Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday, turning down work

     It is very hard for me to turn down work.  I have had up to this point 7 phone calls I have turned down.  Kim before would probably have gauged the work and would have been sewing up to the hour before she left for the extra money.  But not this time.   I just have so many little things that need to get done, or I want to get done.

     I need to go and pay the paper bill, get cash for Hub's, get nails done (hate this), scrub three toilets, I don't know why I can't leave town with out scrubbing the toilets.  There is last minute packing and making sure I have all the important things, like meds, passport, chargers. 

     I want to run to the grocery store and stock Hub's up on things that will run out.  Don't forget to clean the cat box, and water all the indoor plants, get the last two loads of laundry done, put together a bag for D#2's birthday gift.    My mind is ping ponging along on all the last minute things I think I need to do and it is so nice to not have the stress of having to sew and greet clients while I do this.

     Money motivation aside as it does stress me to turn down work, but my life is about to change and I need to think about how I am going to adapt to those changes.

Well I am off, pray that all will go well will you?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wednesday, Another chart, house progress!

Great things happening here as I finished chart #22. I also was able to pay additional money on the house.  So we are below $5,000.  It is getting close now folks. I hope when I get back from this trip to be able to pay off the house in November. We will see.

How am I going to do this? Well I will make my regular payment and a little over $1200.00 will go to principle.  Then I will use my $5.00 savings I have been saving since Jan 1st, which is over $2000.00.  Then I will get another payment form the studio owner for $500.00.  I have my penny savings which should have a little over $500.00 in it.  That will leave about a $700.00 balance which I will pull from my savings.  That is my plan.  Sometime in November I will have my house paid off.

Everything in the shop is done except patching three pairs of pants.  They are all ready to go I just have to get in there.  I am not going to take on any more work before I leave.  It is a nice feeling to know that I am done with all those dresses.

The littles are here today, so they are keeping us hopping.
  Look at this cute little monster, how can you resist that? See the unfinished kitchen and the laundry pile in the distance?  Maybe I can get to work on that before I leave.

I got little girl a dance bag for her things as I will take her to dance class today at 5:00.  Then mommy will pick her up.

All my well made plans of having stew to take to my friends today has gone out the window as Hubs has eaten it down to almost nothing.  So I pulled pork steaks out of the freezer.  I have a really good recipe for pork, sweet potatoes, green peppers, pineapple and rice.  I will make a large pot of this and I still have cookies left over for dessert. Really all I have to get done today is patch those pants and make up dinner, oh and make sure the littles don't kill each other.  They have taken to fighting lately.

I guess I will get the laundry done.  I really have no excuses.

What are you going to do today? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tuesday, Really? Just shake your head...

     I know (those of you who read me should know) that every time I try to leave town for any length of time I end up with huge amounts of last minute work coming into the shop.  Now I could say no, (but I am motivated by money)and sometimes I have to.  The boys and girls club dance and auction is on November 2nd.  It is one of the few fancy things this community does.  I have never attended. I am not fancy.  My kids have performed at this event many times over the years.

     So in the last few days I have been taking in formal dresses from clients.  Now two weeks before an event is not a bad time line to try and get a seamstress to do your work.  But in an area that only has two open alterations shop for over 150,000 people (100 mile radius) that is still a tight squeeze. I feel bad that I will not be in town to do much of this work but that is the way it is.

     But this scenario which happens more often that I like just floors me.

Phone Rings:

"This is Kim can I help you",

"I have a formal dress that just came in the mail and it needs to be hemmed."

"When does the dress need to be worn?"

"November 2nd."

"Well I have to leave for wedding this Thursday late so if you want it done you must get in here today."

" (Pause on the phone)"

"I can do an evening appointment if you are working."

"I run  a daycare in my home and most of the kids get picked up by 5."

"that is great 5 it is."

" Well I have another appointment with my new eyelash lady and I can't make it until Tuesday."

Now my mind goes into over drive judging which I know is wrong. Asking myself? Do you want your dress done?  You can't drop over after? Or before?

"Okay you can drop it of at 10:00 o clock on Tuesday."

" Well I can't get there until after 5."

     Now I am thinking how far are you going to push this out lady?  So when will you be able to pick it up.  I can see some one as inconsiderate as this coming at 6 p.m. Thursday when we are trying to leave.   So you can first of all afford to go, and buy a dress and afford eyelash extensions which run about $100.00 a month and I am just supposed to be waiting here to serve you.

