Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday, better than I hoped!

     Daughter #2 will  not know if they will hire her until Saturday morning.  They paid her straight out for 5 hours work, so that seems to be a no to me, but they are having several people work and I can't imagine trying to do payroll for one time on several people.  They can easily put that under contract labor and be done until they decide.  We will still keep our fingers crossed.  But with what she was paid $33.00 an hour she had just enough to pay her rent!  Daughter #2 is in a dilemma because we made her rent an apartment and get a roommate.  She found a roommate, but because freshman have to live on campus I signed the lease as her roommate.  This insured that she was living with me.  (This daughter has bad health issues from a case of toxic shock she had 4 years ago, she will never be normal, gets sick easily)  So we interviewed several roomies, chose one and this girl paid rent in August and then said she was getting married the end of September.  We did not have her sign a lease.  (Yeah stupid)  However, she said she would up hold the agreement to rent until Christmas the original date of the Wedding. We have to call and nag and make sure she is paying it is scary.  But  I am proud of B, she did this and they brought over cash yesterday so I am off the hook for rent this month.  Yeah!

     Well I got my first taste of being on call and I am not so sure I likes it.  I only had to teach one hour yesterday so I went home at 4:30 and took a nap until 6:30 then I went and did a building and a bottling plant.  I was tired after that called Hubby and he met me at our bank, then when we were almost done, Daughter #2 calls and she is up at daughter #3's and has driven for 5 hours and is tired, wants to spend the night.  Would we clean her building.  That would be #4 my legs screamed.  But we did it!  Gave me an idea of cleaning 4 buildings in a row.  What if that happened on a show night or a Tuesday when I teach until 8:30.  I don't know, I guess I will just get a schedule and let people know first come first serve.  I think the manager this time let way too many people have time off within a given week. Anyway this is how I look at it I have earned 8 more hours of work, but I really only put in about 2.5 hours of labor.

     Out My Window:  I have to clean the chicken coop tomorrow, yuck!  But we are getting  a lot of eggs!

     I am going to purchase 4 cases of vegetables at a case sale and pay my house payment, then get these nails looked at they are a mess.  The food dehydrator is still going strong.  I also need to get some sewing done.  I have been very lax except for homecoming dresses that have to go out.  Shame on me!  I am so looking forward to this weekend.

  Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday, first dress came in at 8 this morning!

     Homecoming this weekend and I had a dress (last minute) here at 8 this morning.  I met the clients in my p.j.s.  I was lovely.  Daughter # 2 is having her second work interview this afternoon.  So I am praying she gets this job.  It will mean big changes for the studio but those changes need to be made. Youngest daughter needs to get more hours at work to pay her bills.  I have a sneaky feeling both will be at me by tomorrow to help with rent.  Daughter #2 called last night and said I can't find my check book, can I use the studio one to get up to my interview?  No!  There is no money in it and I paid off the credit line and closed it.  Can I use the studio CC? No! I paid it off and closed it.  I can give you $60.00 in cash to fill up your car and have money for food, but I will take it out of you account and put it back in mine.  She came over to get the cash and was very quite.  Mom ain't falling for the can't find the check book any more translates into a $300-600.00 shopping trip in the city.  With I will pay you back.  She already had a shopping trip to Seattle this month.  I told her not to go and I noticed that she does not have the money to pay her 1/2 of the rent.  She had better not ask me.  Kids!  Grrrr!

     I was able to put up 7 quarts of plums yesterday, and started to dry the rest of the fruit.  I need to go up stairs and switch the trays.  I am using Judy's blanket idea for the ironing.  I only have to teach one class today so I am relieved, I am just on pins and needles about this job for my daughter.  But we have three buildings to clean tonight so I will still be busy.

     Out My Window:  Getting colder in the evenings and the days are getting shorter.  We are on the short end of the time zone so it will be dark here by 4 in the afternoon in December and January.  The cool weather always makes the yard perk up.

     Well I need to go make a deposit, slice some fruit, check the chickens, take a bath, start dinner, and get some sewing done in no particular order.  I am praying hard my kids will not need money.:) Be prepared for the rant of a life time if they do!

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday, sleepy today

     We walked through two buildings last night.  They did not look too bad.  But I could see how this could get overwhelming if you had several people call in sick at once.  Hubby is afraid we will never get a Holiday off again.  We have always made arrangements to get our vacations so I see no reason that we won't be able to do this.  It is just a lot of trash baskets, vacuuming and bathrooms.  Once you know what you are doing it goes pretty fast.
     We need new tires for the truck and they will be about $900.00 so that is my first goal for this extra money.  Maybe if Hubby sees this he will be less likely to balk. Daughter#2 also needs extra money for rent.  So she can help or is at least willing to.  She has a work interview tomorrow so hopefully she will get that job.  This will really change our lives.  But I am anxious for her to have her own thing in a different town than her parents.  She is the only one that went to school here and she needs to stretch her wings.

     All parents have paid tuition except one.  These people always pay on time and this is the first time in 4 years they have been late.  I have a call into them, so I figure it is an over site or I have lost a check.  Which I have done before.  But I still had to grovel and demand tuition, I just hate that.  However, I see no way around it.  Every dance teacher I know goes through the same thing.  I know many studios that have closed because they could not get the tuition monster under control.

     Out My Window:   We are going into cool mornings and hot afternoons.  This will last until about the 29th of October then turn colder.

