Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday, What happened to Thursday?

  I mean honestly what happened to yesterday?  Where did it go? I remember getting up and I remember getting dressed.  Then I told mom I wanted to go get my drivers license renewed, something I have wanted to do everyday for a month. Mom wanted to go with me.  Oh yeah, that was when things went wrong.  Taking Mom anywhere is a way to waste at least 4 hours of your time.

     I did get my license done and she applied for a State I.D.  This took over an hour.  Then we had to get some things for a potluck this weekend, but she was HUNGRY.  So we stopped and did a hamburger run.  Then we went to the grocery store where of course I lost her (my fault)  Finally had to have her paged which made her mad.  I thought it was a positive as she recognized her own name.

    Then I rushed home to get 3 sport coats altered before I left for dance.  The sprinkler men were here when we arrived home which means we can finally plant the garden.  I made Hub's get the groceries out of the car and put them away. I think he realized I was frustrated so he did not argue.

     After I taught dance I had to rush home to a bride and bridesmaids.  Lucky me!  I now have 6 bridal dresses and 7 bridesmaid dresses in the shop.  It is that time of year and will not stop until next November.

     Sluggy has a give away on her blog.  Go head and enter , but you all know I will win. That is at Don't read this, It's boring.  I do not find it boring, but I do get jealous of Sluggies fabulous shopping strategies.   Just cannot master her mad skills.

     We have relatives coming this weekend for a family baptism and birthday.  The housekeeper was here on Wednesday so the guest bath is clean, I need to change the sheets in the guest room and Hub's needs to take the crib down and store it in the closet.  That will be the first thing I do today, after I shower.  I am sitting here with hair dye on my roots and I am Beautiful!

     I want mom to make banana bread and lemon pies today.  We are also going to make an Acicni d Pepi' Salad.  So she will be busy destroying the kitchen while I sew.  I have at least 8 pairs of pants to alter and a couple more piles of alterations.   Not to mention the 5 dresses I need to shorten.  So I will be busy.  We can't plant the garden as it is pouring outside.

     Have a great and productive day!



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  2. I feel like I've run a marathon after reading your post! I'm glad the sprinkler man has finally come - being able to work on your garden will provide stress relief after all of your other activities!

  3. I have had days like that! While my mom, with dementia, doesn't live close by, she does call a few times in an hour with the same questions and info.
    I hope you have a great Tuesday.