     Oh I will do the dress, but her pick up time will be decided by me and strictly adhered to and I will charge her more money for last minute consult.

     I guess the reason she irked me so was every dress that has come in for this event has been brought in by an emaciated, overly tanned, overly bleached, overly boob jobbed, woman.  The dresses barely cover anything and they are all kind of snooty.  ( okay maybe I am a wee bit jealous of the emaciated part).  Do their husbands want them to look this way? What drives them?  The money one has to spend to stay like this is enormous. Okay again I am judging.  From someone who considers her boob job her husband these kind of people are hard to take over and over again.

     I also realize I am a service industry, but when ones says they are leaving town and they agree to take you in at the last minute you should be grateful enough to at least work with them.  But this is often not the case.

    Okay enough complaining.

Today on Kim's agenda:

1. go to phone company get an international Sim card put in phone
2. go to Rite-aid to use up points that will expire before I get back
3. Alter nieces wedding dress for the last time
4. hem three pairs of trousers
5. patch three pairs of jeans
6. shorten straps and put slit in a formal dress
7. alter bodice on a formal dress
8. alter bodice on a formal dress
9. hem a formal dress
10.hem a bridesmaid dress
11. wait for ding a ling to bring in her dress

     Just pray the phone does not ring for any more of these kind of alterations.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, October 21, 2019

Monday, the not want to get up addition

     Kim does not want to get up today.  I know you are all on pins and needles ( *snort* a seamstress term) wondering why?  Well let me tell you. I have a very good reason, or reasons.

1. I have too much sewing to do
2. I am getting anxious about this trip
3. it is overcast and cold

     The anxiety is building.  The sewing always makes me a little anxious, but this I can handle.  The travel not so much
  I am worried about the weather in Mexico, I am worried about Mexico. It is the end of the rainy season, and I don't want to be stuck at a resort inside for days on end while people complain about the weather. Personally I am used to the Oregon coast where it is overcast windy and rainy and I will walk the beach regardless.  I cannot change things so I guess worrying about it is a stupid waste of energy. Right?  Enough of that.

     I need to put my focus into the shop and get things done so I can leave and enjoy what I can as much as I can.   My kids would be saying, "Gee mom, this is a first world problem".  Yes I know, but allow me a little anxiety will you? 

     So today it is the shop and a lot of the shop.  I pulled out a large package of stew beef and I am going to make a large stew with enough leftovers for the meal I take to my friend on Wednesday.  I will also take them frosted cookies for dessert.  I am trying to plan ahead so I am not so stressed out. 

     Well it is off to the sewing room I go. I have no more excuses not to get things done.  I wish I could think of a few. Drat! I am coming up with nothing....

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday, Getting ready to go

     We had about 15 kids here yesterday morning for rehearsals.  The cookie decorating went off without a hitch.  The kids had something to occupy them while different ones rehearsed.  So there were no shenanigans and it was all co-operation.  Everyone went home with a plate of decorated cookies and Hub and I cleaned up the disaster that was once our dining room.  We decided that we would be cleaning up sprinkles off the hardwood floor until after Christmas.  I only took us about 45 minutes to clean up the dining and kitchen.  There are still piles of cookies to frost but that can wait until I want to do it.

     I had promised Lil sis that I was hers in the afternoon.  We called the airlines about over weight bags and came up with a better cheaper solution. We also packed all of our clothes except our makeup.  So all we have to do is load personal items and we are off.  We them moved all of her outdoor large plants inside due to severe frost warnings.  Lil sis has a arboretum of trees and palms and things.  Her house can be like a jungle.  In the early spring everything goes outside on her patio.

     To bring in many of these plants it requires a hand truck and two people.  So we got everything in the house that needed to come in and then I returned home to veg in front of the TV and nap.  Hubs had to be at the high school.  It was a peaceful Saturday.

     We are home from church and Hubs said the program rehearsal went well and that the extra practice he had scheduled at our house really helped.  So that is good.  He has to be at the High School again this afternoon and I will go back over to Lil sis's to help her get plants moved and things cleaned up.  I am hoping I can convince her to do my hair this afternoon.

     I have pork ribs and homemade applesauce thawing and I will make that up with sweet potatoes. I need to find a frozen veg to go with it.  I think I will try and frost cookies tonight if I feel like doing that.

     Anyway have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saturday, Making cookies!

