Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday, first dress came in at 8 this morning!

     Homecoming this weekend and I had a dress (last minute) here at 8 this morning.  I met the clients in my p.j.s.  I was lovely.  Daughter # 2 is having her second work interview this afternoon.  So I am praying she gets this job.  It will mean big changes for the studio but those changes need to be made. Youngest daughter needs to get more hours at work to pay her bills.  I have a sneaky feeling both will be at me by tomorrow to help with rent.  Daughter #2 called last night and said I can't find my check book, can I use the studio one to get up to my interview?  No!  There is no money in it and I paid off the credit line and closed it.  Can I use the studio CC? No! I paid it off and closed it.  I can give you $60.00 in cash to fill up your car and have money for food, but I will take it out of you account and put it back in mine.  She came over to get the cash and was very quite.  Mom ain't falling for the can't find the check book any more translates into a $300-600.00 shopping trip in the city.  With I will pay you back.  She already had a shopping trip to Seattle this month.  I told her not to go and I noticed that she does not have the money to pay her 1/2 of the rent.  She had better not ask me.  Kids!  Grrrr!

     I was able to put up 7 quarts of plums yesterday, and started to dry the rest of the fruit.  I need to go up stairs and switch the trays.  I am using Judy's blanket idea for the ironing.  I only have to teach one class today so I am relieved, I am just on pins and needles about this job for my daughter.  But we have three buildings to clean tonight so I will still be busy.

     Out My Window:  Getting colder in the evenings and the days are getting shorter.  We are on the short end of the time zone so it will be dark here by 4 in the afternoon in December and January.  The cool weather always makes the yard perk up.

     Well I need to go make a deposit, slice some fruit, check the chickens, take a bath, start dinner, and get some sewing done in no particular order.  I am praying hard my kids will not need money.:) Be prepared for the rant of a life time if they do!

Have a great and productive day!




  1. A blanket a day keeps the ironing away :) Stand strong with your daughters...your on to them now!!!!!!!!


  2. Eek! How old are your girls?! I assume old enough to know how to save money for rent, so I wouldn't be giving out handouts! Good luck!