     I know that most people feel that this month went fast but I think it is dragging on forever. Probably because I started teaching again and I am so tired.  I have really noticed how little laundry I am doing.  Remember the piles and loads I had when the two girls were home?  It is kind of weird.  I used to have that machine running all day every day and now I can do a couple loads twice a week and I am caught up.  Great!
I keep thinking I haven't done laundry for days and then I go downstairs and I only have 2 loads.

     I am going to try to catch up today and few things I have been putting off.  Fruit that needs to be dealt with, the last of the ironing (yes I am ashamed to admit). Work in the shop I have been putting off. I am off to see the wizard!  (Really if you read the last paragraph I am more than a little off!)

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday, no spending around here

     I will be doing a lot of subbing in the next two weeks and learning new buildings in preparation to taking over a different part of the cleaning company we work for.  I am a little worried about this, it comes with some nice perks, but just the weekend of the first week in October there are about 18 extra hours. Now this is divided over about a week and some nights there would be 3 more buildings.  I have agreed to try this, it is an on call manager position.  All of those extra hours which should total no more than 40 a month mean an extra $400.00 to ward the house payment.  Or some other debt.  The old manager says that she usually does not put in more than 10 extra hours a week running supplies around and subbing, but I still worry as I have such a full schedule.

     The old manager used to just manage but she finally took up a well paid for CU as she said she lost money subbing.  So I will not give up our good big bank.  It only takes us about 45 minutes to an hour and we get paid for 4.5 hours a night.  Any extra hours put in are extra.  I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I will get a paid cell phone, so I can drop my cell phone bill and I will get a small truck to drive when ever I go any where.  I don't really drive much, but we can literally park our big truck.  Just the savings on the gas and the cell phone will be over $200.00 a month.  Still I am a worry wort.  Until I see the plan in action I will not be able to imagine it.  I also need to get hubby on board, if there are two of us subbing it is much easier.  Or I can clean and he can run supplies.  I guess not knowing the future is the problem.

     I am trying to save money in the shop this week.  I need at least $400.00 to get to Daughter #3's house over Columbus Day weekend.  So far I have $140.00 saved hope to have $200.00 by tonight.  So no spending on frivolous items.  We have a ton of food in the house so I don't for see more than one trip to the store in the next week.  Hubby will need gas and that is it!

     Out My Window:  Fall is beautiful here.  The burning bushes are starting to turn red and the autumn spirea are also going gold and brown.  So pretty.  We have a tall type of succulent that goes full red in the cold weather and the sumac is spectacular this time of year. Jane needs to be here with her camera!

     Well I have a pile of work to do and I need to teach a long time tonight and then possibly sub or learn a couple of new buildings.  But first of all I could get dressed!  See now that the yard is done I can laze around in my p.j.s before the shop opens at 10.  In fact I did not get up until 8:45 today!  Can you believe that?  It was wonderful.  But now I need to crack my whip!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, the start of another week

     Lazy weekend, but it was nice.  I cooked a nice dinner last night with 2 kinds of squash, cucumber, tomato and onion salad, new purple and finger potatoes, and cauliflower and carrots.  All from the garden!  Then I had pork chops that were in the freezer and made a double batch of spice cupcakes for hubby to take to work.  I am averaging 5 eggs a day with the chickens.  So you can see that our grocery bill has been way down.  However the garden will soon be gone and I will miss it.  Not the work!

     Daughter and I were able to set all the parts for the Christmas show.  Now I have to pull all the costumes and see who can wear what and then order or buy what is needed.  I hope to be able to do this without spending a lot of money.  It is going to be so much work.  I can't even think about it!

     I am going to run a few errands this morning and then work on some homecoming dresses.  Also need to sew up a few jackets that are in for alterations.  Tonight I still have 4 parents that have not paid tuition.  This is D-day after next week the next month is due.  I hate collecting tuition.  Are you tired of hearing my complain about it? Because I am tired of complaining.

     Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday, reading good books!

     We have the yard done!  Yeah!  I still did not do the ironing.  I also did not start the fruit.  I was just lazy yesterday.  Well not really, I did get the last of the paper work done and set up a budget for October and it is scary.  I will have to be very careful.

     I went to Hastings yesterday and they were having a big book sale.  $4/1 or a quarter a book.  I bought several and I just started one last night.  I don't mind buying books when they are this inexpensive.  I can give them away or donate them to the shelter or library.

     I need to start saving money for a trip to see my grandson in two weeks.  I really have noticed that other than gas, which we seem to need a lot of we don't spend any where near as much on groceries.  I think I am seeing a trend now that the youngest has been gone more than a month.  It will be interesting to get the water and gas bills to see if these are also affected.  We do have to help her financially but it is in lump sums in the budget not nickeled and dimed.

Out My Window:  It was over 100 degrees yesterday!  But a cooling trend starts today and it is windy and about 78.  The chickens are becoming better layers.  Usually they lay an egg every few hours.  But this morning about 10:30 I went out and there were 4 eggs at once.  I have been trying to stay on them in daylight hours because we have found them eating an egg.  I beleive that it was broken accidentally but if they get a taste of raw egg and shell they will become cannibalistic.  So I am out to the coop every hour or so to check on them  So far so good.  It only happened once and I think they can be trusted.

