Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday, The FLU!

     Well after waiting 2.5 hours in the doctors office, I have the flu. Although I hate going on antibiotics and I am on them way too often at least you start to feel human after about 12 hours.  Now I just get to be somewhat miserable for a few more days.  Doc says this flu is mild and usually lasts about 4-5 days.  I guess there is another one out there with high fever for 9-10 days.  I don't have that one, thank goodness.  I cannot get a flu shot so here I am.  Thinking about it I had been experiencing chills Friday night, but the fact that I  was out working hard in the yard made me think it started Saturday.  Doctor says it hits suddenly.  She was right.  By the time I got there I was in my 3-4 day.  I am feeling somewhat better today, just very, very tired.  Body aches are better, headache is better.  It is a pain to go to the doctor every time I suspect an infection but I have to, because of the drugs I take.  Can't mess around.

     My house is such a mess, and I am refusing to cook.  Hub's wanted to go get a hamburger last night and I said NO.  We have officially not eaten out now for one month.  I did go to lunch a couple of times but I was not buying so I don't count that.  Actually right now I am hungry that is a good sign I think.  Haven't really been hungry for a couple of days.  I think I will do up a ground beef bean dish that I love for dinner.  Won't be able to eat it until after I teach.  If I have the energy to go.  We will see.  Just the thought of going makes me light headed.

     I am going to try and get some things done around here and if I can get some work done without having to lay down every 5 minutes I might be going into the home stretch.  Trying to think positive.  The shop is a wreck.  But this won't last forever.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday, Wierd wacky weekend and Monday savings madness

     Last Friday evening about 8:30 the doorbell rang and it was the missionaries stopping by.  They had time to kill before turning in and why not kill it at a place that usually has milk and cookies?  Anyway they asked what we were doing this weekend and we told them hopefully working in the back yard on the french drain.  Well can they help?  They have so many hours to be filled for service.  So why would you turn down free help?  I told them if they came to help I would make over night waffles.  Soon we had 4 missionaries coming at 10 am to have a big breakfast and work in the yard.  The entire drain is cleaned out.  We had 12 hours of free labor.  It was great.

      So Friday evening, I went in and started a double batch of over night waffles so they could raise and then went to bed.  I was so cold I had a hard time getting warm all night which was weird.  The weather was awesome Saturday morning.  Made breakfast and worked outside until about 1:30.  Hub's got all the fruit trees trimmed. After the boys left I came in to rest and again could not get warm.  Mom and Lil sis came by about 3 and had me go with them to get a gift engraved and then wanted me to go over to Lil Sis's and I was happy to be included but within minutes said , "Take me home, I don't feel good."  When I got home I had a temperature of 100.4 and have been flat in bed since then.  I think I might have a kidney infection and will be going to the doctor today.  I am weak and in a lot of pain in my back.  My skin is crawling and I sleep constantly.  Just feel like CRAP!

     The shop is a disaster, and so is the house.  I don't even care.  I have so much sewing to get out and that is nice as I have been so slow but I am too sick to really do anything right now.  Just the thought  of getting dressed exhausts me.  What ever this is hit so suddenly.  But I have to remember the rock is out of the drains!

     I was able to save money this week by doing several things and here they are.

1. cooked all meals from home from scratch.
2.  cooked almost all meals out of pantry and freezer with loss leaders purchased earlier.
3. Used coupons at Jo-anns for all sewing supplies needed
4. Did a Sluggy at Rite-Aid.  Purchased 12 boxes of cereal, 3/12 packs of soda,4 bottles shampoo and cream rinse, 2 deodorant, 2 bags Easter candy, after coupons clipped and deductions I spent $12.67 out of pocket.
5.  Playing Albertsons monopoly just cause I shop there and I have so far won about $15.00 in free food stuffs.  Who doesn't like free?  Unless it is  the flu bug?
6. Picked up ground beef for $1.90 a lb and it was lean ground so that was a great bargain.
7. took a meal into a sick friend made from pantry supplies

You know just shopping the loss leaders at your local grocery store and cooking from these saves a ton of money.

Well I am getting light headed so I had better go lie down.

Have a great and productive day.


Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday, what a bust....

   Yesterday was a bust.  Mom was not good, she was weak and needed constant help.  I was at her beck and call all day.  Frustration levels at an all time high.  But I am still smiling.

   Hub's is upstairs cleaning the kitchen that I left a mess after the fiasco of mom baking yesterday.

