Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday,Money saving madness

     Lil sis and I about killed ourselves on Saturday cleaning up the yard.  We took one overflowing truckload to the dump and then filled it again for Hub's to empty.  Hub's came home late Saturday and I felt he should share in our joy.  I was able to clean out part of the flower beds and we put the deck back together.  Then in the dark  we went down the street to a construction site and loaded up rock to fill in our front bed.  Our neighbors had 5 truckloads of large river rock delivered and it was $200,00 a truck load.  I decided I would not pay for rock and would find it and load it my self.  Yes we will save money but I smashed my finger and it is all black and blue.  Might be rethinking this one.

     Toward the end of the day I was trying to carry a large bag of potting soil up the front steps.  I left it about 2/3's of the way up.  I was just too tired.  I thought Hub's will have to do that.  Then I had a few piles of yard waste to pick up in a basket and dump.  After I bent over to pick up the first arm full, I stopped and left the basket and said Hub's will have to finish this.  I was just flat out too tired.  I was very sore and did not sleep well Saturday night.

     We were up for church and the Presidencies of the Relief Society and the Primary were reorganized.  Same old, same old they just switched people around.  But it will make for change and change is always a good thing.Came home took a nap  and then made dinner.  Steak, corn on the cob, cucumbers, watermelon, sauteed mushrooms, lemon pie. Yum!

     I have a lot of house work to do tomorrow and wedding dresses to finish up before we leave on Tuesday to join Sluggy and Hubby in Twin Falls, Idaho.  It will take us about 8 hours to get there and then we will tour around that area and on into the Ashton, Idaho area, where Hub's sister has a big ranch about 14 miles from Yellowstone park.  We will tour the park and all the sites and then head back toward our place so Sluggy can see the confluence  that Lewis and Clark stood on when they came out west.  We will hit as many sites as we can..We will be staying at the ranch a couple of nights as it takes a while to get through everything in that area.  I am so excited.

     On to Money saving madness:

I must say this week I did not try to save money cooking and went out twice.  With no Hubby at home it was just easier and I was lazy.

1. Picked and ate from our garden, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes(finally) beans, potatoes.
2. Only grocery shopped once
3.  Picked up steaks with 50% off stickers and 16lbs of good burger with 50% off sticker.  Burger was $2.25 a lb. took it home and repackaged it.
4.Had hair colored at home saved $70.00 and have enough product to do it again!
5. Hung mom's blankets and sheets outside to dry (twice) instead of using the dryer
6 .re purposed a free table for back deck
7. After patiently looking for a sheet set with elephants on it, found one with a good thread count for under $20.00.  (daughter b-day)
8.  Waited until Talbots sale went to 85% off to replace worn shorts and blouses.
9.Shredded two larger zucc's for bread later.
10. froze several green peppers to flavor soups and sauces.
11. used my last big batch pie crust to whip up a lemon pie for mom
12. used frozen left over bananas to make breads
13. traded cucumbers with neighbor for apricots.

What did you do this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday, It will be a busy one

     I normally don't take appointments on Saturday.  It is the one day I can get work done around the house and get out without worry.  But as I am leaving and it is bridal season that is not the case today.  I have a doctor from our free clinic picking up at 10 .  Those poor doctors works 12 hour days, they are amazing.  Then at 11 I have a bridal fitting ( the final one) and a bridesmaid coming.  Then I have one of my dance students that has been dancing pro in Irish coming to find the makings of a wedding dress.  I seldom make Wedding dresses but she is special.  She has been sending me pictures of dresses and to alter and repurpose will be ore work for me than new.  She is due in at 11.  After that foray I will hit the yard hard.

    Lil sis came over last night and we filled the pickup with yard waste.  We will take it to the recycle dump.  Lots of flower bed cleaning.  I still have to trim up the Wisteria and the bamboo around the pond.  We will replace everything on the deck and then I have to clean the house.  It is a dirty wreck as I have not swept or dusted anything, or done laundry or clean a toilet for about 2 weeks.  I do pick up daily so not a total disaster, but it needs love.

     Lil sis will be over about 11:00 so I had better get busy.  Shears in hand I am out to trim the bushes.

Had mom make 8 mini loaves of banana bread yesterday.  It took her most of the afternoon.  I set everything out and helped off and on.  The wedding dress with the 8 layers of fluff is ready to try on.  It takes forever to cut and hem one of those beasts.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday, Deck is done!

     The Deck is painted and it is not perfect but it is livable.  It looks much nicer and I am going to be happy with it.  It was hot, boring hard, crappy work, but it is done.  The deck really needs replacing and I am not about to put any more time or money into it.  The next time will be to replace the darn thing.  Unless mom passes and we sell this over sized house we live in and go on a Mission some where.