     I am going to read and take a long nap this afternoon.  I did not sleep well last night.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday, tie up the lose ends

    I balanced the books and I was able to pay everything, but I could not make a big payment to the next CC I want to pay off.  I was only able to make a little over the minimum.  But I had so much catching up to do and I also had paid off over $4000.00 worth of smaller debts including my Mom.  So I will not be disappointed.  I am so impatient I can easily get frustrated with debt pay off.  Studio books are on a zero based budget.  I still have about $225.00 left to collect in tuition but that will put us close to zero by the end of September.

     I was able to get all but 10 pieces of ironing done yesterday.  I will finish those today.  I also am almost caught up on laundry.  I cleaned the desk off and still have a little organizing to do there.  I am ready to do a monthly analysis of what to expect as far as tuition is concerned and how to budget for the next semester. 

Out My Window:  I was able to clean all beds yesterday but could not find the role of bags I had purchased to put trash in.  So there it sits.  Hubby and I will fill bags today and sweep the outside stairs and drive way.  We will take all trash to dump and go get the lawn mower from the repair shop.  Then I can call the yard done!  However the neighbor brought over a huge box of plums and a huge box of pollinating pears.  These pears are overly large and look more like an apple.  They are not pretty and are not sold on market.  They are only grown to pollinate other trees.  I blanch then quickly to remove any pollen and then rinse in cold water and then slice and dry.  I will have the dehydrator going for at least the next 3-4 weeks.  I put the slices into baggies of 2 pears each and then out them in the fridge down stairs.  They are snack food and will usually last for about 6 months if we don't eat them sooner.  I will also dry apples.  We get the fruit free from a neighbor that lives on an orchard in the tri-cities.  He teaches school over there and commutes once a week home.  He helps an older gentleman keep an orchard going in exchange for an apartment.  We get more friut than we can handle and he gets a place to live.  Win, win!

     I need to go pick up hubby, he took a long walk and is down at the river tired.  I am going to finish the yard, finish the ironing, finish the desk, finish the fruit or at least get started and then I am gong to take the day off!

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, I am so glad

     I am so happy it is Friday!  Just so tired.  I think the blogging community is tired also.  No one is posting.  I need those posts!  Okay Jane is posting.  Jane is also tired.

     I have two dresses that will be picked up this morning and then I will spend the day paying the rest of the months bills and also cleaning and filing all the paperwork that has accumulated on the desk.   I need to balance both of the checking accounts( not my favorite job).  Even though we still have a week of September left I will wrap it up financially today.  I am also going to get the ironing done.  Yes, I know I said I would get a start on it earlier this week.  The start was turning on the mangler and pressing 1/2 of one pillow case.  I started!  But  customer asked me yesterday what that huge pile of stuff was?  So it is time.

Out My Window:  I think I will actually finish the yard today!  I weeded all but a small front garden bed and I have to go pickup all the debris from yesterday and then get that one bed done.  Then the yard is done.  Well it is never done.  I told husband I wanted him to mix up a really strong batch of  organic weed killer and I am going to go over all the beds carefully and along all the edges to try and kill any little thing I missed.  Organic does not work as well as the real stuff, but I feel better about it with the neighbor hood kids and animals.

     I just need a weekend to rest and veg, how about you guys?  Besides I have been so aggressive about paying bills and catching up this month I have no money!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday, My 7 things

     I have been reading about everyone's goals past and future and I have decided to list mine although 7 seems like a small number, I went back over posts and narrowed it down to 7 really big goals and all financial.

After all just getting through one of my days can be a goal in it's self!

1.  I started a blog to be accountable

2.  I fully funded and emergency fund which has saved my butt several times.

3. I paid off a $22,000 truck in less than two years (with a little help) to get rid of a car payment

4.  I paid off a large $12,000.00 loan from my Mom

5.  I refinanced my mortgage and Heloc into one loan leaving a nasty bank and going to the CU and saving almost 2% interest, plus locked the HELOC which was variable.

6. I pulled two studio loans away from a nasty bank and refinanced them with a CU saving 10% interest on one and 4% on the other.

7. We chose to start saving 10% of my husbands gross pay pretax instead of 6%. Yes it was hard to figure out where I was going to get that $211.00 but I have adjusted.

Now my  7 goals for the future:

1. Pay off personal Credit card before Christmas

2. Pay at least $3000.00 on Studio loan by Christmas

3. Payoff above debt by next May. Leaving us with a car payment and a house payment.

4.Start putting $500.00 a month back into an IRA, I stopped because were losing about $500.00 a month. Any thoughts on this?

5.  Try to pay off our car by the end of 2012.

6. Fully fund a 6 months emergency fund.

7.  Decide if I really want to own a Dance Studio for another year!

     There you have it.  But really the biggest influence I can think of is the blogs.  Meeting everyone and having people who are in the same boat with the same goals and we all have our own problems.  The humor and the frustration, the Drama makes this journey to become debt free fun, or better.   Everyone helps, everyone encourages.  Thank you.

Out My Window:  The back yard is done!  Now I will work on the front yard which won't take as long. Yesterday I had a former foster son call he has gotten into a training program to be a roofer.  I have been other/mother nagging him for two years to quit delivering Pizza as that is not a career.  He needs a trade.  Well he was short money for a tool box and some double kneed trousers.  So he came over and hauled two loads to the dump, cut down about 4 small trees and took them away and then weeded one of the front big beds.  I gave him $40.00.  Best money I have spent in a long time.  He was thrilled.  He worked for 2 hours.  But when you hire a company to come and take away bags of trash it is $20.00 a load, so I felt I got a bargain and so did he.

