Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday, What happened to Thursday?

  I mean honestly what happened to yesterday?  Where did it go? I remember getting up and I remember getting dressed.  Then I told mom I wanted to go get my drivers license renewed, something I have wanted to do everyday for a month. Mom wanted to go with me.  Oh yeah, that was when things went wrong.  Taking Mom anywhere is a way to waste at least 4 hours of your time.

     I did get my license done and she applied for a State I.D.  This took over an hour.  Then we had to get some things for a potluck this weekend, but she was HUNGRY.  So we stopped and did a hamburger run.  Then we went to the grocery store where of course I lost her (my fault)  Finally had to have her paged which made her mad.  I thought it was a positive as she recognized her own name.

    Then I rushed home to get 3 sport coats altered before I left for dance.  The sprinkler men were here when we arrived home which means we can finally plant the garden.  I made Hub's get the groceries out of the car and put them away. I think he realized I was frustrated so he did not argue.

     After I taught dance I had to rush home to a bride and bridesmaids.  Lucky me!  I now have 6 bridal dresses and 7 bridesmaid dresses in the shop.  It is that time of year and will not stop until next November.

     Sluggy has a give away on her blog.  Go head and enter , but you all know I will win. That is at Don't read this, It's boring.  I do not find it boring, but I do get jealous of Sluggies fabulous shopping strategies.   Just cannot master her mad skills.

     We have relatives coming this weekend for a family baptism and birthday.  The housekeeper was here on Wednesday so the guest bath is clean, I need to change the sheets in the guest room and Hub's needs to take the crib down and store it in the closet.  That will be the first thing I do today, after I shower.  I am sitting here with hair dye on my roots and I am Beautiful!

     I want mom to make banana bread and lemon pies today.  We are also going to make an Acicni d Pepi' Salad.  So she will be busy destroying the kitchen while I sew.  I have at least 8 pairs of pants to alter and a couple more piles of alterations.   Not to mention the 5 dresses I need to shorten.  So I will be busy.  We can't plant the garden as it is pouring outside.

     Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday,Adult children ( Sluggy and Jane)

     For those of you on the same circuit and there are quite a few of us, I thought I would address the theme of adult children living with their parents.

     Like Jane I have seen myself and brothers and sisters return home to my parents and in some cases it worked out and fulfilled a much needed service.  In the case of my brothers it was a disaster in a never ending cycle of enabling and abuse. Dynamics are different in different families.

     Even with clear cut rules things can go wrong.   But I truly believe that we are put on this earth in families so we can bear one another's burdens.  I think the parent child relationship is sacred and only they can decide what is right and necessary.  I hate that my brothers use my mom, I do everything I can to stop her from helping them, but she lies, sneaks and maneuvers to do it anyway.

     I have had adult children move back home for short periods of time.  It was rough.  It was not so much the financial as the mess they created.  Right now I have three daughters that are all very self sufficient.  That may not always be the case.  My home is open to them should they need a soft place to land.  Would it disrupt my plans and my life?  You bet!  Would I allow it?  You bet!

     I think Jane's daughter living with her is great.  She contributes, is caring and loving never married and this is how things have always been in our society.  The idea that a kid leaves home at 18 never to return is just ludicrous.  I also see in Sluggy's case that having a daughter return to finish school is a great idea.  Now is there going to be smooth sailing always?  No we are talking Sluggy here.:)  But under that stern exterior lives a loving, kind, sensitive soul, who loves her children more than herself.  She might even learn to love the dog.  He will keep the deer out of the garden.

     We all have different ways of handling our families and our finances, but we all are together almost everyday blogging because we care about each other.  We can disagree and give advise, that is okay, but criticism on a destructive level is just mean.  Don't make me have to come and find you......

     On a different note, I am working hard to try and change some of the aspects of my busy life.   Change takes time and planning.  It is not always easy.   But stay tuned, I am sure by next year all my kids will be living with me and I will be in a nut house.  ( this is a joke)

     I only have one more prom dress to finish.  Yippee!  However I have a ton of other alterations to do.  So today will be busy as usual and I will live through it.

Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday, sorry things just go bonkers here

     Mom ended up in the ER last Friday and that threw the whole schedule  at least what schedule I had out of whack.  All the work I planned to do on Friday got pushed back to Saturday.  Mom is okay, we just thought she had a blood clot, so we had everything checked out.

     Saturday was bust and I don't even know why.  Oh yeah younger sister going through major drama and Mom very upset about this.  I am also, I just have to have faith it will all work out.

     Now I am really behind.  At least I was able to regroup yesterday. 

     I am having trouble trying to decide how to approach the studio next year.  Doctor visit yesterday was no so positive.  Although my arthritis is bad I feel pretty good.  Doctor is just concerned about me as I have mom and the shop and the studio and he knows how hard I work.  He said something has to give as my health is giving now and I knew that, I just don't want to make a choice.  But I have faith that everything will work out eventually.

     When things get like this I go into my , "Okay that is crap, but what can I get done today?"  Work is a great panacea for problems.   It is productive and it also can make you feel better.

     I am spending a good amount of time trying to keep mom's spirits up and that is hard.  My house is a wreck and the shop is overfull.  I have a major recital within the month and I can't seem to get my feet under me for any length of time.

     All I can do right now is what I can do right now.  Embroider that on a pillow.

Have a great and productive day, because I am going to work like He## to have one.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday, Morning freeze

     It has been such a beautiful week here.  I have been able to take a good walk every morning this week.  However I am experiencing morning freeze.  Where I sweat and then get very cold.  This is a small complaint as it will turn very hot here soon and I will wish to be a little cold.

     I really need to get up earlier and I am having a hard time getting to bed earlier so I can do that.  I just need the alone time and I can only get this at night.

     I have way too many prom dresses in the shop so I had better quit complaining and get busy.  I just really don't want to be motivated.

     The vertigo symptoms are almost gone and that is so nice.  May they stay gone forever. 

     Mom is at a church meeting this morning, I wonder how she will be when she gets back? 

I would like to plant the garden this weekend but we have not had the water turned on and have to wait.  Or we can plant and then hand water which is a pain.  All of the flower boxes in the back are done and I just have the front left to do, but with out water in front it makes it really hard to hand water.

     Hub's and I still have the front of the house to rock, so maybe we can work on that this weekend.

I also need to go pay the studio rent and get my driver license renewed.   Get the oil changed in the car, clean and detail the car.  Why can't I get these things done?  Need to go to Joann's for a few things.  Maybe I can take mom out later today.

Well I had better get busy as no one is going to do my work for me no matter how long I wait.:)

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday, Can I retire?

     Yesterday was much better as far as the vertigo symptoms.  I wanted to do a little planting but that was out as bending over made the world spin.  So I spent my time in the shop.  I had 7 more dresses come in so it was not like I had nothing to do.

     Mom made banana bread.  I froze all of it, for her church group luncheon.

     Ballet Mistress was over all afternoon yesterday.  I sewed while she went over the order of the show.  Then she came by after classes and we ordered costumes.  We still have a few odd ball pieces that we need to find.  She was yawning by 10:30 so we quit and I went to bed and she went home.  I am trying to set limits with her so she doesn't overwhelm herself and exhaust me.  It was last year while she lived here that I almost had a break down.  If she wants to live crazy that is fine, but I choose to stream line my life just a little more.  Crazy comes sneaking in soon enough without inviting it in on a daily basis:)

     If she wants to come over and prattle I will not quit working to engage the chaos she creates in her mind.  I will just listen.  Mom says I handle her well.  Egads?  Why me?

     I was able to pick up a couple of flats of flowers to finish the boxes out back and I will get mom to help me plant those later this afternoon.  Then I want to get the back deck cleaned up for spring and summer.  That might be a waste of time as they will be remodeling in the kitchen.  Might have to rethink my strategy.

     I have several little to do items on my list in the next few days.  I also need to pay a few bills today.  I did not cook supper yesterday and I was in trouble for that, I also did not get mom's wind chimes hung and I was in trouble for that also.  I just cannot make everyone happy no matter how hard I try.

