Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday, Can I do this?

     Yesterday after I posted, I asked Mom if she wanted to come upstairs and help me straighten the house.  We could work together.  My plan was to give her something to do so she would not be finding extra things for me to do.  This is how it went.

     I cleaned three bathrooms, three bedrooms, vacuumed and mopped the halls, the shop and the front room.  I also did three loads of laundry.  She went into the kitchen and made more cookies for her church.  Which meant I had to run back and forth for things and did not get the kitchen or dining room floors done until about 3:30.  She finally went to get her taxes done and I made a taco salad for dinner.  Then I had to sew late into the evening.

     Hub's was in a frump yesterday over the weather.  He took a nap in the formal front room, not his room or the family room, thus preventing me from dusting and vacuuming said room until late.  He even asked that I cover him with a blanky.  I would love to blankety blank him.

     This morning I am up early and mom is also.  She is still trying to get her taxes done for free.  So I started what was to be a quiet morning with looking for Mom's tooth.  It was under her bed. She asked me to go with her, No was my reply.  Then she called from the bedroom that she had better eat something like an English muffin so she did not bottom out her blood sugar.  This is code for me to run upstairs, pull out the toaster and fix her breakfast.  Brought her breakfast downstairs and she is struggling to her car.  Making a big effort to appear helpless so I will go with her. It did not work.

     It promises to be a warm and beautiful day and I am on my way to a local nursery, I also need to put gas in my car.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. You complain a lot but I KNOW you love helping your family members. Well...most of the time :) :)