     I am going out to weed and then must get into the shop!  I confess I did not sew at all yesterday, I was just too tired.  In fact scary exhausted. I only have one class today so that is nice and I am thinking of getting and older student to teach it.  We will see.

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday, I made it to the middle of the week!

     Hooray!  I have not fallen over.  I am just so tired.  Classes went well last night, but it was a long night following a long day.  I did get all of the sewing caught up.  I also taught for 5.5 hours.  Usually I get a break from daughter but she was at a job interview and then we had to clean her building along with ours.  One more student paid tuition.  Now today I will approach a few more.  I feel like a tuition Nazi.  Whip these people into shape.

     Called Mom and she is doing fine.  She is anxious and tired at the same time.  But anxiety comes with heart surgery.  Still have not heard from the sisters as to who is going out.  Likely neither of then will. She has plenty of great neighbors and a sister and sister-in-laws there so she will be okay.  I know she gets lonely and I would love to have her here.  But she has to make that choice.

     We are waiting on pins and needles about Daughter #2's job interview.  Hope she gets it.  Her school loans will come due soon.  She is already paying back a parent plus loan, so she really needs to get a better paying job.

     Out My Window:  I did not work in the yard yesterday, but I will go out this morning.  I hope to finish the back yard.  Then tomorrow I can go onto the front.  By this weekend I hope to have all the yard work caught up.  Then all we will have to do for fall is finish the garden, rake 100 bags of leaves, and trim tons of bushes! Still we are much farther ahead than we were last year.  I didn't get to cleaning out the garden until January/February.

     I have $636.00 saved for a $672.00 bill.  Hopefully I can pay that off tomorrow.  Then I must pay a few small bills and set up next month.  I want to get an extra house payment saved in a special account at the CU.  I just want the house and car taken from that. I would like to know that it is always covered.  We have a three paycheck month this month, so I will see if I can do this.  But then I say no don't tie up that money.  You have an emergency fund put that $1500.00 toward your next debt.  I am in a quandary.
     I am going to get dressed and hit the yard until 10 o'clock and then get more sewing done!  Have to teach until 8 tonight but I do have a break from 4-5:30.

     Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday, It will be a long day

     Mom had the same procedure yesterday morning that she had a few months ago. She is home and doing fine.  I am not going over, I told my sisters that one of them can go.  They call me a martyr, but after 35 years and they both live clear across the country, I am the one who drops everything and rushes over to the parents.  I don't mind really, but I am the least able to financially afford it.  Both of them have very high powered jobs and seem to be able to take many very expensive vacations a year so why not save a little time for Mom?  Also I have not been supported on any decisions I make at my mothers house by either of them.  They always see how I did it wrong, or they would have done it differently. So my suggestion  was that one of them go.  They can pay for a plane ticket (I will save $200.00 in gas).  They can miss work(I can save $250.00 on substitute wages, and $4-500.00 in missed sewing jobs) They can deal with the badly repaired house and the smokey nasty air from my brothers smoking( oh they smoke so that is okay) Then they can put up with my brothers violent outbursts and behavior that my mother seems to ignore( he needs to be institutionalized and has been many times).  Gee I get to miss all of this.  Love my Mom to death but no matter what I do it is wrong.  My brother is very scary and my Mother is scared of him.  The neighbors all know the situation but can do nothing until my Mom makes the decision to make him leave. She won't give up on her child.  I do not understand this but I have never been put in her position.yet.  I say yet because you never know what your kids may or may not become.  She has three daughters that are high over achievers and two sons that scrape the bottom of any societies barrel, what went wrong?

     Out My Window:  I was able to clean out another large flower bed yesterday, and also trim all the ivy on a 100 foot rock wall.  I am not going to work in the yard today as it is a long teaching day and I am behind in the shop.

     Good News!  Daughter # 2 has a job interview in Post Falls.  This is about 2 hours away from us,  I hope she gets it, she can live with friends of ours as we have their son living with us!  What a trade.
     I was able to take in $550.00 in tuition last night, still have one family that did not pay, she did not have the check book and offered her CC, I said no and to bring me the money tomorrow.  So I will be expecting this when I go down to the studio today.  Today is my long teaching day and I have to clean daughters building tonight.

     I have several dresses for homecoming to get done in the next few days, so I am off to the salt mines!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, Mom is down again.

     I had a call late last night that my mom is in the hospital, her heart is beating too fast.  They stabilized her and kept her for the night to make sure that no clots formed in the lower chambers.   I just wish she would come and live here it would be so much easier.  But I can also understand her not wanting to lose her independence.  I will not go over to her place unless things get bad.  It is just such a worry to me.

     This will be our second Monday of classes and if you remember last week we had a total of 8 students that left without registrations or paying for classes, so today I will be demanding that the parents pay for these lessons. Tuition is due on the first and late on the 10th, I am just going to announce it to all parents as they come in.  After this month they will receive a $20.00 late charge.
     Why is it when I am so busy trying to get the yard done, I cannot get the laundry and ironing done?  I am so behind again.  It will take me all day to get the beast back in its cage. Especially the ironing, it is taking over the shop.  It was all done before I left for D.C and now I don't have a blouse left.  I am so undisciplined when it comes to ironing.

