Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday, Out in the Garden

     I will spend the majority of the my time  outside today.  So much to do. Here is my list:

  1.      Finish weeding and bagging garden trash
  2.      Take all bags of refuse to front
  3.      Take all bags to dump 
  4.      Clean around pond 
  5.      Stack all pumpkins and fall produce
  6.       plant all flowers boxes with fall cabbages    
     I hope to be able to move tomorrow!

     I will also try to be happy, my youngest daughter is acting like an idiot!  I am very upset with her.  But hopefully she will pull it around.  I think she got the picture last night!

Have a great and productive day!


Foot Note:  Thanks for all the congrats on paying off Mom!  Silly but I live for your praise!


  1. Can't say I had a productive day but I can say I had a relaxing day which I really needed after a full week of school. I did get to the market for fresh veggies and the laundry is done. Your productivity puts me to shame!
    And congrats on paying back your MOM!! How fabulous is THAT!! I bet she's happy too!

  2. You had a major JUST DO IT day! I am proud of ya.

  3. Sounds like a busy day! Hope the weather cooperates for you! I have a plateful of chores to do today as well! Hoping to be super productive! :)