     Well I am off to conquer the world.......

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday, Vertigo!

     I went upstairs yesterday after I blogged and had a little breakfast, which made me sick to my stomach so I decided to lay down for a minute to see if it would subside.  It did not and I ended up with a bad case of vertigo.  This happens once in a great while and I don't know what brings it on, it is so strange.  Mom and Hub's left me alone.  Mom said I looked like a squirrel burrowed into the bed covers.  But I was sweaty and cold and icky.  Hub's took mom to eye doctor and I slept hard.

    The door bell rang in the shop and I jumped up and almost fell over.  I banged from side to side all the way down the hall and getting down the stairs was woozy.  I was embarrassed as I had at least 5 people come in and I was so dizzy.  I realized then what it was as I have had it before.   Something in my inner ear just goes haywire.  There is not much you can do but let it run it's course.  It also comes with a bad headache.  So I was down most of the day sleeping it off.  Not exactly what I had planned.

     When I got up this morning I lurched hard and hit the shower door with a bang.  But that had been the only bad thing today.  Just need to be careful.

     So today I need to do everything I had planned yesterday.  What did I have planned yesterday?

     Hansel and Gretel poster, I am on it.  I also confirmed the summer workshop dates.  Now for my house...... well really who wants to clean house?  But then again who wants to throw up and be dizzy?

     Mom has put a pile of things for me to put away by the computer.  I think she is giving me a hint.  As in get busy!

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday, I do have the cutest grandsons you have ever seen....

     Okay I am a little prejudice but I have to say I really love those two and they are so cute.  Our James was born on our 37th Wedding Anniversary weighing in at 8lb.14oz.  Daughter was all baby.  It was an exciting week for both hub's and I .  He was here with our sweet William and mom and I was with James.

     I am glad to be home although I miss holding the little guy.  There is so much to do around here and I feel like I can finally pay a little attention to my home and maybe myself.  Really can you believe that?  Hub's and I walked the loop this morning.    I hope to be able to do this every morning that the weather permits.  I really need the exercise. I also need to see my doctor this week.

     The spring dance recital will be up fast a furious, so I need to get cracking on that.  Like a poster done maybe?  This week?

     I will have plenty to do in the shop and I need to balance the accounts and pay what is left of this months bills.

     Every room in my house needs love as I have been gone for 9 days.  So I am going to do a quick run through before I hit the shop.

     The new back door and new picture window were put in while I was gone and they look great.  Not sure where I am going to go from here, but I know I am going.  Need to speak to the contractor.

Now I need to get to work and I don't want to.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday, Too many loose ends

     I cannot believe I am leaving tomorrow.  I have so many things I need to get done.  Just small things that are bugging me,  I have decided to get done what needs to be done and forget the rest.  Trust me it will be here when I get back.

  I have one more dress to do.  Mom's taxes are done we will pick them up this morning.  I have been complaining so much I thought I would tell you a few pieces of good luck I had come my way.  I spend way too much time dwelling on the negative and I have way more to be thankful for that I ever realize and admit.

1.  We received a $348.00 check in the mail on a mistake from Hub's SSI.
2.  We over paid a medical bill by $27.11
3.   Hub's broke a tooth yesterday and he has no dental now as we can get our work done free with daughter.  (Cleanings) But major work we will pay half.  So I was expecting at least a $500.00 bill.  Turned out it was a crown that was under warranty so no charge!

     So all of these things help the financial picture.  I am hoping after I return from my daughters to be able to pay off something.  Now I am just excited to see a new grandson.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday, is it really Thursday?

     Took mom in for her taxes and she came out all smiles.  See when you go to someone who knows what they are doing it makes you feel better.  Then onto getting the other things done. 

     Home to sew all day.  Thankfully I had a girl friend from Moscow come down to visit and she is a bang up seamstress.  We have worked on many projects together and she was a great help yesterday.  We sewed until 9 p.m.  I was so tired, but I still have plenty to do. 

     I did get some flowers planted out back in a rush to just do something outside.  Hopefully I can get out today.