     I decided I was going to just enjoy this day.  Yesterday was such a run run with other chores added on top of my already long list.  Hubs was better by early evening and we went to our church function.  So far I have not been hit by this 24 hour bug so hopefully it will skip me. I was wiped out last night when we got home.

     Today is our second daughters birthday.  I remember it well and wish I was with her to celebrate. This is also the day that the weather usually turns cold here.  However, it has been cold now for almost a month.  I have many pictures of the girls all bare foot in shorts celebrating D#2's birthday but not this year.

     When I was laying out decorating supplies for cookies I realized I had nothing for Halloween or fall.  I had used them all up.  So last night after the church event we went to Joanns where their decos for fall were 70% off and then to Walmart so I stocked up. 

     So here it is a blustery fall day and I get to make cookies, and then go over to Lil sis's and continue with wedding things.  I think it will be a fun day.  Might even get in a nap!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday, Sick hubby, rethinking todays goals

     I was pleased to get as much sewing done yesterday as I did and I planned to get the rest of yesterdays list of things done today but that plan is out the window.  This is a little scary as it will put me behind for next week but this cannot be helped. Everything that is due out today is done.  However I had 4 dresses for bridesmaids come in yesterday that also have to be out before I leave , plus two bridesmaids and alter of a wedding dress again for my niece.  As busy as this week has been I don['t think I can take on much else in the sewing realm.

     Hubs was able to run quite a few errands for me yesterday as I sewed.  I was grateful for this.  He took a box of three coats that I had replaced zippers in to the post office and mailed to an owner up north.  He went and bought chicken stock that I was out of at the local cheap canned store.  I should have seen that something was amiss when he laid down to put ear drops in and fell into a deep sleep and almost missed the opening of the news.  He rushed downstairs just as it was starting and I knew he had to be at the school at 6.  So I left the machine and went upstairs and made him a plate of leftovers so he would eat before he left.

     I went over to Lil sis's about 6:30 after my last client came at 6:00.  I still had one funeral dress to hem, but know I could do that in front of the TV when I got home as it was hand work.  Lil sis has worked herself into a panic attack the last few days over the upcoming wedding.  She works long days and then comes home to all the things that have to be done and I think she is exhausted and just puts things off.  I don't blame her, but we leave in less than a week and there are trunks and suitcases of things that need to go down to Can Cun.  They have to be packed and much of it is glass wear. Things really need to be thought out.  I had to put my big sister foot down (I was channeling Sissie) as I knew she would feel so much better if she just did something. So between her and I we got all the wedding glassware and gifts and decorations packed into one large trunk and a large suitcase.  I also ordered her shoes for her mother of the bride dress.  She said she could not find anything and I typed into Amazon prime and came up with a darling pair right off the bat.  I think she is just frozen in worry.  I have been there.

     When Lil sis and I were finally done with what could be done I got a call from Hub's at the high school.  He was really sick.  I asked him to call me back if he felt that he could not drive.  But by the time I got home he was already here.  There is a short term stomach virus going around town that is wiping out everyone.  How he managed to get it and not me is beyond my comprehension.  With his essential tremors he has very slow and poor reaction time and does not move quickly when sick.  Needless to say I have now done 4 loads of laundry and have changed a King size bed twice.  I keep sterilizing my hands every time I go into the master bedroom.  We are supposed to get a large pot of soup done today and cookie dough, on top of this I realized I have parents coming over with kids for practice tomorrow ( kids orchestra) and the house has not been vacuumed or dusted and cleaned since before I left.

     This house gets very dusty and dirty in 2 weeks time and it needs a thorough run through.  We have a corgi which is a non stop shedder and two cats adding to the dust. So the sewing I was going to get done today is on the back burner and house work is on the menu for the day.

The (*&^%$ list:

1. get laundry done(not the kind of laundry you want sitting around nuff said)
2. sweep and clean up shop floor
2. sweep and clean up downstairs hall
3. vacuum and clean up family room
4. clean off computer desk
5. vacuum stairs (pet hair yikes)
6. clean upstairs guest bath
7. sweep and vacuum hall
8. dust and vacuum front room
9. clean chairs and floor in dining room (dusty, pet hair)
10. Make pot of Salmon bisque
11. make up a double batch of rolled sugar cookie dough
12. clean kitchen
13. set out things to make frosted sugar cookies for kids tomorrow
14. go to church function
15. get dough ready to roll out and also make up 1/2 of dough to have it ready for tomorrow

     The church function does not stat until 6:30, and I think I can punch through the house work in about 2 hours if I concentrate and hub's has no more needs (nice way of putting this).  This is just not what I had planned for today.  Kim plans God laughs.

