Friday, October 4, 2019

Friday, How to buy cereal, Kim's way

     Hub's loves his cereal.  I actually do too.  But I am not a big breakfast eater and I enjoy a bowl as a snack or even for dinner.  This month there is a great way to stock up on cereal.  I will go back to day and do this deal again if I have time and then is they have the varieties I can get Ibotta deals on..
Here are have 16 boxes of cereal.  Now I do not like to buy small cereal boxes period and I  certainly won't buy them for $2.50 a box.  Certain Kellogs cereals were 2 boxes for 5.00 at Right Aid this week.  If you bought $40.00 worth of  certain products you received $20.00 back in bonus cash.  So that made the cereal 1.25 a box.  A good price but not stellar as these are small boxes.  If you get on you can print out a 2.00 off coupon for 4 boxes.  You are limited to 2 coupons but you can use 4 per transaction.  So you run to your neighbors and print an additional 2 coupons.  So that $20.00 now becomes $12.00.  If you have the ibotta app. they are offering several .55 to 1.00 off certain boxes of Kellogs cereals.  I was limited by what the store had so I only received 8.00 additional dollars in Ibotta bucks, making the cereal $4.00 or .25 a box.  That is a way to buy cereal.  Even if I don't use any extra coupons and just stick with ibotta the cereal would have been 12.00 so .75 a box which is a bargain.

     I am trying to get out of town so that means every one and anyone will jump in to mess up the plan.  Such as an additional sewing job, plus one I didn't finish yesterday.  We are on the team cleaning the church this weekend, so we will have to go in tonight rather than in the morning.  The missionary couple that runs the Spokane mission service the missionaries department will be down to see us at about three today so I will need to either make a treat or go buy something to serve.   I am thinking scones they are easy and nummy. I still need to pack and straighten out the money for the trip. Schmills and daughter will be down later this afternoon. Yikes!

today's list:

1. do roots
2. put heavy blankets on beds
3. do two loads of laundry
4. iron a few pieces (can't leave it to have sex and come back to a full basket)
5. peg two pairs of pants ( yes I should have done yesterday)
6. hem three pairs of pants last minute, why? (because I want the cash)
7. clean the car
8. go to rite aid if I have time
9. make a treat
10 clean church
11. pack
12. sweep floors upstairs
13. vacuum

I have a lot to do, I am going to get on the treat and the car then do the sewing, I think....

What are you going to drive yourself crazy with today?  Do extra things always pop into your life when you are trying to leave town?

Have a great and productive day staying positive when you are in the negative.




  1. I knew wire coat hangers could fool around and reproduce if left alone. Now, I will have to watch the ironing basket.

  2. I hope you get everything done and get going on your trip. (Or maybe just relax, be human and only do what absolutely has to be done)

  3. That's a great deal on the cereal! We don't eat cereal, but I use a lot for my holiday Chex Mix. Enjoy your trip! The regular chores will keep until you get back. Just do the essentials.

  4. I have two finals to study for and a group presentation to finish. Good times!

  5. I get our cereal and bfast/granola bars at the scratch and dent store, any where from 69 to 1.25 a box.

  6. Sluggy level deal making! I hope your pans keep moving forward-don't let the buggers interfere.

  7. I hope you get to go away on your trip & things don't keep cropping up to stop you Kim. I have been away from blog land as my Mum broke her hip & I had to go down to sit with her in hospital. I am only home for a few days then back again. I tried to comment on your posts while I was away using my brothers laptop but I am sure it didn't publish for some reason. I look forward to getting back to normal but I am not sure what that is anymore !!! The photos you published of the wedding were just so beautiful. Take care Kim xx

  8. Great job on the cereal. I won't spend more then $1 a box on cereal but like you I can usually get it cheaper. We just got back from 4 days away. It was wonderful. I hope you have a great time away.

  9. $.25 a box for cereal is the best deal I have ever seen! Wow!