     Taking stock of the shop, I have 2 more difficult dresses and the rest could actually wait until I return from my daughters.

     Yesterday as I was doing errands I was able to pick-up perennials in the 4 inch size for $1.50 so I want to fill in some holes in front.  The front yard is looking really good and is much easier to take care of now that I converted it to perennials.  Note to those who want to do this.  Always buy the smallest available.  They grow and spread and in a year will be the size you want them.  It does take patience but well worth it!

     So hopefully I will be outside soon!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday, Yesterday was plain frustrating...

     Arghhhh!  That was yesterday.  Just plain busy and frustrating.  Mom came back unable to do her taxes because she did not have her last years taxes.  We have looked for them over and over.  I have gone through the storage, Sis had gone through it, Hub's no box of taxes.  So now mom has to go out to storage I made hub's take her as I had prom dresses coming into the shop.  They come back with no taxes as I could have told her, and about 10 boxes of her crap!

     I was furious.  I called my accountant and made an appointment for today at 11:00.  Yes she will have to pay to have them done.  She then takes the boxes and starts to unpack them in my shop.   I had 7 more dresses come in yesterday and the shop is so full.  She had these damn Disney figurines all over a large table taking up most of the floor space.  Now I hate that kind of stuff.  It reminds me of all the money she wasted over her life on crap when she could have been helping her children.  Oh she would help the two indigent boys with anything but us girls had to tow the mark.  I just see all her collections of crap as selfishness.    I know that is mean but I have to get it off my chest.

     She then sits in the shop and interrupts my work for 3 hours going over her figurines.  I called my besty who does E-bay sales, she could sense the desperation in my voice and came over took pictures and then we could pack the stuff back up.  I actually knocked one over and all most broke it accidentally with a prom dress. 

     Did I get any flowers planted NO!

Did I get any yard work done? No!

Did I get any more caught up in the shop?  No, no NO!

At least I went on a 4 mile walk with Hub's in the evening and bitched the whole time.  I needed that.

This morning hubs and I got up and walked the bridges and then I jumped in the tub.  Mom was not happy about  the morning walk but too bad.  I have to take her to the accountant and then I have several errands that have to be run. Joann's, Buy Mart, Wal-mart, secret shop, Albertsons for a prescription.  Then home to sew and do some yard work I hope.

     I swear on my mother's grave I will do something fun today.  Well I get a walk.

I am cranky can you tell!?????

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday, Can I do this?

     Yesterday after I posted, I asked Mom if she wanted to come upstairs and help me straighten the house.  We could work together.  My plan was to give her something to do so she would not be finding extra things for me to do.  This is how it went.

     I cleaned three bathrooms, three bedrooms, vacuumed and mopped the halls, the shop and the front room.  I also did three loads of laundry.  She went into the kitchen and made more cookies for her church.  Which meant I had to run back and forth for things and did not get the kitchen or dining room floors done until about 3:30.  She finally went to get her taxes done and I made a taco salad for dinner.  Then I had to sew late into the evening.

     Hub's was in a frump yesterday over the weather.  He took a nap in the formal front room, not his room or the family room, thus preventing me from dusting and vacuuming said room until late.  He even asked that I cover him with a blanky.  I would love to blankety blank him.

     This morning I am up early and mom is also.  She is still trying to get her taxes done for free.  So I started what was to be a quiet morning with looking for Mom's tooth.  It was under her bed. She asked me to go with her, No was my reply.  Then she called from the bedroom that she had better eat something like an English muffin so she did not bottom out her blood sugar.  This is code for me to run upstairs, pull out the toaster and fix her breakfast.  Brought her breakfast downstairs and she is struggling to her car.  Making a big effort to appear helpless so I will go with her. It did not work.

     It promises to be a warm and beautiful day and I am on my way to a local nursery, I also need to put gas in my car.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, April 4, 2016

Momday, I mean Monday...

     Okay today is the first day of spring break and I am so looking forward to 5 days of sewing getting caught up in the yard and the shop and generally just enjoying the fact that I don't have to go down to the studio.

