Trees.  They have car rally's, and art displays, and general family activities.  But almost every year it is COLD and rainy!  I will not participate because of the weather.  I have been rained out too many years.  But I feel sorry for the promoters.  How frustrating.

I put $200.00 in the bank yesterday and also took $300.00 out of emergency fund to cover checking account.  Pay checks are coming  in  after bills are due.  It is a strange month.  I will reimburse next week.  Photo shoot went well, Sleeping Beauty costume is gorgeous. I only need to put hooks up the back.  But I will not do that until the week of the show.  These dancers have a tendency to drop 10 lbs right before a performance due to long rehearsal schedules and stress. Had 3 more dresses come into the shop yesterday.

I also picked up H's prescriptions $24.00, bought a few groceries $27.00, gave youngest $20.00 for gas, put gas in H's truck $62.00, and paid for x-rays and cleanings for both my teeth and H's $70.00 ( dental school rates)  So you can see why I can't get ahead.  I work and work and the money goes and goes.  But I am trying so hard to get out of debt.  Really focusing on the Truck.  Maybe too hard as I seem to be behind in every other aspect of my finances this month.  But oh the celebration when that thing is paid off!  Focus on the good!   Well I need to hit the shop and I have to teach for 5.5 hours tonight, before I go to my side job.  Just thinking about it makes me weary.

Do you ever feel like you will never catch up?

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday half way through

I sewed very hard yesterday and I need to do so today.  Daughter #1  had to take an entrance exam to pass out of some specific classes, and daughter #2 had to drive to a small town about 40 miles away to do free dental sealants for low income children.  Both were in the shop yesterday with woeful attitudes.  One because of the test and the other one because of the drive(on the high prairie with bad roads) Both survived can you believe that?

Out My Window:

It is sunny but cold today.  Spring is trying so hard but flowers are slow to bloom.  I was changing the water on the chicks and I found Rusifee lurking around my every move.  Rusifee is our 7 toed (yes 7) black and white long hair cat.  Imagine Sylvester with huge feet.  He is very interested. When the babies get big enough he will leave them alone.(maybe)

I have had so many mom's and girls bring in strapless gowns and they want them made into a modest dress. Well you can't add sleeves to a strapless dress.  You can add straps.  Also some times the backs are out or they are very low cut and I am supposed to wave a magic wand and fix all of this.  Don't buy an immodest dress if you want a modest one!  I am not a miracle worker.  Then they treat me like I am some sacrilegious harpy.  I will not let a dress go out of this shop that is not tastefully altered.  My reputation is based on my ability to make thinks look nice.  Big old puffy straps on a gorgeous dress just look stupid.  I make a great deal of money at this time of year, but boy do I have to bite my tongue.   I have a lunch date with the TV station to promote Sleeping Beauty, several fittings today, and a photo shoot tonight on top of everything else.  I really just want to go to bed!

Do you ever have days like this?

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am so beat from yesterday.  I feel like I am crawling.  But I did send another $2500.00 off to my husband's truck loan.  This came as an expected surprise on an old debt.  I also had a client pay me for work that was due last March and I will put that $170.00 toward truck today.  So the balance is now below $700.00.  Here is to paying it off by the end of April.  Yahoo!!!! (not the search engine)

Out My Window:

You are not going to believe this but it snowed last night! I am so glad I did not put the plants out.  It is very sunny and pretty so the snow will not last long.  But really it is usually about 70 degrees here by now.  I am still in turtle necks and wool vest with warm socks in my clogs.  Will I ever be able to plant?

I did something different yesterday.  I usually make many costumes for our studio.  I can make them cheaper, they are more modest and they are one of a kind.  But sometimes I have to make multiples of twenty or more.  I make a little more money on these, but it really bottle necks my shop.  I had decided to make 21 dance dress in a Romeo and Juliet style for our upcoming production on Sleeping Beauty.  Then I found a costume called Renaissance in a catalog.  Now I was going to charge the parents $75.00 for these dresses, which was much less than they could have bought them for from a company.  But the costumes I found are about $40.00, and that is with a studio discount.  I can charge $65.00 and I don't have to do a thing.  If I make the other dresses it will keep me from sewing for my regular customers and cost me work.  My idea is to get out of debt so I ordered the costumes.  It will be less stress and in the long run more money.  Did I do the right thing?

