Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday, Vertigo!

     I went upstairs yesterday after I blogged and had a little breakfast, which made me sick to my stomach so I decided to lay down for a minute to see if it would subside.  It did not and I ended up with a bad case of vertigo.  This happens once in a great while and I don't know what brings it on, it is so strange.  Mom and Hub's left me alone.  Mom said I looked like a squirrel burrowed into the bed covers.  But I was sweaty and cold and icky.  Hub's took mom to eye doctor and I slept hard.

    The door bell rang in the shop and I jumped up and almost fell over.  I banged from side to side all the way down the hall and getting down the stairs was woozy.  I was embarrassed as I had at least 5 people come in and I was so dizzy.  I realized then what it was as I have had it before.   Something in my inner ear just goes haywire.  There is not much you can do but let it run it's course.  It also comes with a bad headache.  So I was down most of the day sleeping it off.  Not exactly what I had planned.

     When I got up this morning I lurched hard and hit the shower door with a bang.  But that had been the only bad thing today.  Just need to be careful.

     So today I need to do everything I had planned yesterday.  What did I have planned yesterday?

     Hansel and Gretel poster, I am on it.  I also confirmed the summer workshop dates.  Now for my house...... well really who wants to clean house?  But then again who wants to throw up and be dizzy?

     Mom has put a pile of things for me to put away by the computer.  I think she is giving me a hint.  As in get busy!

Have a great and productive day!


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