     On a happier note, all of our stock port folios ( we have so many you know *snort*) went up this month and I found $35.00 I did not know I had in the cash box, which I stopped using when my purse was stolen.  The police did not like that I used a cash box in plain site.  So it sits there empty, well it was not empty!  Nice little find.

     Well I am off to get my chores done wish me luck.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thursday, my of my what a mess

 This is my shop, I think I need rescued.
Is someone willing to come and throw me a life line?  Or a noose?  I have piles everywhere and I can't see any end in sight. I  know if I make a list I can tic things off and make myself feel better, but golly gee what a list.

1. take up shoulders in those two dresses and reinsert the sleeves
2. hem 4 pairs of heavy work pants

That will clear off my chair and this area of the disaster I call my sewing room.

Here is a pile of 4 hunting coats that need new zippers.  I was going to do this last night but got tangled up in my Lil sis's wedding prep.

1. replace blue coat zipper
2.replace hunting zipper
3. replace another hunting zipper
4. replace yet another hunting zipper

  See the next pile of hunting clothes.

1. put new pockets on jacket, reinforce buttons
2. replace front pocket in pants, hem, reinforce all buttons
3. reinforce all buttons, mend jacket

Don't look at ironing basket as it will be bigger as soon as I finish two loads of laundry

Here is the pile.  I have no idea whats over here.  I guess I had better check.  I do see a pile of pants that need patching.  I think there is a pile of mending and hemming, a pair of pants to take in at the waist and under it all two formal dresses to hem and a couple of pants to hem.

1. take in waist
2. hem 2 pants and mend things
3. patch three jeans
4. hem two fancy dresses and hem two pairs of pants 

 Here are the hanging things most which have to be out by tomorrow.  Of course there is a set of dress blues, because that is my life right now. There are other things hanging here I will ignore until next week.

1. lengthen sleeves on a sport coat, lengthen pants, hem pants
2. put hash mark on dress blue, hem army rain coat to regulation length.

I also have a dress coming in today for a funeral tomorrow.  Lucky me!

I was going to take a whole brisket that we smoked and cooked for B's wedding to a church potluck tomorrow evening.  But the friends that we stored the brisket at are out of town. So I have revised my plan and took a large container of salmon  and a 1/2 gallon of heavy cream out of the freezer( also left over from the wedding) I will make a large pot of salmon bisque instead.  Then there is the question, when will I get the cookie dough made for the kids on Saturday?

     As the cream and the bisque have to thaw that will be tomorrow. I might be able to get hubs on that chore.  He likes interesting recipes and if I watch him so he doesn't cook everything on high he might be able to pull this off.  I did not use the pie crusts I took out yesterday, so I will whip up a cherry pie as I have several cans of pie filling that need to be used in the storage. That will take care of dessert for the potluck. Can't say if this will be done today or tomorrow.  The cookie dough?  Another question?  It depends on how much I get done in the shop today.

     Hubs has an ear infection (probably due to his hearing aids) and he has to work at the High school tonight.  So happy I have leftover, meatloaf and rice from this week.  I can make up a gravy and a vegetable for an easy dinner before he leaves. Hubs is at the walk in clinic as I type.

Well I am off to start sewing and I hope to get most of this done today.  I have to go over to Lil sis's tonight to help her with wedding things, so other than some hand work late this evening I will need to get most of this done. Yikes!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wednesday, I got a good day in!

     I was a able to knock out quite a bit of the pile yesterday.  I had to run to Jo anns for 4 zippers and I will try and get those done tonight after the littles leave.  I have also ripped the arms out of two dresses that need to come up in the shoulders.  I will have plenty of sewing to do tomorrow and Friday.  No rest for the wicked Cheryl at "Cheryl's frugal corner "reminded me.

     But I am blessed.  I had money left over from my trip and I was paid again by the studio owner.  There is only $1000.00 left on her loan.  I am anxious to see that in my past. So the house went down by $700.00.  I am getting closer.  I doubt I can put any more on the House this month as I have to save spending money for Cancun, we leave next Thursday evening.