     Out My Window:  I go to tackle one of the last three flower beds out back this morning.  My goal by the end of the week is to have the yard done!
     We had new finger potatoes and the last of the beans from the garden last night.  They were so good.  Also made strawberry shortcake, yum.  We have a tons of potatoes left to dig but I need to clean out the storage fridge in the garage, yuck!

     Well I need to get my butt in gear(do I write this every day?).  Will go out and weed and then I am going to hit the shop, as again I have two wedding dresses and a formal to fix.  Need to clean the shop and attack the ironing pile. 

Pray for my Mother!

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday, Good, Bad, Ugly

      I worked so hard in the yard yesterday.  But I did get everything done I wanted.  I just wish I was done, done.  I still have three big flower beds to go out back and the front yard to tackle.    It has been a busy week. so to follow Mysti's example:

The Good: 

I paid off a large debt!

I completed all of my yard work goals for the week!

The studio is a maximum enrollment!

The shop was busy!

The Bad:

People still not paying tuition on time!

I am really having a hard time keeping schedule because I am tired.

Lawn Mower died and is in the shop( hope it is not too expensive, we have a huge yard)

The Ugly:

Daughter # 3 acting like a teenager (surprise, surprise)

My doctor is talking disability with my arthritis. (waiting for blood work)

Actually daughter upsets me more than Doctor as I have been in denial about the arthritis since I was in my 20's, the daughter I can't ignore.

Out My Window:  The backyard is starting to look so good!  I can't wait to get it done.  We still have to pull tomato vines but I am waiting until after the frost.  We need to dig potatoes.  We will also have truck loads of pruning but that will start in late October.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday, Out in the Garden

     I will spend the majority of the my time  outside today.  So much to do. Here is my list:

  1.      Finish weeding and bagging garden trash
  2.      Take all bags of refuse to front
  3.      Take all bags to dump 
  4.      Clean around pond 
  5.      Stack all pumpkins and fall produce
  6.       plant all flowers boxes with fall cabbages    
     I hope to be able to move tomorrow!

     I will also try to be happy, my youngest daughter is acting like an idiot!  I am very upset with her.  But hopefully she will pull it around.  I think she got the picture last night!

Have a great and productive day!


Foot Note:  Thanks for all the congrats on paying off Mom!  Silly but I live for your praise!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, PAID off my Mom!

     Drum Roll please, after 20 months I paid a loan off to my mother!  It was a $12,000.00 loan to help pay off a CC that I used to move the studio two summers ago.  It was a bank card that they raised the interest on (because they could I was told).  I have never been late and have always paid way over the minimum.  Well Mom came in and paid it off and I paid it back at 2.99%.  So today my blogging friends I made the final payment and wiped out a $12,000.00 debt!  Yeah! Now I am going to pay off a CC that has a $7500.00 balance.  Ugh!  But I can do it!
     Took in about $505.00 more dollars in tuition last night and I did have to chase that one mother around to get a check.  But I did it!  We still have over $1,000.00 worth of tuition outstanding and that is good.  I have $24.65 left in the checking account after paying off Mom.  I still need to make a CC payment and pay insurance, utilities, and a small payroll and that will be enough.
     I also want to start saving at least $500.00 a month out of the studio for taxes (although I do prepay those) and summer bills.  Remember I went about $5000.00 more into debt this summer paying bills.  I just have to put that in the budget.

     Out My Window:  Worked for 1.5 hours in the rain yesterday.  At least it was cool.  Fed the chickens much of the bad produce I found in the garden.  They love it!  Found more surprises, more cucumbers, a few small cantaloupes, more acorn squash.  I still have to dig all the potatoes, and pull onions, and the brussel sprouts will not mature until it cools down.  The garden will be almost clean.  Well maybe a garden is like a baby never clean for long.

     Did not get good news at the doctor yesterday, blood panels have not come back yet so I will ignore the news until there is proof.   I am not going to talk about it now.  Because I just want to be happy about the pay off of my bill to my Mom.  Nothing is going to ruin my joy!

     I am going out to the garden and then I am going to sew and I have to teach today for a couple hours as daughter has been called in to work for real money as she calls it!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday, almost there!

     I took in $505.00 more dollars in tuition so add that to the check book balance and I am just $400.00 short of paying off my mother.  I hope that I can take in that much tuition this evening.  It is possible.  I actually told one new parent who has been skating around her fees for 5 lessons now, that she has to have forms and money in tomorrow night or I will not let her daughter dance and I will put another student that is waiting for a spot in her place.  We are not a charity.  I feel so mean but I have to set a president as there are so many who will take advantage.  I did not realize this until I opened this business.  There are actually parents that make the rounds of every studio and try to take lessons for a few months without paying.  It is funny but I can spot these the second they walk in!  The first year we were open was a nightmare.  I have really learned a great deal about people running this business.

     I noticed that many bloggers are having trouble getting as one would call it their "groove back".  What is wrong with all of us?  Is it something in the air?  I know the East coast has been plagued with bad weather and that could account for some but all of us?  A thought....... are we trying to hard?