I was also able to complete a dress yesterday.  I took in 8 prom dresses so I am slammed.  But I need to earn at least $400.00 by the end of the month to break even.  My car also needs gas and husband drives this week.  I had better get busy.

Have a great productive day!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Madness!

This will be a busy day.  It is prom season and I have so much work coming in.  But what a blessing I will have money to pay the bills.  I need to see where I stand in my check book, mail a dress, finish a dress, I have several alterations and an entire dress that has not even been cut out to get ready for a fitting at 3 today so I had better get busy!

Out My Window:

It is sunny and promises to be warm.  I was already out in my clogs and p.j.s to check on the chicks.  It smells like a warm spring day outside, the world is ready to burst. Here's to getting dressed and going out to change the water and food in the coop and start the day.

I am going to try this week to cook every night, or have something ready when I go to teach.  I really feel this helps with my grocery bill.  I also need to get more meatless ideas to cut down on dinners expense.

I feel this will be an expensive gas week, Ugh! There is just no way around this one, I can't feed my car a meatless form of gasoline!
Does any one have any meatless dishes that are not spaghetti related?

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday!

Do any of you remember getting palm leaves in Sunday School when you were young?  We received a palm branch every Palm Sunday.  We would line up down the aisles and we would wave our minister up to the pulpit in similitude of the Savior riding into Jerusalem.  I loved Palm Sunday as a child.  The whole week before Easter was a celebration and service.  We have lost that I am afraid. I loved the Easter Hymns and I still do today!

Out My Window:

Of course it is beautiful today, and I do not do yard work on the Sabbath.  The pear tree is in full bloom.  H mowed the yard yesterday and it looks great.  We got our chicks and they are so cute.  The girls insisted on getting two ducklings (I made them pay for them)  but ducks are so messy and of course when they are grown the girls will be at college so who will have to deal with the mess?  I wonder? Now every morning first thing I will have to check the incubator, H will set them up at night. Neighbors are already putting in egg orders, they don't seem to understand that it will take until next October to get eggs.  I am excited!

I was able to get all workshops for summer hammered out yesterday, so that is off my plate.  Kids are coming over for Sunday dinner and I am going to take a nap! Sabbath is a day of rest at least for me.

Have a restful and relaxing day.


Saturday, April 16, 2011


I bought a few groceries last night, I was also out of cat food.  I took in about $62.00 in shop.  At least I will have enough basic groceries to cook.  But I am afraid that my car will need gas soon.  It never ends!

Out My Window: 
Cold and rainy today. I am very tired of this weather.  But they say it will get nice and hot next week.  The purple phlox is really blooming.  We have a 100 foot low rock wall across the back of our property that splits the backyard it is very pretty covered in ivy, phlox, candy tuft, and rock daphne.  Just stunning in the spring.  Can you tell I like to be outside?

I put the bead work on the Sleeping Beauty costume last night.  I have all the pieces done, just a little more trim and then I will out it together. I need to get several items done in the shop and clean it.  Not organized and this is a hard situation to work in for me.  We are getting our chicks today!  I am excited!  But it has been so cold.  I did not want them in the house.  There is a reason they call them foul!  Now to try not a spend any money this weekend.  I can control myself, it is the hubby and kid. 

Have a Great and Productive Day!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Finally Friday!

Tired this morning.  I still have a great deal to do. I did get some choreography set, but my main Irish teacher was sick last night with strep so it was a little crazy.

Out My Window:

Still overcast, but the crab apple tree over the pond is almost in bloom.  Little dark pink buds are forming and the candy tuft is in bloom over the rock wall.  It is so pretty.  Hope to get into the garden this weekend. Husband is tree planting this week so he has long days.

