Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday, sleepy today

     We walked through two buildings last night.  They did not look too bad.  But I could see how this could get overwhelming if you had several people call in sick at once.  Hubby is afraid we will never get a Holiday off again.  We have always made arrangements to get our vacations so I see no reason that we won't be able to do this.  It is just a lot of trash baskets, vacuuming and bathrooms.  Once you know what you are doing it goes pretty fast.
     We need new tires for the truck and they will be about $900.00 so that is my first goal for this extra money.  Maybe if Hubby sees this he will be less likely to balk. Daughter#2 also needs extra money for rent.  So she can help or is at least willing to.  She has a work interview tomorrow so hopefully she will get that job.  This will really change our lives.  But I am anxious for her to have her own thing in a different town than her parents.  She is the only one that went to school here and she needs to stretch her wings.

     All parents have paid tuition except one.  These people always pay on time and this is the first time in 4 years they have been late.  I have a call into them, so I figure it is an over site or I have lost a check.  Which I have done before.  But I still had to grovel and demand tuition, I just hate that.  However, I see no way around it.  Every dance teacher I know goes through the same thing.  I know many studios that have closed because they could not get the tuition monster under control.

     Out My Window:   We are going into cool mornings and hot afternoons.  This will last until about the 29th of October then turn colder.

     I know that most people feel that this month went fast but I think it is dragging on forever. Probably because I started teaching again and I am so tired.  I have really noticed how little laundry I am doing.  Remember the piles and loads I had when the two girls were home?  It is kind of weird.  I used to have that machine running all day every day and now I can do a couple loads twice a week and I am caught up.  Great!
I keep thinking I haven't done laundry for days and then I go downstairs and I only have 2 loads.

     I am going to try to catch up today and few things I have been putting off.  Fruit that needs to be dealt with, the last of the ironing (yes I am ashamed to admit). Work in the shop I have been putting off. I am off to see the wizard!  (Really if you read the last paragraph I am more than a little off!)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You have done tons more than me! You know if you throw a blanket over that ironing you wont see it.


  2. My daughter's dance teacher was so scary no one dared by late with a payment lol! Eventually we switched to another dance teacher who taught with a loving kind approach rather than with a yardstick to the shins and verbal abuse (see, I told ya she was scary!)

  3. If I ever have kids who take dance, I will be super diligent about paying my tuition thanks to reading your blog!

  4. My daughters dance school offered a discount of like 5% if we paid up front for the year. Believe me tons of parents took advantage of it

    just an idea