Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday, Hump day

     I did not realize how tired I would be with classes starting.  Yesterday after I posted, I went back and took a nap.  All I could get done was a deposit.  I have to sew today!  I hope I adjust soon.

     Took in about $500.00 more in tuition but still have over $1800.00 out standing.  Will keep at the little wombats.Tonight will be a big catch up night on tuition we have several that did not pay last week and I will be after them tonight.

     Fiscal fast update:  Hubby picked me up last night with a cheese burger because all of the dinner had been eaten at our house and we still had to clean the bank, I had taught for 5.5 hours.  I reminded him about the no spend rule and ate the burger like a starving wolf.  I am not very good at this. Maybe we will call this a fiscal cut back.  I will try to be good today.

Out My Window:  I will go out and work more around the patio today and clean up all my trimming, but boy there is still a lot to do!

     I am going in to make a deposit and balance the studio books, so I can see how much I have to put toward Mom's debt!   Just think  I may be down to just the house payment one CC a car payment and the one additional debt!  Can you believe that?  It is the thing that motivates me to go on.

Have a Great and Productive Day!



  1. Hope you get lots of that outstanding tuition tonight. You are doing great! I think you deserved that burger too! You have to eat.

  2. Well I don't think the cheeseburger counts against YOU, just hubby! And it was a gift to you so of course you had to eat it!
    Hope all your parents pay up soon. I paid dance tuition for 11 years and was never a minute late - ever! And I think it incredibly irresponsible of parents to make you wait!!