Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, PAID off my Mom!

     Drum Roll please, after 20 months I paid a loan off to my mother!  It was a $12,000.00 loan to help pay off a CC that I used to move the studio two summers ago.  It was a bank card that they raised the interest on (because they could I was told).  I have never been late and have always paid way over the minimum.  Well Mom came in and paid it off and I paid it back at 2.99%.  So today my blogging friends I made the final payment and wiped out a $12,000.00 debt!  Yeah! Now I am going to pay off a CC that has a $7500.00 balance.  Ugh!  But I can do it!
     Took in about $505.00 more dollars in tuition last night and I did have to chase that one mother around to get a check.  But I did it!  We still have over $1,000.00 worth of tuition outstanding and that is good.  I have $24.65 left in the checking account after paying off Mom.  I still need to make a CC payment and pay insurance, utilities, and a small payroll and that will be enough.
     I also want to start saving at least $500.00 a month out of the studio for taxes (although I do prepay those) and summer bills.  Remember I went about $5000.00 more into debt this summer paying bills.  I just have to put that in the budget.

     Out My Window:  Worked for 1.5 hours in the rain yesterday.  At least it was cool.  Fed the chickens much of the bad produce I found in the garden.  They love it!  Found more surprises, more cucumbers, a few small cantaloupes, more acorn squash.  I still have to dig all the potatoes, and pull onions, and the brussel sprouts will not mature until it cools down.  The garden will be almost clean.  Well maybe a garden is like a baby never clean for long.

     Did not get good news at the doctor yesterday, blood panels have not come back yet so I will ignore the news until there is proof.   I am not going to talk about it now.  Because I just want to be happy about the pay off of my bill to my Mom.  Nothing is going to ruin my joy!

     I am going out to the garden and then I am going to sew and I have to teach today for a couple hours as daughter has been called in to work for real money as she calls it!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. YAY!!! Congratulations Kim!!!! Doing a happy dance for you! Great job!

  2. That is an awesome achievment!!!! You should be beyond happy!I am so happy for you


  3. YAY!!!! That is a wonderful accomplishment. Not only did you beat the CC at their own game, but you showed your Mom that you really are a responsible adult.

  4. Good for you Kim!! That will lighten the monthly load now. Your hard work really paid off!
    I am very happy for you!

  5. I know that you must feel awesome about paying off that loan...
    Enjoy the victory.

  6. Wow!! Congrats!! :)

    Hoping your blood test results come back the way you want them to! ((hugs))