     Yesterday I made the best orange chicken.  It was a little time consuming, but it sure was good and used up more pantry things. I am making two nice meat loaves today with baked potatoes and a vegetable.  I pulled two pie crusts out of the freezer (my last two) that I will make apple gavottes with.  That will be an easy dessert. I see a lot of beans in our future, as I have so many cans in the storage, it's a good thing we like beans.

     I no longer have to go down to the studio on Tuesdays as the new instructor seems to have her act worked out. I will just go down to sub for illness, which is fine with me.  I will be dropping our little neighbor girl off at dance today at 5 p.m. and then running dinner to my friend.  The little girls mother will pick her up.  We worked out this schedule as I can get her ready if we watch the littles on Wednesdays.  Kills two birds with one stone so to speak. Wednesdays will be busy days and everything on one day, then I know the rest of the week is clear of outside obligations except for the shop.

     I just ran in the shop and reinforced a buttonhole for a gentleman, and noticed that the shop is once again full of hunting clothes.  Piles all over and zippers galore.  It is that time of year.  I am winding down on Weddings and now it is outdoor clothing. Someone left 4 pairs of heavy levis in a box outside my door last night when I was at the studio.  I can't even leave home without  having work thrown at me.  Blessed I tell you.

     By the way Joanns has their marked down fabric another 30% off , so some of the nice quilting fabric can be about $2.00 a yard.  If you sew or quilt this is a good time to stock up on quilting fabric. Quilting is something I do not do a lot of, due to time restrictions and the fact that I cannot sew or cut a straight line.  Sluggy you are not allowed to go to Jo Anns.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Tuesday, Sheesh, give me a day will you?

  As my mother used to day,"Who opened the sluice gate?"  I think there were over 30 people in the shop yesterday.  Even hub's was amazed.  I easily made at least 40 trips up and down the stairs by mid afternoon.  I did not get any sewing done, so today I will be glued to that machine as soon as this post is up.  Nothing large came in just individual things of people who were waiting for me to get home.  Today I have also had work come in and and all of it has to be out by next week before I leave. Yikes!

     As the pile of sewing grew larger and larger all I thought was give me a day to recover will you?  Yes, I needed to recover from my vacation.  I had 7 loads of laundry including all the material I brought home.  Of course now there is a big basket of ironing staring at me. But I am happy to say all the Christmas material is washed and ready to pack away.  I brought home over 50 yards of material.  Can you believe that? 

     Of course Hubs had his agenda which included me.  But then I had one that included him. I wanted to go through the house room by room and make lists of what needed to be done to sell the house.  We of course got in a fight about this as he does not want to do anything. He does not want to spend any money and he is going to have to. I really hate doing any kind of home improvement with him as it is always a fight and I am biting my tongue the whole time.  His work is so slow and often sloppy.  I want perfection.  I know I am a terrible painter so let's have a professional come in.  We have always done almost everything ourselves and it is hard for either of us to have someone else do what we think we can do.  Anyway we finally got the list done, after he stomped up the stairs yelling. At least we have a list.  I also called a handy man service and I am waiting for the return call. Got a call into a light fixture guy fro light replacements.

     After Hub's melt down he wanted to get the garden stripped.  Really?  I have non stop customers and you want me outside mucking in the garden?  So on go the muck boots and and I put a sign on the shop door to come and find me or to call and I would come down.  We were able to get the garden stripped in about 2 hours.  It still needs some cleaning and then Hubs will till and cover the ground in chicken manure and old straw.  So that made Hubs happy. We also picked two large buckets of potatoes.

  I was able to get several things off the project list ad I even cleaned out my make up drawer. Quite proud of myself.  I used up two cans of oysters making stew for diner last night.  Two more things out of the pantry.  Tonight it will be a chicken dish  and rice to use up a package of Chinese chicken mix I bought on sale on a whim.  I am going to make meat loaves tomorrow to use up burger from freezer. I have no idea what I am going to do for a dessert, but I will go scare something out of the storage shelves. I always have to think ahead on Wednesday when I have to take a meal in.  I think the littles are coming tomorrow.  I also have to run to the studio tonight.  I don't mind as I will get a check to add to the house!
What a mess and Slugs gave me more makeup for my stock which was so nice.  Christmas early!

     Well I am off to get as much sewing done as possible.  Hubs schedule is filling up this month with the High School.  He is due in there at 2:30 today so dinner will be late this evening which is good as I will be at the studio.

     Wish me luck, this shop is over loaded. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, October 14, 2019

Monday, Home Again, Fun was had...

