Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday, Happy Valetines Day!

     Get ready to eat chocolate, yum.  Woke up to chocolates on my bed, haven't opened them yet.  Mom sent Valentines to all the grandchildren she favors, and even had something for hub's.  She had things for her church buddies, and sent me over to sis's house with something from her.  Guess who she did not remember?  Yeah you guessed it, and it doesn't matter because I do nothing for her.

     Lil Sis got home late last night and I snuck over to her house and put out a table runner I made from scraps, and some napkins all Valentines, then Hub's got her some flowers which I arranged in a vase with pink Hershey kisses around the bottom.  So she came home to a surprise.

     If I lived close to my twin I can't imagine the fun we would have!

I arranged a beautiful bouquet of flowers for mom, she was thrilled.

I was able to get out for an hour yesterday late afternoon and dig up about 5 feet of the french drain, can't do any today because of  dance.  We are having a Valentine dance day, can't imagine how that sugar filled activity will work out. The kids will be climbing the walls, fun, fun, fun.

I need to finish a wedding dress and few items in the shop before I go teach, I already cleaned the cat box, and swept the laundry room, started the laundry and straightened out room.

I put together the cutest runner and napkins yesterday out of Micky mouse fabric and polka dot fabric.  It is for the shower this weekend and then I will keep it for us.

It is sunny and beautiful today, such a blessing, it is supposed to start raining late tomorrow and then we will have over cast rain for a long time.

Well I am off to conquer the world.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Happy Valentines Day! Nice to be held in high regard by our mother's isn't it?

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! Your mother sounds very predictable towards you. Sigh.

  3. Even if your mom doesn't appreciate you we do! Hugs!!!

    1. I swear I am going to show up on your doorstep some day out of the blue.

  4. It was warm and sunny (sorta) here too and I got out for a slushy walk. Today - snow squalls! I still make a card for Kazi and give her some candy. I bought myself a plant and a bottle of wine :)

    1. I love plants, I am sure I would love wine if it wasn't against my religion. I love your blog about Scotland.