     Out My Window:  I worked for two hours yesterday in the yard.  I was able to get the patio done and trimmed up a portion of the garden.  For people who did not plant pumpkins, why did I find over 30 of them?  They come up from seed!  I also uncovered 2 more beautiful acorn squash and several cucumbers and one bunch of amazing leeks, I forgot I planted.  It was like Christmas!  Chickens are laying like crazy now every time I go to the coop there are at least 4 eggs, they are pullet sized but delicious. I give away what we don't use.  I have never checked before, but organic eggs are about $4.50 a dozen here, I was shocked.  I don't buy eggs until they are .99 or 1.29 a dozen and then I buy 5 or more dozen at a time.  Eggs can last for weeks in a refrigerator.  How ever I cook from scratch and I do use a lot of eggs. I am going out side to continue where I left off yesterday but it is raining.

     I have a doctors appointment at 10:20 this morning , I will have all my labs done.  When you take the kind of meds I do it affects the kidneys and liver.  Fun!  Our deductible started over in July so I will have a co-pay and at least a $250.00 bill from this visit.  Got to love poor health.
     I was able to sew $104.00 worth of product yesterday and I have to get back in the shop today after the Doctor.  I only have to teach one class today at 3 p.m. so I can come home and sew more after class.  I do have 2 wedding dresses that need love by tomorrow, and piles of hemming.  Where does it all come from?

     I was able to not spend yesterday!  yippee!  So actually two no spends this week and money spent has been under $10.00.  I feel pretty good about that figure.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday, Hump day

     I did not realize how tired I would be with classes starting.  Yesterday after I posted, I went back and took a nap.  All I could get done was a deposit.  I have to sew today!  I hope I adjust soon.

     Took in about $500.00 more in tuition but still have over $1800.00 out standing.  Will keep at the little wombats.Tonight will be a big catch up night on tuition we have several that did not pay last week and I will be after them tonight.

     Fiscal fast update:  Hubby picked me up last night with a cheese burger because all of the dinner had been eaten at our house and we still had to clean the bank, I had taught for 5.5 hours.  I reminded him about the no spend rule and ate the burger like a starving wolf.  I am not very good at this. Maybe we will call this a fiscal cut back.  I will try to be good today.

Out My Window:  I will go out and work more around the patio today and clean up all my trimming, but boy there is still a lot to do!

     I am going in to make a deposit and balance the studio books, so I can see how much I have to put toward Mom's debt!   Just think  I may be down to just the house payment one CC a car payment and the one additional debt!  Can you believe that?  It is the thing that motivates me to go on.

Have a Great and Productive Day!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday, So now that I got my wish...

     We had 39 students last night.  We have over 30 new students.  So now that I got my wish where are we going to put them?  We sat up until 1 a.m. trying to cast the 12 days of Christmas.  Very hard with this much enrollment, but I think we worked it out!  We have some cute ideas.  I just don't want to have to order a bunch of Costumes, nor do I want to have to make a bunch.  We provide the costumes for this show.  We have done it before but the kids grow and things wear out.  I will do an inventory when we are posting the cast list.  We will not do this until the end of September.
     That said if we can get everyone to pay their tuition I should be able to pay Mom off and then some on the next CC to be paid.  I am holding my breath.  What floors me is parents that call in August and register their kids.  We jot down the name but no form shows up.  Then they show with the forms and take the classes. They hand us the registrations but leave without paying any fees!  Did they not know that they had to pay a $20.00 registration fee? Did they not think they had to pay tuition?  We actually had 8 students do this last night.  Now if they are established with us it is one thing.  We do charge a $10.00 late fee and I might raise this to $25.00.  But the first month when everything is so crazy I hate to be a crank.  But would you ever walk into an establishment and watch your children take classes and then leave and not pay?  I know they are coming back because they turned in registrations.  If you want your children to do activities you must pay for those.  Am I not right?  Judy don't you save for lessons?  I know Carla sews and save for guitar!  I mean really.  (Be prepared for this same rant all year long)

     Out My Window:  Okay so I weeded around the fire pit and cleaned out the rest of the flower boxes in the back.  It took 1.5 hours.  I did not get to the small patio.  I will do that tomorrow.  I also think I will pick up all the debris that I have pulled so far and bag.  I still have much to do.  We will see Thursday and Friday.  I know Saturday, Hubby and I will work in the yard in the morning.

     I worked like a demon on the dress blues yesterday and the young man has not picked them up!  I know his inspection is today!  Oh to be young and irresponsible!  I did $85.00 worth of sewing yesterday.  But I need to get my butt in there and get caught up!  I think I weeded too hard and now I want to take a nap!

     Fiscal fast update!  I did not spend any money, but daughter asked if I wanted a cold soda?  I said yes,(it was 100 here at 5:30 p.m.)  She then took the money from my wallet to buy 3 soda's for herself another teacher and me.  Does this count? :)  Remember it was 100 degrees!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, I am trying the fiscal fast.

     Okay here goes, I am really going to try this.  I told husband and daughter.  Daughter had already said her goal this week was to not eat any fast food.   I still have  $16.59 on a restaurant card. Does this count?:)  You never realize how much money you spend on things that are not essential til you do something like this. Day one was easy as it was Sunday.  Now day two......