     I get to meet Sluggy and her husband in less than a week and I am so excited.  We will have such fun.  But first I might have to sober her up.  Have you seen her latest post?  Love that woman.

     Mom continues to mend physically but emotionally she is a bear.  We actually talked last night about her going to live in a home.  She does not want to, but her behavior toward me is so bad that I am at the point of doing this.  If she is that unhappy living with me she needs to find a better place and I will help her.

     She kept bringing up my younger brother last night as it was his 50th birthday.  She was mad at us girls because we did not fuss about it. Actually she did not remember it and then did not even know the day.  We are not close to our brothers mostly due to her behavior.  She created the mess and now has to live with it.  My younger brother is such a user.  He does not work, except at a DJ job on the weekends.  He is to old to be a DJ.  He plays fantasy video games, has never bought a car.  He gets mom's old/new ones or she buys them for him.  She feels sorry for his 4 living children as he is such and poor parent.  So we are supposed to feel bad for him also and allow her to waste what little is left of her money that she might need to live in a home on this ungrateful leech.

     So last night after a wonderful day with my Lil sis, mom cried and nagged and slammed doors and accused me of awful things.  I stood my ground but my feelings were really hurt.  She wants to go to a counselor and I said I would be glad to go with her.  Her reply was " yes, so you can rip me up for what I have done."  My reply was, "Mom behavior has consequences."  She slammed the door in my face.  Oh, my bad.  Then an hour later as I sewed and ignored her, she calls for me to come run my fingers threw her hair and help her sleep.  Anything to calm her down.  She was on the rampage from about 8:30 last night until 2 in the morning.  I finally got her to sleep and then I could not sleep until after 3 as I was so upset.  I just prayed and prayed to find some guidance.

     Yesterday I was so busy.  I thought Lil Sis would show up about noon and she was here at 10.  So I did not get to blog. Lil sis was a beautition  in early life, before she became a high rolling business exec.  She is very talented with hair.  She always looks perfect.  Well not yesterday.  I should have taken her picture yesterday.   Anyway, I have not had my hair colored professionally for a year now.  It is way too long and is so bleached out from the sun and time.  I am totally grey and have been since my late 20's.  It is so expensive to have your hair maintained and I am too cheap to do it more than once or twice a year.    So Lil sis and I went to the beauty supply and got every thing we needed and she colored and cut my hair.  It is beautiful.  Cost $35.00 for supplies.  I have enough tings left over to color many more times.  I am so grateful.  Then she stated and we finished painting the deck.  She is a good fast painter and I am terrible at  painting.

  By the way I was able to get $300 more into savings on Wednesday afternoon. So I am on track for my savings goal.

     I did not get to my sewing until after 9 last night and I still have not hemmed a wedding dress with 8 layer that needs to go out.  I also have one that I have ripped that needs to be taken in and steamed.  I must do them today.  I also want to do a lot of cut back around the pond and I have so much clean up to do out front.  Does it ever end?  No says a loud voice from the sky, it never does.

Have a great and productive day.  Thanks for listening or reading and encouraging me.  I really need it right now.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday, What a night!

     In my super thrifty way, I decided to feed mom her left overs from Arby's.  She had 1/2 a sandwich, 4 onion rings, and 1/2 a danish.  Now when we left Arby's , with her leftovers they went right into the fridge when we got home.  I took them out of the fridge and reheated them in the micro wave, she ate all of her plate so it must have tasted good.  About  2 hours later she was throwing up. She continued this until 2:30 in the morning.  I kept getting her to drink a couple of ounces of water every time she was sick to keep her from dehydrating, and I decided at about 2:30 if she was sick one more time I was taking her in to the hospital.  But she went into a deep sleep and was no longer clammy when I touched her.  So I went to bed on the sofa as to be near her if it started again.

     Since I needed to stay close to her room, I messed around on the computer.  About 11:00 I felt a fly buzz around me and it was annoying me.  So I shewed it away and then it came back and turned out to be a BEE!  It managed to get down my night clothes and sting me in the right arm pit.  So now I have three boobs ( and I am not talking about my husband).  It really hurt for about a minute and then became an angry dull ache.  Scared mom as I was going OH, OH, OH ,cuss word and dancing and stripping off my clothes.  She felt so bad and this did not help the sick situation.  I went upstairs and got a bag of frozen peas to put under my arm and then I was able to sleep some.

     Mom is better this morning.  I have no idea what made her so sick.  Lil sis thought it was nerves,  I think it might have been triggered by nerves and then I realized it was food poison. It was like her body was trying to get rid of something with all the symptoms she had.  I will not feed her leftover onion rings again.

     Yuck, what a night, now I have to change her sheets again, and wash all the bedding.  Fun with Kim.