My chicken soup and homemade noodles was wonderful. There is hardly any left.

The sun is shining and I am determined to work outside today if it kills me.

Lot's of work in the shop right now.  Thank goodness.

I am so hoping for a lovely weekend.

Need to go check on mom.  She isn't up yet and it is so peaceful.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday, cold and maybe Sunny?

     The sun was shining this morning but it is bitter cold outside.  Mom is baking and I will make my chicken soup today.  Did not have time yesterday.  Mom is taking soup and cake to a person in her church that is having a hip replaced.

     I only had to lay out the ingredients.  Trip upstairs. Go down and get more flour and butter. Trip down and up.  She could not remember recipe.  Down for her recipe box.  Come set the oven, trip upstairs, should have done this when I set out ingredients.  Could not get beaters in, trip upstairs,  Come put in the second cake as her legs were giving out.  trip upstairs,  Needs a pain pill trip downstairs and then back up.  Why am I not skinny?  Because I eat the things she bakes.  It is stress eating.  The condition where one eats instead of killing ones mother.

     Every trash can in this house is full.  Who caused that?  Still have not put bedding on in guest room.  I did do my roots done last night, so I am beautiful.  Have to think positive as mom is determined to waste most of my time today.

     Picked up lean ground beef for $1.99 a lb and need to process it into smaller bags.  Will also make a bid batch of Swedish meatballs.

Last night I was in a rush and made brinner.  I had 3/4 of a loaf of french bread ( which I got for free) so I sliced it thick and made french toast, with eggs and bacon.

     I just have to get some things done today........

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017


     Do you ever have a hard time getting things done? I realize it is Wednesday and I live for the moment in my week that my classes are over.  Love the kids, hate the tole it takes on me.

     My shop is a wreck and I need to really focus on cleaning it up.  I don't know how it gets that way.  Gremlins?  Yes that must be it.

In the mean time I have the bed stripped in the guest room as grandson managed to get his diaper off in the middle of the night.  I also have not cleaned the guest bath.  Did not clean up the kitchen yesterday.  I have laundry to put away and the list goes on.  BLAH!

I want to be outside in the sunshine.  I want , I want, I need, I need.

I did make a nummy beef barley soup yesterday.  We have left overs for lunch.  Will be making homemade chicken and noodles tonight, as I have a big container of boiled down chicken and stock in the freezer.  This should take us through Thursday.  I think I will do a meat loaf on Friday.

SUN I want the SUN.

Does this post have  a theme?

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday, Am I better off?

     Sluggy aka Deniece (?) from Don't Read this it is boring, is posting a give away, go and sign up, great goodies.  Sluggy asked the question are you better off than you were 5 years ago?  That made me think.  Am I better off than I was 5 years ago?  In most ways I am.  I am certainly better off financially.  I am getting closer to getting out of debt.  I still have bills and some are stupid, but not as many as before.  I think I have better control over myself.  The one money thing I am working on this year is to stop giving so much to my children.  I need to help myself.  I am making them accountable.  The youngest is the worst.  I will no longer give her money, she has to pay it back.  So I am getting better at my worst money drain.

Here are a list of things that are better.

1.  All the kids have graduated from college
2.  All the kids are off our insurance
3.  All the vehicles are paid for
4. Hub's retired and is bringing in more money
5. We remodeled the kitchen
6.  We have significantly reduced our debt
7.  I started blogging and I have added so many good things to my life.

Here are the things that could be better.

1. Mom moved in and this has been hard, but I love her
2.  My health is not always stable
3. I would really like to pay off many smaller bills faster.
4. I need to get more money in a slush fund but right now that is impossible.

     We just got news that D#2's husband finally received his transfer to their home quadrant.  He had been working and living with a friend for the last year.  He comes home on his time off. This has been very hard on them, especially in the finance department.  Maintaining two homes of a sort and commuting and wear and tear on vehicles is getting to them.  Plus having a new baby who will now be turning one.  They also have a sister that will be moving into the bottom apartment of their house. They have a huge house with a private suite in the basement.  As this sister watches the baby most of the time it is just convenient for her to be there.  Our son in laws sister cannot have children and she has always been like a second mother to our grandson.   We love her and I see this as a very good move for my daughter and the baby.

     It is funny that both of my daughters who have significant careers, have relatives that live with them for child care.  Can it get any better?

