Thursday, September 1, 2011

What day is this?

     Okay, so jet lag got to me.  My last post was for a Friday but it was really Wednesday eve.  Today is Thursday, I am tired, but having a great time.  We went to the new WW II memorial today it is beautiful, but my favorite was the Korean War memorial.  I love the soldiers statues walking through the park.  So mesmerizing.  I thoroughly embarrassed myself in the subway today.  We were trying to get on during rush hour and I was not seated when the train started.  I was thrown off balance into a strange man's lap.  I grabbed his leg and squeezed hard as I went down trying get my balance, then I face planted in his crotch.  Yep, zipper fly blue jeans right into my face.  He helped me upright myself and asked me where I was from .  I told him Idaho and apologized.  My family was in hysterics.  I said I was not used to the subway in Idaho I was used to riding a horse!  I thought this was a cute way to diffuse the situation.  He said he would take that as a compliment.  I shut up after that, know matter what I said it would have been taken the wrong way by everyone.  I am a terrible klutz!
     I am looking forward to a new month and when I get home I am going to burn up my debt!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oh no! That completely sounds like something that only happens in the movies! I must admit I did have a chuckle... but I feel bad. :)

  2. LOL! I'm sorry, I laughed too! It was pretty funny. The Korean War memorial IS impressive isn't it? I thought it was very striking when I saw it. We went in the winter and it was snowing and it actually seemed as if they were moving through the snow. Glad you are enjoying your time there...

  3. I ride the subway every day and I laughed at this!!
    Been a long time since we went to D.C. it was on this year's list but other stuff got in the way.

  4. Oh my, too funny! At least you both handled it with humour - what else could you do?