    Mom has a doctor appt. at 2 with an audiologist.  I have a bride coming for a second fitting at noon.  There is much sewing to be done today.

     Yesterday was busy sewing, and I was able to finish about a third of the deck.  I also went out and weeded in the front 100 feet of the house by the street.  It is a hard area to weed, and next year I am going to beat Hub's up until he sprays the weeds when they are little.  We had such a cold spring and so much rain and then HOT, so the little buggers became big bugger's overnight.  I am about 1/2 done out front and then I have to clean up the mess I made.  But with Lil sis's help tomorrow I should be able to knock out a few things.

     I am sleepy and need to, feed the mother, water and feed the animals, collect eggs, water all the plants, clean up the kitchen, straighten the upstairs, make myself beautiful (I am going to New York) all in the next hour, so I had better get my butt in gear.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday, Not saving money...

       Next  Monday's post will have to be on no saving money.  Yesterday was very busy in the shop, and I had a Wedding dress that had 8 layers, three of which needed to be hemmed.  Then it had to be taken up in the shoulders, so the sleeves had to be removed and reset.  I finished with a bustle.  I felt like I just cut and cut all day, while customers dropped off piles of things.

     I really wanted to get to painting my deck, and the best time to do this is early evening.  Mom had another  ANOTHER appointment at 4:30, so I asked Lil sis to take her and FEED her, but Lil sis was called into work so I took her and then I thought I am not going to go home and cook a 4 course meal and then do all the dishes, which is what mom would expect.  So I craved a salad and I took mom to Arby's.  Well after getting all she wanted and my salad it was almost $20.00.  Yikes!  I will not do that again. She does like to eat out, but I will find a cheaper solution.  Mom never pays for anything and she never has her purse with her, so getting money out of her is like squeezing water out of a metal chain.

     After wasting $20.00 I came home and did about 1/6 the deck and then went for a long walk. I am doing the deck in parts so it dries well and I can some what keep the animals off.  The minute I am outside working the animals all have to come help.  Little darlings, I have red foot prints all over, and then I have to keep them out of the house.

     I need to work on another Wedding dress today and then a few other things to get my quota done. Feed the animals, check on the chickens, collect the eggs, water all the plants, feed the mother all have to be done in the next hour and then I will hit the machines.

     This evening when it cools down some, I will continue on the deck and weed some in the front bed.  I have a lot of  yard waste mess to clean up and the wisteria has to be cut back again as it is taking over this part of the planet.

     I love it when I have nothing to do. Heavy sarcasm.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday, Money saving madness

     Here it is a lovely Monday and it is going to be hot again today.  Yesterday was cooler and that was nice.  I wanted to paint the deck but as it was Sunday I hesitated.  I did not go to church  because I could not sleep with Hub's leaving so early in the morning.  I was worried about waking on time.  He can no longer hear alarm clocks and I must wake him.  In my paranoid state I just could not sleep.  Booking on 1.5 hours of sleep and vertigo I just slept right through the beginning of our church.  I'm sure God understands.  But I was not going to push it so far attempt to break the Sabbath by painting an entire deck.  I am a hard worker and I have a tendency to over work,. ( If you haven't noticed)  I truly believe in the blessing of the Sabbath.  Take time and rest that is what it is there for.  I have a hard time resting.

     Talk about resting I did not clean the kitchen yesterday and it is a pigsty.  I did putz around the house and watched movies with mom, and I cleaned out the drawers in the shop as I sat and watched TV.

      Things I did this week to save money!

1. picked fresh produce from the garden to eat as veggies, and salads.
2. cooked all meals at home from scratch
3. only went to the grocery store ONCE and stuck to the list.
4. Dried large items outside on fence to save on dryer cost.
5. used Joanns coupons for all purchases for shop
6. Went through an old dresser given me from a friends mother's sewing room.  It was packed full of sewing notions and thread.  I will never have to buy a needle again.  I was able to really stock up on thread.
7.  I am saving the tall narrow 6 drawer dresser for D#3's new apartment.
8.Went up to D#3's apt and regained 4 laundry baskets and a boat load of hangers.
9. fed all food scraps to the chickens
10.Went to good will to buy old copper jello molds, as mom is eating so much sugar free jello with fruit.

     I am constantly purchasing those plastic food containers for leftovers and storage.  I know we all have a tupperware cupboard that is full of misfits.I sort through and throw away periodically.  Mom brought with her these bowl covers that fit over several sizes of bowls and I love them.  They do get old and gross after several washing but they are great for covering a small amount of food.

     Cottage cheese comes in a nice sturdy container  perfect for sending out things when I make meals for others.  I never used to keep these because I bought the nice shiny new plastic ones.  Well I have decided not to anymore.  Mom found the plastic bowl covers at the dollar store and I was thrilled.  If you take a nice bowl some where you will be conscience and get it back.  With those large (and expensive) plastic containers you just think oh well they can have it.  This is why you never have them and are constantly going out and buying more.  We have created this huge plastics container industry because we can't figure out how to reuse what we have.