    We had french dip sandwiches last night with the left over beef and I am going to cook a pot of beef barely soup for dinner.

     Our local Albertsons is having a Monopoly contest and I went through a stack of tickets yesterday while I was watching the news.  I received tickets for a free bagel, a free loaf of french bread, a 5.00 grocery coupon and a free movie ticket.  Score.  I love free.

The machines are calling me, so I am off!

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday, Money saving madness

    My oh my trying to get to my computer today was almost impossible.  I got up too late and then had to be to a lunch meeting with the graduate student that is doing an internship with me on costuming. Tons of forms to sign, and other various paper work.

  Then on to right aid (without mother to do a Sluggy)  Just sent hubs to fill up my car as the light turned on the way home.  He is driving me nuts as it is rainy outside and he can't go on a walk.

    The shower went off with out a hitch and the recipient was so excited.  It looks like her mom won't be able to come up when the baby is born, so I will go and stay at the house with the other boys and do the grandma thing.  Which is fine with me.  Will probably try and help out for a week.  I can still work my business from their house.  I can run back and forth.  Just don't want her overtired.

     I have plenty of sewing to do when I get done with this post.  No yard work was done all weekend as it has almost rained non stop.  We did have sun on Friday and of course I was cleaning all day.  Then a bit more on Saturday, but I was busy inside.  The sun does not stay long enough to get anything done.  I just can hardly wait to put on a pair of Capri's and a button down.  So tired, of tights, sweaters, turtle necks, wool socks, leggings, and layers.  Whine, whine,sniff.
     Well let's see what did I do last week to save money?  What bargains did I find?

1. cooked every meal at home from scratch
2. Did all cooking for the shower from scratch
3.  Made all gifties for shower from scraps in shop.
4. Did a rite aid shop and saved over 78% on items needed or that we will use.
5. Picked up a dozen beautiful red roses for $2.00 after Valentines day at Walmart
6.  Purchased all sewing supplies with coupons from Jo-Anns, even hit a 75% off Valentine socks, and then add another 20% off.  So picked up several for stocking stuffers, for under $1 a pair.
7.Picked up my seeds to start next week at the dollar store 4/1
8.Used this tip from Frugal in Boise.  She buys Hershey kisses after the holiday and then sorts them by color to use for the next holiday.  I sorted red,pink,silver, as in I took out all the pink for Easter. Then used the Red and silver for the shower. will use the pink for baskets.  I was able to purchase these at 75% off.  I also picked through M&M's  (yes I wore latex gloves)  So I have plenty of light and dark pink of these candies for Easter baking and treats.
9.  Made most of my meals from pantry and freezer stock.
10.  Forced the checker at Albertsons to re-ring my order as the coupons did not take.  Saving $22.40 cents.  Don't you hate it when they do that.
11.  Stocked up on loss leader from the store, with coupons.  Pasta for $.43, flour, $1.46, sugar $1.69, was able to get Oreo cookies for .99 a bag, Score!  Then was able to score a free gallon of milk.

So I am doing well at trying to save where ever I can.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday, behind the 8 ball

     I am behind.  But before I go into my rant of the day I wanted to share some progress.  I am down in my studio accounts and look at the House!  LOOK, we are under $60,000 we are in the 50's and it is dropping fast.  I also eliminated a Penneys bill from Christmas and will eliminate a Macy's bill next week also from Christmas. I am not one to use store cards very much but when they have offers to save money I will.  I think I already told you that I will pay the last of another big bill at the end of this month, so those monies can go else where.  Yippee! Progress and I am proud of myself, it makes me realize that I can move forward even under the stress I have had recently.

     So I did get my crusts made and baked and all chopping done for quiches, but they need to be made and so do my muffins.  I got no cleaning done yesterday, the vacuum cleaner is acting funky, damn.  I was able to get an especially hard sewing task out of the way.  I worked until 10 last night and I just did not take a break except for the hour I had lunch with a friend.  So what happened to all my time?  I was able to have a good conversation with the twinster, she always calms me down.

So today......
1. make quiches
2. make muffins
3.clean house
4.clean front porch
5. set up for shower
6. make pizzas for dinner
7.go get balloons
8. get a few groceries, some fresh veggies is all we need.  Lettuce, peppers, celery, salad fixings

I am off to get things done.

Have a great and productive day!



Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday, some progress

     Thanks for well the well wishes, and realize that my brother is in Las Vegas and no where close to me.  He cannot go back to Montana as there are several warrants out for his arrest.  He has a permanent restraining order, keeps him from my mom and any family member, but those are only as good as the police that enforce them.  Missoula would pick him up when they could find him and he would be in jail over night, get bailed or released and then right back at mother's madder than hell and even meaner.  Mom gave up as all it did was make him more violent.  Know also that he is brilliant and cunning and seems to have a sixth sense about getting caught.  The only thing that really protects us is that my Husband would shoot him on sight if he comes on our property.  There will be no second chances.  I know this sounds harsh, but we have endured his nonsense for all our married life and I endured his crap all through high school and college.  He has no where to go, no one will tolerate him, but he does call and badger mom for money.  Since I am the one that has to drive her to get the money and then to the Western Union office, I also have to fill out the paper work and text the receiving  #'s to him.

     I get really angry with mom for allowing him bully me and also that she gives in, she just sent him 100 dollars last week for his birthday.  I am sure I won't even receive a birthday gift.  SO mom and I have words every time he calls.  She screams and yells at me and I calmly tell her, if I have to be involved I will have my say and I don't approve.  I tell her it hurts my feelings.  She claims that we girls hate the boys, well yes because they are lazy pieces of crap and you have supported and favored them all our life.  You pit us up against them, what do you expect?  I will stand my ground about the unfairness.  It makes her furious but I will NEVER back down.  If I have to be involved she will hear my side.

     I know it is not about me, but it hurts, to watch her dump money down my worthless brothers and she never ever helped us all the time the kids were growing up and we were very poor.  Hubs wages were crap and I was working 4 and 5 jobs part time to try and stay home with the kids.  She just turned a blind eye and was angry at me for not working full time somewhere and climbing the corporate ladder.  I could have but I just felt that the kids were more important.  She also was mad when ever I had another child.    She was furious when I had the last one and I think she wanted to punish me.  But youngest brother has 5 he can't support, and mom pays the child support monthly on his oldest two. She was mad tonight when I took her to the grocery store, where she bought orange juice, apples,($1.89 lb) sugar laden yogurt and her cost was $25.00.  Sorry mom I won't buy things I don't normally buy, the stipend you begrudgingly give us, does not even cover your expenses.  She will keep all this food down in her personal fridge.

  I was able to get a lot done today in the shop.  Picked up a few more things for the party, and cooked up all the ingredients to put in the quiches.  I got in my exercise and made pork chops, potatoes, and veg for dinner. 

    Today I am having lunch with a friend, and I have more sewing to do.  I will make crusts and bake quiches.  We will have that for dinner along with a salad.  I also have to take mom to Costco for some meds and will buy my fruit there for the fruit tray.

  I will also try to deep clean both bedrooms and baths and dust and do floors in hall and living room.  That way I will only have the kitchen and dining to do Friday.  As I will be cooking in the kitchen it doesn't do much good to deep clean with mom touching and spilling as she goes.

    Lil Sis is on the outs with me and I can't figure out why?   But I will not condone her behavior in some ways either.  I call crap, crap and when it comes to Mom I will protect her at all costs.   I thought when Lil sis moved here, we would spend more time together and I would have a friend, but that isn't happening.  Our life styles are too different.  I don't think she even likes me very much.  I am a convenience when she needs something.  She does help with mom and for that I am forever grateful.

     I have made significant progress on my debt totals which I will post tomorrow,  I will be down two more bills by the end of the month and then can concentrate on the next one.  Even with all of the chaos, I am moving forward.

Have a great and productive day,


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday, I'm going forward

     Yesterday, was so full of family drama that I had a complete melt down.  Between my Lil Sis and mom and then add the drug addict brother into the mix and you have one rollicking day.

     It was not pretty, and I feel so bad for my mother.  I am angry at her for not standing up to my brother and for kissing Lil sis's butt after she is heinous, then yelling at me.  I figure mom made her bed now she gets to lay in it but It is my fault.  Okay Sissie where are you?  Super Sissie you need to put your cape on and get over here.

      Anyway this morning started out with a threatening text from druggie brother.  When he doesn't get his way he bullies you and scares you into giving him what he wants.  This is real as he has broken bones on all of us girls for minor infractions.  Then mom covered it up or told us we were in the wrong, or that said events did not happen, which is why I have a dent in my skull.

