Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday, tie up the lose ends

    I balanced the books and I was able to pay everything, but I could not make a big payment to the next CC I want to pay off.  I was only able to make a little over the minimum.  But I had so much catching up to do and I also had paid off over $4000.00 worth of smaller debts including my Mom.  So I will not be disappointed.  I am so impatient I can easily get frustrated with debt pay off.  Studio books are on a zero based budget.  I still have about $225.00 left to collect in tuition but that will put us close to zero by the end of September.

     I was able to get all but 10 pieces of ironing done yesterday.  I will finish those today.  I also am almost caught up on laundry.  I cleaned the desk off and still have a little organizing to do there.  I am ready to do a monthly analysis of what to expect as far as tuition is concerned and how to budget for the next semester. 

Out My Window:  I was able to clean all beds yesterday but could not find the role of bags I had purchased to put trash in.  So there it sits.  Hubby and I will fill bags today and sweep the outside stairs and drive way.  We will take all trash to dump and go get the lawn mower from the repair shop.  Then I can call the yard done!  However the neighbor brought over a huge box of plums and a huge box of pollinating pears.  These pears are overly large and look more like an apple.  They are not pretty and are not sold on market.  They are only grown to pollinate other trees.  I blanch then quickly to remove any pollen and then rinse in cold water and then slice and dry.  I will have the dehydrator going for at least the next 3-4 weeks.  I put the slices into baggies of 2 pears each and then out them in the fridge down stairs.  They are snack food and will usually last for about 6 months if we don't eat them sooner.  I will also dry apples.  We get the fruit free from a neighbor that lives on an orchard in the tri-cities.  He teaches school over there and commutes once a week home.  He helps an older gentleman keep an orchard going in exchange for an apartment.  We get more friut than we can handle and he gets a place to live.  Win, win!

     I need to go pick up hubby, he took a long walk and is down at the river tired.  I am going to finish the yard, finish the ironing, finish the desk, finish the fruit or at least get started and then I am gong to take the day off!

Have a great and productive day!


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