Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday, almost there!

     I took in $505.00 more dollars in tuition so add that to the check book balance and I am just $400.00 short of paying off my mother.  I hope that I can take in that much tuition this evening.  It is possible.  I actually told one new parent who has been skating around her fees for 5 lessons now, that she has to have forms and money in tomorrow night or I will not let her daughter dance and I will put another student that is waiting for a spot in her place.  We are not a charity.  I feel so mean but I have to set a president as there are so many who will take advantage.  I did not realize this until I opened this business.  There are actually parents that make the rounds of every studio and try to take lessons for a few months without paying.  It is funny but I can spot these the second they walk in!  The first year we were open was a nightmare.  I have really learned a great deal about people running this business.

     I noticed that many bloggers are having trouble getting as one would call it their "groove back".  What is wrong with all of us?  Is it something in the air?  I know the East coast has been plagued with bad weather and that could account for some but all of us?  A thought....... are we trying to hard?

     Out My Window:  I worked for two hours yesterday in the yard.  I was able to get the patio done and trimmed up a portion of the garden.  For people who did not plant pumpkins, why did I find over 30 of them?  They come up from seed!  I also uncovered 2 more beautiful acorn squash and several cucumbers and one bunch of amazing leeks, I forgot I planted.  It was like Christmas!  Chickens are laying like crazy now every time I go to the coop there are at least 4 eggs, they are pullet sized but delicious. I give away what we don't use.  I have never checked before, but organic eggs are about $4.50 a dozen here, I was shocked.  I don't buy eggs until they are .99 or 1.29 a dozen and then I buy 5 or more dozen at a time.  Eggs can last for weeks in a refrigerator.  How ever I cook from scratch and I do use a lot of eggs. I am going out side to continue where I left off yesterday but it is raining.

     I have a doctors appointment at 10:20 this morning , I will have all my labs done.  When you take the kind of meds I do it affects the kidneys and liver.  Fun!  Our deductible started over in July so I will have a co-pay and at least a $250.00 bill from this visit.  Got to love poor health.
     I was able to sew $104.00 worth of product yesterday and I have to get back in the shop today after the Doctor.  I only have to teach one class today at 3 p.m. so I can come home and sew more after class.  I do have 2 wedding dresses that need love by tomorrow, and piles of hemming.  Where does it all come from?

     I was able to not spend yesterday!  yippee!  So actually two no spends this week and money spent has been under $10.00.  I feel pretty good about that figure.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I am so sorry you have to deal with people that do not pay. It seems as though more and more people feel entitled to have rather than work for it. You are put in a bad position with that one and you did the right thing.

    Super jealous of your garden, the heat here makes growing in the summer impossible and especially with our drought. We watered like crazy, but then we were rationed and we lost everything.

    Hope your having a good one too!

  2. That is awesome with the no spends! Wish I could say the same. I am still bleeding money, either that or there's a hole in the bottom of my purse. I think we're stretching ourselves too thin these days - I've noticed my readership is way down over the past few days. People are just SSSSOOOOOO busy! We try to do it all but what we do is perhaps not up to our usual par so we feel disenchanted. That's my theory for what it's worth!

  3. Your garden goods sound wonderful! Lucky you!! Organic eggs here go for around $6.00!! Ouch! I get mine from a local farmer for $2.00/dozen thankfully! Hope you were able to get all your sewing done! You always seem to have so much on the go!

    Going to go add you to my blogroll before I forget again,