Here is a view from our room at Ocean City, which I got mixed up as Virginia Beach, but then we have a Virginia city here and I am always a little (a lot) off most of the time.  It was beautiful the first day, and then windy and wet but we enjoyed ourselves any way. Because we are easily entertained.

Our first night out to dinner. Me, Sissy and Slugs, such laughs and fun.

Here is my Edith Anne impression.  I could hardly get down from this chair, now that would have been a funny picture.  We are on our way to get donuts so I am happy.

Sluggy has a fascination for turtles.

Both Sis and Slug are married to Dans so we had to stop and get this one as it was appropriate.

We spent a good part of our time shopping the outlets.  Here is the damage in Sis's car before she left to go back to DC.  She had to run payroll for her company on Thursday morning so she left a day early.  Leaving Slugs and I to our own crazy selves.  Probably not a good idea.

Sluggy and I spent the day going to Ollies a cheap retail store, we also found money as we stopped at several drive ups and scouted for coins.  She was the driver.  We laughed and laughed.  Such idiots we are, but like I said we are easy to entertain.  Our total for the afternoon of second handing and money scouting was $1.64.   Which we split.  It is always a contest to see who finds the most change.  Slugs took me to a brewery and we had a home made rootbeer it was so good.

Then off to other adventures. We could not resist a picture of the chicken.  This was after we went to see the ponies on an Island I cannot spell or say the name of.  Sasquatch something.

We could not resist a selfie with our cousin the monkey.

I stepped out of the car when I was with Sis going to Aldi and I found a quarter.  How thrilling is that?

Home again and ready for church, here we are sipping a diet coke after church on Lil sis's porch.  We always stop there after church to antagonize her. She was not home and I was checking on her cats.  Yeah we all know I just wanted a soda.  Hubs is so happy to have me home.

Now I have to face the 5 loads of laundry and get everything put away.  I made him a nice meal last night of fried chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and biscuits.  Then I left the kitchen a mess.

     I came home with many Christmas gifts and gifties from Sluggy.  My Sis as usually was overly generous and bought me a ton of wonderful clothes and then let me go through her closet for things she was getting rid of. I hated to leave her.  I also came home with enough Christmas fabric to make at least 5 large quilts.  One of Sis's friends mom passed  away and she was able to go through the fabric. I can't say when I will have time to do this, but I am flying my Aunt out in Jan. for a couple of weeks to teach me how she quilts a particular Indian star quilt.  Now all I have to buy will be batting.

     It was a great trip and I miss Slugs and Sis.  I think if we lived closer we would get into so much trouble.  I can't wait to do this again.

     Now I have to face the music of home.  Like the shop, the laundry, the kitchen, some decluttering and cleaning. Hubs and I have to makes lists of everything we need done in the house before we sell and get started on these projects.  We have a church potluck this Friday, and hubs has his young church group string ensemble coming over on Saturday morning to practice and make cookies.  We will have the littles on Wednesday and I have to figure out what I am going to use up in the freezers.

     Life goes on after a vacation and we have to get back to reality.  Dang that reality, it always bites you.  We had a really bad freeze here while I was gone so the garden is dead, dead.  At least I don't have to deal with the ongoing produce.  I will go out and gather the few pumpkins I have and make pumpkin puree for pies.  But that can wait.

     I am itching to pay off the house and I keep strategizing how to do it.  So far nothing has worked out. But I am hoping for November. I have to really see where the money lays and also get the bills paid for the month.  Yikes tomorrow is the 15th!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, October 4, 2019

Friday, How to buy cereal, Kim's way

     Hub's loves his cereal.  I actually do too.  But I am not a big breakfast eater and I enjoy a bowl as a snack or even for dinner.  This month there is a great way to stock up on cereal.  I will go back to day and do this deal again if I have time and then is they have the varieties I can get Ibotta deals on..
Here are have 16 boxes of cereal.  Now I do not like to buy small cereal boxes period and I  certainly won't buy them for $2.50 a box.  Certain Kellogs cereals were 2 boxes for 5.00 at Right Aid this week.  If you bought $40.00 worth of  certain products you received $20.00 back in bonus cash.  So that made the cereal 1.25 a box.  A good price but not stellar as these are small boxes.  If you get on you can print out a 2.00 off coupon for 4 boxes.  You are limited to 2 coupons but you can use 4 per transaction.  So you run to your neighbors and print an additional 2 coupons.  So that $20.00 now becomes $12.00.  If you have the ibotta app. they are offering several .55 to 1.00 off certain boxes of Kellogs cereals.  I was limited by what the store had so I only received 8.00 additional dollars in Ibotta bucks, making the cereal $4.00 or .25 a box.  That is a way to buy cereal.  Even if I don't use any extra coupons and just stick with ibotta the cereal would have been 12.00 so .75 a box which is a bargain.