We are so broke.  Husband put $60.00 worth of gas into truck last night,  I am out of milk and bread, carrots, celery, onions.  Husband needs perscriptions filled and so do I.  It is no end to money.  I have taken in no money this week in the shop.  Hope to take in a little this afternoon.  I did not finish Sleeping Beauty costume, so must do that today.  It is beautiful and we have a photo shoot Tuesday for production poster so I must get this done.  Oh when will I catch up?  Both in my life and in my checkbook?   I am determined, I will make it.

Now how do I cover the expenses that will occur this weekend plus cover the gas check?

Do you ever feel like the little engine that could?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday and I will get something done!

I paid bills and did books all day yesterday!  Yes all day.  The desk was piled with receipts nothing had been paid.  The only thing I had done for month was payroll, because after all others have to eat, right? So balanced studio books, balanced personal checking, and it was bad, so bad.

Out My Window:

It is still over cast and it rained all day yesterday.  Squirrels have found a way to get to the bird feeder again! You have to admire their tenacity. One of the local ski resorts reported two new feet of powder. We have two more inches of rain above normal here.  This is causing problems everywhere.  But you just wait, by mid June it will be HOT and DRY and we will be approaching fire season 

March was an expensive month so I believe that is why I did not want to face Aprils budget.  Lets see:

March 5th:  Huge Show along with several rehearsals, this always blows my best plans, just too busy to pay attention.
March: 12th:  New tires on old beater car as studs had to come off, and my wallet is stolen.  Tires $400.00 (yes I had saved for these) Wallet, $300.00 loss. ( cash, license, gift cards)
March 21: Daughter flies to take expensive exam in Portland.  She is gone a week so must pay Sub to replace her. $225.00 Plus plane ticket.$250.00
March 25th-April1st: Spring break always a budget buster. Travel to oldest daughters to see new grandson.  $550.00 in gas, food and gifts.( although I had saved the cash)

So all told I had $1775.00 in extras, this is why I will only pay a little more than minimum to debt in April.
Depressing. But....

I did have a very successful Show!  We earned a contract and sponsor for next year!
I have new tires so maybe I can drive Bessie a few more months!
Daughter passed her anesthesiology exams 1/2 who took it failed!
I got to hold my first grandchild for several days!

I just get back into April resolved to do better and mom gets sick. Gas, time away from work, and husband and kids home wasting money.  (They just don't manage like mom)  I estimate this has put be behind about $300.00.  Depressing. But... 

Called mom yesterday and she is doing well!

I will get final costumes ordered today and one Sleeping Beauty dress done!

Have a productive day!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wow, it is Wednesday!

Home from Montana! Road slides every where.  Google Dent Bridge slide and see what we deal with out west in the Rockies during rainy season.  Mom is doing well.  I have to get busy or I am going to be behind.  Trying to clean up around here after being gone for 5 days.

Out My Window:

It is foggy and overcast, but things have sure changed in the last five days!  So much more green.  I mean several different colors of green.  My peas are up and I will plant this weekend if it isn't rainy.  The bee hive was also delivered while I was gone.  So we have new pollinators flying around they are so interesting to watch.

So much laundry to do.  B has a game tonight.  She was  cheerleader in Jr. High and now the two rivals Junior Highs duke it out as Seniors.  It is fun to watch and who will fit into their uniform?  You should see what the kids come up with.  The boys basketball uniforms have ruffles sewn on to make them longer or duct tape is a favorite.   It is pretty  funny stuff.  I need to pay bills and do budget for month.  It is already the 13th!  Going to grandsons blessing ,and spring break and Moms health have all taken a toll on my finances.  Must get back on track. Sprinkler system was turned on today.  Oh goody another bill. I am so tired.

Good news!  While I was gone the police returned my check book that was stolen with my wallet in March.  Most parts were found, but not the cash.  In the book were some checks written to me by clients.  Not big checks, about $30.00 worth.  But I had written these off as I was not sure by who they were written.  I also came home to over $200.00 worth of checks from clients who picked up work while I was gone.  Isn't that great?  I hope after I balance I can pay a little more on a bill or two!

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday What a Relief!

Mom is home from the hospital! Such a happy day!  Modern medicine is a miracle.  She had a heart attack at 12:30 Thursday night.  Ambulance called in a heart surgeon and he was at the hospital 10 minutes after she arrived.  She was rushed to surgery and they put a stint into a completely clogged aorta.

