Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday, Am I better off?

     Sluggy aka Deniece (?) from Don't Read this it is boring, is posting a give away, go and sign up, great goodies.  Sluggy asked the question are you better off than you were 5 years ago?  That made me think.  Am I better off than I was 5 years ago?  In most ways I am.  I am certainly better off financially.  I am getting closer to getting out of debt.  I still have bills and some are stupid, but not as many as before.  I think I have better control over myself.  The one money thing I am working on this year is to stop giving so much to my children.  I need to help myself.  I am making them accountable.  The youngest is the worst.  I will no longer give her money, she has to pay it back.  So I am getting better at my worst money drain.

Here are a list of things that are better.

1.  All the kids have graduated from college
2.  All the kids are off our insurance
3.  All the vehicles are paid for
4. Hub's retired and is bringing in more money
5. We remodeled the kitchen
6.  We have significantly reduced our debt
7.  I started blogging and I have added so many good things to my life.

Here are the things that could be better.

1. Mom moved in and this has been hard, but I love her
2.  My health is not always stable
3. I would really like to pay off many smaller bills faster.
4. I need to get more money in a slush fund but right now that is impossible.

     We just got news that D#2's husband finally received his transfer to their home quadrant.  He had been working and living with a friend for the last year.  He comes home on his time off. This has been very hard on them, especially in the finance department.  Maintaining two homes of a sort and commuting and wear and tear on vehicles is getting to them.  Plus having a new baby who will now be turning one.  They also have a sister that will be moving into the bottom apartment of their house. They have a huge house with a private suite in the basement.  As this sister watches the baby most of the time it is just convenient for her to be there.  Our son in laws sister cannot have children and she has always been like a second mother to our grandson.   We love her and I see this as a very good move for my daughter and the baby.

     It is funny that both of my daughters who have significant careers, have relatives that live with them for child care.  Can it get any better?

    We had french dip sandwiches last night with the left over beef and I am going to cook a pot of beef barely soup for dinner.

     Our local Albertsons is having a Monopoly contest and I went through a stack of tickets yesterday while I was watching the news.  I received tickets for a free bagel, a free loaf of french bread, a 5.00 grocery coupon and a free movie ticket.  Score.  I love free.

The machines are calling me, so I am off!

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Way to score with the freebies!
    I think I am better off more ways than not compared to five years ago. Ask me in the fall when we no longer have to pay college tuition!

  2. That is an ideal situation for daycare. Not being exposed every day to nursery school germs is a big plus! So great they can make that happen. I can remember Kazi and I passing cold germs back and forth constantly back in the day.

  3. Kim, thanks for coming by my blog.. You really made me think???? Am I better off than 5 yrs ago? well..... I agree with you, some ways yes , some ways no..
    We have become debt free [Thank God] in the last 5 year.. Such a blessing, and I didnt think it would ever happen. Kids are all grown and living with their own families.[still miss them, but have wonderful grandkids smile]. My husband was within 3months of retiring when he hurt his back and ended up with 3 back surgeries, it was a rough few years, He is now retired, and is doing much better, still hurts and has lost some of his mobility.. but so much better than 5 years ago..So we are very thankful.
    along with the improvements of 5 yrs, comes the older age with comes health issues and such..
    Praying for your mom and you..
    Have a great day.. Judy

    1. Thank you for your prayers. When you stop and count your blessings your current problems seem lighter. Believe me I have some serious problems with "The Mother" :)