     I am trying to get out of town so that means every one and anyone will jump in to mess up the plan.  Such as an additional sewing job, plus one I didn't finish yesterday.  We are on the team cleaning the church this weekend, so we will have to go in tonight rather than in the morning.  The missionary couple that runs the Spokane mission service the missionaries department will be down to see us at about three today so I will need to either make a treat or go buy something to serve.   I am thinking scones they are easy and nummy. I still need to pack and straighten out the money for the trip. Schmills and daughter will be down later this afternoon. Yikes!

today's list:

1. do roots
2. put heavy blankets on beds
3. do two loads of laundry
4. iron a few pieces (can't leave it to have sex and come back to a full basket)
5. peg two pairs of pants ( yes I should have done yesterday)
6. hem three pairs of pants last minute, why? (because I want the cash)
7. clean the car
8. go to rite aid if I have time
9. make a treat
10 clean church
11. pack
12. sweep floors upstairs
13. vacuum

I have a lot to do, I am going to get on the treat and the car then do the sewing, I think....

What are you going to drive yourself crazy with today?  Do extra things always pop into your life when you are trying to leave town?

Have a great and productive day staying positive when you are in the negative.



Thursday, October 3, 2019

Thursday, get in that shop!

     Another chart bit the dust yesterday.  I wonder how the rest of the year will stack up?  As the shop is slowing down, I wonder how many more charts I will fill?  I still have all my house savings and things, but the shop helps.  I am not going to worry or dwell.  I have two more days until I am on a plane to see my Sissie and Slugs.  Yippee!

     I have a been able to see Sissie almost regularly since my mom moved in with us.  Now that my financial life is a little better, a trip out to see her is not such a burden on the pocket book and I love that.  It just makes me happy that I can get to her.

     Yesterday was spent in the kitchen and boy did I get a lot done.  So happy about this.  I used up three large bags of frozen sauce, one can of tomatoes, and Mozzarella cheese that needed to be used. I still have mozzarella  that needs to be used.  I went crazy on cheese, but when it is free how do you say no?

I made up a cake mix  (spice) with cream cheese frosting.  I also found out that these tin foil pans are just a little less  money at Winco, than the dollar store, plus much better quality.  They were 3/1.18 as apposed to 2/1.00.  The dollar store ones are so flimsy they bend in half if anything heavy is put in them.  Plus these can be washed an reused as they are so sturdy. 

Here is a large container of stuffed shells and a large lasagna that are going to neighbors, the smaller lasagna is for us.
  These larger pans were 1.18 at winco so .18 more than the dollar store but again much, much more sturdy, so worth the extra to me.   If aluminum is washable a few times and then gets recycled it is a go.

In addition I made three more trays for us and froze them. Two are lasagna and one is stuffed shells.  I started at about 9:30 and was done by 1:30.  That was with constant interruptions from the babies. Hubs did take them outside for a couple of 45. minute stretches, one to the park and one to the back yard so that helped.

     I debated all through the pasta whether to make french bread or to stop and get three loaves.  Since I had three families to feed the cost would be  $7.00.  Then I told myself it would cost about $1.40 to make this.  The mixer does all the work.  Yeast, sugar, shortening, water, salt and flour, come on just make it. I was able to lay down while it raised twice and then I was done.  Yippee!

     I did clean as I went but there are a many things that I still have to put away in the kitchen.  All in all I will call it a day well spent.  Plus I used up some things in the pantry and the freezer.  Of course I put three trays back in the freezer, but those are treasures ready to go.

     I went over to Lil sis's last night and she got a new dog!  It is so cute.  He is a three years old rescue dog, 1/2 labradoodle and 1/2  dachshund.   Quite the combination.  But she is so happy, so I am happy for her.

     I have to finish a wedding dress today and hem two pairs of jeans and peg two pairs of slacks and then I am done.  I hope to have tomorrow to clean house and pack and get ready for my trip. I don't want to sew tomorrow unless I have to.  There will be a little bit of work waiting for me when I get home but not much.  I did get a couple of zipper fixes mailed to me from out of state clients. But I will do those when I get home.