     You can pick up pie tins at thrift stores ( the give away ones from pie stores)  for pennies on the dollar.  I have given pies away fro years in these as they are much more stable than the tin foil ones.  It is just a thought.  I make so many meals for people I need to think of ways to save on the process.

Well mom needs breakfast, so I am off!

Have a great and productive day.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday, Hub's is off!

     The deck boards are replaced as far as they will be this year.  Of course many more should have been done but I must be happy with what is done. It was very very hard work, made harder by a man with no ability to see any easier way of doing things.  He will find the most difficult way and then do that and complain the wh0le time.  But it is done and ready to prep and paint.

     I went to Wal-mart last night and bought the kilz deck paint and will get it done this week.  As I took Hub's to the airport at 4:30 this morning he will not be here for me to complain to every time I come in hot and sweaty.  I just want that off my list by the end of the week.

     I will not have to cook as much with hub's gone and I can make mom happy with less also.  She likes her food but different than hubs.  So less work for me.

     I was super busy in the shop and now have 4 weeding dresses to do again, along with the regular lot.  It will be a busy week.

     I added another $200.00 towards my goal of saving this month so I am pretty proud of that, now if I could just get my shop, clean and organized today I will be happy.  I was really loopy on Hub's and my walk last night.  Don't know if it is blood sugar or vertigo.  But will have to watch what I eat and when and how much this week. Don't like the world spinning so fast.  Seems to happen when I tip my head just right.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday, 4 boards and counting....

     Total meltdown last night between mother and hub's I had HAD it.!!!!!!

I know I need to be more patient and forgiving, and loving and Christlike.  But I just can't right now.  I am a work in progress and my progress is about the speed of Hub's deck building.

     I had cut out a strip of lace edging from a $24.99 a yard piece of lace to trim this dance costume that I want out of my shop.  I go to get it done Thursday afternoon and no lace piece.  I looked and looked as it was just there.  Of course mom is messing around in the shop and trying to iron (I have to sneak the pieces back and re iron them), she is trying to pick up scraps and I have asked her many times not to do this until my design work is finished as I may use something or have something set aside for a costume.  I know she just wants to help and she is bored and wants to feel useful but she is not.  She is in the way and as I have to redo almost everything she does she is really in the way.

     So after tearing the shop apart and going through all the garbage, I have to go back to JoAnns and buy another $24.99 piece of fabric for trim that is missing.  It isn't even the money it is the time.  I screamed at Hub's about her and almost burst a blood vessel.  Then I screamed at Mom about Hub's.  I should never let myself get this out of control.  It is not good for my health.  This kind of stress can bring on a flare.  Both wrists and hands are bad today.  It is my fault for allowing myself to get so upset.  Getting angry like that doesn't help.  It won't make mom ;less annoying or Hub's faster, it just harms me.  I have to work on this.

     Got mom to the Chiropractor at 10:15 this morning and did not get home until 12:30.  I did do hand sewing while I waited in the office.  Then she had to go to the bank.  This is where she goes in to get cash and sits at an officers desk and wastes their time and mine having them do things I could do.  But she needs the attention of others.  I would just go into the bank and get her money but she won't let me as then she can't waste my time.  She came out with some BS story about how she my younger brothers child support had not been taken out of her account for the past several months.  I immediately corrected her.  They took it out in May as I saw the statement, and also $900.00 was sent to catch him up on his power bills as it had been turned off.  And also it is only the 14th and the child support does not come out until the 24th.  So of course it has not come out this month and did she have the banker go back into June?  She was so made at me but I will call her on her BS every time.  I take care of her and wait on her hand and foot, but the boys just get money for nothing.  By the way is you have bum male relative get a hold of my mom she will send money.  Okay, okay I am getting myself worked up..  She is just so cheap and selfish with Lil sis and I and does everything she can to not pay her way, so she can send money to the boys.

     Raced home from her appointment as i had clients coming, and a bride.  I have so much to do today.  Just hemmed 6 pairs of pants and replaced a zipper.  Now to finish the costume.

     I need a nap.

Have a great and productive day!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday, 2 boards down.......

     It looks like I may be able to paint the deck next year at the rate hubs is going.  He has 2 boards down and at least 12 more to go.  It is hot, he is tired, his bit is worn out.  I refuse to go out there or I will kill him.

     Mom gets up this morning.  "What time is it? What day is this?  DO I go to the doctor today?  Answer, "10:15, Thursday mom, no that is tomorrow".  She lives for appointments and makes as many as she can and then is rude to who ever attends her.