The Doctor pulled out a clot that was over and inch long, he said it looked like a worm.  We are all so lucky.  She was allowed to go home Friday afternoon.  I find it hard to believe that they can do what they do, but thank goodness. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women over 50.  It is truly a silent killer.  Mom had been to the doctor complaining about shortness of breath and tiredness but they did not do the right tests.  Be vigilant.

Out My Window:

I am looking at the yard I grew up in!  Where is the old apple tree we used to swing from?  All of the flower beds are cleaned and the crocuses are just coming up.  It is colder here in Montana that it is in Idaho.  But it is beautiful.

I will stay here a few days, try to get some projects done for mom, but I really need to get back home.  I was able to snowflake $447.00 to the truck this morning.  So we will keep working on that and try with all my might to get it paid off soon.  I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have my mother.  She is unloading the dishwasher, I need to go get her to lie down.  People wonder where I get my drive.

Have a productive day!


Friday, April 8, 2011

FInally Friday!

 Got a phone call at 12:37 last night, my mother was in cardiac arrest and on her way to the hospital via ambulance.  Not a good phone call.  She has had surgery and is stable, so I am gearing up to drive the 5 hours over the snowing narrow, mountain pass with all the truckers to get to my mother.

Out My Window:

It is beautiful and cool. I will miss this view for a while and I am sure it will be warm and wonderful this weekend.  Oh well onto a better cause.

Good news!  B got the job at Home Depot.  She is so excited, and so is Mom.  I was supposed to take her up to college this morning to register, but had to let husband do it as I am leaving.  I called daughter 2 we will call her S and she traded me cars.  I am driving a 16 year old Buick that is not highway worthy.  She has a nice new car.  How does that work?  I dropped my bomb off at the dental college and have her Subaru.  I was so looking forward to a girls day with B.  We get so little time together.  Her dad was saying that the last time he took her to register was for kindergarten round up because I was at a college registering the oldest daughter.  I have missed so many of B's mile stones taking care of the other kids needs.  This is what happens when you spread your children out over a 25 year period.  What was I thinking?  I gave B some cash and Joel the last of my cash.  I told him not to write any checks while I was gone.  I don't earn money when I am not here. Ugh what a mess.  Pray for me.

Have  productive day!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday is a long day

Out My Window
It is cloudy, and wet.  Husband mowed the lawn for the first time this season.  The garden is hand tilled and the earth is so black.  I am so glad seedlings are not out as it froze last night!

 Well daughter had her job interview, hopefully they will call her today.  She thought it went well.  I worry that she is so small.  Tall but skinny, will they think she can handle the job?  We will see.  I had so much work come into the shop yesterday afternoon but is all has to be done by Friday.  I am taking B up to her new college on Friday to register so that means it will have to be done today!  I had better get busy.

I really liked what Jackie had to say on Moneycrush today.  Also Digging out of our debt is in a funk over government shut down.  She needs a lift.  Good thoughts your way!

I need to get at least three hundred dollars into the checking account ASAP.  I hate to take it out of emergency fund but may have to.  Then I will have to pay it back next week.  But we are going to have to be really careful for a while.  Ordered several thousand dollars worth of costumes yesterday.  Now parents need to pay for them.  This is always a hardship.

Will teach tonight for 5.5 hours and hope to get most of the choreography set.  I am going to take spaghetti sauce out of the freezer and leave pasta, so if the family wants to heat up the split pea soup leftover from yesterday they can or have pasta and salad.  Okay my day is set.  Now I have to go to work.

Have a productive day!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Woes

Okay yesterday could have been better, but I survived.

Out My Window:

Today I saw 4 little birds at the bird feeder.  One was a robin who was making a pig of himself while 3 little yellow finches waited patiently ( hold it, can finches wait patiently? okay waited impatiently) to get to the feeder.  Too cute. I love birds.

Daughter 3 we will call her B had to get a new box of contact lens.  She has to wear the expensive $38.33 a box lens.  Her eyes inflame with the others.  So if each pair last two weeks and she gets three pairs we are spending a little over $6 a week on lens.  Boo Hoo.