Well I am off to get buried in white!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wednesday,Cooking, cleaning, sitting,saving

      I am going through a major wrist flair that started last evening.  By the time I was done working on shortening two mens jacket sleeves I was done.  My left wrist throbbed all night.  It was hard to sleep, I could not even wear my watch.  I have taken ibuprofen this morning and it seems to be a little better.  It is very hard if not impossible to sew when my wrists flair like this.  Hopefully it will abate.

     I was able to get the linen closet cleaned out and I used those space bags and they are great and well worth the money.  They can be reused.  I was able to get two shelves completely cleaned off and put all things I wanted to store on the top shelf.  I also went through all the stocking stuffer and Christmas/birthday things I have purchased through out the year.  I try to buy really good quality things that my kids will use.  I have the two younger girls birthday's done and a good part of Christmas for all three girls.  Stockings are well on there way also. This gives me an idea of what I need to get to complete Christmas. It is so nice to have this done and I divided things into bags for each person, making it easier for me to plan a wrap.

     I still have the wedding dress to hem and I will do that tomorrow, along with pegging the pants. Several more things came into the shop yesterday which I got done yesterday.   This way I can concentrate on the things I plan to do today.

     I am planning on making lasagna and stuffed shells today and that is quite the process.  But it can be done with the littles here. It will also use up two large freezer bags of marinara, and mozzarella that needs to be used. I will send one home with the littles, one will go to my friend for her weekly dinner and 4 small pans will be for our meal and freezer. I feel about lasagna like I do about pie crusts.  It is a pain so you might as well do alot at one time.

     I have to pay bills today sometime, but right now someone needs to go potty.

What are you going to do today?  Any cooking?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tuesday, Some fun things!

     Okay I will finally admit I think Fall is coming. It is very unseasonably cold here and we have already had snow in the Wa ha's.  It is just so early for a cold snap here.  I loves me the heat.

     I also love fall.  The flowers which have been over heated come back to life.  The changing of the leaves is so beautiful.  I love pumpkins, in any form. Plus the garden that you wanted so badly to grow and produce is finally able to be put to bed. (thank goodness). I start to make more soups and stews.  (cheaper and warmer).  We usually take a trip. I always remember that Daughter #3 was born in October.  Oh how we waited for her. After our second daughter Franka died as a baby, we were told not to have any more.  But we got this lovely little copper haired daughter in October about 8 years after her older sister was born.  She is a treasure.  Finally our eldest had a sister. All things that are good in October.

     I get to see my Sissie and Sluggy in less than a week and I am getting so excited.  It is hard to concentrate on what I need to do here.

     I went down and paid the house payment and added an extra $500.00 to the principle.  Since about $1200.00 of our $1580.00 payment goes to principle now, that total will drop.  See side bar if you please. Also if you are saving a penny a day you will need to add $89.58 to your penny bank.  I took all my extra money to put on the house so I will have to squirrel and earn that $89.58 asap.

     I was able to complete all sewing in the shop yesterday, but more came in so I am not out of work completely.

1. shorten sleeves on two mens jackets
2. shorten pants
3. shorten pants add belt loops
4. fix bridesmaid top
5. shorten and steam wedding dress
6. peg two pairs of mens trousers

     The shop was really steady with people in and out yesterday and I did not get done with my list until after 6 p.m. I was fatigued and did not get to the linen closet but that is all right because it means I can take it off the October list.  I'm sneaky that way.I did pick up the vacuum bags.

     My cleaning out the pantry meal today is using up a package of curry mix.  I will add potatoes, carrots, onions and we always have rice as a staple. One more thing out of the cupboard.  Tomorrow it is oyster stew, plus I think I am going to make some kind of pasta up as I need to use up some cheese and all the tomatoes we have frozen and canned.  I will need to run to the store for cottage cheese.  We will see as the littles are coming tomorrow and who knows what I can get done with them.  I plan God laughs.

     But I am flipping my schedule around today and the first thing I am going to do today is CLEAN THE LINEN CLOSET, and maybe go through all the Christmas and birthday closets.  Then I will sew.  IF I start sewing I will not get to other things.  But as I feel caught up except what comes in on a daily basis I can flip the schedule.  So nice don't know how long this will last of if God is getting ready to laugh.

Do you have any fall plans?  Are you making a list or moving things over from September?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.