Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday, Money saving madness

    My oh my trying to get to my computer today was almost impossible.  I got up too late and then had to be to a lunch meeting with the graduate student that is doing an internship with me on costuming. Tons of forms to sign, and other various paper work.

  Then on to right aid (without mother to do a Sluggy)  Just sent hubs to fill up my car as the light turned on the way home.  He is driving me nuts as it is rainy outside and he can't go on a walk.

    The shower went off with out a hitch and the recipient was so excited.  It looks like her mom won't be able to come up when the baby is born, so I will go and stay at the house with the other boys and do the grandma thing.  Which is fine with me.  Will probably try and help out for a week.  I can still work my business from their house.  I can run back and forth.  Just don't want her overtired.

     I have plenty of sewing to do when I get done with this post.  No yard work was done all weekend as it has almost rained non stop.  We did have sun on Friday and of course I was cleaning all day.  Then a bit more on Saturday, but I was busy inside.  The sun does not stay long enough to get anything done.  I just can hardly wait to put on a pair of Capri's and a button down.  So tired, of tights, sweaters, turtle necks, wool socks, leggings, and layers.  Whine, whine,sniff.
     Well let's see what did I do last week to save money?  What bargains did I find?

1. cooked every meal at home from scratch
2. Did all cooking for the shower from scratch
3.  Made all gifties for shower from scraps in shop.
4. Did a rite aid shop and saved over 78% on items needed or that we will use.
5. Picked up a dozen beautiful red roses for $2.00 after Valentines day at Walmart
6.  Purchased all sewing supplies with coupons from Jo-Anns, even hit a 75% off Valentine socks, and then add another 20% off.  So picked up several for stocking stuffers, for under $1 a pair.
7.Picked up my seeds to start next week at the dollar store 4/1
8.Used this tip from Frugal in Boise.  She buys Hershey kisses after the holiday and then sorts them by color to use for the next holiday.  I sorted red,pink,silver, as in I took out all the pink for Easter. Then used the Red and silver for the shower. will use the pink for baskets.  I was able to purchase these at 75% off.  I also picked through M&M's  (yes I wore latex gloves)  So I have plenty of light and dark pink of these candies for Easter baking and treats.
9.  Made most of my meals from pantry and freezer stock.
10.  Forced the checker at Albertsons to re-ring my order as the coupons did not take.  Saving $22.40 cents.  Don't you hate it when they do that.
11.  Stocked up on loss leader from the store, with coupons.  Pasta for $.43, flour, $1.46, sugar $1.69, was able to get Oreo cookies for .99 a bag, Score!  Then was able to score a free gallon of milk.

So I am doing well at trying to save where ever I can.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. All those savings add up! Love the Hershey Kisses tip. Thanks for sharing that!

  2. I wish you had been able to enjoy our weather today. It was in the mid 70's with no clouds in sight. While I was riding around today I noticed just about all the kids out for President's day were wearing shorts and playing in their yards.
    I saw Boise's Hershey's kisses tip after Christmas and thought it was brilliant. Since I have been doing whole 30 I did not want any candy hanging around the house. I should have bought it and stuck it in the freezer. Bad move on my part
    Hope you get everything done you want this week and hope you get to do some things just for you too!
    Oh and BTW from here on out Sluggy is a proper name, but sluggy is a verb meaning to score non-human savings when shopping.

    1. I love it! TO pull a Sluggy, she will die famous:)

  3. Good buys! I separate bare candy using a spoon to rake the colors out. Gloves make my hands itch.

    1. About 30% of the population is allergic to latex.

  4. Wow...what great deals you found.. Love it.
    I do that with the Hershey kisses too..[and I sneak in them and eat some]
    I do hate when the coupons don't take, or you get a bad cashier, who really refused to put them in.eeeech.. Had a bad one at Wal mart yesterday.. So frustrating.
    Have a great day.

    1. I know they play stupid. I have picked out the bad ones and will not go to their line but that night no choices.