     This is the first Monday of classes as last week it was a holiday Monday.  So we will have most of our new enrollment today. On  Mondays we have most of our younger classes.  We still have a ton of tuition out and many not registered.  I am paying my Mom today the regular $500.00 and I will pay the rent.  Then anything above and beyond that in the account will go to pay off Mom. ( I am not counting regular bills in fiscal fast just discretionary income).  So after this afternoon we will have a pretty clear picture of our semester.  I pray that is is good.

     Out My Window:  I woke up this morning and threw on my garden clothes and weeded for an hour. Tomorrow I will do the same.  I was able to get the flower boxes on the deck cleaned out and the french drain in front of the deck done.  Tomorrow I will do the fire pit area and the small patio off the deck.  It is such a mess.  I really feel that this yard is just too much for us.  But I cannot justify hiring help often to deal with it.

     I have a a Marine dress blue uniform to alter this morning and a ton of other things in the shop, so I had better get busy.  Also need to make a deposit. Pay a few bills.  I am off to see the wizard!  I hope to have a great week.  At least better than last, I am not feeling as blue as I was feeling last week, and I hope this lasts.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, Remembering 9/11

     My heart and prayers go out to all of those who lost loved ones in 9/11.  As a country may we heal.  As a people may we forgive.

Have a beautiful Sabbath!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday, Busy canning tomatoes

     Hubby and I went out this morning and bought him new work tennis shoes, also hit a sale on a couple of pair of pants and a new rain jacket.  He rarely buys clothes, because he works in the woods and ruins them immediately.   We also bought groceries and I purchased some ornamental cabbages for the flower boxes.  I had a gift certificate to a nursery that I needed to use.
     We canned 12 quarts of tomatoes and I put all the jam supplies away and really cleaned the kitchen.  I will try to can at least 50 quarts of tomatoes before October, this should last us a year.  But every time I do a project like this I have to rearrange the storage.  I feel like all I do is move one pile to another pile.

     Out My window:  I have a goal to clean out and weed one small section of the backyard a day all next week.  I have divided the back yard up into 5 parts.  If I do a part every morning before it gets hot it will be done by next Saturday.  It is such a mess.  So far the chickens have laid 6 small pullet eggs.

    Hubby and I will go clean the bank and then I think I will watch a movie.

Have a great and productive day!



Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, I survived the week!

     Boy am I tired.  Back to teaching and sewing and I am bushed.  But it is nice to be able to pay the bills.  I do not teach today, Yippee! The shop is loaded so I have to get my butt in there.  I was able to pay off the Over draft loan I used this summer.  So now my only goal left for the month is pay all the bills on time and pay off Mom if I can.  I have not figured out where this will come from.  We do have an extra paycheck this month and we do have extra money coming into the studio in the form of registration fees, Hubby also has about $600.00 in fire time coming in as overtime.  I will have to sit down and see who has paid tuition and who hasn't.  We have so many new students showing up Monday so there is no way to know right now.

     We seem to have good size classes. I am so grateful.  I just want so badly to pay off all the studio debt and it will not be easy.  We are all in the same boat, it is not that we can't live on a tight budget, it is the length of time it takes us to get rid of the debt that is hard.

     On a better note, it is only the 9th of September and so far I have been able to:
      Catch up on all bills I was behind on, like utilities, doctors, cell phone bill.
      Get the emergency fund back to $1000.00  ($412.00)
       Pay off the Overdraft protection I used this summer ($873.00)

Next week is fiscal fast so I should be able to see where I stand as far as a pay-off on Mom is concerned.  I wanted to have this bill paid off last May remember?  Here it is September and I am still trying to figure it out.  Time; that is the killer.  But you know if we were very ill or terminal time would be so precious to us.  With the debt all we do is try to get the days to go by faster so we can make another payment.  Need to think about this!

     Out My Window:  More eggs, soon I will be haunting my neighbors!

Need to go get some laundry done and clean my kitchen, make the beds, etc.  Get some sewing done.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday, I woke up to crying

     I woke up this morning to the most awful crying sound.  It was repetitive but sounded  more like a baby doll.  It was the chickens, they are laying.  So cute, they are protective and so proud!  I had to get 8 small tomatoes from the garden to distract them but I have 2 small eggs, they are brown.  They will get larger and we will average 6 a day soon.  I love it when they start to lay.  But I have never heard chickens cry like this.  I hope the neighbors don't complain.

     I caught the little toe on my right foot on the closet door yesterday morning, I think I broke it!  It is purple and has a big red stripe down it.  Try teaching dance for 4 hours with a throbbing foot.  I could not get my hard shoes on.  But never mind I could not find them. I have three pairs as my feet can swell with my arthritis and I need different sizes, but all are out on loan to students who out grew their shoes before the last recital.  But as the little buggers keep growing these to shall come back to me. Irish hard shoes are about $135.00 a pair so I will let the ones that can wear a pair of mine borrow, if they come in a week before a performance.  We do have a shoe exchange program that works well.

     I told a parent to take a child home yesterday.  The little girls was so badly behaved.  She did not want to be there.  I think the mother was shocked, but I was kind.  I do not need horrible children, it takes away from my business, did I do the right thing?

     Out My Window:  If you could see how bad the weeds are around my back yard right now you would be shocked.  But besides running with scissors yesterday it was also 100 degrees.  There is smoke in the air from Oregon fires making it more miserable, so it will have to stay that way until it cools down.  It is supposed to be cooler by Saturday, I will weed some and can tomatoes.