     If I ever married again.  #1 would be lots of money, #2 would be handy at fixing things.  I would not go for musical, funny, smart.  Okay I am just in a very sarcastic mood today. But a girl can dream.

     My right wrist is inflamed from too much hand sewing on this costume.  It will be handed off today I hope. I will take a picture before and post it.

     While mom was in her doctor appointment yesterday I cut out many lace appliques, and that is where I wore out my wrist.  That is a no no for me. Repetitive work like that is just a thing of the past.

     I have to get a Wedding dress finished today.  So that is the first thing I am working on in the shop.  I have already cleaned the cat box, gathered eggs, emptied my trash cans,swept floors,  made myself acceptable, straightened our bedroom, watered the flower boxes and beds, measured a man for a tuxedo,listened to mother complain.

     Now I have to vacuum the family room, picked up piles of dirt, start some laundry and putaway some laundry, make mom something to eat.

     Later today I will take mother out to the grocery store and to do a few errands.

Hub's and I did not walk last night and we need to tonight.  He just got home so late from church and I was in the middle of the costume when he came in, so I did not want to quit.

Well I am off to try and accomplish something.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday,Nothing is easy.....

     We cannot get any of the boards off the deck.  The screws are stripped or the screws won't budge or the screws are painted or we are screwed.  Now last time we replaced boards (two years ago) I had a neighbor kid do it.  But as Hub's is doing it, there are major problems.  All of which require me to go out and stroke his head. every 5 minutes.

     I finally got on youtube and looked up this old house videos and he is on his way to  Home Depot to find new drill bits that should help.  So here we are no progress.  So frustrating. 

     I must run to Jo-anns this morning as I am out of things for this costume.  I also had $340.00 worth of work come in yesterday it was crazy busy.

     Just brought mom down her breakfast and Hub's has returned with the new bits.  I hope these work.  Why does everything have to be so difficult.  Complain, whine, tantrum throw.

     But notice my totals, some thing to cheer about!  House is down another $1200.00,  Home improvement loan and Studio CC down some.  Added another $100.00 to savings.

     Hopefully I can report boards replace tomorrow.  I will be tie to the machine all day.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesday, Stripping the deck

     My dream is to be able to afford to have someone else do all the horrible maintenance chores, I have to nag Hub's into doing a poor job of.  Right now it is the deck.  I swear everything we do is labor intensive.  Scraping, sanding, spraying, moving, cleaning, painting.  It just never ends.

     Then again if I had the money I would probably be too cheap to spend it.  I can be funny that way.
     Right now we have the deck cleared and scraped and pressure sprayed.  Hubs will replace all the bad boards and then we will scrap and sweep again and I will paint.  I am happy we have not cleaned the pond yet as paint chips flew all over that are and will have to be cleaned up.

     It took us most of the afternoon to get a sprinkler head reset.  Actually I had to do this as Hub's could never have figured it out.  You see you have to put on bi-focals to read the instructions and Hub's does wear his.  You can avoid work when you can't see.  But I made him get down and screw the *&^% head in every time I reset it.  I too can be a nasty wench.

     Mom is up to her old self biting Lil sis's head off and being rude, when we happen to disagree with her.  She is getting very close to having a guardianship placed on her.
     I have a dancer coming over to fit a costume today.  All pieces of the bodice and lining are cut and ready.  I will get that together and then once that is a perfect fit I will attach the neck and arms.  I think I will do a muslin of the skirt as I want it to fold a certain way.

     Yesterday Hub's and I went to Wal-Mart and purchased, chicken, cat, dog food.  I also purchased some personal things like kleenex and a can of spray paint, another scraper.  We get home and hub's is out of shave cream  (yes even my storage hoard) and I am out of sensitive items.  I mean really anyone heard of a thing called a list?  You know that thing you write and leave on the counter at home when you go to the store.  At least when you make a list it kind of sticks with you.

     Well I hope to make great headway on a costume and I hope Hub's gets all the boards replaced.  I am making pork chops, sweet potatoes, salad, and fresh garden veggies for dinner.  Hubs want me and mom to make cookies that he can take up to his office and see the guys.   We will see.

I am off.

Have a great and productive day!



Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday,Saving Madness

     Here we are at Monday again! The time flies by unless you are in labor, or waiting for cookies to cool.  I had a good week at money savings, but I could have done better.  Mom likes to go to the grocery store, but she never pays for anything, she just shops and spends.

     Frugal things I did this week to save money.