But she also got a call back and a job interview this afternoon with Home Depot!  If she gets this job it will help so much.  Not only her but us!  So grateful.  All of the kids have complained about yard work.  But they do know how to plant, and work outside.  They have a pretty good knowledge of flowers and shrubs.  So if she gets this boy can I rub it in! ( as a parent you get so few times to do this in a nice way)

I made a huge mistake in my check register (because my wallet was stolen)  I left out a $220.00 check when I was trying to recall my register from memory.  Well it cleared while we were down at Daughter 3's house to see baby blessed.  So when I get home my car savings is down under $5000.00.  I am just nickel and dimeing this account and will never get Husbands car paid off.  B's car is not working, so she is using mine.  Both of our cars cannot go out of town as they are very old and leak like crazy.  But Husbands truck has a balance of 8997.00.  I need to pay it off so we can get a newer car for me that is dependable enough for my husbands commute of 100 miles a day to work.  I just took the $5000.00 and sent it to the truck account.  This scared me to death.  I guess I felt rich with this money sitting there.  But is was from a settlement on the car I totaled in September.  I am just so bad with money I was using this account  to keep from overdrawing and spending into it all the time.  Well no more.  With the cost of gas adding $200.00 a month to our budget I cannot continually make this up. I hope I did the right thing. Gave myself a huge headache!

So now I owe 3997.00 on this truck.  I told husband what I did and he is anxious to get a car that is comfortable for 4 riders.  You can squeeze 3 into his King cab, but these are big men.  So they cannot add a fourth party the week he drives.  He is afraid that they will band together and bump him out even though he started the car pool.  They have been patient but now that gas prices are soaring people are looking for ways to save.  You can't blame them.  Pray that we can get this truck paid off soon.  I cannot make two vehicle payments at a time.  It would put us over the edge.  I will put every extra bit of money I have toward this goal.

I am going to make a big pot of split pea soup with the ham bone from Sunday dinner, Yummm!

Well I have to face the day, have sewing to do, and costumes to order.

Have a productive day!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Out My Window:

It is sunny, cool and wet.  Everything just a little greener.  I am going to run upstairs and get the morning glories started.  Have a busy day ahead of me.  Trying to get summer workshops worked out and it is difficult.  Well maybe it was not meant to be.  We will see.  I don't want to give up but I do not want to lose money either.  It is very easy to lose money on a workshop.  Much sewing to do and a little housework.  Trying to be grateful.  Did not spend any money yesterday so I already have 2 no spend days this week!  Going for a third.  I need to do deposit and do payroll for the last month on the contracted teachers.  Also have to get my personal banking done.  Ugh!  Will report tomorrow.
Have a great and productive day.  I am thankful for my Husband's car pool!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Wow, am I really going to do this?

Have you ever felt like you were going no where?  Like the world was passing you by while everyone else was living?  Every morning, I sit at a dressing table and look out my window.  What really amazes me is that the view changes everyday and I change everyday.  Follow me as I come to accept  and act upon the changes in my life.
These changes include, a strong desire to be debt free, and to improve my business and my attitude. Are you ready?  Let's go!
Out my Window Today
It is rainy today, some of the trees are in bloom.  But most are still in dormant stage.  Everything looks so green when the sun comes out.  It is going to be a late spring.  I am going to start my morning glories tomorrow so the seeds are soaking overnight.  I am also starting snap peas today.  I will plant as soon as I can, we are still having frosts, but peas have to be planted soon or it will get too hot to harvest them and they will burn.  I will pull them by the end of June and plant something else.
I had a very productive day.  Had a great deal of work come in and sewed hard for about 4 hours.  B's car would not start this morning so she took mine to school.  I usually do not use a car until late in the day when I go to the studio.  I also had a no spend day today, so that is good.  We had left overs for dinner.  I always cook a huge Sunday dinner and it always feeds us on Monday.  We had ham so I have a meaty bone and I will do split pea soup on Wednesday.
Still have to go clean a bank with B and then clean two county buildings with husband.  I am tired but grateful.
One day closer to getting out of debt.