Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday,snowing AGAIN

      I know complaining about the weather is so childish, but really?  I mean BUT REALLY?  It was almost gone and now it is back.  I am a worthless piece of slothful nothingness.  This slothful nothingness has a headache that won't go away.

     Hubs is out shoveling yet again, at least it keeps him out of my hair so I should be grateful.  I was so looking forward to going out side and doing a little yard work but that is out, so I will concentrate on the inside, well maybe.  Mom's bed is torn apart ad so is the one in the spare room.  Mom wants to make cookies today and I need to start my Valentine shortbread.

     I did not make soup yesterday so I will do that today.  Thrifty in Boise blogged about beans and I love me some beans.  Legumes and beans are another thing that are grown on the Polouse and we can get a variety of these free if you know where to go.  Garbanzos, (also known as chick peas), green peas, and lentils can be picked up once a year in 10 lb sacks.  I have several sacks of these in storage and they keep along time.

     So today no matter what I will be productive even if it kills me.  It just might.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Hope you find some productivity today. I have gotten quite a bit done today so I might slack off and have a little do nothing time for a couple of hours! I am so impressed that you make cookies and shortbread for Valentine's Day. I have not done that sine the last kid left for college, but I do think I might make TheHub some truffles for VD.

  2. Oh it's a weird winter all right! We had a ton of rain and then it froze - it's like a skating rink out there. I was fairly productive today - got my taxes done - woo hoooooo!

  3. We use chickpeas quite a lot but now I really want to call them garbanzos! Sounds much more exciting :) he he