1.  Ate all meals at home ( even got stood up for my lunch date)
2. Meats cooked came from our freezer
3. Made several delicious salads from the garden,  new potato salad, cucumber, tomato salad, tossed    salads
4.  Ate green beans and small squash as vegetable several times.
5.  As it is so hot made sugar free jello with fresh fruit, berries I picked.  mom likes sweets and you can buy this at the canned food outlet for .26 a box.  It is one way to get fluids in her.
6. re washed and dried larger plastic freezer bags to reuse.  I never reuse meat bags.
7.Used coupons at Jo Anns for all purchases
8.  Finally took back two items purchased on Mother's day weekend.  My overalls were too big and I exchanged for a smaller size.  A pair of shorts that was miss sized were no longer available so exchanged for a really nice gift for daughter. Before these would have sat around until I gave them away as I was too lazy to return them.
9.Made mom banana cream pie with crust previously frozen and bananas bought by the bag at .19 a pound.  The rest will be used for bread.
10.went to dry cleaners and asked for recycled hangers for shop

     I have sewing to do and a really hard Irish dance competition dress to get done this week.  Hub's and I have been working on the deck.  Well actually hub's has been I have been nagging but that is also work.  Nagging is hard, I had to drink an extra diet coke just to get through one afternoon.  Geez, men think it is easy and it is not.

     I really need to try and get some weeding and cleaning done in the flower beds, it has just been so hot.

Hub's needs to go get,cat,dog, chicken feed.  We need milk, I broke my favorite scraper and one of our sprinkler heads needs to be replaced.  It is for the garden so is a must due immediately.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday, Little of this and a little of that

     I was very proud of myself this last week as I kept to my goals, spent as little as I saw fit, talked myself out of a few things, like going out to diner last night, but then Hub's had to be at the high school so that made that choice easy. 

     I was able to pay the one bill I had not paid on the first.  It is the remodel bill, actually it is the original bill from the sewer collapse.  Which should have been paid by now.  But we keep tacking on to it.  As we tack on the payment goes up.  Last year we tacked on $5000.00 to try and finish up the kitchen which was way over budget.  The payment is $326.00 which is like a car payment.  It is a huge chunk of money.  But I managed to squirrel out of the budget and my sewing, and dribs and drabs to pay this and also if you will notice the first week in July I have put away over $300.00.  I am well on my way to meeting my goal.

     I just have to be very careful.  After I get this savings goal established, I plan to pay back my sister and then work really hard on the kitchen remodel loan.  It would be great to see it paid by Christmas but that is probably not realistic.  I can dream however.  Once that large payment is gone all that will be left is the studio credit card, the house payment and a few smaller bills, that I am working on. The studio credit card has to be paid off next year.  So by October of 2018 it must be gone. That will be the next BIG worry. 

     I don't stress myself over smaller totals, it is the big ones that take so much money out of the budget that get me.  I can always come up with $50-$60 to make a payment and I usually always round up to $100 so I can pay things off faster, but those big payments are out of my reach and have to be paid.  So let's get rid of those suckers!!!!!!

     Last night I went over to Lil sis's place and pulled all the lovely orange flowered wall paper off her master bedroom so she can paint it.  We also started on the spare room which has vinyl paper and is harder to remove.  After that is done it is just the ceilings in the other two bedrooms.  Lil sis has her work cut out for her.

     I need to feed the mother, water the plants, clean the kitchen, do some laundry, straighten the family room, vacuum, and go with hub's to get boards for the deck.  So my day will be full.  Hub's has to work again tonight so I will go to sister's and help again.

Need to get my butt in gear.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday, How our temp is determined

     Weather believe it or not is political.  Not that we can control mother nature, but we can control how we report the weather.

     Lewiston is the hot spot of the state.  Lewiston was also at one time the state of Idaho's capitol.  When we finally were able  to some what predict weather (note the some what) Lewiston did not want to be know as the hot spot.  It is not good for business to constantly be the hottest place in an area.  So the city started to take its temperature (official) from the top of the highest point in the valley.  The airport tower has a temp gauge about 15 feet above the tower itself.  Yes the highest point they could legally find and still say Lewiston.  Clever!

     As we are built on a series of steep hills and grades, as you descend into town you hit several different levels until you hit the levy system that is just a few feet above sea level.  In fact the town  would flood every year with out its levy system.  The official temperature in down town Lewiston can and is always 10 degree higher than that taken at the airport and given to the National weather station.  If you live here long you will realize this and not buy a house in down town Lewiston.  I really don't believe there are any marketable houses by the river.

     So all this being said, when you climb to normal hill you go down 3 degrees, then up to my level you go down 6 degree then to the orchard level another 2-3 degrees.  Finally the tower at the airport.  If Lewiston calls for a High of 104 it will be 114 down town and 110 at my house.

       The high for the state is always in Orophino a town built on the river about 40 miles up from Lewiston.  It holds the State prison, the State Metal hospital and a large fish hatchery.  We let them be the hot spot for the state.  Sneaky huh?

