Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday, I made it to the middle of the week!

     Hooray!  I have not fallen over.  I am just so tired.  Classes went well last night, but it was a long night following a long day.  I did get all of the sewing caught up.  I also taught for 5.5 hours.  Usually I get a break from daughter but she was at a job interview and then we had to clean her building along with ours.  One more student paid tuition.  Now today I will approach a few more.  I feel like a tuition Nazi.  Whip these people into shape.

     Called Mom and she is doing fine.  She is anxious and tired at the same time.  But anxiety comes with heart surgery.  Still have not heard from the sisters as to who is going out.  Likely neither of then will. She has plenty of great neighbors and a sister and sister-in-laws there so she will be okay.  I know she gets lonely and I would love to have her here.  But she has to make that choice.

     We are waiting on pins and needles about Daughter #2's job interview.  Hope she gets it.  Her school loans will come due soon.  She is already paying back a parent plus loan, so she really needs to get a better paying job.

     Out My Window:  I did not work in the yard yesterday, but I will go out this morning.  I hope to finish the back yard.  Then tomorrow I can go onto the front.  By this weekend I hope to have all the yard work caught up.  Then all we will have to do for fall is finish the garden, rake 100 bags of leaves, and trim tons of bushes! Still we are much farther ahead than we were last year.  I didn't get to cleaning out the garden until January/February.

     I have $636.00 saved for a $672.00 bill.  Hopefully I can pay that off tomorrow.  Then I must pay a few small bills and set up next month.  I want to get an extra house payment saved in a special account at the CU.  I just want the house and car taken from that. I would like to know that it is always covered.  We have a three paycheck month this month, so I will see if I can do this.  But then I say no don't tie up that money.  You have an emergency fund put that $1500.00 toward your next debt.  I am in a quandary.
     I am going to get dressed and hit the yard until 10 o'clock and then get more sewing done!  Have to teach until 8 tonight but I do have a break from 4-5:30.

     Have a great and productive day!


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  1. I'd put the money towards the next debt. As you already do have an EF then I would concentrate on the debt.
    I started yawning my face off as I was reading your post; I feel exhausted too. I think it's early to bed tonight!