Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, the start of another week

     Lazy weekend, but it was nice.  I cooked a nice dinner last night with 2 kinds of squash, cucumber, tomato and onion salad, new purple and finger potatoes, and cauliflower and carrots.  All from the garden!  Then I had pork chops that were in the freezer and made a double batch of spice cupcakes for hubby to take to work.  I am averaging 5 eggs a day with the chickens.  So you can see that our grocery bill has been way down.  However the garden will soon be gone and I will miss it.  Not the work!

     Daughter and I were able to set all the parts for the Christmas show.  Now I have to pull all the costumes and see who can wear what and then order or buy what is needed.  I hope to be able to do this without spending a lot of money.  It is going to be so much work.  I can't even think about it!

     I am going to run a few errands this morning and then work on some homecoming dresses.  Also need to sew up a few jackets that are in for alterations.  Tonight I still have 4 parents that have not paid tuition.  This is D-day after next week the next month is due.  I hate collecting tuition.  Are you tired of hearing my complain about it? Because I am tired of complaining.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. Your garden goodies sound fabulous!! I love the little fingerling potatoes! They're SOO good!

    As for the parents that haven't paid you yet, come next week, I wouldn't let the children participate if they're not paid up! How disrespectful the parents treat you! I hope you'll be following through with the late fees! I pay my daughters guitar teacher 1-2 weeks EARLY every month, that way I don't forget about it & he doesn't have to ask me for it.

  2. I wouldn't let the kids participate if tuition isn't paid. Maybe you can do a reminder at the first week...but by week 2 if it isn't paid...then no class. Why should you teach for free???

  3. Christmas - yuck. It's not that I dislike Christmas, I just dislike thinking about it only 5 days after summer has ended! Shame on those cheap parents - they should be ashamed of themselves! I would send them packing!