     Mom is taking the view that now I can get a hundred things done for her.  No I do not want to go to the storage unit and get her doll house so she can sell it.  I have no room for it and I cannot lift it.  This will involve hiring young men and getting them there and back here and she will complain  about how much I pay them.  No I do not want to look up free tax places, she can pay someone.  Love her to death but she allows me no free time at all.

     It is rainy here so I am grouchy.  Hub's and I took a nice walk yesterday and I was hoping to take one today.  At least I wanted to be able to work in the yard a little.  But now I am stuck in the house.  Which really is okay as I have a ton of chores, a very messy house and so much to do in the shop.  I think I just want to whine.....   Fell free to ignore me.  I think I will ignore myself.

     I need to get moving and make myself feel better. Let's see what can I do?

     Make the beds,  pick up the dirty clothes, empty the trash cans, clean the toilets, vacuum, scrub the kitchen floor, clean the basement, do some laundry. Blah!  I know put away the China rabbits left over from Easter.  Or I could clean out the fridge!  Isn't my life exciting?

     I could finish paying some bills, or better yet, finish cleaning the desk area of the shop.  If I am busy working in the shop or the house mom will usually not require me to do something for her.  I don't mind helping her at all, it is just that she can't stand to see me waste time. I wonder who else is like that?  The apple, that apple that fell not far from its tree.  It needs to be eaten.

Have a great and productive day!

Kim :)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Friday, I was a whirlwind!

     It was a whirl wind day yesterday.  I was able to get so much done and I love days like that.  Hub's and I have been working on the front 100 feet of our property.  We are removing the bark and replacing it with rock.  I helped him shovel and scoops up 5 loads into a wheel barrow and then push it up a steep hill and dump it into the back.  Then I was done.  It almost killed me.  Where did my strength go?  But we will work on it more today.  Hopefully finish.  Ha!

     The shop was so busy.  I really had to give up on yard work because I had 8 prom dresses come in with in a few hours.  So I did laundry and really cleaned my desk area, which is also not finished.  Paid all the bills that are due the first of the month and will finish up what is left of the personal today.

     Mom and I did a little grocery shopping and got a few flowers, I also purchased the potatoes and onion sets for the garden.  Maybe I can get Hub's to help me plant them.  The sprinkler system is not turned on yet so we need to be careful what we plant.

     I made a big pot of bean soup with the ham bone from Easter.  I also made a large bowl of egg salad while mom was trying to make Swedish almond cakes for her church.  Then I left her to do my dishes.  Sweet huh! 

     Today I am going out to work in the yard, plant a few things, finish weeding the front bed, hopefully get the very front ready for rock but that will depend on hub's.  He also needs to follow me around the yard and trim and clip the things that are taking over.  I do not have the hand strength to use the big clippers any more.

     I love warm spring weather.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday, this is a financial blog right?

       Finances, am I avoiding them?  Well probably... as I love to avoid things that bother me.  I really have not tried to get on an even keel since Hub's retired for many reasons.

1.  He was still paid by the state until the end of January due to time owed.
2. February was a bust due to the state taking a large sum of money back that they were supposed to take from a retirement saving so no retirement check in February and only$267.00 from the feds don't ask me why.
3.  So March was reaching for status quote.
4. Just figuring what is really going in and when?
5.  How do I implement the studio back into my finances after assuming that is was going to go non-profit?

     Now I have to be a big girl and do(due) all of these things.  Damn I hate responsibility.  I am so much better at the airhead thing. As today is the 1st, Happy April Fool's day ( all men can shine, snark!) I need to pay some bills and get things in order.

    Trying to pay off some smaller bills that have accumulated her and I have been quite successful so far.  My next real big bill is the smaller studio loan.  That will be paid back by the end of the dance year.  I feel pretty positive and I am making progress.

     So today, besides sewing, cleaning flower beds, cleaning house ( which I started last night) I am going to get my desk cleaned up and pay bills.  I am looking for a bill to pay off.  Which will I choose?

Okay mom needs breakfast.

Have a great and productive day!