     It is going to be a crazy day as I have already had 8 phone calls,and 4 customers before 10:30.  I have fixed two tent zippers (emergency) and have a huge pile of things to get done.  I am a little head achy as it is hard to keep up the fluids in the heat.

     I think we are going to work on the deck this weekend.  Oh goody as it is in full hot sun.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday,Hot Weather, finally

     We have finally been experiencing our typical hot weather, that we have here in the Idaho desert.  I should hit about 108 here today.  If we stay in our basement we are fine.  I does cool off here at night so the heat is livable.  I just have to water pots at least twice a day.

     Personally I love the hot weather. It can get to me after a while, but I do not do well in the cold and dark.  This last winter was long and the spring cold and rainy so the hot is welcome here.  Bring it on!  Now when I am complaining in a week you can all quit reading.

     The heat does sap ones strength and ability to want to get anything done.  So evenings here are a little more active.  I was up after the news at 6 p.m. cleaning the shop, finishing the laundry, wiping down the stairs.  I did sew during the day.  But the active work came at night.  Just too hot to really sweat on purpose.

     My kitchen is a wreck as it was too hot to clean it last night.  I need to help Hub's choose the boards that we will replace on the deck. No use painting and scraping boards we will be replacing. Hub's will be flying to Twin Falls the week of the 17th to stay with the baby then home and we will drive back to meet Sluggy and her Hubby, if she has not killed him, or eaten him as some mothers do their young.

     I have to take a girl friend out to lunch and then go back to court and deal with my brother's restraining order.  Then home to sew.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday, get busy girl!

     We had a lovely 4th, with way too much good food.  Mom enjoyed herself. Now I have to get my butt in gear.  I sort of used the  4th to take off two days of sewing and now I am behind the 8-ball.  I have to get out 2 pairs of pants and a mother of the bride dress today and then I have a bride dress due out Friday.  Among other things.

     The shop is a mess and needs love today.  I have trashed the family room with sewing scraps.  I am a messy Marvin.

     Things I would like to get done today.

1. laundry
2. clean family room
3. sweep, vacuum and wipe down stairs
4. straighten the shop
5. get sewing quota done and then some

     See there is plenty to do, now I just have to do these above things.  But the peach pie is calling me from upstairs.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tuesday, an apology

     I hurt my sisters feelings yesterday and I want to apologize to her and to you.  I had a really hard week with mom and her antics, but that is no excuse to trash my sister.  I just was hurt and very angry.  I let anger and an unforgiving heart rule my thoughts and then put it to paper(which I did not tear up)  I allowed mom to come between my sister and me.  I have no excuse.  I hope my Lil sis can forgive me.  I know she will but I am having a hard time forgiving myself.  Social media is no place to air ones feelings in spite.  I love my sisters, both of them with all my heart and I know they love me.It is gratifying to get the attention when you are angry and hurt, but in reality it just feeds the monster and I need to stop being such a Bit%^.  Nuff siad.

     Yesterday I paid almost all the bills.  I still have a couple looming that will have to be paid after the dust settles.  It is just so nice to pay all the bills at the beginning of the month and then concentrate on debt.  I would have been able to pay all the bills, but I had over $400.00 in one time bills that come this time of year,  My business license, the sprinkler man, B's meds, and a power bill that I did not pay.  So next month will be easier.  Every month should get easier.  My totals are going down.  If I had this house account, I could pull money for extra bills and then put it back.  It just makes sense to me.

     Mom and I put together two pies last night and a jello salad.  I did purchase a box of blueberry jello yesterday.  Hub's and I had this huge cart and one box of jello.  It was so funny.  I even asked the cashier for help carrying out my purchases. 

     We are having a BBQ at Lil sis's.  I am bringing corn on the cob, a watermelon, two pies, and cookies and jello.  Yum!  We will then go down to the levy and stake out a spot to watch the fire works.  It will be fun.  I have some 4th of July napkins to finish.  I need to do a little house work, and a little sewing.  Hubs and I will take a long walk.  It will be a nice peaceful 4th.

     I was able to add a little so my saving yesterday. I close an account at the bank that I had to keep open as long as I had the quick lock loan.  I added those monies and the money left over from the weekends money that I did not spend.  In order to hit my goal of 1500.00 I have to put at least 200.00 a week in and then add a lump sum at the end of the month.

     I am going to water my flowers, check the chickens, and plant a few flowers.

Happy 4th of July!


Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday,Money saving madness

     First of all thank you to all of your that sent messages on my debt pay off .  It really helps to have cheer leaders.  It also helps to have people who have my back and that I can bounce ideas off of when I need to.

