Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, Mom is down again.

     I had a call late last night that my mom is in the hospital, her heart is beating too fast.  They stabilized her and kept her for the night to make sure that no clots formed in the lower chambers.   I just wish she would come and live here it would be so much easier.  But I can also understand her not wanting to lose her independence.  I will not go over to her place unless things get bad.  It is just such a worry to me.

     This will be our second Monday of classes and if you remember last week we had a total of 8 students that left without registrations or paying for classes, so today I will be demanding that the parents pay for these lessons. Tuition is due on the first and late on the 10th, I am just going to announce it to all parents as they come in.  After this month they will receive a $20.00 late charge.
     Why is it when I am so busy trying to get the yard done, I cannot get the laundry and ironing done?  I am so behind again.  It will take me all day to get the beast back in its cage. Especially the ironing, it is taking over the shop.  It was all done before I left for D.C and now I don't have a blouse left.  I am so undisciplined when it comes to ironing.

     Out My Window:  I go to tackle one of the last three flower beds out back this morning.  My goal by the end of the week is to have the yard done!
     We had new finger potatoes and the last of the beans from the garden last night.  They were so good.  Also made strawberry shortcake, yum.  We have a tons of potatoes left to dig but I need to clean out the storage fridge in the garage, yuck!

     Well I need to get my butt in gear(do I write this every day?).  Will go out and weed and then I am going to hit the shop, as again I have two wedding dresses and a formal to fix.  Need to clean the shop and attack the ironing pile. 

Pray for my Mother!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oh no! I hope Mom will be ok. Does she have a pacemaker???

    I would tell the families that until tuition is paid, they will no have lessons. And ask them to leave. And I think that the $20 fee is more than fair.

    Why do people think they are entitled to get something for nothing?

  2. My FIL has the same thing happen with his heart. The last time it wasn't treated in time and he got clots that formed. He's been cardioverted twice and now there is talk of an implanted defibulator. No fun at all.
    I hope that all goes well for your mom.

    I can't understand people that wont pay. Times are tough for everyone but it doesn't mean that you get free lessons for your kid. Good Grief.

    I hardly ever iron. Once in a blue moon for a wedding I press shirts. My youngest asked what the ironing board was when I had it out! :)

  3. I hope your mother feels better soon! ((hugs)) As for the parents not paying on time, that irks me to no end! I think a $20 late fee is MORE than fair!

  4. That must have been scary for your mom- hope she's home soon!
    No money = no lessons (stupid spongers!)
    And yes, I think you do tell your butt to get in gear everyday, but as long as it listens, who cares? Have a good one!!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I know how stressful that is. As for the sponging parents - you get 'em girl!!

    And now I'm off to tackle the ironing ... you've guilted me into my least favorite chore :)