     But I have decided that I am going to go forward and get something done.  I need to take care of me.  I need to produce in my shop, I need to feel good about myself.  I need to take one day at a time and get the most out of each day.  I need to be positive.

So as I have a baby shower on Saturday and there are several things I need to do.

1. Make 4 quiches
2. make 3 dozen different muffins
3. clean the house thoroughly
4. get sewing caught up  ****** (This will be done first)
5.  make something for dinner
6. get some exercise
7. love my life
6. don't hurt or maim my mother  ( a work in progress)

     Things may be tough here but I have not lost my sense of humor.  

I need to get busy  I have a life to live.....

Have a a great and productive day!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday, Happy Valetines Day!

     Get ready to eat chocolate, yum.  Woke up to chocolates on my bed, haven't opened them yet.  Mom sent Valentines to all the grandchildren she favors, and even had something for hub's.  She had things for her church buddies, and sent me over to sis's house with something from her.  Guess who she did not remember?  Yeah you guessed it, and it doesn't matter because I do nothing for her.

     Lil Sis got home late last night and I snuck over to her house and put out a table runner I made from scraps, and some napkins all Valentines, then Hub's got her some flowers which I arranged in a vase with pink Hershey kisses around the bottom.  So she came home to a surprise.

     If I lived close to my twin I can't imagine the fun we would have!

I arranged a beautiful bouquet of flowers for mom, she was thrilled.

I was able to get out for an hour yesterday late afternoon and dig up about 5 feet of the french drain, can't do any today because of  dance.  We are having a Valentine dance day, can't imagine how that sugar filled activity will work out. The kids will be climbing the walls, fun, fun, fun.

I need to finish a wedding dress and few items in the shop before I go teach, I already cleaned the cat box, and swept the laundry room, started the laundry and straightened out room.

I put together the cutest runner and napkins yesterday out of Micky mouse fabric and polka dot fabric.  It is for the shower this weekend and then I will keep it for us.

It is sunny and beautiful today, such a blessing, it is supposed to start raining late tomorrow and then we will have over cast rain for a long time.

Well I am off to conquer the world.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Madness Savings

      The sun is shining again today and Hub's has already left with his cupcakes and cookies for his old office.  I encourage him to stay in contact with his office, as Hub's is quite weird and does not relate to people very well.  It takes him a long time to form relationships, and it is good for him to see old friends,plus they all want cookies.

    Mom has already had me up stairs three times.  She comes in while I am blogging and plops her butt down in a chair two feet from me and asks for breakfast.  This is a woman who spent three hours on her feet in the kitchen bossing me around.  But she need to be waited on for breakfast,  So I go to the storage and get peaches and go upstairs to make her breakfast.  Then down with her breakfast and I know sooner hand it to her and she says ," I don't see your cell phone."  I left it upstairs,  She needs me to call her.  So back upstairs I go to get the cell phone.  When I get down stairs I have to call her as her ringer has been turned off and her cell phone is not ringing.  Now her cell phone is  upstairs so I have to go upstairs and get her phone and then turn on the ringer.  Now she has forgotten to take her pills with her breakfast so I must go get her some juice.  Kill me now.

     She also has a doctors appointment at 1:20 today.  I told her no more afternoon appointments. I want them late in the day so they do not interrupt my day.  She does this on purpose so she can control my time.

     These are the things I did last week that saved me money.

Cooked every meal at home, mostly from storage items bought on sale.
Picked up soda from riteaid and earned back $10.00 in points
Made Valentine, cookies and treats from scratch for gifts
Purchase all supplies for shop with 50% off coupons
Went to dollar store for party supplies after researching them on line.  Dollar store way cheaper.
Made a pretty table runner for Sister for Valentines day with scraps of fabric.
Had a dance parent give me a free ticket to ball game when I was prepared to buy one  SCORE!

     Well I had better get some sewing done before mom needs to go to the doctor.
 Dinner will be chicken stir fry, over rice.  Yum.

Have a great and productive day!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday, The Sun is Shining!

         I just spent the afternoon working in the yard!  It was wonderful!  I got the back deck swept and the deck furniture out.  I cleaned off the two brick patios, and scrubbed off the outdoor patio furniture.  Cleaned all the dead flowers out of the back flower boxes.  Many trips up and down the lot to return and find things I needed.  Hopefully I will be able to spend at least and hour or two outside every day for a while.  It will certainly change my mood.

