Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday, So much better

 I was able to get rid of the headache and may it stay away.  It was the first 48 hours on a new additional med and all these Arthritis meds affect the sinuses I don't know why.  By the way I am taking a med that treats or prevents malaria, because we have so much malaria in Idaho.  But I guess this is the go to drug for arthritis in India and it is cheap, as my specialist is Pakistani and goes back to his country twice a year on mission trips, he has been experimenting adding this to our expensive regimes to see if he can get additional results.  So I will try it to get the old SED rates down.

I was able to pull spaghetti sauce out of the freezer that I made last week and we had pasta and salad last night for dinner.  Even mom ate it, surprising.

My sister took mom last night and will keep her today so I can have a break.  Sis is flying to ST Louis next weekend so I will not have a break next week.

I was hoping that daughter and grandson were coming down but now a storm is up and there is a fatality on the highway and she can't come down today.  Her husband is trooper in charge of Highways in Washington and so he knows all the tough spots and the roads are very bad.  Darn' was so looking forward to my red headed devil coming to snuggle and make messes.  Maybe tomorrow?

I guess I will concentrate on sewing and cleaning.  Blah!

Maybe I will make a pie or two, we will see.

I picked up a huge bone in ham for $11.19 on sale so I am going to go ham crazy next week!

have a great and productive day!