     Well here it is July already and we are 1/2 way through 2017.  It seems hard to believe.  It has gone so quickly yet parts of it were so slow and aggravating.  I  feel like I have accomplished so much in the last 6 months.  I have eliminated a large amount of debt.  I have officially retired form my weekly teaching. Mother is still a significant burden and getting worse all the time.  Thank goodness I have more time to deal with her and her drama.

     The month of July will not be a month where I concentrate on a new debt to eliminate.  Instead I am going to concentrate on savings.  I will pay all my bills and still contribute to my debts but I will not be snowballing any extra money on them.  I will spend the next 2 months trying to save up to $3000.00.  As I have eliminated debt I have more to put on my debts but some of this money will be in savings.  After I reach this goal I will concentrate on paying back another debt.My reason for this savings goal is to help with Christmas and bill paying.  Our monthly bills with the house and debt and monthly expenses come to about $3000.00  I want this amount in the bank to pay all bills on the first and then replace as checks come in.  My goal is to be one month ahead on all my bills except the house.  This will alleviate so much of my stress. I still struggle with monthly bill payments.  I have the money I just don't have it on the day the bill is due.  It is always a scramble and I want an account I can go to that will pay these bills.  We do have a savings account but it is untouchable.  I do use it but I want it to be more sacred so to speak.  I just feel this will work better for me.  If it does not I will try another tack.

     Money Saving Madness
1.  Hung sheets on the fence instead of drying in the dryer
2.  Cooked all meals but one at home
3.  Made 30 jars of jam with frozen fruit from our freezer.  All this fruit was free and I used jars that were given me or picked up for free.  My seals were purchased on a closeout sale for .99 a box. My pectin was also bought for .99 a box at the end of the season. The sugar was purchased at Christmas on loss leader sales.  I know cheap jam at stores is less expensive than making your own.  But the flavor of mine is so much better.  It has no corn syrup, lots of fruit and is worth the time and expense.
4.  Picked all salad fixings from garden.
5. Picked fresh strawberries and blueberries for mom to eat with her breakfasts.
6. Picked green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, yellow squash, for meals
7. Made 8 home made pie crusts for future pies. Froze 6 of them
8.  Used 12 old mealy apples, of different varieties to make a great apple salad and then one apple pie.
9.  Fed all peeling and scraps to the chickens.
10. made two large bags of cherry pie filling from cherries hubs picked off our tree.
11.  Only purchased loss leaders when I went grocery shopping.
12.  Mom wanted Swedish meatballs, so pulled burger bought for under $2.00 a pound out of freezer, needed sausage and went to stare and found sausage from butcher block for $1.29 on sale.  So made 12 dozen large meat balls and froze majority.  Saved all dripping in little containers to make gravy later, also froze.
13.  Needed eye make up remover and found it on sale at Wal-mart

  So all in all it was a good week at saving money.

     I do have to take a girl friend out to lunch on Thursday, but other than that I plan to really try and not spend unless I have to this week.

     I worked like a dog this last weekend, even over did it as far as I am concerned.  Most of my time was spent trying to make Mom happy.  She did not appreciate any of it and went over to Lil sis's and complained about me.  Lil sis jumped me of course and I tried to defend myself.  I only did what mom wanted to do.  She asked to make meatballs.  I was going to make Italian and freeze ahead.  But she wanted Swedish meatballs.  She also had a potluck at her church and wanted to take 4th of July cookies, so I made those with her.

        But she was mad that I made up a meal for a lady in my church whose husband had just gotten home from cancer treatments.  I bought all the food, I did not ask her to buy it.  ( Like she would give up a penny to me) I did all the work while she badgered and watched me.  I did all the clean up.  I waited on her hand and foot.  Out of 144 meatballs I only sent 12 to the sick family.  But she hates my religion so she goes to Lil sis and complains.  I lit into my sister something fierce.  I was so mad.  How dare she.  I know mom is old and nasty and forgetful.  But Lil sis taking her side and chastising me went way beyond.  I don't think she will do it again.  I told her I was packing mom up and moving her over to her house.  I was done.  Well Lil sis does not want her nor can she take care of her.  So she backed down.  But I cried so hard.  I have never had my head hurt so badly while crying before.  I am just so tired of not being appreciated for what I do.

Atten:  I need to retract much of the aforementioned paragraph.  I am not being fair to my sister.  Mom comes between us and the religion thing just put me over the edge.  It was a very hard week with mom.  To take my anger and frustration out on my sister is and was wrong.  We need to stick together.  Using social media to air dirty laundry is wrong.  It is one thing to complain about my situation with mom, who clearly has issues related to age and illness but to take is out on my sister and paint her in a bad light is mean, selfish, and wrong.  I am sorry for my temper and anger.  I can't take back what I wrote or what you might think, but know that I am sorry I besmirched my sweet, funny,caring, kind, generous sister.

     I am tired. In spite of it all I will try to have.....

Have a great and productive day!