     I still have to empty the hanging flower pots off the deck.  We think they are too heavy so we will switch them out back and forth to even the load.  I also have to replace the hemp liners, so I will look for a sale on those.  Our french drains have to be replaced this year.  Not a huge expense but a huge job.  All the gravel that is in the drain must be removed a wheel barrel at a time and then piled on one of the patios.  This will involve removing two sets of steps.  One set needs an inside board replaced so that is not a big deal.  Then when the rock is out I will pull up the ground cloth and put in new and a new drain length.  Then the rock that was removed has to be cleaned and screened and washed and replace in the drain.  This is a back breaking intense job.  I have one wheel barrel worth of rock piled on the patio.  It will take about 30 of those.  But think of the exercise.

     I am hosting a baby shower for my nephews wife this next Saturday.  She is having her 4th boy.  I am doing a Mickey mouse theme.  It is a brunch from 10-12 and I will serve an orange spritzer punch, quiche, different home made muffins, and a Swedish coffee cake, and fruit. I don't want to spend a ton of money.  The dollar store is great for this sort of thing.I will have to buy fruit and juice as I have everything else.  I will also buy some helium balloons next Friday. Mom is excited she loves to plan parties.  I get to do the work and she gets to take the credit!

     Well I am off to attend a women's basketball game at the college.  Hubs is playing for a benefit and will join me and another couple for dinner later.

     It is Franka's birthday today so I am trying to stay busy.  B(#3) came down from the University today to give me a hug as the kid's know it is a hard day for Hub's and I and she is the closest.  It always helps to hug one of my girls.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday, I am really trying......

     I am really trying not to lose my mind, it might already be gone, who knows?  Mom has a doctor appointment this afternoon and one on Monday.  I swear she has two or three a week on purpose.  She has meds to pick up constantly. 

     Yesterday I kept a tick list next to my machine and every time she called for something or needed me I would put a tick down.  From 11:00 in the morning to 5:30 I had 33 ticks.  I won't do this again too disheartening.  Anyway I did take her down to the western union office to send money to my drug addict, insane, sick brother for his birthday.  The lady at the place knows us as we are there a lot sending money, mom gives me nothing.  We do insist on a stipend that barely covers her costs, actually it doesn't cover them but believe me I won't ask for more.  She is snotty about it and calls it rent.  No mom it is your cell phone your netflix and cable, your pads, your ensure, your constant need for crap food we don't eat.  Mom it is your share of expenses.  No let's give it all to my two indigent brothers, one who has been a drug addict all his life and the other with 5 kids, divorced, never has a job, has never bought a car as mom and dad always did that for him and mom pays his child support.Mom is very selfish, and cheap when it comes to her money.  Unless you are one of the boys then you just have to look pathetic and her check book is out.

     Mom is upstairs destroying the kitchen I just cleaned.

     I have plenty to do today, lots of end to tie up.  I did pick up my taxes and I was pleasantly surprised as I thought we would owe a lot, but we actually get a refund from the state and it is enough to pay the Feds.  So it is a wash.  Although the accountant was $370.00.  But well worth the expense.  I am going to have taxes taken out of Hub's retirement this next year to help keep us from owing as I won't have the studio loss to help any more.

     So I have something to be really grateful for right now, no large tax bill.  I will take that blessing thank you very much!

I need to have something for dinner, Hmmm.... Navy bean soup?

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday, Warpath...

     Mom is on the warpath, Lil sis has had her cell phone now for two days.  First of all mom did not know where it was or that it was missing.  Lil sis called late Tuesday to say it had been left in her car.  She said she would drop it off yesterday morning on her way to work.  Well she didn't and I drug mom around to at least 8 different places yesterday and let her waste my time to her hearts content and I thought go pick up that cell phone at Lil sis's office, but I did  not want to disturb her as she is leaving to go back east for a few days and I know she is very busy.  So cell phone was not delivered last night either, I called and she said she would deliver it this morning, I should have just gone over and gotten it late last night.  Well no cell phone this morning either.  Sis leaves at 2:30 this afternoon, and I have warned her not to be late to the airport here as they will close that flight an hour before departure just because they can, and now I am worried that.... I don't know why do I let this stuff get to me.

     New medication may not work out, very nauseated and terrible headaches.  When I don't feel good I kind of shut down and I can't because mom won't allow it.  I cannot be sick or even appear sick, and actually I am kinda sick most of the time, I just have a way of not letting anyone really see it.  It is very exhausting to act like you are Up, Up, Up all the time when you are not.  So mom is mad about that and spends her time making snide comments and humphing around acting injured and put out.  She is making cookies now and I was trying to have a conversation with my twin and of course the minute she realized I was talking to someone her A$$ was down here on a chair listening so I could not even unload.