     I am starting to take in tuition, so I was able to catch up on all of the little bills I did not pay in August.  I also paid back my emergency fund.  Yippee!  I was able to put $500.00 toward my over draft protection loan that I used this summer.  I only owe them about $350.00 now and I may be able to pay that back today.  I need to do a deposit.  It is nice to be able to catch up, but I have such a long way to go. I get so many set backs especially with the kids.  Daughter # 2 will pay me back about $250.00 this week and I will surely be able to pay off that OD account.  Then my real goal is to pay off my Mom  I owe her about $2164.00 left from a loan she gave me about 20 months ago for my business.  I have been paying her $500.00 a month.  But I think I can get it paid off this month.  Cross my fingers and my broken toe!

     I think Mysti, Rhitter and I are in the dumps right now, but we must be strong.  We will over come the monster.  Ugly, evil, debt!
     I have a dream ( no not a civil rights dream) a debtors dream, We will all be out of debt, I will be thin and beautiful, okay I am thin but the beautiful well one of my students last night said I looked like her Grandma!
Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday, Goals, Goals, Goals

     Crawled out of bed this morning.  Had a good turnout last night, not stellar but I was pleased.  Lost at least 6 older students to graduation and busy lives.  But to tell you the truth they were not my best dancers.  Nice girls and fun, it will not hurt the final product.  I just hate to lose kids that I have had for 12 years, but they do grow up.   I am more interested in the new little enrollment because from them comes the loyalty that stays with you.
     We had 5 new last night and this is only the first day.  I will stay positive. Started a Christmas # last night so we are not rushed at Christmas time with all the show and performance stuff.
     When I came home from teaching I had a bride in my shop!  It was 8:30 at night and I needed to get some protein in my stomach and go clean the bank.  She had 7 bridesmaids, 4 dresses were fine, but three of them although they were hemmed well were taken in by someone who did not know how to alter!  What a mess.  Pick out all her pleats and tucks and start over.  I have to have these done buy Thursday.  Money, Money!  Also the shop will be busy today, people know I am back in town.  Bride was in hysterics, but I calmed her down.  Why do people do things when they do not know what they are doing?  Well I guess on another note I also had to learn this skill.
Out My Window:  Sunny, warm  late summer weather.  I can't look at back porch, so much needs to be done and I can't get to it until Saturday so I will selectively neglect it!

     I am going in to do a deposit and then pay some bills, at least get bills from August paid, then set up a September budget.  I am going on a fiscal fast next week so I need to plan ahead.  Can I go a week without spending any money? 

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday, I am off to a running start!

    I got in late last night!  Piles of mail and dirty clothes.  I am a little off on my sleep schedule, but I am sure that it will correct itself soon.  I am unpacked and have cleaned the bedrooms and the upstairs baths.  I need to start laundry and get the kitchen dunged out.  I also sorted the mail!

      I had a good time in DC my sisters are very funny. I came home with over $300.00.  I just did not spend any money.  Subway fares and food out a few trinkets, but that was it!  I spent the most on my sisters birthday gift, as Labor day is her B-day.  I am glad to be home.
     I start at the studio today and I am praying for good enrollment.  It is always scary the first month.  So much depends on this as we want to be able to pay off close to $30,000 worth of debt by the end of the year (May).  I know we can do this if we persevere. 

     My first goal is to get the mail opened and set up a September budget.  We have three pay checks in September and no house payment until October, so the plan is to fully fund emergency fund, pay off overdraft protection (yes I was bad this summer), and pay off my Mom, and catch up on all bills as we are a little behind.  I would also like to make a significant payment to my personal credit card.  I have decided that I will pay this off first so I can have all the studio money go toward the new loan I took out on the truck.  I am pushing for at least $3000.00 a month. 3 x 9 is $27,000.00 that should put us right in the ball park.  If we have no CC debt and just the house and the car payment (mine) we should be able to stay on our goal of becoming debt free in less than 5 years.
 Out My Window:  I need to can tomatoes!   Hubby called out on a fire this last weekend while I was gone and many of my flower boxes did not make it.  But they were looking pretty sad so I will replace them with some small winter cabbages.  That is when I get time!

      I am going to open the mail and get a deposit ready!  Here goes to a new school year!

     Pray for me I am suffering from a little anxiety and depression and I don't know why?

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

What day is this?

     Okay, so jet lag got to me.  My last post was for a Friday but it was really Wednesday eve.  Today is Thursday, I am tired, but having a great time.  We went to the new WW II memorial today it is beautiful, but my favorite was the Korean War memorial.  I love the soldiers statues walking through the park.  So mesmerizing.  I thoroughly embarrassed myself in the subway today.  We were trying to get on during rush hour and I was not seated when the train started.  I was thrown off balance into a strange man's lap.  I grabbed his leg and squeezed hard as I went down trying get my balance, then I face planted in his crotch.  Yep, zipper fly blue jeans right into my face.  He helped me upright myself and asked me where I was from .  I told him Idaho and apologized.  My family was in hysterics.  I said I was not used to the subway in Idaho I was used to riding a horse!  I thought this was a cute way to diffuse the situation.  He said he would take that as a compliment.  I shut up after that, know matter what I said it would have been taken the wrong way by everyone.  I am a terrible klutz!
     I am looking forward to a new month and when I get home I am going to burn up my debt!

Have a great and productive day!