Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday, reading good books!

     We have the yard done!  Yeah!  I still did not do the ironing.  I also did not start the fruit.  I was just lazy yesterday.  Well not really, I did get the last of the paper work done and set up a budget for October and it is scary.  I will have to be very careful.

     I went to Hastings yesterday and they were having a big book sale.  $4/1 or a quarter a book.  I bought several and I just started one last night.  I don't mind buying books when they are this inexpensive.  I can give them away or donate them to the shelter or library.

     I need to start saving money for a trip to see my grandson in two weeks.  I really have noticed that other than gas, which we seem to need a lot of we don't spend any where near as much on groceries.  I think I am seeing a trend now that the youngest has been gone more than a month.  It will be interesting to get the water and gas bills to see if these are also affected.  We do have to help her financially but it is in lump sums in the budget not nickeled and dimed.

Out My Window:  It was over 100 degrees yesterday!  But a cooling trend starts today and it is windy and about 78.  The chickens are becoming better layers.  Usually they lay an egg every few hours.  But this morning about 10:30 I went out and there were 4 eggs at once.  I have been trying to stay on them in daylight hours because we have found them eating an egg.  I beleive that it was broken accidentally but if they get a taste of raw egg and shell they will become cannibalistic.  So I am out to the coop every hour or so to check on them  So far so good.  It only happened once and I think they can be trusted.

     I am going to read and take a long nap this afternoon.  I did not sleep well last night.

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.


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