I have a wedding dress that needs to be done, so I am off.  Please let me have the  patience to deal with my life.  I can do this.  I can do hard things.

Have a great and productive day.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday,snowing AGAIN

      I know complaining about the weather is so childish, but really?  I mean BUT REALLY?  It was almost gone and now it is back.  I am a worthless piece of slothful nothingness.  This slothful nothingness has a headache that won't go away.

     Hubs is out shoveling yet again, at least it keeps him out of my hair so I should be grateful.  I was so looking forward to going out side and doing a little yard work but that is out, so I will concentrate on the inside, well maybe.  Mom's bed is torn apart ad so is the one in the spare room.  Mom wants to make cookies today and I need to start my Valentine shortbread.

     I did not make soup yesterday so I will do that today.  Thrifty in Boise blogged about beans and I love me some beans.  Legumes and beans are another thing that are grown on the Polouse and we can get a variety of these free if you know where to go.  Garbanzos, (also known as chick peas), green peas, and lentils can be picked up once a year in 10 lb sacks.  I have several sacks of these in storage and they keep along time.

     So today no matter what I will be productive even if it kills me.  It just might.

Have a great and productive day.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday, Tired....

     I am very tired.  I don't know if it is the lingering cold or staying up most of Sunday night taking mom's stats, anyway I am very sleepy, I hope I can buck this as I have to teach tonight and I want to get things done in the shop.

     Made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches last night and they were very good.  Even mom liked them. I will be making a large pot of split pea soup today and I am sure mom won't like that, but too bad.  Then I must freeze up the rest of this ham in packages.

     The spare room bed needs the linen changed and I have a pile of laundry to conquer and a messy kitchen before I get to the shop.  Come on I can get myself motivated, I think.

     I was really hoping it was warm out today as a little yard work would perk me up I am sure, but so far it does not look good.  Blah!

 I think my taxes will be done tomorrow so I will know the bad news soon.

Well I am off to set the world on fire, yeah that is me...

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Madness Savings

     I am proud to say that I had a great week in saving money and here are some of the things I did.

1.  Cooked and ate all meals at home this last week.
2. Ate or fed all leftovers to chickens
3. Chickens laying again even the Americana!

4. Bought all zippers and things for the shop with 50% off coupons
5. Used coupons to buy many of my products at the stores.. I only coupon on things that I will use.
6. Purchased 10 lbs of chicken breasts with a rain check, and bought 4 racks of ribs, and 3 lbs of burger and a huge ham for over 50% off.
7.  Made cookies for Valentine gifties and will mail out today.  Material purchased for 50% off to make a set of napkins and runner.
8.  Did a Sluggy at rite aid, purchased, $86.75 worth of good for under $19.00, I know, I know I am not as good as the Slugster but a girl can dream right?

     Mom was so nerved up about the Superbowl last night that she threw herself into A-fib.  Luckily I caught her in time and was able to bring her down.  I thought it was so funny as Hub's had to leave for Orchestra before the final score and mom was upset that he did not think his team had won.  It was so cute I imagined myself taking this 84 year old woman into the emergency room and telling them the episode was caused by the Super Bowl score.

     I have developed the cold that mom and Hub's had last week.  It has really affected mostly my eyes and I am freezing one minute and boiling the next. Eyes are goopy and itchy.

   Daughter and grandson were able to get down for about 24 hours.  it was so fun.  She went to church with her grandma and took the baby who entertained everyone by crawling all over the church during the service and letting anyone who wanted pick him up.  I hope the minister did not work too hard on his sermon because no one was listening, according to my daughter. Daughter was able to run the bridges yesterday and I was so jealous.  I know I could walk them but oh to be able to run again.

     I cooked the largest ham I have ever seen yesterday along with potatoes, green beans and corn bread.  I will get several meals off that ham so I will be freezing several bags for soups and for other dishes.

I also made a strawberry rhubarb cake, which was delicious.  Try it!

One strawberry cake mix  .89  (on sale)
4 cups of frozen rhubarb (free)
3/4 cup sugar  ( .50)  maybe)
3 eggs, (chicken)
1/2cup oil (.15)

Make cake mix according to package directions, coat frozen or fresh rhubarb( chopped into 1/2 inch pieces) in sugar and then dump on top of cake mix .  This recipe works best in a 9x 12 pan  Eat with whip cream or ice cream.  It is moist and delicious.  Makes 12 nice size servings for pennies.

     I have already made 6 trips up stairs in the last hour for mom, just got her the last of the cake and whip cream to take her pills with.  Bribery always works with her.

Well I am off, I have finally gathered all my tax things and I can get those finished.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday, Ice storm

     Daughter and grandson did not get to come down yesterday because of an ice storm.  I was so sad.  So I sewed most of the day and then hubs and I went out a hit every grocery store for it's bargains.  I still need to run out this morning to pick up loss leader items that were gone.  Trucks will be in maybe?

     I am going to make home made pizza's today and use Thrifty in Boise's dough recipe.  Also making a Rhubarb crisp.

     I need to make jam as our freezer has many berries floating around in bags.  I will get mom to help me she will love that.

 Mom stayed with Lil sis the last two nights and it is so quiet here.  Not that mom is noisy, she is just a constant interruption and presence.

     I think my daughter will be coming down this afternoon as it melts.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday, So much better

 I was able to get rid of the headache and may it stay away.  It was the first 48 hours on a new additional med and all these Arthritis meds affect the sinuses I don't know why.  By the way I am taking a med that treats or prevents malaria, because we have so much malaria in Idaho.  But I guess this is the go to drug for arthritis in India and it is cheap, as my specialist is Pakistani and goes back to his country twice a year on mission trips, he has been experimenting adding this to our expensive regimes to see if he can get additional results.  So I will try it to get the old SED rates down.

I was able to pull spaghetti sauce out of the freezer that I made last week and we had pasta and salad last night for dinner.  Even mom ate it, surprising.

My sister took mom last night and will keep her today so I can have a break.  Sis is flying to ST Louis next weekend so I will not have a break next week.

I was hoping that daughter and grandson were coming down but now a storm is up and there is a fatality on the highway and she can't come down today.  Her husband is trooper in charge of Highways in Washington and so he knows all the tough spots and the roads are very bad.  Darn' was so looking forward to my red headed devil coming to snuggle and make messes.  Maybe tomorrow?

I guess I will concentrate on sewing and cleaning.  Blah!

Maybe I will make a pie or two, we will see.

I picked up a huge bone in ham for $11.19 on sale so I am going to go ham crazy next week!

have a great and productive day!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday, I am grouchy

I just yelled at hubby for really no reason, soooooo I have to apologize when I find him.  I also have a bad headache which might be the reason I am cranky.

I feel small when I yell for no reason :) :(

Our computer is back and I have to hook it up to its million and one cords.  Also received my 1099 from city, now just to down load a couple of forms off the net.  Then I can get all tax things in and cleaned up by next Monday.

I was able to get quite a bit of sewing done yesterday, but had to go teach at the last minute for new owner whose mom went into hospital.  It was fun, mostly younger students that I don't see very often.

I have to run and pay bills today that need paid around town, like paper and utilities.

Then I am going out to lunch with a buddy.  That should cheer me up, then home to sew like a mad woman.  I have wedding dresses coming out my ears. Also several zippers are calling my name.  Then I have some sewing for family to do and want to get my valentines cards and gifties out by this weekend.

My grandson is coming for the weekend so that gives me something to smile about.  I need to go set up the guest room for the little guy.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday, Stress!

    Okay, still no computer which makes me think I may have killed it, and I cannot afford a new one.  My bank or CU is combining with another CU and all hosting computers are down so I need to pay bills, and had to call everyone to prevent late charges.  What a pain.

Got mom's cookies frosted, last night and did not sleep until after 6 a.m.  just too keyed up.  I am frustrated, by money issues and not getting things done that I want done.  Why does it seem that everything I need to do is so hard?   There is always a snafu some where.  Okay I am whining.  I do that well.  I have perfected that life skill.

I am really sewing today and going out to lunch tomorrow with a girlfriend.  I need some me time.

Mom is in a much better mood but she is in my face constantly and I need to work so I can pay bills.

Made a nice stew for dinner last night in the crockpot as I was gone to teach.  I think I will have spaghetti tonight. Everyone loves that.

I think lack of sleep is making me really grouchy.

Have a great and productive day.


Need to go dig things out of the freezers.